The Last Home Game of ’10/11: Barcelona vs Deportivo LiveBlog

It’s the penultimate game of the season. Join me in the nostalgia filled liveblog, although I don’t think people will be looking back on the good times, or any times, of the season. Sigh. Nostalgia just isn’t what it used to be, eh?

Remember, no swearing and no spoilers. You get two warnings and then a timeout, if you are a repeat offender. There are times where I may be more lenient than others, but don’t run the risk.

Official Barca lineup (via barcastuff): Valdes – Bartra Mascherano Fontas Abidal – Thiago Keita JonathanDosSantos – Jeffren Bojan Afellay

Bench: Pinto, Alves, Maxwell, Oriol Romeu, Xavi, Messi, Pedro

Pique, Puyol, Busquets, Iniesta, and Villa are all out of the final squad list and watch from the stands.


By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


    1. I would not use the word ‘Stoke’ anywhere near the lineup. Not near Jeffren anyway! 😛

    1. That Zaragoza needs desperately to win their next game and hope either Getafe or Deportivo lose?

    2. I meant in terms of our kids and forward line, etc. I mean this was pretty much a pre-season game 😀

  1. Ronaldo equalized Hugo Sanchez’s record of 38 goals today. I’m pissed.

    That is a pretty trophy! 😀

    1. But it makes our title even more special, right?

      He equalled the all-time record, but it wasn’t enough to give EE the trophy 😀

      Plus, we’ve had 7 regular starters during the WC, we are the only European team in the bigger league that has defended its title, we’ve had lots of injuries combined with a small squad, we still have a serious problem in attack with Villa and Pedro together scoring like 5 goals over the last 16 matches – and still, we are the champpions!

      And take a look at the other teams who have star players that performed very well in the WC: Inter with Sneijder, Bayern with Muller, Schweinsteiger, Robben, Atletico with Forlan.
      This league title is the most valuable ever. Or at least it was the hardest to win.

  2. Barca B dropped to 6th place. 🙁

    But they still have a couple of games to go i think, and it’s very close.

  3. Feel sorry for the groundsmen that have to clean the Camp Nou later…

    Villa looks so happy. He and Xavi really are BFFs, so awesome! #IlikefootballBFFs 😀

    1. The Brazilians and then the Argentines took group pictures with the trophy. 😀

    1. Yeah but Pep himself said that his days are numbered. Even I think thats the way its gonna go down. Whether it came from those knuckleheads is irrelevant. Realization of it took my speech 🙁

  4. Nice celebration to round off last few days of celebrations i guess. Loved the tribute which players paid to the coaching staff. Our coaching and medical staff is amazing. No serious injuries in the year to players like Messi, Xavi, Alves, Iniesta is amazing.

    Match itself was quite inconsequential. Few things that i take away are:

    – Afalley can stake a serious claim to starting 11 next season.
    – Bojan is done for time being with our club. He has to go out next season.
    – Thiago is not ready for being in first 11 and i do not think it will change next year.
    – Bartra and Fontas have a lot of promise. We do not need to buy a centre back.

    1. Cut Bojangles a bit of slack, it was his first game back from injury! He looked promising the last few games before getting injured.

  5. To blitzen :To answer your question, that picture of UTTER SHAME I posted in the previous post was from Real Madrid Ultras from this years Copa Final!
    What A surpise no one in madrid or Marca failed to me failed to condemn it officially from that high moral ground of theirs…

    I’m so ashamed of it as a human being I don’t have the courage to repost it again…:(

    1. Not that I don’t think EE is currently a disgusting institution, but it’s not really their job to weed out their ultras of all the ridiculous shit they do. I’m sure there are some deplorable Barca ultras too.

    2. Which Laporta took it upon himself to weed out from the Camp Nou despite the death threats and attacks from them (Boixos Nois).

      Yes, they DO NOT MIND having Ultras at their stadiums. Vile, Racist, Deplorable. And then they talk about Busi. Sigh..

    3. How many other clubs do though? And I can’t see it being easy logistically either. I don’t know… I’m not sure if it’s fair to hold a club responsible for its fans. :/

    4. Of course it is fair. The club has an image to uphold. Here we are railing against Busi for what he may or may not have said in the heat of the moment. But by ignoring the racist/fascist and obviously premeditated statements of its so-called “supporters”, the club is tacitly endorsing them. If the club does not instruct its security to remove the banner and the fans who placed it, they should be fined and/or forced to play in front of an empty stadium.

    5. UH, sorry, Nav, but they do have a responsibility to speak out against that stuff from their supporters. It reflects on the reputation of the team. I can’t imagine that happening at a pro sports game in North America. They wouldn’t be able to get away with that in any way. Not that Barcelona’s ultras are much better, but Laporta at least did take a stand against it and ban them from the Camp Nou, for which he put himself and his family in physical danger. You can say what you like about Laporta’s spending and corruption, but I will always respect him for that.

    6. Yup. Graham Hunter reported that the monkey chants direct at Alves in the first leg was some of the worst he’s ever heard. Gotta put a stop to that if they feel so strongly about racism. His banning of the Boixos Nois was one of the things I really respected Laporta for.

    7. I’m a newbie to football so I concede to both your arguments regarding Barca’s stance and history with ultras.

      But realistically, what can EE do about it except for speaking out against it (which they should — I mean they are the club of Upstanding Moral Values)?

      And I think there were racist chants in Camp Nou as well when EE visited for the return leg.

    8. Once again, Nav, I think I was pretty clear. There are security people at the stadium who can and should remove any banners of this nature. They can identify the people bringing the banners or making the chants and ban them from the stadium. Tbis applies to RM, Barcelona or any other club. I am on record many times as saying that the clubs need to police their own supporters.

  6. studying for my darn ap exam made me miss today’s game D: the last home game and that last bit of celebration ):
    but i’m looking at the pictures and they make me so indescribably happy for barcelona (‘:

  7. Ok since Real Madrid is being discussed, i will chime in.

    Kari, Graham Hunter also reported on twitter of Monkey chants in the Camp nou Clasico. Doesn’t make them right in our stadium and doesn’t make them right in your stadium.

    Here is what he said in his tweet:

    “Incidentally I didn’t hear any racist chanting at Camp Nou but friends of mine who were in the Lateral DID. I condemn that as much as at RM”

    In the Santiago, the Ultras are controlled. They were completely banned 8 years ago, but they have been allowed back under supervision. In the Copa Del Rey final, they only had control over who they give tickets to. They don’t have control over all the tickets that are sold. Plus this is something that happened in the Copa del rey final during the Spanish national anthem:

    (just a heads up, the picture has nudity).

    I don’t blame barcelona for this, because at a stadium that is not theirs, they don’t have complete control over who gets tickets. Same thing with Barcelona.

    The clasico’s are over. You guys are deservedly in Wembley. The more you dwell into this, the more you will find bad things about BOTH clubs.

    1. Again, Bassam, I think I have been very clear in my stance. ANY and EVERY club should be held responsible for the actions of its fans. That includes Barca, RM, and anyone else. I know there have been racist chants at Camp Nou, and I blame FCB just as much as I blame RM for the ones at the Bernabeu. Instead of starting a game of “he said, she said”, why don’t you start a campaign asking RM to explain why that banner was allowed at the CDR final?

    2. I didn’t know (there was racist chants in Camp Nou), so personally it’s good to know.

      Here’s the thing, the clasicos aren’t over. That’s why I’m so pissed. On the pitch, yes, but off it, not even close — the repercussions are still on going; starting with the hearing that took place today. I want nothing more to focus on my own team and purge everything EE from my mind, but this Busi thing won’t let me. Everything invariably comes back to it. The whole situation pisses me off.

      In any case, I think I’ve just contracted hyperclasicoitis. Officially, they don’t exist in my mind. Ahhhhh.

    3. Tomorrow, UEFA will come up with a non guilty stand, people will call for Real Madrid to be banned from the world and a week after it will be over.

      The main problem is, people assume everything they read to be correct. For example, when the complaints were raised against Barcelona, people were saying that Real Madrid asked for a 5 match ban for Alves and Busi. I cracked up when I heard this. It makes you feel that people started watching football yesterday. NEVER in it’s life did UEFA take suggestions for how many games a certain players should be banned and neither are they allowed to include it in the report. All they can do is say: we complain about this and this and here is our proof. Not what was thought to be: Busi dived so you should ban him for 5 games.

      And just to add, i might be overreacting right now because of hyperclasicoitis itself. 2 weeks after the game is over and still both sets of fans keep mentioning it. And not for the football that was played in it, but for the blabber that went around it. And my team is a big part of the problem. Just like Barcelona are (I know many don’t agree, but i still think that reporting Mourinho to UEFA was a mistake)

    4. You can go to my blog and see the discussion that we had about this exact same thing.

      I agree with what you are saying. But look above. Is what is going on above a discussion of what can Barcelona do to make the things better or more of: OMG real madrid did this, and omg racist chants in the santiago bernabeau.

      I hate posting something like the one i did above. Why? Because its not my job. It’s your club. If there is something wrong that went on in it, then its not my job to discuss or correct it. And back at my space, i hate when fans start discussing Barca related propaganda and UEFA conspiracies.

      But when i see what was written above, all i can think off is why was the wrong things that Barca did, like the ones stated above, not discussed. IF you are really going by what you are saying in the sense that I should start a campaing against that banner, then shouldn’t this anti-spain agenda that you see be discussed as well?

      As i noted above, the Ultra Sur of the club were banned 8 years ago. Last year some of them were allowed in under club supervision. The game in the CDR happened in the Valencia stadium and a lot of the fans that got tickets there were not associated with the club. Look back at all the games at the Bernabeau and you will see that the only addition that the Ultra Sur brought was the big banners. Other wise, they are excessively supervised and have “in the stands” supervisors monitoring every move.

  8. It appears Kari has decided to not dignify Eklavya’s crazy craaazy allegations with a response…

  9. The whole ‘amb dos pebrots’ made me think of a recent “South Park”:

    “And now the players throw red peppers to the fans …

    … the two peppers on their jersey symbolizing their private parts …

    … the fans eagerly grab the players’ pebrots …

    … as is the tradition.”

    Also amusing translation SNAFU from

    “A partir de ahí la alegría volvió a contagiarse de los jugadores que iniciaron una peculiar vuelta de honor al Estadi a ritmo de la archiconocida canción, ‘Where are the Champions’.”

    Google Translator, where are you when we need you?

  10. Unrelated to Barca, but the second Twilight film is on on cable. And in the end, Edward’s big suicide plan is SPARKLING in front of a city? SERIOUSLY?

    1. Lmao.

      The Twilight series is such a spectacular failure (not financially, of course).

    2. Yeah he looks more like Aguero than Ronaldo to me too.

      Quique, Dr House AND Phil Brown who used to coach I think Hull, all look so alike.

  11. Who should start in the CL Final?

    Man, this is exciting. As a Mexican, it would be great to see Chicharito play against the best team of the world. Sadly, I want him to lose. I’m not even a Chiva (Chicharito’s home club) fan. 🙂

    1. Strongest first XI of course. I think they will all be fit and ready by then. The only question is: are Villa and Pedro going to regain their form in time?

    2. Why didn’t Busi get some minutes last night?
      He needs to regain match fitness and form.

  12. Sorry Kari all the Heatles need to do is win once in the United Center and they wil be in the finals….Having said that, I like what the bulls have put together, very strong 1-10

  13. Great to see Oriol Romeu make his Liga debut. He’s been out most of this year with a knee injury, but he’s a quality midfielder in the classic barcelona mold. +1 for being a la masia player taller than 5’7. Hope to see him in the first team within the next several years.

    Also; there’s a good chance I might be in Montreal for the final on the 28th. For those of you familiar with the city, where are the good sports bars at? Do Montrealers like football?

  14. Bassam said: “IF you are really going by what you are saying in the sense that I should start a campaing against that banner, then shouldn’t this anti-spain agenda that you see be discussed as well? ”

    Dear Bassam do you REALLY actually compare a PRO-H*tler banner in COPA del Rey final, with many cules being anti-spain??! Really??!

    I didn’t mention it only to blast R. Madrid…
    The spanish federation didn’t even fine for this! This is a JOKE!
    Your club spent money and energy to point out all the wrongs this that Barca may have done. But they didn’t even have a two line anouncement condemning this?!
    And you think its ok because some cules showed their “culos” during the national anthem and FcBarcelona didn’t condemn it either? Do you really see a comparison in this?!



    / Trophy Presentation 2011.avi


    / Trophy Presentation 2011.avi

    Credit to Pakman at

    1. I hope that it bring Kxkevin as the writer here back. There are so many who can comment but so few actually write…

  16. was Gio on the sky sports of the best FBs for Barça..ever!

  17. -Busquets is cleared to play in the final!

    -Barca and UNICEF extend their agreement:

    UNICEF and FC Barcelona have agreed to extend their cooperation beyond the present agreement that ends in June 2011. The UNICEF logo will remain on the FC Barcelona official jersey for the 2011-2012 season, positioned below the player’s number.

    For the last five years FC Barcelona has supported UNICEF to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and provide global brand awareness for UNICEF. The next phase of the partnership that is still under discussion aims at utilising the social assets of the club in support of a global movement for education and sport that will deliver tangible results for children.

    UNICEF and FC Barcelona are looking forward to taking this ground-breaking partnership to the next stage to improve the lives of vulnerable children around the world. We will announce further details in June.

  18. hmmm..Real Madrid ‘claims’ it never made an official complaint to UEFA regarding ‘racist accusations’ on Sergio Busquets for ‘insulting Marcelo’ and now UEFA says it has dismissed the clams of Real Madrid. Something doesn’t add can you dismiss a complaint that was never ‘claimed’ to have been made?

    1. UEFA can conduct the inquiry of its own volition without anyone filing a complaint.

      My (hopefully) LAST two cents on the matter (as I’m tired of the issue myself):

      RM did not file the case. Therefore, they had NO evidence to back it up.

      Their best (and what would have been solid and convincing) proof would be Marcelo’s word saying he heard Busi say mono, mono to him – as he was looking straight at Busi, within hearing distance. No such statement was submitted, as we now know.

      Therefore, the UEFA who opened the investigation on its own only had the video to judge the case from, plus player statement – which based on RM’s retraction of even bringing this case up – was not an “I heard mono mono” but probably a “no comment” from Marcelo himself.

      The video, as I and many people have been saying here – is not clear. It was in fact meant to sway people by a “looks like” effect plus the subtitle underneath which immediately makes people think that it is what the person in the video said.

      RM latched on to it in the hope of many people thinking badly of Busi and Barcelona. And they succeeded.

      But they had to come up with an official statement saying they did NOT include it in their complaints because they knew they had no other evidence but the unclear video and Barcelona can pursue this case and expose them for the despicable institution they have become, officially and legally.

      RM does not want to become liable officially and legally. It only wants to make Barcelona hated by many. This it succeeded in doing. Very clever, yes?

      The one disappointment I have in all this is RM succeeded in sowing doubt and hate even amongst the Barcelona fans. And I saw how easily manipulated people are by all sorts of stuff even if it means condemning someone to an ill-deserved reputation and perhaps damaging his career and livelihood.

    2. Good way to put it Leya. The damage has already been done.
      It’s irreversible no matter UEFA’s verdict.

  19. @BarcaTheOffside :

    So, RM say that UEFA was investigating Busquets by its own inititative, UEFA says that they were investigating RM’s complaint. Who’s lying?

    Which one should I believe?
    Evil Empire or our partner in crime, UEFA? 😛

  20. I feel really bad for Busquets…

    no matter what, now people already see him as a racist, for something that he probably never did…

    I say ‘probably’, because we will never know for sure he did it or not…

    but I believe him and our club… I wont trust Mourinho FC and a video without audio more than I trust my club…

  21. Official statement UEFA “The complaint by Madrid for alleged racial abuse by Busquets has been dismissed due to lack of convincing evidence”

    via BarcaStuff

    So did EE make the claim or not? Someone is lying. Who is it?

    1. They did make the claim. But We’ll never knew Who of Busi and Marcelo is lying, It’s a matter of whom you believe.

    2. I didn’t read the recent events, But I think EE filed the complain, I would believe UEFA over EE anyday.

    3. Read what I wrote above. Marcelo probably didn’t even say anything.

      If he did, they would have filed an official complaint. So either Macelo did not hear Busi say mono, or he heard him say something else, or he just doesn’t want to comment at all. So, since RM even filed a clarification re including the issue in their complaint, it would seem that Marcelo did not categorically come out and say that he heard Busi say mono.

      So Marcelo is most likely NOT lying.

      RM just manipulated events by latching on to that video. Making fools out of all of us, then cleverly getting out of any possible official liability by saying – we didnt include this in the issue. We only put up the video there to support allegation re Busi’s unsporting behaviour of diving, but not of racial slur.

      So – we should stop even thinking about who to believe.

      I just know that at this point in their history, RM is a conniving, scheming institution that will stop at nothing, stoop so low, for people to stop loving us. I think they hate it that people genuinely admire and love us. And now, they truly are evil.

    4. Read what I wrote under K_legit’s comment a couple of comments above this

  22. So EE has their attempt to hide their on the pitch weaknesses, by making fuss off the pitch ,slowly turn into a fiasco? Good to hear.

  23. Things I have learned during my self-imposed English Period Drama, almost football-free vacation.

    1. I can’t stay away from BFB when there’s a celebration.
    2. <3 Xavi more after aforementioned celebration.
    3. Kids love Messi (the biggest kid there) as shown by said celebration.
    4. I think that Elizabeth Bennet is the only heroine in English Lit. that I truly like.
    5. One can learn many things by reading a BFB liveblog…um excuse me…I meant liveblob to catch up on a game that one misses due to work, but very little about what is actually happening in a game(I'll watch the babies play today). Bitzen wins for best LB comment which went something to the affect of Ibi is playing as a "false Messi".
    6. @ 'spaced'- I'm waiting for the sequel when the zombies come in and take out all the vampires and werewolves. Does that make me "Team Zombie"?
    7. You can't leave BFB for a few days without a mutiny breaking out.
    8. Emma Woodhouse does NOT deserve Mr. Knightley.
    9. Did Messi really not play the whole game? Has he submitted his tranfer request yet?
    10. Busi thing is over! Let’s talk some football!

    1. Now that you mention it, “false Messi” is indeed very funny.

      And I thought I understood what she was trying to say when she said it. Hahaha.

      Love, love our players and our celebrations! And the kids! They’re the most adorable and they seem to adore Messi too.

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