Someone Will Call us Jerks: Barça – Depor

Liga Preview: Barcelona – Deportivo La Coruña, Sunday 3pm EST

As champions—champions!—we’re going to receive the pasillo. As champions—champions!—we’re going to be able to rest whoever we want and I hope it’s a large portion of the starting lineup as the squad has played too many matches in this (championship winning) season. There’s one more major match to go and 2 “tune up” matches that Martin Ferguson analyze with zeal.

But if we don’t play our starting lineup, if we put in subs and second stringers, there will be those who call us naughty names because we didn’t put in the proper effort. It’s the end of the season, after all, and teams are battling not just their particular opponents, but the results of other teams in the relegation zone. This means Depor, which sits in 16th, 3 points above 18th placed Zaragoza. Getafe is sandwiched between them while Sporting Gijon sits just 1 point above Depor.

Last week the number of teams in danger of relegation was something like 84, but now it’s a much smaller group. Almería has been confirmed down for a while and Hércules has essentially booked its place in the segunda as well, though they could survive with some sort of miracle. So Depor need to earn points to ensure their safety and there’s no better time than now for picking up even a draw. It’s just that Zaragoza and Getafe might whine that we didn’t treat them the same way (starting subs), that Depor is getting away with murder, that it wasn’t fair.

As champions (champions!), though, we’re entitled to rest whoever the hell we want against whomsoever we want. If it was Valencia we were playing, I’d say rest people, give Thiago and JDS chances to play against superior opposition. Let Muniesa start at center back, give the other nod to Mascherano, start Maxwell on the left, and put Montoya on the right even though he is injured. The middle could be Alcantara, Afellay, Alves, and Andres. And up front we should go with Jeffren and Jonathan. Sure, some people are out of position, but what do I care when that spells JAM. Like NBA. Like raspberry (my favorite!).

Quickly: Depor and Messi have scored the same number of goals this year in the league: 31. So I’m assuming they’ll score the same number of goals tomorrow as well. 1 each.

Official Prediction: 1-1, Messi coming off the bench, ending the JAM session.

Sorry this is so truncated, but (soon-to-be) Mrs. The Lady is graduating from grad school today and I have to run uptown for that. I haven’t even had time to casually look this post over or make it of substantive length. But whatever, we’re champions (champions!). Enjoy the pasillo, folks.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. I wonder if the back of Jones’ (from Stoke) hair is solid enough for him to head or flick on the ball with it? Wudnt that be so cool?

  2. When your name is carved on the trophy – it doesn’t say you were lucky or you were not actually the best – it just says your name & that you won it.

    1. subpar name you’ve chosen to represent yourself in cyberspace, but this is the best quote re: champions i have probably ever read. deserve’s got nothing to do with it. words are for runners up. championships are for champions : )

  3. Hey guys, I’ve been a long-time reader on this forum, but barely post on these boards. Just about three hours ago, I was able to check one item off my bucket list — to watch a FC Barcelona game at the Camp Nou. We’re watching this match tomorrow and I can’t tell you how stoked I am! We took the Camp Nou experience two days ago and to finally watch a match with 98,000 strong is a dream come true. I’ll share my story when I find the time. Visca Barca! Visca Catalunya!

  4. It’s so heartwarming to see Yaya be a hero for a new set of fans. He’s exhausted, scored the winner in the semi-final to get to the final and then scored the winner in the final, he’s probably one of the most adored City players in years or even decades even already.

  5. what a nice clebration the other day oh man, I almost cried!

    I was reading the busi articles XavIniestAbidaLeo wrote and I second everything he says but one thing on a different but related subject, pepe-alves-red. Related in the way that it is all EE propaganda: did really someone take out frames in the videos? I don’t think so but maybe I’m wrong… what I believe is that those frames were never there … how come no super low HD cameras in bernabeu in CL ???? … I believe all takes are 24 frames per second. I still believe pepe touched him even the (some) videos show no contact between players… just for the look on pepe’s face and how he twists the body to kick alves with the heel is 10 game suspension.

    do you have any video that proves somebody took out frames? cause if is only the “istorrelles” video, that is fake, somebody lengthened (alargó) pepe’s leg I believe it has been proved. too many space between frames to see the kick that is my opinion, but DO YOU HAVE ANY VIDEOS? PLEASE GIVE LINKS IF YOU HAVE! 🙂

    visca el barça visca keita! he almost made me cry!
    viva busi el pulpo de badia

    1. For me, this wasn’t and still isn’t even a debate.

      I’m in science and I worry for people if they think Alves can defy the laws of physics, go full speed in one direction, pause and then do a 180 turn in mid air, completely changing direction, all in the space of half a second, in order to fake contact. What is he, superhuman?

    2. But my TV showed the replay frame-by-frame right after the match ended, with Pepe not touching Alves.

    3. It’s the Law of Momentum! Take a good look at Punto Pelota’s version of the incident, particularly between 0:04 and 0:07:

      People are seriously saying Pepe didn’t reverse Alves’ leg momentum? Alves exaggerates and dives a lot, but he can’t possible fake this. It’s physically impossible. In the above video, Alves’ leg is moving in the opposite direction BEFORE Pepe foot even gets there. The movement is unnatural.

      There IS contact. Enough for Alves to roll around clutching his leg? Doubtful, but the studs do touch Alves’ shin.

      And that’s all I’ll say on this issue. I don’t want to soil this thread over a dead and well beaten horse.

    4. sorry for beating the dead horse again, but I don’t want to hold a wrong position you know. I’m not trying to convince anyone, it’s me that I wanna convince.

      no debate for me either, pepe touched alves IMO. I’m no physicist but a long time footy player yes, I believe he touches him, and even if he did not it was a dangerous & violent play, red card ok. now to the manipulation stuff.

      did anyone erase frames????? this football destruction to me, erasing frames. not diving not kicking erasing effing frames!!! Not even EE is capable of that IMO, besides it’s 100 percent sure you will get caught if you do that. what eklavya sayd about tv in his country makes me think about it, same as some fox footage, no contact either there.

      I don’t know why no high def super slow cams were used in bernabeu though? in camp nou there were a lot, who chooses that? local tv????? 0_0

      if you look at the 1st video on 0:51 you can see the frame with the artifially extended leg.
      in the second one I think what he does it to prove somebody artificially extended pepe’s leg.

      not talking about the red card, to me it will always be a red no debate either. but the manipulation… the only manipulation I think has been done by some of us cules extending pepe’s leg to make it clear pepe touched him…. SOME CULES THAT HAVE HARMED THE CLUB IMO, MOST OF THEM KIDS I BELIEVE

    5. Sigh. I didn’t know about the second manipulated video, where Pepe’s leg was extended. That’s equally despicable. Man, it’s a sad day when people go as far as manipulating videos to mess with people like that. That’s just sick.

      There is a picture as well. I’m sure this one wasn’t manipulated in some way since it was shown on AS minutes after the game (under the title “Pepe’s red card was unjust” 😆 ):

      In that instant, it’s just impossible for Alves to change direction in midair. Taking off my cule glasses, contact or not it was dangerous play. Pedro! got a yellow for a lunge for the ball in the return leg, deservedly, even though Diarra sidestepped the challenge. Pepe’s challenge for the ball (which he has a right to) is a reckless one. He’s going in studs showing and high. If Alves’ leg is planted, that’s a broken leg. Now, do I think it was necessary for Alves to roll and clutch his leg? Personally, I play football and my friend suffered a broken leg because of a tackle like Pepe’s, so I’m hyper sensitive regarding those high tackles. That fact the Alves was fine after was a relief for me, but it also shows there wasn’t as much contact as Alves was making it out to be.

      People need to stop with that manipulating crap. There is no doubt that Punto Pelota’s was manipulated and now that I know there was a version of Pepe’s leg being extended, well, that’s equally sh*tty.

      As for whether there was contact or not, well, in my opinion there was. In that regard, perhaps it was wrong of me to say there was definitely contact (as that was my opinion)

    6. alves is a dirty bastard, but had his foot been on the ground, he would have been eduardoed a la birmingham, red card correct.

    7. As a student of physics I thought exactly the same. And I still think so 🙂

      It should be impossible to turn that fast and only in the air without any external force, i.e. physical contact and transport of momentum from Pepe to Dani Alves. It seems unreal to fake such a move.


    9. As a football player and kinda faky when I see tacos aiming my legs… they could have been perfectly hitting the ball at the same time, making alves turn like that. But for me that is not important. I talk about who manipulated frames, not what really happened in the pitch…. what the hell happened to those images I wanna get my mind right, and I think the video where he don’t touch alves was never manipulated, there were just too little frames per second to see what really happened.
      As you said it is physically impossible for alves to turn like that without contact if he is still, but a brazilian player can jump turning already, exaggerating when he sees that crazy train coming… but I don’t even care about that anymore just the bull with those frames. Just the videos not the play, all this manipulation stuff is bad for football. There are 2 dif vids! I don’t think a tv channel/show or a club would do there stuff, but a freaky kid in his room may, I think that is what happened. When as did their

    10. Sorry, when “diario as” did that thing, that now-you-see-me now-you-don’t thing with a hard to say offside of ours they got caught the same day and asked for apologies.

  6. “As well as the first team squad, there were four B team youngsters at the session – Oriol Romeu, Dos Santos, Bartra and Thiago and with the league already won, it wouldn’t be too surprising if those four figured over the next couple of games.”

    -FCB Official site 🙂

    1. One commentator described him as someone “with a golden touch for cups” 😀 Congrats to City.

    1. Its some scouting project they’re running. I remember it from one of the liveblogs..

    2. No, that’s seperate. This fbtz thing is different (it only involves Kari and Jnice).

    3. Oh well, pointless to speculate. Lets wait and hope Kari and co. enthrall us like they usually do..

    4. Boy are you two slow. Obviously Jnice and Kari are in the pay of UEFACEF and fbtz is how they receive their instructions on which referee to pay off/intimidate next. 🙄

    5. Obviously.

      If I know Kari(which I do. barely.) I’m sure there are a lot many intimidating gifs in her bag that we can ever know.

      Oh. Now I get why Mou is so cranky all the time!

  7. FCB: damned if you do, damned if you do not 🙂 I do not want to be FCB’s PR guy in this situation 🙂

  8. Can I show off a bit?

    I was in Barcelona last week and attended the Barca-Espanyol game. It was amazing. The tickets were sold out, so I had to pay a little bit more to buy the ticket from someone, but it was worth it. The stadium was full and it was a great feeling to watch our players live, for the first time. The best moment was when Abidal came on, we all stood up and cheered.

    The day before the game I went to the stadium and did a tour (museum and everything else), which was great too.

    So that’s it. I’m looking forward to going again in the future. 😀

    1. So it was easy to get tickets on the black market? Were you offered the tickets or did you ask for them?

      Another topic: Why are there only 24k tickets for both ManUtd and Barça? Who gets the other 50k tickets? Are there maybe even tickets available at the stadium shops?

    2. I asked for tickets. I went to the stadium about 3 hours before the game, and there was a lot of people without a ticket. They were just standing there and waiting. I talked to some of them and they said that they hope the club will put some tickets on sale at the last minute (which is impossible, because I went everywhere the day before asking for tickets and everyone said that they’re sold out).

      I approached a few people who looked like they are selling and bought a ticket after negotiating. Most of the sellers had Gol Sud or Gol Nord, but I wanted Lateral. It took a bit of searching, but I found it. Then negotiated the price and, after checking it with the stadium officials, bought it. These people will trick you if you’re not careful. I have witnessed when they sold a Gol Nord ticket to a British man claiming it was Lateral. I also met a man and his son while waiting for the gates to open who bought tickets from these people and got scammed (I noticed their tickets were different and told them. The tickets were pretty much the same, but had Season 09/10 written on them. He said he paid 300EUR for those two tickets.

      Anyway, it was a good experience. 😀

    3. Thanks a lot for the detailed desciption. It’ll help me a lot for my first visit to the Camp Nou 🙂

  9. So apparently Real Madrid did not lodge a complaint against Busquets but being of the large hearts they provided ‘images’ of ‘Busquets insulting our player Marcelo’ you know as an extra bonus *wink**wink* *nudge**nudge*
    bah I hate ’em

    1. Hate is an understatement for me. There aren’t enough words in the English and Spanish dictionaries to describe how I feel about EE. I went on one EE blog that was titled something like “should we expect an apology”..apparently they are under the impression that Barcelona accused EE of opening an investigation against Busquets and now that they’ve “denied” it the out of touch with reality Madridistas want us to say sorry. Fat chance I think! They still posted the video on their site with the subtitle of mono mono therefore they indirectly started this nightmare. It’s total bull if they think they’re innocent, they already accused us of being corrupt, diving, cheaters and so I see the hand of Madrid behind this too.

    2. Aitor Karanka also directly accused “a Barcelona player” of racism at a press conference. He didn’t actually name Busquets, though.

    3. The best view is from the high road. We are Lliga Champions, and in the running for the biggest prize of them all, with what’s looking to be a fully fit squad, giving Guardiola his best XI.

      And they are name-calling, while polishing a replica of a trophy that even their captain says is “empty.”

      I’d rather honor where we are, than spend time thinking about the little people.

  10. So, having only just caught up with the United/Blackburn match, I think that my television is broken in a way that severely distorts the world view. I’ll certainly have to buy a new one before the CL Final, because I saw a United player (shudder) dive, and most of the United starting XI run up and crowd the referee, yelling and screaming for a penalty.

    Now, I’m going to suggest that my TV, fancy though it is, is irreparably damaged, because we have read time and again since the third El Clasic, that that sort of thing doesn’t go on in the man’s world of English football. Yea, verily, it’s just those wee Spanish lads that go swanning about, falling to the pitch when a gust of wind strikes them the wrong way.

    That’s why I say my TV HAS to be busted. It just has to be.

    1. Let’s just hope that you fix your TV before the CL Final and those images won’t show.

    2. It’s not your TV that has a problem Kev, it’s your memory. Don’t you know it’s meant to be selective depending on which league you’re watching?

      Easy test to see. Have Barca and Real won every single La Liga this decade by more than twenty points over the likes of Valencia and Deportivo, while the Premier League has always been a two horse race with a permanent Big Four seven-way tussle for the title with various different sides having shared it over the past fifteen years?

      If you don’t remember it as so, it’s not a problem with your TV fo sho’!

  11. Kari has been mysterious and suspicious lately. Telling Jordi and Jnice to check their e-mails and stuff. 😀

    1. She’s worried that we’re about to sell her. We’ve been discussing loans, but everybody keeps talking about seasoning, so we’re offering to throw in some flavored chicken to see if that will swing the deal.

    2. Actually it’s all part of my plot to overthrow the BFB overlords and claim BFB for myself. I have already begun the recruitment process. ’tis only a matter of time now…

  12. Saw we were on the topic of diving a couple of times today, I find there are different scenarios – there are at least two kinds from my point of view and you can usually tell which it is by where on the pitch it occurs, 1) the diving that is intended to gain advantage by getting the ref to give an undeserved call (PK or FK, or card an influential player), these are aimed at deception. Then there is 2) the diving that is used to exaggerate and draw attention to legitimate fouls from overly aggressive rule breaking challenges that are going uncalled, in hopes of evoking a crowd reaction and creating pressure to intervene in dangerous play. This is called protection.

    I though this article on the Examiner was pretty on target, putting aside that it is talking about the MLS, where they have however had three broken legs in as many weeks, I liked this quote;
    “Nobody pays to see thugs play; fans buy tickets and turn on their TVs to watch luminaries work their magic” – note; magic in the MLS may be limited to pulling a quarter from behind your ear, but I digress, the whole article is here:

    If you haven’t seen the Javier Morales injury, it’s a nasty one.
    This is what makes me think there is justifiable and actually necessary diving when for some reason refs seem to be unable to just apply the rules of the game – while the calls are judgment calls in applying the rules, the rules are pretty clear and it seems increasingly too liberally applied. I mean, we get it’s a tough sport, but I think the rules are meant to keep serious and unnecessary injuries from happening. Some of these players, just won’t be the same again after these injuries. We were lucky in recent weeks none of this happened to any of our players.

    1. PS: I know this is an old story, just thought it made a pretty important point

    2. Yep. I haven’t seen the Morales tackle (nor do I want to, TBH) but we’ve had the Messi-Ujfalusi discussion back in September. Messi was KO’d for ~10 days, but the biggest mystery was how he didn’t break his ankle. I remember there was talk of Ujfalusi getting more than a one game ban and people were howling in outrage. Kxevin posted a blab on it as well and I posted an epic rant at the bottom of it.

      The gist of what I said was that football is a player’s life, how they make money and feed their families. People want players to play on but when players (i.e. Messi) do and they get injuried, they seem to rank the injured player’s pain on some kind of weird-arse morality scale, where if they have “seen worse” the injury is dismissed. It’s total BS. If they don’t want to ban the thugs of the game for potential career ending tackles, then don’t whine about diving. Players have to defend themselves somehow.

    3. Well said! I agree completely.

      Lots of fans who have never played a sport in their life and gotten a good knock in the process are usually the ones who complain about diving. Unless you’ve experienced it first hand then you have no right to whine because one wrong touch/tackle could potentially end someone’s career.

      It’s amazing how quickly EE fans have forgotten the Pepe-Getafe incident. I wouldn’t blame anyone for over-exaggerating a foul received by the likes of that thug. Yet they have the nerve to point fingers at Barca but don’t take the time to reflect about their dirty play. Its a sick and twisted world some people live in these days.

    4. I think the whole tackle judging thing is very varied. For example, I’ve seen tackles that have separated the leg that were not really that dangerous. This is where luck plays a huge huge part. Once the defender lunges into a tackle, he might take the ball away yet skill end your career. And it might still be a legit tackle.

      I’m not here to debate the red card that Pepe got. But football is really unpredictable. There is no way of knowing that had Alves not moved his leg or had Pepe made more contact that it would have broken his leg. A perfect example of this is a tackle that is very similar to that of Pepe’s that Busi made in the CDR clasico. Look at the video here:

      In the end of the day, it has a lot to do with luck. Of course, there are tackles in which a player is just aiming to hurt another one. Or one that is just stupid, but 90% of tackles, even the harsh ones, can not be determined to be injury threatening or not. For example, the reason why fouls on Barcelona players, namely messi, seem much worse than others is because he is really fast. When a player first goes into the tackle, it seems reasonable. But Messi is so god damn fast that he is way past that point and the tackle becomes worse. That doesn’t make the tackle ok, but its part of playing a high speed trickery game like that of Messi. Fat Ronaldo had to face the same thing and ended up sidelined for 2 years.

      Thugs are everywhere. But they really are not thugs. They are just physical players. Are they fun to watch? Nope. But they exist in every team. Marc Van Bommel is my most hated player for this. Same with Samuel. Same with Marquez. Same with Hienze.

      If the players really need to defend themselves somehow, well, thats what the ref is for. Because career ending tackles don’t happen in football much.

    5. Bassam – and that is also why there are specific actions that merit a yellow or a red card irrespective of what it results in. The action itself is dangerous but maybe most players are LUCKY (as you call it) that said action has not resulted in career-ending injuries. The cards are given not just to punish an injury-inducing action but to also prevent a more grievous one.

      We all understand legit tackles that unluckily may result in an injury. But tackles and actions such as deliberate stomping on a players leg are what? Just being physical and are part of the game? What exactly are you trying to say here?

      And also – what is your stand now that your club has specifically said that they did not include in their complaint the Busquets incident? You categorically said that they did? Where do you get your information on these things?

    6. You missed my point. I am not arguing about the whole situation if the Pepe tackle, even if he didn’t touch Alves (again, i said EVEN IF, not saying he didn’t touch him), should he receive a yellow or a red.

      My argument is that never will diving be an excuse for physical play. There is a ref on the field and he is the one that takes care of this. A perfect example of this was the video that i provided. Many said that the Pepe tackle on Alves was career threatening, and if he did dive, then it was because he was saving his career. Well there is the video, just a week before, Busi doing an exact same tackle but putting in more contact on Alonso. He didn’t even need stretchers and got right back up.

      As for stomping, thats a whole different thing. I was not happy with my players when they did that. But again, was that a tackle or just physical abuse? I put it under physical violence and not under tackling. Both those situations happened away from the ball when one of the Barcelona players were on the ground. Does that give a team license to dive? I don’t think so. Again, I’m not pointing fingers that Barcelona are divers, I’m just going under the logic of: They play physical then we dive.

      Karanka mentioned in the press conference that a Barcelona player racially abused a Real Madrid player. The club is coming out to say that they didn’t include it in the report. Everyone was under the impression that Real Madrid did include it, since the coach (or rather assistant coach) mentioned it.So when they released that statement, i was actually surprised.

      For me, I think that all the accusations were not suppose to be filed. At least not until the clasico’s were over. In the end, for me at least, this situation has turned into my word against yours. We will never know the truth and UEFA are not going to issue a guilty result with 2 players saying opposite things. I just want it all to be over, because all this is ruining the last weeks of football of the season.

    7. And Bassam – may I take this opportunity to point out that you have always been most welcome in this blog. I also thank you for your good thoughts in your blog such as welcoming back Abidal after coming back from illness. Everyone here has taken your thoughts at face value and discussed it properly and have accorded you the same respect given to Barcelona fans. But I don’t see the same kind of politeness and civility accorded to Barcelona fans in your blog. Not even from you. When someone quoted verbatim a portion of Kari’s post where your club was called EE, you all started to castigate the person who did so. You could at least have pointed out that the quote was made verbatim and not put there in any way to disrespect you.

      Kevin and the other moderators here have always reminded us to welcome non-fans and keep this place open to varied positions, even ones that don’t necessarily jibe with our own predisposition. It results in a check to irrational fanaticism and keep us all in that path of preserving the beauty in the game and in fandom, instead of crude and unthinking supporters. You can see for yourself in the posts and discussion here that we are even critical of our own players, sometimes to a fault.

      Now that you have a new site, perhaps you could also, as a founder, lay down some rules to at least be more polite to the non-RM fans who visit your site.

    8. Neither was I referring to Pepe and Alves at all. What I said was that the rules are clear that there are actions, like a high studs-up high velocity challenge, that will result in a card (yellow or red) whether or not it results in an injury. That it results in anything is immaterial. It is the fact that the action itself is not allowed because it might cause an injury. Just like when there are rules against jaywalking. That you did not get hit by a car is immaterial. It’s the fact that the law says you can’t cross when the lights are green that makes it wrong.

      Now, with regard to Pepe and Alves. Did you just say that “[m]any said that the Pepe tackle on Alves was career threatening, and if he did dive, then it was because he was saving his career.” I don’t think that anyone says that Alves dived. He didn’t. He spun around like a top, which physically is impossible given that his other foot is not on the ground (which could have given him the leverage to turn) unless something hit him to make him spin around (like the ball or Pepe’s foot). Many people say that Alves overacted as if he broke his leg, after he fell, thus the need for a stretcher. But no, he didn’t dive. He overacted.

    9. I’m half asleep here… With regard to the jaywalking analogy, it should be – it doesn’t matter that there was no car when you crossed if it were a red pedestrian light. The fact that it was red and you crossed is a punishable offense. This is meant to prevent an injury to you. In soccer though, it’s meant to prevent an injury to the tackled player. So any action, which has been specifically enumerated as a cardable offense, has to be called (such as a sliding two-foot challenge, etc)- whether or not it resulted in someone being hurt.

    10. That is a key point! More from the article in case anyone didn’t read it –
      “In the 15th minute, Boyens took down RSL designated player Alvaro Saborio just outside the penalty area and only had his hand slapped with a yellow card instead of being ejected with a straight red for denying an imminent scoring threat. Boyens earned his second yellow ten minutes later for elbowing Saborio in the head, which according to 2010 MLS directives, is another red card. So although Boyens was finally ejected with the second yellow, he clearly proved that referee Ward was interpreting the laws of the game liberally and boundaries could be tested.”

      Pushing these boundaries is a tactic, anyone have kids? – they’ll go as far as you let them. I’m not saying the game isn’t physical and there shouldn’t be aggressiveness and physicality, clearly part of the game and part of the fun, but there has to be limits and it needs to be closely monitored and sometimes players need to intervene when referees won’t…or it becomes a street fight. It’s part of the self regulating process. I have had this debate before, and with those whose style of play and ability to compete on the pitch depends on getting away with what you can to keep you in the match, you hate this discussion, or if you believe the only recourse slower less talented players have to compete is to get physical, you might not like this conversation. That makes it no less grounded in the rules of fair play, the question at any time is how are those rules being interpreted by the referees and what recourse is left to the players as a result? I think it is a problem of boiling the frog in some ways, once an exceedingly liberal interpretation of the rules start to take hold (and I stress exceedingly, no one is say no touching) what should be unacceptable start becoming acceptable, or half the players on the pitch would be ejected each game, so the standards are becoming reset – that’s not good, and not easy to change once it happens. Some want this, some would prefer to see talent prevail, on all sides. It’s a watchout… unless you benefit from it, then it’s encouraging.

    11. And if the refs don’t see it or are bullied by one of the coaches incessantly whining about how refs unfairly pick on his team?

      Football is a fast paced game and often times refs don’t see bad tackles properly, so I don’t blame players for bringing them to their attention. Otherwise the defending team has an unfair advantage — why should the offensive team be punished because the referee couldn’t see properly? When you play advantage (or worse, allow turnover) without properly acknowledging the foul (i.e. not giving warning or cards), then that’s really an unfair advantage for the defending team.

      Players have the right to protect themselves against overly aggressive defenders, and I’d be saying that whether we’re discussing Messi or Ronaldo. Just because Messi/Ronaldo’s pace forces mistakes doesn’t mean defenders should get away with horrible tackles — intentional or not.

    12. I agree on the last sentence. But is diving the way to solve it? I think not. For me, Messi doesn’t dive. And i respect him for that. He gets harsher tackles than any other player in the squad, but he never dives. Why is Messi not diving and other players, including Ronaldo, diving to “protect” themselves.

      The game has 4 refs. If there is a harsh tackle and the foul is not seen by the primary ref, then there are three others that might have seen it and they could help and communicate to him about it.

      I used to play football for 6 years straight. I used to get tackled and all that, but never felt the urge to actually clutch my leg or roll around. Other players though, when tackled, they used to jump on the floor.The act of jumping itself makes the tackle much worse than it actually is. Then you have a defender making a simple tackle, but because the attacker wants to protect himself, he exaggerative it. The defender ends up being sent off or booked for a tackle that is not worthy of a card.

    13. And Bassam – note that I do not agree with diving at all, especially when it is meant purely to get a free/penalty kick for the goal. Which someone like Di Maria is so good at doing. I am as embarrassed as everyone else when our own players do it. I don’t think either that Ronaldo dives to protect himself. He dives to get a free kick.

      We wish as much as you do that the game is played in an ideal world. No diving. And all cardable offenses are seen by the ref and called properly.

    14. Bassam, so your argument is if the 4 on-field refs didn’t see it, it doesn’t deserve to be called. Is that it? So by extension whatever happens when the refs can’t see it is fair game? I think you see where I’m going with this. Sorry to say, but that is a flimsy argument.

      Until football gets a system similar to rugby where referees are allowed to look at replays, computers can analyse plays and refer back to the ref nearly instantaneously, and post-match reviews are done for something more than show, embellishment will exist. And fairly so. Just because Messi gets up and keeps moving doesn’t make it right — bad tackles are bad tackles regardless of result/intent/contact.

      Does diving solve the issue? Of course not, but it’s the only recourse available at times. Getting up and keep playing is not always a solution and it can be argued that it’s worse than embellishment as it sets the precedent that it’s okay to foul. I dislike refs not calling a foul on Messi when he’s clearly fouled is that it can lead to escalation with defenders thinking it’s okay to play overly rough with Messi, ’cause hey he gets back up anyway.

    15. That was not my argument. That is how you understood my point. But that was in NO way my point. My point was: There are four refs that can make calls. Let them do their business. If there was a harsh tackle that happened and you are unhappy with, report it to a governing body.

      Diving to defend yourself from a tackle is not the way to go. Because who defines what harsh tackles are? A harsh tackle in spanish football is considered fair game in the EPL, which is much more physical. So it’s not up to the player to decide to save himself by diving, but its up to the ref to punish that bad tackle.

    16. Okay, so what’s the recourse when the refs don’t call it and th governing body’s a bit of a joke?

    17. MAke the complaints public and raise awareness to such a thing. aka, pull a Mourinho. He might be doing it for the wrong reasons, but it is an option

    18. Well, this will only work if people were to adhere to a certain level of objectivity and honesty, right?

      For instance, would you admit that Marcelo dived to get a free kick which resulted in your equalizer in the first El Clasico?

      Will you admit that Carvalho should have had four yellow cards and Adebayor two for the last Clasico?

      I will concede that Busi got hit in the chest but clutched his face. I will also concede that Alves overacted from the Pepe incident but will insist that something (whether ball or Pepe’s foot) hit him to make him spin around.

      The only way your suggestion, which is to bring these things to light, would work is to be honest.

      Mourinho is indeed doing it but has been completely dishonest. He accuses the ref of siding with us that’s why you always end up with 10 men. But you should! In fact, in some games, like in the Copa, you should have ended up with eight men.

      So – I will agree with you to some extent. But your suggestion will be right in an ideal world. In a less than perfect world, I will side with Nav. I don’t mind our players overacting to get attention to your cardable offenses that were not seen and called by ref and I don’t mind them diving to prevent themselves from getting injured.

      To dive for any other reason is also abhorrent to me.

    19. So what you’re saying is players should have no recourse on the field and should start adapting Mourinho like tactics off the field to gain some advantage back? Seeing what Mourinho’s done to the image of Spanish football I don’t see that as a very good option, sorry.

    20. I started all this and then went to sleep –
      “well, that’s what the ref is for…” This was kind of my point to start with, that this article rightly so, was suggesting that referees are not be responsible at times to the rules or working to effect the escalating climate of aggressiveness in certain games, I’d suggest we’ve seen some of that recently as well. There likely aren’t more career ending tackles because when it becomes clear that you aren’t going to get the calls, you downshift, listen for footsteps and dish the ball off a little quicker, and fall down sooner to protect yourself. This of course is the intended effect of thuggery on the pitch, intimidation. If the ref doesn’t respond, and the only cards are get out of jail free for dangerous tackles, then the players have to protect themselves, by diving and avoidance, which compromises play to the advantage of the thugs – if you think that’s ok, well… and you have to be kidding, there are no thugs. Little naive me thinks. There are thugs and enforcers employed by many team and in every sport as a tactic. They intentionally push the limits of fair play and have reputations and records of ejection to show for it. Fast ball under the chin, cross checks, they have many tools.

    21. Yes, agree.

      And as for Bassam saying “who defines what harsh tackles are?” It is the ref, yes. But there are harsh tackles that are obviously harsh. Which don’t get called. Because the ref is so intent on keeping 11 men on the field, especially when a coach keeps whining about always playing with a man down.

      And if you read what some people say, they equate harsh to actually being injured. As I said earlier – there does NOT have to be a resulting injury. It is the action itself which is punishable and should always be called for what it is. Why do we have to wait to know whether Pepe could actually have injured Alves? It is clear that Pepe was running fast with his foot high and studs up towards the direction of Alves’ leg who has also running fast towards the ball. Pepe’s act is cardable. No need to speculate as to result.

      And please – let’s not be naive here as to say there are no thugs. Wow, the world would be perfect if that were true. There are thugs. There are bullies. They will try to get away with what they can for as long as they can. Especially when they are in a team with a coach who protects such kind of behavior.

      Let’s not be naive as well to say that because there are 4 refs, they could see everything happening in the field. And if they don’t see it, then the offense did not happen? If someone is tackled, resulting in a broken leg – and no ref saw it, does that mean there is no card for the offender?

      When there are bullies, what are we taught to do? We are supposed to come out and report it. Keeping silent will enable said bullies in what they’re doing and will make them think it’s okay.

      In RM’s case (and especially for Mourinho), they bully and then complain that we complain about it. Wow. Here is when the term “mucho morro” is very apt. Mourinho condones abusive behaviour and bullying tactics, then turns around before we can even complain sometimes and start accusing Barca of being in conspiracy with refs that’s why RM players gets carded. Now that is really mucho mucho morro.

    22. Yes, a classic smoke screen used by many bullies and manipulators – to accuse the bullied of the bullies shenanigans, motives and actions. Also falls into the Shakespearean “thou dost protest too much” category, of being more believable when not so fervently or cunningly defending oneself.

      I also don’t get the “he didn’t get hurt, so what are you complaining about?” mindset, or the “I’ve seen worse, how bad can it be?” mindset. We have a member of the family who says, “If you can’t take it, go play something else”… to which I have to think, well, let’s take a walk down your path and extrapolate for a minute. So okay, let’s break the flow of the game and blow the whistle every few seconds when someone gets hacked, and restart play, and since it is so difficult to move the ball with your feet when someone is stepping on them every few seconds and kicking your shins, why don’t we just let the players pick up the ball and try to run with it, and since they’re getting so roughed up, we’ll add some additional protective gear to minimize injuries – maybe a helmet and some shoulder pads or something, Oh wait – huh? um… I have an idea, why don’t YOU go play that football if that’s what you want to see, don’t turn this game into that one. Incidental contact, absolutely. Continuous deliberate use of contact as a skill or tactic – BUZZZZZZER! What is a cynical, contemptuous, and ruinous approach to the beautiful game for $500, Alex

      …sorry for the US Jeopardy game show reference for those of you non-US

    23. @Bassam

      As a Kinesiology student (science of human movement) who studied human Biomechanics I am extremely dissapointed you are comparing Busi’s tackle on Alonso to Pepe’s on Alves, especially since you played a good amount of football (if it’s true that is). Reason is simple – locked knee vs unlocked knee. As soon as player is in the air you already decided the amount of force you will do upon contact due to how hard you lunged. However look closely at Busi’s tackle, he unlocks his knee just upon contact trying to spread it and hold it in until he falls on the ground (where majority of force went to, in other words Busi had reacted as soon as he realized he’s not gonna get the ball. Compare to Pepe’s disgraceful tackle where it’s a locked knee and he doesn’t do anything to get out of the way, keeps his knee lockjed and goes right at Alves’s leg. In other words he’s either too slow to react after realizing he can’t get the ball OR he went for the player purposely, which is more likely due to the fact he’s an amazing athlete rather than, well a retard.

      As soon as body is in the air amount of force doesn’t change… But you can change the way impact is done and more importantly your centre of gravity with respect to your body (point at which body’s mass is spread evely). If Pepe wanted, he could bend his leg, move his leg, hell even pull his knees into himself and roll on the ground. Instead he chose to keep his knee straight and lunge at a player studs up.

      I find it saddening that football fans (whether it’s RM fans complaining about Pepe’s red or EPL fans wanting harsher play or w/e) are falling for the western philosohpy “harder, faster, stronger” … Yea sure a big part of footy is about strength, there’s a reason why most CBs are tall strong dudes, but 90% is about skill, dribbling, beauty. Honestly WTF is up with people standing up against a team that plays beautiful attacking footbal and clinching to any reason they can to hate on it. I had a friend who found out I’m a Barca fan who started insulting me on Facebook posting anything rediculous he can on my page (mind you I simply proved him wrong every time). And when he was hanging out with my sister he says “what’s up with ur bro being a fan of the best team?”

      Btw 90% of the time “rolling on the ground” will reduce the impact that you got. In other words while people complain about our players diving I’m just glad we never have to deal with half our squad being injured.

    24. The tackle on Javier Morales was a valid one. Deserves a yellow card. Got red because of the result. The defender wraps his legs around Morales which ia acceptable. But unfortunately his body weight falls on his ankle.

      A tacle which deserved red but got yellow was Charlie Adams’ tackle on Bale. Adams knows he wont get the ball but barges in with his studs up in the hope of getting something

    25. I was actually not so much judging whether the yellow or red for the Morales tackle was valid or not, was more struck by the fact that the article suggested there was a red card offense (or two) that proceeded it by the player that tackled him that was not given, and then this unfortunate event subsequently occurred – I was more trying to highlight how the stage gets set for these things sometime by wagging fingers and looking the other way, than just giving a deserved card.

    26. My bad, it wasn’t the same player – but another, but it seemed to set the stage for a “have at it, anything goes” environment.

    27. Interesting. I came to the same conclusion when I watched Tottenham vs Blackpool. Before Adams’ tackle there were several previous bad tackles where nothing was given. Nothing. Play was waved on. I think this emboldened the players to think “Here is ref who isnt going to call even if I do something bad”. The result was Adams went in nowhere near the ball just to stop bale and with studs up. If you looke at the angle at which Bale’s ankle was bent – well it was nauseating. The ref could have avoided it completely by carding or atleast cautioning a few people.

      But in England it is a man’s game (no offense here) and you have got get up and continue util you can no longer do so.
      I think it is the only place this happens. From my watching(limited) Bundesliga and Serie A are ok. Referees are able to tread the proper line. La liga is I think slightly on the other side. Too many fouls are called for sometimes small things

  13. @Barcaleya:

    There is a huge difference between what i do here and what a lot of Barcelona fans do on my site. While posters like Ramzi, Kxevin and many others are always welcome, the ones that you see there right now are not fans like you and I. The kind of Barcelona fan that only comments when our team loses and saying repeatedly: You guys suck, Mourinho is an ass, You are a bunch of cheaters.

    If i was commenting that on this board, i would have been banned by now. Not because this board is strict, but rather because those comments are not appropriate ones. When i comment here, i think 10 times before i comment. The slightest misuse of words and i get the hammer. Why is that? Well, because I’m a rival.

    Not to mention, this is a registration kinda board. My site is not registration. So here, you have a community that is steady and not changing much. At my site, anyone who knows how to write his name can unleash venom. I myself have been called a d***, an ass, an effing moron and much much more by Madrid fans and Barca fans.

    We have been thinking of moving towards a system like the one here, but its way too soon since the blog just launched newly and will take time to grow back into the popularity it had before.

    As for the EE part, I personally don’t like it. Actually, I hate it. In a post, i have called barcelona by Sprinklers twice. And even then it felt unfair to any Barcelona fans reading my posts, so i stopped it. Not saying that any of the writers should stop calling us EE, this is a Barcelona board after all. But i would never come here saying Sprinklers, even if it was copy pasted from a site. Because if i did, i wouldn’t be respected and no one will actually take me seriously. Plus the way we responded to that post was rather professional, me thinks.

    1. Even we may openly talk about hating Real and be pro-Barca on this blog, but it’d be rude to do so on an RM blog. Toning things down when visiting another page is just politeness. I’m not gonna call you two-sided for openly disliking Barcelona over at your space any more than us disliking RM openly over here but being rather polite when visiting your site would be being two-faced. That accusation would be unfair to you. I’m saying this outright now to make clear where I stand on the matter of fans being different on different sides, not as a counter-argument, by the way.

      I do think the RM Offside definitely had some issues in terms of the welcome outside fans got though. Even a polite assessment of an opposing point of view would be met sometimes- often, even- be met with hostility. I really liked the set of rules and guidelines the new RMFB has in terms of responding to outside comments, not feeding trolls, etc. I haven’t visited your space in a while but I hope you guys do pointedly follow those rules through. As in making the rules clear when people break them, from warning trollers to warning people being hostile to polite outside commenters, etc.

      You guys did get trolls over at the old RM Offside page though. I think it was the one guy whose handle was ‘puyol’ or something? who would just go to post trolly statements without any argument or logic whatsoever.

    2. I fully agree with this. If you go back, Corey and I had over 10 posts in the last year over commenting standards. There is a limit on how much we can do. Not to mention the offside is a VERY popular blog, so it is bent to attract trolls and not the highest quality of posters. The regulars on the blog though usually have a very level headed response to everyone. It’s a matter of the stopper by. He sees a comment by a Barcelona fan and boom, he assaults him. Those can be controlled using the system here, where we have registration.

      And i do agree about the attitude when being here and when being at my own site. There, I am at a Real Madrid board and I am more open in my criticism. Here, i keep those views bottled up out of respect to the people here.

    3. I’m not saying you’re not toning things down here etc by the way, my point was that you do do so and that I don’t find it two-faced or the sort since it’s just polite to be so and I would do the same when I visit an RM site.

    4. Okay, I didn’t know that you don’t require registration.

      I was also going to say that you should ban those people who say bad things to you. Just so your site would also be a nice place to visit (where we can learn from and hear the other side as some form of check and balance to us) and not like all the other site that degenerate into who can curse better. Which is really off-putting.

      I’m relatively new here and I end up using EE as a short cut myself, without thinking to hurt any Real Madrid supporters since it is assumed that this site is for Barca fans. I never asked how the name started but I always equate it to Starwars and the Galactic Empire, which was evil. So it was really just the galacticos = galactic. Add empire. And such. Also, I’ve been supporting Barcelona for over a decade but have not been blind to your brilliance in some years and to some of your your brilliant players. I admired many of them. That’s also why what is happening now has dismayed me so much. I don’t understand how your players could play so aggressively (to hurt) when they have all the talent to play aggressively to score.

      I don’t speak for anyone else but myself when I say that if you call us Sprinklers here, I would just find it funny, since the sprinklers did turn on, provided the rest of your post was respectful in tone and with a view to a real discussion. This is just me, though.

    5. EE was off putting at first, i do admit. But then when i remember that this is a Barcelona board and all that, i tend to just ignore it. As for the Sprinklers thing, not everyone feels the same way as you. Just like not everyone can accept EE and hence get turned off by the site. This is why i stopped using Sprinklers all together.

    6. Fair enough 😀

      The funny thing is the relative historical position of both clubs which sort of dictate certain things. You’ve always been the “stronger” team, the white team, the King’s team, royalty. And Barcelona, I guess, the rebel, the “smaller” team. The underdog. And so – just like at Harry Potter, Voldemort’s name is never mentioned. He is “He Who Must Not Be Named.” It’s the same thing here. We never call you Real Madrid because your team is the team that must not be named. Thus, EE. 😀 I guess this is even more annoying to you. Now, I’ve compared you to Voldemort. Sorry. I was just trying to explain sort of where the fans of the teams situate themselves. So don’t take it personally.

      Again, I only speak for myself. There is no venom there or even a hint of aspersion. Except when there are real issues that arise where we feel strongly aggrieved.” Like I said, it’s more of a short cut.

    7. haha, not offended at all. Again, I am at a Barcelona board and need to adhere to what is common here. If it is EE, then so be it. As for the Harry Potter reference, it’s funny because during the clasico’s, i did sort of a rally the troops post. During one of them, i made the same reference by saying: The “He who shall not be named” to our Harry potter, the slytherin to our Gryffindor.”

      It’s really amusing how each team considers the other one the embodiment of evil. Says a lot about this rivalry. After all, it is the biggest rivalry in the history of sports!

    8. Ah, well. Consider ourselves lucky to have a team to cheer on and inspire such passion in us. Whichever team it may be.

      But just as I was waking up to days when I marveled at how happy Barca is making me and how they “light up my days and fill up my nights” – here comes Mourinho and his mad ravings. Ugh. Sorry, Bassam. His scheming ways and quite insane rants is getting to me. Ugh. Por que? Por que?!

      But that’s pretty much over too. We’re off to Wembley and we hope and pray to win. This should calm things for a while before the next season’s rivalry begins.

    9. His ramblings are not an amusement to a lot of us Real Madrid fans as well. There is a very vocal “mourinho” fan base that claims to support Real Madrid, and those give the impression that all fans of the club are ok with it. It is the contrary of that.

      For me, Mourinho is obsessed with Barcelona and Barcelona have become obsessed with him. Look back at the celebrations for La Liga. And look at the Pinto speech and the mocking of Mourinho.

      This duel obsession is a HUGE reason why i didn’t want Mourinho to join my club.

  14. actually, Evil Empire and Sprinklers are funny and polite if you compare it to some nicknames in other forums outside BFB and RMFB… 😀

    1. Haha. Fine. Congratulations and hope your new site will end up being as great as our site. Hahaha.

      I think you’re famous enough to institute registration. Why let it get to a level where people take a peek and are turned off by the hostility and crudeness such that they won’t want to come back and comment? Even amongst RM fans.

      Even if you only have a few people regularly commenting, many new ones will eventually drop by if they think that it’s a welcoming place and a venue for real discussion.

      It’s the same way here. There are the regulars who have more time than most to comment. But there are also so many people who grace the site with eloquent articulation of their thoughts when important topics crop up. Or even when we are dying for translation of live events. And passionate as most everyone is and though sometimes there is no other way to express things but with some profanity (albeit jokingly said) – it’s always been quite civil here.

      You have to take the reins now and set the tone for your new site before it becomes a no-go zone for intelligent fans like us here *tongue in cheek*.

  15. and Bassam, about Pinto speech…

    hey, Mou asked! “Por qué?? Why??” He said that for couple times…

    So Pinto helped him and gave him an answer… 😛
    You don’t want him spend the next 35 years of his life still wondering “¿por qué?”, do you?

    *I’m referring to crackovia “Por Qué” episode… I dont know if you have watched it, but that was so funny, OMG, I can’t get enough with it…* 😆

    1. I personally don’t watch crackovia. They were funny at first, but then they became to predictable. Mou in real life is too much to handle, to see him in a comedy show is over kill for me 😛

      I personally thought, while it was funny what he said, it was HIGHLY inappropriate. It’s like Mou is digging a hole for a new low for him and Pinto and co are just following along with him. Especially after all that has happened, I thought it was really inappropriate.

      Of course, before anyone says that Mou hasn’t been respectful to Barcelona. I say, if he wasn’t respectful to you, is the response to be disrespectful as well or rise above?

      The reason why this annoyed me because it will only escalate things more and more. Higher tension, more hate. On a positive side, more reason for us to beat you 😀

    2. Nice point. I hate it when football becomes a game of one upmanship between individuals. The rest suffer.

    3. I don’t know with what other cules think, but for me personally, singing “why? because we are the best!” in a La Liga title celebration, in our stadium and in front of our own supporter, is not as inappropriate as accusing our club helped by UEFA and UNICEF in a press conference… maybe that’s just me…
      and Mourinho’s ugly behaviour against us motivated our team too, like Xavi said…

    4. It was a funny joke. You know the ‘Por que’ thing is practically a meme now Bassam, the fans were singing during the title win even first Campeones Campeones Ole Ole Ole then everyone started singing Por Que Por Que, during that same celebration.

      It’s not really responding to insults as much as a joke referencing a now famous/infamous line among us footy fans. You know everything from us on Twitter to Crackovia to the fans in the stadium all make Por Que jokes now.

    5. yes, I love the video of cules singing Por Que chants on Barcelona’s street… 😀

      look at Pinto’s words…he did not insult RM or Mou whatsoever… I dont find it disrespectful…

    1. Every team has this type of player or has had it at some point in time. A physical player that goes into a tackle head on. I wouldn’t call a player a thug unless he went out with the only intention to injure a player, which Pepe has never done.

      As for the Getafe incident, the kid served his ban. 9 games on the side line. He went and entered himself into a 3 month program on anger management and even considered retiring after that game. Punishment enough no?

    2. I wouldn’t call a player a thug unless he went out with the only intention to injure a player, which Pepe has never done.

      What’s the point of kicking a player (twice) while he’s down then? Was it an attempt to win the ball?

      He went and entered himself into a 3 month program on anger management and even considered retiring after that game.

      He might need to ask for a refund because he still does things like this:

      What was his objective in that game?

    3. It’s not fair to hold a player for a mistake he did all his life. All players make mistakes. It’s like me saying messi is a cheat because once, he scored a goal with his hand is that fair?

      After that incident, pepe went and stayed in a hotel away from his family for a couple of days because he was afraid of himself. After that incident he got hate mail of people saying they want to kick him family if they see them. Plus the NINE match ban. Plus the anger management. Plus public apology. All this is not enough for forgiveness?

      Again, it’s like me saying messi is a cheat bcz he handed the ball into the net or bcz he shot the ball at the fans in frustration.

    4. Jnice was disputing you saying ‘intention to injure a player.. which Pepe has never done’, I think. That definitely wasn’t ‘never’, even though he might have sincerely repented or not later.

    5. Well that is why I added the getafe incident so no one puts it as proof. I’m not denying it was horrible, but it was once in a 8 year career

    6. He has been overly physical and too aggressive even later, actually.

      As the Lyon game video Jnice put up, or the rather reckless tackle which Alves admittedly made a bit of a meal of, shows.

      Reminds me kinda how Shawcross was apparently so scarred after snapping Ramsey’s leg but didn’t have any qualms with dangerous play even after that. Whether or not he is doing it out of anger now, it’s still extremely dangerous.

    7. I added the Lyon incident. Save me the stories of Pepe staying in a hotel and what not. If he was so changed, he wouldn’t have attempted to kick Cissokho’s face.

      Sorry, but he’s a thug plain and simple.

    8. ‘With only the intention to injure a player’.

      So Arbeloa stomping on Villa for one, and body-checking Barcelona players far off the ball so the ref wouldn’t be looking and far from goal, would qualify him as a thug, right? As would Ramos’ frustration-laced ‘tackles’ towards the end of games against us, such as on Messi and Henry in recent Clasicos?

      Those weren’t tackles aimed at winning the ball gone wrong, or even a tackle aimed at winning the ball made too recklessly or dangerously. Those were with the sole intention to hurt or bully. Have to see if you acknowledge these things.

    9. Those acts yes. I hated what at Elia did, since he is a favorite of mine. But remember, tackles are always made like that. Look at the video I posted in response to Kari and tell me what was the intensions of business in that tackle on Alonso. Anyways, I participated in debate above to talk about diving as an excuse for physical play. I’m glad classicos are over and would rather not discuss them. They were not fun tO say the least

    10. Elia? Huh?

      Tackles always made like what? Cynically, off the ball, and with intention to hurt?

      I’m not referring even to dangerous or reckless tackles like the one Pepe made or whatever. In my comment I was referring only to those incidents, specifically Arbeloa’s off-the-ball when ref isn’t looking bullying.

      Yeah sure the debate began there, but those recent posts were directly in reply to your defense of certain RM players, remember?

    11. And those incidents aren’t ‘disputed’ or ‘open to interpretation’. They were very clear and very visible. Arbeloa stomping on Villa’s ankle, body-checking the likes of Pedro towards the left side of the pitch far from goal as he was running and slamming him to the floor when the ball was near the box with the attackers on the right side of Barcelona’s attack far off, Ramos injuring Henry and scything down Messi in the 5-0 game.

    12. outerspacedout and bassam: take it easy – we are not responsible of those millionaries on the pitch.

      Pointing finger is pointless.

      It is just A GAME

    13. Can I make an awful, awful joke and say: Actually, pointing fingers isn’t pointless?

      *Puts on sunglasses*

    14. Sigh. I simply wanted to point out that tetraclassico has caused unusual behaviour here – poining fingers with bassam is one of examples.

      Before tertraclassicis it was a good discussion here with ambassador of Evil Empire.

      For now it has degraded to “you did!” “but you started!” level.

    15. Haha it was just a really really lame pun Dennise. Not nitpicking. Don’t worry, we love Bassam over ere.

    16. If anyone is a thug on that team, it’s Adebayor. In the last Clasico he wasn’t even trying to play the ball, just bodychecking everyone in sight. And he’s a forward!

      And Arbeloa is almost as bad.

  16. Jnice, could you get links for the Revista of the Levante game week please?

    1. That game was a Wednesday. Revista airs on a Tuesday, so it aired before our match. And it wasn’t a full Revista because of the Madrid-Getafe match, so it was only 25 minutes long and 20 minutes were spent on Jose, Cristiano, and Madrid.

      The Revista this week should be better.

    2. damn..’cause I was looking fwd to their discussion on the Osasuna Sevilla game..Camuñas is one fearless/reckless vato

    3. www. youtube. com/watch?v=M-9D4MkNlzw

      at 4.13 Camuñas gets smashed in the face but instead of going down he carries on and you’ll see what happens..

      Plus there’s a graphic set of images of Nelson’s broken ankle so…


    In the one of the biggest news in BFB history, we, Breaking_BFB, present you ‘Kari’, a relatively recent moderator of a popular internet based football blog: *

    There have been a few doubts in the past about Kari’s true allegiance. Indeed, the utilization of her ‘powers’ has been previously questioned by a few brave and fearless BFBers. However, the general community has quickly accepted her as one of their own and forgotten any malice.

    But in the last few days rumours have spread about a possible Coup d’état. It has been said that the BFB Admins weren’t so sure about the way she used her powers and were considering selling her for a profit. However, due to her quick integration and general popularity, it would seem inappropriate for the Admins to sell her, and are therefore considering a possible loan (some sources say they will include a chicken (?) in the deal).

    Kari, angered by these claims, has been now reportedly recruiting a team of individuals specializing in specific aspects to help her overthrow the Admins and claim BFB for her own. The pieces are all set, and wheels are already in motion. Kari has already changed her name, and is expected to be joined by other members such as, Jordinho and Mobster Boss Miguel who will complete the ‘Dream Team’.

    But this plan needs cautious planning. Supposedly, the hidden mastermind behind the Coup d’Etat, Jmean (previously known as Jnice), is helping out with the financial aid through Black Hand organizations like UEFACEF. They are allegedly receiving big amounts of money through fbtz because of betting on “barcastuff” quizzes which helps them ease through their checklist and recruiting process.

    “I have had my comments edited and misinterpreted because of the modifications”, says a brave survivor and fearless commenter Eklavya who recounts to Breaking_BFB the story of fear spread by Kari and Co.

    “They already stole the avatars. And now they’re going to post a new thread which will brainwash everyone through the cuddliness of the B-teamers”, continues the unsung hero.

    One by one, Kari and Co. plan to supposedly overthrow all the Admins and face off the mysterious and hardly ever seen overlord of BFB: Isaiah [Ca(m)bron].

    Whether they will succeed is still unknown. There has already been unrest and anti-overthrowing riots organized by members experienced in such matters like Diego. Stay tuned on Breaking_BFB for more breaking news on BFB.

    [We shall see about that. We shall see. You would do well do watch your comments, Senor Eklavya…]

    1. It will be so fricking epic if Kari edits this comment using her Moderator Powers. Ha ha ha ha ha.

    2. As you know I’d already signed up to the mutiny in Kari’s earlier comment.

      So you have VaderSpacedOut along with Jordinho and Mobster-Boss Miguel.

    3. Lol I just got ‘riots by members experienced in such matters like Diego’

    4. Brilliant!!! If this does not warrant a new post on its own, I don’t know what will.

    5. Very good. But….where is your video with opinons of lipsreading experts as a proof?

    6. Come on Jordinho, Mob Boss Miguel and other people on the Dark Side. Show your true names.

    7. I have great experience in Protests, Demonstrations, and Riots. Since neither side have approached me I’ll remain impartial. I also know how to handle rubber bullets and Tear gas. But I like rioting more, I’ll join Kari. 😛

    1. Im kinda still around just busy studying for finals in June so I cant comment. Anyways very nice post Eklavya. And im a guy why cant you understand that! POR QUE?! 😀

    2. Oops! O_O
      I thought you said you were a girl when SoMo4 was doing her list. My bad. 🙂

  18. I was going through some Barca articles and then I found this picture from Copa del rey. Have you people seen this?! I can’t believe they let them hang it in the stadium! It’s from madrid’s Ultras and it celebrates H*tlers birthday…

    Did I say I CAN’T believe they let them hang this in the stadium?!!At a final?!

    It’d from a Sevillista blog..

  19. Lots of pointless discussion here:

    Yes, Barça had a shameful display in the CL Semifinal. Diving and exagerrating things aren’t (and never should be) acceptable in FCB. Remember, the team is great – in great part – because it plays great football, not because they cheat like that.

    Then again, Madrid has no moral stand denouncing this. They do that kind of stuff quite oftenly as well. Not to mention, they really had it easy. Mourinho complains about getting one man sent off… he should be happy: in reality his team deserved to have two or three players sent off.

    About the Premier League pundits… let’s not get started on that. For some reason, they still think that the only great teams play in England.

    1. I disagree that its pointless.

      Though I understand the underlying reason why you say it – the fact that it results in allegations, inquiries, bans will refute the “pointlessness” that you point out.

      Even as I agree that Madrid has no moral stand to denounce, they still do, right? Just because you say its pointless and they have no moral ground does not mean they do not do things that affect us. And having denounced us, in ways both direct and insidious, means we are affected by it if UEFA imposes disciplinary sanctions for real or imagined offenses on our part.

      Great as we are, our players will not survive a sustained and repeated attack on their physical integrity. At some point if these aggressive tactics are tolerated they will be injured. Although I admit to some of our players diving or exaggerating – we have not gotten a card from these that changed the tide in our favor. And yet you call us the cheaters. Why is the other team not cheating if they still remained on the field when they should have been given four yellow cards each or at least one red card?! The rules of the game says that if they committed certain acts, they deserve a yellow or red and accumulation of some cards deserve a sending off. That doesn’t happen as it should.

      We all agree that all of these are not acceptable. But until the refs do their part properly, I have to support calling attention to certain things, including cardable and/or malicious tackles.

    2. Madrid do cheat a lot. Just look at Di Maria and his dives. Just look at their tackles and aggressions while the ref is not looking. That’s cheating, and that’s why they deserved to have more players sent off.

      However, diving is still cheating. Or at least an attempt to cheat. That’s from an unbiased point of view. And even from the refs’ rules. That’s why they card players for diving.

      One thing is to call attention from the other team’s offenses, another thing is to simulate and act.

    3. Either way, I say it’s pointless because the games are already in the past. No amount of Real’s whining will change the result. And their attempts to get Barça’s players punished (unjustly) failed as well.

      UEFA, at the end of the day, did see through the non-sense of RM. The only thing, that may be, worthy of discussion is how much of an arrogant ass..le Mourinho is. However, that’s not something that interests me. Amazing that the so called “special one” retorts to whining about refs… that just shows how much of an epic team Barça is.

    4. Their whining could still lead to Busquets being banned for 5 matches including for the CL finals.

    5. That doesn’t mean that diving and acting in the field is OK, though. In fact, diving and acting just gives them arguments for players bans.

    6. Who says they’re okay?

      They’re reprehensible but I argue that they’re the lesser evil.

  20. The Barça B match seems like a great game. They’re winning 3-2 in the first half against Las Palmas. Ivan Balliu and Javi Espinosa, both from Juvenil A, getting starts. Shame there are no streams.

    1. No streams, so I’m not watching, just reading what journalists/barcastuff are posting.

  21. Arsenal are losing 2-0 at half time against Aston Villa. They really thought they could win the CL if RvP wasn’t sent off? :rollseyes:

  22. Hey everyone! Finally figured out this wordpress thing!

    Anyway, just wanted to shed some light on the Pepe tackle.

    First, lets clear something up, he DID NOT touch Alves’ leg, now were there any frames removed.

    What he did was to extend his foot straight forward and showed Alves the sole of his foot. This is the strongest point a leg can ever be and all its power is leveraged to the max. Alves then kicked the ball against pepe’s sole.

    Now, if you want to know how that feels, take a ball, place it against a wall and kick it hard. And if you want to recreate Alves’ momentum, take a ball, tie a string around it, and hang it against the wall,a few inches above the floor, then jump up(negating your center of gravity) and kick. What you will get is an equal but oposite reaction to the momentum you exerted to kick it. ( and a sore butt)

    So, Pepe did not touch Alves’ leg, but that is still considered a dangerous play when you show your studs. I know it, because I broke someones two small toes in primary school with the same exact play.

    Then again, what did Mourinho really expect? If we were to play Valdez as our striker, you would expect a lot of handballs by him trying to dive for all the balls. Likewise, if you play Pepe as the most forward of your midfielders, expect a lot of fouls, fouls that a defender is never allowed to make on that part of the pitch.

    1. Correction: ‘First, lets clear something up, he DID NOT touch Alves’ leg, nor were there any frames removed.’

    1. I don’t know. It’s slowly getting into me. I hope the fit is tight not loose like it has been since 2008. It just looks ugly on small sized people like Messi, Xavi and me.sigh

    2. im like a blubbering sylvester stallone right now, im so distraught over that shirt. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….

    3. Looks pretty much like the alleged, leaked version. Obviously some people didn’t see the leaked one yet. I’m not “shocked” by this design because I already know it for some weeks / months.

      I wouldn’t call it ugly either, it still has the two most beautiful colours of the world on it 🙂

  23. Valdés, Bartra, Fontàs, Mascherano, Abidal, Keita, Dos Santos, Thiago, Jeffren, Bojan and Afellay.

    I’m pretty certain JDS will be the DM and not Keita.

  24. I just wanna say that Evil Empire comes from a life-long career I guess, something that has been going on for some years/decades (politics, franco, the king, DI STEFANO, FIGO, GALACTICOS) and much more… NOW MOU AND FLO. On the other hand, “sprinklers fc” comes from one single episode that didn’t even happen to the Evil Empire. The team we were facing was inter milan, madrid became inter for a while, they were mourinho for a while that’s where sprinklers comes from, A SINGLE EPISODE. AND IT DIDN’T EVEN HAPPEN TO THEM.

    so that argument of RM is evil for FCB fans – FCB is evil for RM fans …. lies

    I have many many EE friends and they don’t hate us half as we hate you. In fact they have to love us we gave them the world cup and a good style to play with the NT. A winner style. Everybody hates EE in Spain now, only espanyol supporters get along with them.

    madrid is evil – barça made a huge mistake, not even related with EE but inter and mou. Imma start calling you MOU FC.

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