Barca Liga Celebration Highlights: Busi Solidarity, Villa Singing, and Declarations of Intent

Getting right to business:

This one needs no comment. Just watch it even if you don’t understand (from xaviii297 is uploading all the player speeches separately. Best have a look. Contrary to popular belief, I can’t embed every video):

Just look how serious Xavi looks. I love him to death.

My Catalan is non-existent, so I’m not sure what Busi said word for word, but Xavi said something like : “You don’t know him. He’s a hell of a player, no joke. He doesn’t get a lot of credit for what he does, so let’s cheer for him now” and then urged the crowd to chant for him.

This one also deserves to be separate. It’s El Guaje singing Frank Sinatra’s My Way, albeit the Spanish rendition. Yes, it’s Peeento beside him. He says: “Thanks everyone for letting me live this experience. For me, this is a dream and… I’ve got nothing else to add, really. I’m not going to sing… [laughs and then Peeento comes over to egg him on]

[It’s worth noting Villa has a penchant for singing at celebrations and, well, he likes singing in general. He even recorded a song for Mali with a Spanish singer.]

fcbarcelona brings us a shortened version of some of the speeches in order (note players are missing, ie. Pinto, Busi, Valdes, Mascherano, Jeffren, Bojan, etc.):

Puyol: We’ve got one final effort. Have no doubt, we’ll give everything so that on the 29th, we’ll be back here celebrating the CL win.

I also want to thank everyone who works for the player. Without them, none of this would be possible, so thanks so much!

Pep: I want to thank you all for the support you’ve given us all year. Thank you for that. Secondly, I want to thank — and I have to say this again and again, so that I can give it real strength — I want to give my eternal thanks to the players because they are unbelievable. Thanks guys. I admire you all.

And to finish, I send all my strength to the people of Lorca [region in Spain that suffered a deadly earthquake]. Visca Barca i visca Catalunya

Xavi: I just say to you that there’s no point in thinking about anyone else. No point, I can assure you of that. Think of Barca, of this team. This is the best team in the world. And so, I hope we come back on the 28th with the CL. Visca Barca i visca Catalunya!

Abidal: Thank you all for the strength you have given me — the strength to carry on. Visca Barca i visca Catalunya

Iniesta: This is the third Liga for us, but we want a lot more. This year has been very special for me, my daughter has been born, and on the 28th we’ll be looking to win the Champions League and we’ll be back here! Visca Barca, visca Catalunya.

Messi: It’s a real joy to come back here after winning another league, but I’m going to save what I say for the 29th. We’ll be back on the 29th and then we’ll talk. Visca Barca i visca Catalunya.

Pique: First things first, I’d like the that the boss, Pep, the coaching staff…for giving us the chance to experience this. Second thing, I’d like to thank all of you for coming here. You deserve this win as much as we do. And to finish, on the 19th we’ll be back here again for all of you. We’ll bring back the cup!

Alves: I think we’re showing here we;re more than a club, because I think that we’re all here with our families and it’s not for show, it’s because this club is a family.

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  1. Well atleast the team supports Busi to the hilt. Lets hope all the nonsense adds some extra motivation on the 28th..

    Visca BARCA!

  2. Busquets said(its a rough translation, my understanding of catalan isn’t very good): Good evening. It’s a pleasure to be here once more to celebrate a title. It’s the third Liga and very important. Thanks to you all for being here at every game. I also hope to something(i can’t understand the word he said) on the 29th. Thanks for everything. I hope it doesn’t stop and that we keep winning titles like the champions for the coming years.

  3. I’m really not that fond of children, generally, but I have to say Barca players have the cutest kids ever! The adorability award has to go to either Villa’s or Abidal’s daughters, closely followed by Valdes’ and Pinto’s kids.

    1. Usually, I’m not very fond of them either.

      But listening to the palabras of Dani Alves for instance, and seeing all the players with their kids celebrating together gave me tears of joy. And my adorability award goes to Abidal’s daughters 🙂

      I also loved it when the I love Milton Keynes girl gave Messi a high-five, and how in general there were so many kids around him looking soooo happy just to be there.

  4. my 2 favorite moments are Messi’s speech where you really feel how serious the dude is about getting that champions league title and Busquets’s speech…Busquets is probably my least favorite in our starting 11 but how Xavi and the crowd chanted his name gave me shivers and made me appreciate him more.

  5. Every video here was heartwarming to the max! Hope to see another celebration come the 29th.

    1. If it’s not too much trouble, I’d like to see the highlights only if there are such videos. Like “chut da ball” and other incidents, I’m just saying that if you find videos like that, Share them, please.

    2. I now think the chut de bol incident was getting on the bus after the Levante game, not during the celebrations. I remember Alves was talking to the camera and was wearing the green undershirt.

  6. I can’t understand a thing but I have the biggest smile on my face. This Squad is AWESOME and will never happen again, We should enjoy ourselves. 😀

    1. And this comment to the story rules:

      IF Ronaldo had done this he would have thrown himself to the floor and waited for the captain to scold the door.

  7. Am I a bad culé for still thinking Busi did it despite Xavi’s endorsement and Real Madrid’s retraction? I like the guy, too.

    1. You’re entitled to your opinion, Migs. No one is going to judge you for that.

      But can we seriously not have one single happy thread where we can just enjoy our team?


  8. How can people NOT be confident about the CL final already?

    Q1: Puyol looks set to start in the final! How many games in all competitions have we lost this season where he has played?
    A: If I’m not wrong, zero right?

    Q2: We look set to have our favored starting eleven back for the final. How many games has our starting XI not won this season?
    A: All our losses were without Puyol, as were the two draws to Real Madrid and the draws against Sevilla and Levante. We had quite a few subs for 1-1 Mallorca and 1-1 Gijon, and the loss to Sevilla in the Supercopa first leg was with tons of B teamers. The draw to Rubin Kazan was without Abidal and with Messi on the bench. Both draws to Bilbao in the Copa were without Valdes and Puyol. The draw to Copenhagen was without Pedro, who was subbed on for Villa in the 80th minute so our starting XI were not on the pitch at any point. Our loss to Betis was with a bunch of subs as well.

    So two things to note:

    With Puyol playing for us, we have not LOST A SINGLE GAME.

    With our starting XI, we have not LOST OR DRAWN A. SINGLE. GAME. NOT ONE.

    1. I forgot to mention the league draw to EE, without Abidal. But that’s every game, in every single competition, we’ve played all season.


    2. First XI being- Valdes; Alves, Puyol, Pique, Abidal; Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta; Ibrahimovic/Villa, Messi, Pedro/Henry

      Also, not a single draw OR loss in La Liga 2009/10 where the first XI started either, or in Copa del Rey.

      In the CL, the draw to Arsenal and to Stuttgart, to Inter in the group stages, the loss and draw to Rubin, the loss to Inter in the semis, all with at least one or two changes from the ideal XI.

      So not a single competitive loss OR draw when our ideal XI has started, in two whole seasons.

  9. I may have made a mistake but I checked the line-up for every single draw or loss we’ve had in ALL official competitions over this season and the last, but-

    I mentioned this in a comment above but think this deserves a separate comment, especially in light of how we’re set to start our first XI in the Champions League final:

    Barcelona have not lost or drawn a single game, not one, in this season or the last, where our ideal XI of Valdes; Alves, Puyi, Pique, Abidal; Sergi, Xavi, Iniesta; Ibra/Villa, Messi, Pedro/Henry have started.

    In the whole of 2009/10 and 2010/11.

    Think about that for a second.

    1. Since Busquets and Pedro only started getting playing time in 2009/10, is it possible that this starting XI has won every single game possible?

      I’ll have to check the few starts the two of them got in 2008/09 to be sure, but it’s a high possibility..

  10. barcastuff:

    AC Milan is considering to buy Zlatan Ibrahimovic, on loan from Barcelona, for 24M and swap him then with Real Madrid’s Kaka. [md]

    If this happens…how many clubs will that make for BANGS? 😆

    And do we have a clause in the deal that would prevent Milan from selling him to Madrid?

  11. What Xavi did during Busquets’ speech really touched me. Xavi has often expressed his being against racism, and backing Busi gave me a bit more to hope for.

    Anyway, what a perfect day this was. We’ve made errors over the course of the season, as every other club does, but to me Barça will always be més que un club. Visca Barça i Visca Catalunya!!

  12. This is a transcription from what I head, I hope it’s accurate.
    Busi :I’ts a pleasure to be here and to celebrate a title. This is out third LaLiga and this one is the most important. Thank you very much for being here with the team, every game, I also hope to come back on the 29th (crowd chants busquets, busquets).
    Xavi comes and takes away the microphone: Cheer more that this is a hell of a player!
    Busi (now he seems more shaken): and nothing, thank you for all, I hope this doesnt stop and that later we can celebrate more titles like the champions, visca el barça and visca catalunya.

  13. So happy for this team. Btw, accdg to barcastuff, the song which David Villa sang was the Spanish version of Sinatra’s “My Way”… hmmmm. this only gives me the impression that we have a karaoke king in the team!

  14. Wonderful scenes.

    & Soggy is not guilty – not by a long chalk. UEFA will throw this nonsense out & then EE will accuse us of faking the moon landings…

  15. Thanks for the videos.
    Things I noticed:
    – I loved how Pep just sits in the dark, observes and enjoys silently.
    – I finally managed to make out what Pinto sings: “Porque somos los mejores, bueno y que” (because we are the best, so what?). Definitely a reference to Mou. Loved it.
    – It seems to me there was a lot of control over what to say and what not to say. Specifically, I think Valdes wanted to say something entirely different, but somebody told him not to.
    – Happiest faces: the newbies (Villa, Ibi and Mascherano)
    – Best non native Catalan speakers: Pedro and Jeffren
    – Most emotional speeches: Milito, Keita and Jeffren
    – Busi is obviously going through hell. It was very sad to watch. Xavi’s gesture was amazing.

  16. After a peek into my crystal ball I am sad to inform my fellow Cules of the plans of the EE for after we spank them again next season:

    – A demotivational poster of Pique and Cristiano meeting in the tunnel after the game where Pique kept CR quiet, titled ‘Bitch Slapped’, is put on their official website. Karanka darkly mutters implications that ‘Certain Barcelona players, I won’t name any names, but tall ones, with celebrity girlfriends, cough Waka Waka cough, no names, have molested our players’. An official complaint is filed to UEFA.

    – Crackovia videos presented as Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Attempt to get Pique and Iniesta banned because their Crackovia avatars swore on film.

    – A media campaign claiming Puyol should be quarantined because of his contact with his pet sheep Queca is begun by Marca and AS. Later, Cadena COPE come out with ‘inside info’ that Puyol is in fact carrying a communicable disease. Madrid submit an official report including the newspaper articles alleging this, later claiming that the articles were included to show UEFA how to spell the name of the accused, Carles Puyol, correctly and that by no means were they accusing or implying anything.

    – Subsequently, their insider in UEFA who submitted the cases against Iniesta and the current case, suggests to UEFA that Puyol should only be allowed to play under the regulation that he cannot come within 20 metres of any Real Madrid forwards.

    – After all this fails and they get defeated in the next game, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is kidnapped and parachuted into Guardiola’s house.

  17. So, what did Valdes say? And why was Iniesta almost like praying during the first part of Valdes’ speech? 😀

  18. Maybe United will not yet be champions this weekend. Then they’ll have to field a better eleven on the last playday which could be a little advantage for us. Their opponent next week is still involved in the relegation battle.

    The celebrations yesterday made me enthusiastic about the CL final. I can’t stand the wait!

  19. Come on Man United, work and hustle and run your butts off! And hopefully still not get the point needed this game. I still want you to be EPL champions, just next round fielding a strong team and after some effort, not now and able to rest, okay? Thanks and keep on running!

    1. Cmon! you know they will somehow make a comeback.
      And I heard this joke on the radio while driving.
      A match involving Man U is not 90mins but 97mins.
      I almost crashed my car. It is so true!!

    2. Yeah I knew they’d inevitably make a comeback. I can hope though 😀

    3. That was not a clear penalty imo.

      And how do they win the PL title? By a bad ball control of Chicharito leading to a good-natured penalty.

      Not only point-wise, ManUtd 10/11 is the worst English champion of the last 10 years or so. If they hadn’t won so many matches in the dying minutes, they would be even worse (but probably still on top^^). I pray that the gulf in class between them and us will be visible in the CL final. The natural gulf in class, which is that we are far superior… but in a single match, the better team doesn’t always win.

      Oho… now they are holding up a banner with Messi’s jersey and “You are next!”. We’ll see, you lucky winners^^

    1. It looks delicios! And oh ya and Im still waiting for it!
      Btw, outerspace said that he will treat us if we win CL 🙂

  20. HAHAHAHA Poor City lmao. Even if they win their first title in 35 years tonight in the FA Cup they’re gonna be so upstaged in their own city cos United had to win the league the very same night.

  21. Absolutely teary eyed at the Xavi intervention during Busi’s speech. it’s unjust [this racism allegation aside] how badly almost every other cule thinks of him.

    He will never be The Yaya [whom i loved most dearly], but that’s simply because he will be better.


  22. please try to find Pinto’s part…where he takes a diss at Mourinho…



    1. well..don’t need to find it anymore..just click on the link…Pinto just entered the Samuel Eto’o pantheon for great celebrations..

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