Celebrate, Good Times, C’mon! [Update]

Getting back to what matters: celebrating our Liga win!

You can watch the celebration tour live on the official website. It starts at 19:00 BCN time, or 1pm EST.

[UPDATE] You can watch it here: http://www.fcbarcelona.cat/web/catala/locucio/btv_en_directe.html

Or here: http://www.tv3.cat/3alacarta/#/directes/TV3CAT

Witness our celebration from Deportes Cuatro:

And yes, I did find a .gif of the celebration (credit @ItsLaura10 on Twitter via barcastuff):

Our players were at the VV hotel in Barcelona last night for a celebration dinner and I’ll update the post later with pictures.

For now:

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  1. OMG! Xavi talks the mike from him and says he’s an honest player and urges the crowd to chant for him! They are giving him solidarity!

    He seems really down! πŸ™

    1. Tell me about it. Such a brilliant gesture, especially because Busi seemed so sad. He’s going to need his teammates to pull through this witch hunt.

    2. This sadness, for me it means the unfairness of this whole situation. Now somebody tell me he can (also according to the central lechera) fake that.

  2. Abidal, Iniesta, Pedro, Pinto, Villa, speakin whole phrases in catalΓ‘! that’s remarcable!

  3. Estiarte: i’ll tell you why, because we know how to lose, and we know how to win, because we have the best player, because now and then we score five goals, but most of all because of you. Sorry, I got a little lost in translation

  4. I love this team so f*n much. And I’m so so proud of Xavi for his gesture toward Busi.

    1. Yes – I feel like crying. So happy that Xavi made that gesture. And that some people stick up for unpopular ones. I just feel so bad for Busi now.

      Everyone here who doubted Busi – please write him a letter and apologize!

    2. “Everyone here who doubted Busi – please write him a letter and apologize!”
      Come now, this is a time to celebrate together, not say things that might be construed as intimations of guilt!

      Quick riddle: You know what sucks about winning La Liga 3 times in a row?
      Answer: NOTHING.

  5. Highlights:

    By the far #1) Busi’s part where he looks very depressed and then Xavi taking the mike and telling everyone that they don’t know him, urging the crowd to chant for him. I love you so much Xavi!

    2) Abidal speaking Catalan and thanking everyone

    3) Villa singing!!!!

    4) Leo telling everyone he’ll say what he’s holding back for the 29th

    5) Peeeeeeeeeeento

    6) Afellay saying he’ll say more next year!

    7) Jeffren’s emotional speech

    1. Xavi told the crowd that Busi is an amazing player and never gets cheered on the field for what he does, so let’s cheer for him now – Xavi’s awesome. πŸ˜€

    1. I have now taken that stance for the 3rd time. I just had to get that out there and now they don’t exist. I’ve said what I have to say. At most, I’ll update my post.

    2. How can you be doing anything but watching and enjoying the party is what I’m wondering!

    3. I got it from an email and I thought it was… I was watching the party most of the time! I swear! Note the times where I’m talking to myself… πŸ˜€

    4. Hehe, fair enough. I think I’ll just bask in the Barca afterglow for a few more hours before checking out any other sites though. πŸ™‚

    5. This is awful…this is suppose to be a moment of celebration for this team, and EE could make this sadness part of the group today, this is just awful, “sore losers” does not begin to describe my disappointment in this whole affair.

    6. Nothing totally directed, but he was singing “Why? Because we are the best”, and said something about how we know how to handle losses and how to handle wins.

    7. ^^
      Pilar translated it further up:

      ‘Estiarte: i’ll tell you why, because we know how to lose, and we know how to win, because we have the best player, because now and then we score five goals, but most of all because of you. Sorry, I got a little lost in translation’

    8. Oops, that wasn’t Pinto, got confused!

      But he did sing “Why? Because we are the best”

    9. Well, I’m lost for words. EE has fallen soooo deep… but at least they are tracking back.

      But the way how they try to defend their acting is simply super pathetic!

    10. Looks like they realize that there is no evidence and are just trying like hell to avoid a lawsuit. (While still saying that everything is Barcelona’s fault).

  6. What was Pinto singing!? I have no idea! It sounded like he was making fun of mou to me =/

    1. Yeah, he was taking a shot at Mou.

      He said if anyone wonders WHY (por que) we’re here, it’s because we are the best.

      Then they all sang porque somos los mejores (because we’re the best).

    2. Thanks Jnice.

      God, I had the biggest smile on my face throughout the whole thing. I cant possibly love anything more than I do this team.

      Visca Barca i Visca Cataluna!

  7. I’m sorry but to me this is THE dream team. These players don’t have a price because there isn’t enough money in this world to give them their true deserved value. Visca Barca, the greatest team that has ever existed and ever will exist.

  8. Sorry for intruding like this. I’ve been following this blog for some time now, but didn’t dare to participate (for language reasons mainly). I really wanted to introduce myself properly before. I hope you don’t mind

  9. Estrella Damm it! I missed everything! Is it still going on? Links/ Highlights please! Pretty pleeease πŸ™

  10. What beautiful scenes!

    I love all the Barca children running around. I didn’t get to watch all the players speak but it was all soooo touching to me. I’m so proud of Xavi for supporting Busi.

    I just love all these players and the team. They’re so wonderful!

    Visca Barca!!! Visca Catalunya!!!

  11. Abidal’s children are like angels πŸ™‚

    But which children were with Messi, at the end of the celebration round and I think it was also them who gave Messi a high five after his speech. His cousins maybe?

    1. I think they were actually just other players’ kids who really liked Messi. πŸ˜€

    2. Maybe! So cute!!! Just amazing scenes.

      The cutest babies running around. Keita’s little boy saying “Barca!”

      They just seem like one big happy family. Wow.

    3. Yeah, that’s what Alves said btw – that Barcelona is like a big family. Makes sense after seeing everyone together like that!

    4. C’mom guys. Leo’s the biggest kid out there. Kids know who is fun. (or it could be the whole hero worship thing)

      We win for team with the cutest kids.

  12. Great celebration, I especially liked what Xavi and Puyol had to say. And Messi’s too!

    Visca Barca y Visca Catalunya!

    1. I did have my headphones on, so maybe that’s why I heard everything? The announcers were repeating lots of what the players said too, as were random people with Twitter and FB on the official webpage.

      My stream was translating it into Spanish though which is good because my Catalan is really rusty. (none of my family in the States speaks Catalan to each other)

      I also liked the references to Pep’s speech last year when he said he owed everyone next (this) year. Let’s hope he can make good on his promise and win the CL!

    1. Yeah, I was there. I bought the ticket in front of the stadium from someone, since I couldn’t get it in any of the “legal” places (the game was sold out). It was a great experience! πŸ˜€

  13. It was an amazing celebration! I don’t know, maybe it was because of all the bad stuff that has been going on recently and, thus, the effect was amplified, but, to me, it looked even more emotional than the celebrations of the 2008/2009 season. There were so many wonderful moments that it will keep me in an excellent mood for a while! I almost teared up when Xavi took the microphone to talk about Busquets – not that I could understand exactly what he said, but the idea was pretty obvious. And all those super cute Barca babies running around! And Villa singing! πŸ˜€

    I am going to need a video of this so that when I have a horrible day I can look at the celebrations and improve my mood. πŸ˜€

  14. And this is completely off topic and I don’t expect anyone to care but I’ve bought tickets to Barcelona and will be there in August. FUCK YEAHHHHH πŸ˜€ Just wanted to say πŸ˜€

    1. Congrats! I’m trying to arrange a trip around mid or late August myself. πŸ˜€

    2. culegirl: I don’t know yet as the schedules aren’t published, but I’ll be in Spain for a month so I hope to catch as many games as humanely possible. Though I’ll miss out on the Supercup Barca home game against the Disgusting Empire.

      Ryan: nice! If we cross paths we should do the secret Cule handshake.

    3. Well, if I do manage to go and get into a game, I’ll be the guy carrying a BFB poster. πŸ™‚

    4. Ahh you’re so lucky! Take lots of pictures for us please πŸ™‚

      I may fly out to Dallas to watch the Barcelona vs Club America game in August, hopefully at least half the squad will actually be there.

    5. Ryan – we should meet up in DC! πŸ˜€

      You’re watching the Barca-Man U game right?

    6. Yep! I’m trying to get my other Barca friends to buy tickets, but I’d definitely be up for a BFB contingent πŸ˜€

    7. Lucky you! πŸ™‚

      I was there a few days ago and it was a blast. The weather was amazing. In August it will be even better. πŸ™‚

  15. Is Giuseppe Rossi really that good? Is he worth €30 million? Does he fit our system?

    1. Nope he’s not worth THAT much. Maybe 10-12 million max but 30 is too much. We could do better for that kind of money or we could even buy 2 players with 30mil.

    2. 10-12 million is a harsh valuation lol, but I think we’re all in agreement that 30m is too much.

    3. Well Jnice, what value would you give him?

      I think my American bitterness probably blinds me a tad bit whenever his worth comes up so excuse me lol.

    4. 30 mil? I’d say no…but it really depends on what other players we get. I would prefer to pay 30 mil for Rossi than 15 mil for a striker who is not as good / does not have as much potential. The good thing is that I think he would be able to play all 3 forward positions, left, right and center.

  16. I wrote a long post and then it disappeared because I disconnected.

    In brief, I demand LINKS !! πŸ™

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