Celebrate, Good Times, C’mon! [Update]

Getting back to what matters: celebrating our Liga win!

You can watch the celebration tour live on the official website. It starts at 19:00 BCN time, or 1pm EST.

[UPDATE] You can watch it here: http://www.fcbarcelona.cat/web/catala/locucio/btv_en_directe.html

Or here: http://www.tv3.cat/3alacarta/#/directes/TV3CAT

Witness our celebration from Deportes Cuatro:

And yes, I did find a .gif of the celebration (credit @ItsLaura10 on Twitter via barcastuff):

Our players were at the VV hotel in Barcelona last night for a celebration dinner and I’ll update the post later with pictures.

For now:

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    1. It’s two peppers. It’s kind of a decent way to say the team has balls.

  1. Puyol: we’ll give our best on the final. People will talk but we’ll continue doing what we do best:playing. He also thanked the technical staff

  2. Valdes next with his kids in tow.

    “Good night everyone. [I don’t know Catalan so I’m guessing] It’s been a tough season. [something something, he’s smiling and the crowd is cheering] Visca Catalunya (for now and ever me thinks)” He says Barca in a really high pitched and then calls Peento up!

  3. Pinto, LOL: if someone wonders WHY we are here, guys, let’s tell them: because we are the best (chanting)

  4. Barca has so many Barca babies now. I don’t recall we have so many little ones in previous celebrations.

  5. Andres talks about the birth of his daughter. Says he wants to bring her the champions cup

  6. Getting repetitive. Pique also said see you on the 29th. He says he didn’t recognize Alves with his whore hat (sic)

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