Celebrate, Good Times, C’mon! [Update]

Getting back to what matters: celebrating our Liga win!

You can watch the celebration tour live on the official website. It starts at 19:00 BCN time, or 1pm EST.

[UPDATE] You can watch it here: http://www.fcbarcelona.cat/web/catala/locucio/btv_en_directe.html

Or here: http://www.tv3.cat/3alacarta/#/directes/TV3CAT

Witness our celebration from Deportes Cuatro:

And yes, I did find a .gif of the celebration (credit @ItsLaura10 on Twitter via barcastuff):

Our players were at the VV hotel in Barcelona last night for a celebration dinner and I’ll update the post later with pictures.

For now:

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  1. Hectored in last post, but on phone so cant copy submitted comments anyway + more related to subject of previous thread than to celebration, so wont repost it here again.

    Also I still think Barca got the short end of the stick celebrations-wise compared to what Shakhtar are getting.. πŸ™

  2. barcastuff:

    Barcelona withdraw the appeal in the Pinto case and accept the 3-game ban. This means he won’t take part in the CL final. #fcblive [md]

    Good. I’m glad. It’s a shame Pinto will miss the final, but the punishment is fair IMO.

  3. You guys post this yet?

    If you’d have stuck Pep Guardiola in front of a time-lapse camera over the past three years then the alarming ageing process the BarΓ§a boss has suffered would resemble the shriveling and shrinking of a recently staked vampire.

    Guardiola’s short black hair has retreated to the top of his skull and turned grey. The former fresh-faced, zest-filled manager now appears gaunt and exhausted. The air of a footballing Freddie Mercury with a very different kind of firm tackle has been replaced by a permanently fretting, frowning figure who suffers bouts of chronic back pain – a harsh reminder of the manager’s days as a player.

    1. Alves was speaking English and I couldn’t tell what he was saying and then Alves said “and you choot the ball to me” referencing Valdes’ part. Valdes was beside him laughing.

      This was said to the camera as they were getting on the bus. I hope someone recorded it!

    2. Hahaha they did. Alves just said “pass the ball to me” or something like that. I didn’t really hear what Valdes said, but he was laughing.

  4. Jnice, do you think pakman or anyone from fbtz might upload this? I’m dying here.

    1. Yeah, maybe someone from rojadirecta will have it. Or the dude at masiablaugrana.com

  5. Pique is such a party animal. πŸ˜€

    I can imagine him performing “(s)he’s a maniac” with the sitting on the chair and the water and everything.

    1. does that mean you read it and thought “mwehhh there’s not much to it” or do you simply not believe the author?

      The thought of Messi letting the fame and accolades get to him at one point or another is not so far-fetched, is it?

    2. First one (I think it’s BS. Being introverted =/= being arrogant). I don’t wanna rain on the parade of this post. If it seems like I’m dismissing your comment, I’m not. I’ll just hold up on commenting on until later.

    3. cool thnx for your reply. i didn’t mean to interrupt the parade it’s just that I’m at work and can’t watch it πŸ™

      visca barça!!!!

  6. Soooo happy!!! Let’s celebrate!!! CAMPIONS!!!!!

    We have the cutest players πŸ˜€

  7. Came back long enough to say Yay, us!.

    Is there anything more endearing than seeing our guys this goofy for their club?

    Is there gonna be anyone who won’t be hung over too badly to play this weekend?

    Is there anything more annoying than TV3 cutting to a Ramos interview in the middle of this?

  8. Awwww Jeffren. Kind of bittersweet for him I guess, considering he only played for about 5 minutes all season.

  9. btw, anybody knows why there are two peppers on the back of the “Campions” shirts?

    1. Hi. Catalan speaker stepping in for this one πŸ™‚
      Peppers (“pebrots” in catalan) means balls (in the male anatomic sense of the word). So, two peppers means…. well, you can guess πŸ˜‰

  10. They are all completely $h*tfaced πŸ˜† These should be some funny comments they make at the stadium if they can still stand up by then. I hope there’s a potty on the bus at the rate they’re drinkin’.

  11. We should give player ratings on drunkenness…
    I’ll start by bracketing;
    Pique 10
    Iniesta 1 (Good example for Valeria)

    I hope the recover by the weekend, it’s hard enough when you’re playing against 10 behind the ball let alone 20 from double vision

    1. One can only hope, provided the party ends promptly. It took them a while to come out, one can only assume cold showers and coffee before microphones.

    2. Messi: 10 (he likes his Estrella Damm it seems πŸ˜€ )
      Pinto: 10
      Alves: N/A (hard to tell if he’s drunk on alcohol, on Red Bull or Dani just being Dani)

      Puyi: 2 (alcohol can’t handle him)
      Xavi: 2 (doesn’t seem the type to over-drink)
      Bojan: 1 (too young to drink… XD)

    3. We can also assume that Keita and The King are not drinking because their faith forbids it. So they don’t get a rating; they get gold stars for good behavior.

      Also ewwww beer, Secondly, double-ewwwww canned beer. Somebody make those men a manita!

    4. Afellay as well.

      I’m under the impression those red cans are some kind of juice/soda. I may be naive in that sense, but I saw Messi with what looked like a clear glass of…something dark brown-ish (I assume that is the Estrella Damm stuff, but I dunno. Me no drink).

  12. Is it just me, or is one of the windsock guys black? πŸ˜† That’s so….appropriate! Has it always been like that?

    1. It appears that the windsock guy on the far right was drinking too, he kept kind of wavering and all most tumbling over.

  13. I missed all this last year- I didn’t know to look for links πŸ™

  14. Where can I see it! the online version of tv3 went to the news!!! please a link!!

  15. Can give you a rough translation if you want. Speech about the long hard road, but with a happy ending. See you in Wembley and blah, blah, blah. Then then motto of the t-shirt: the value of having values

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