UEFA Opens Proceedings Against Sergio Busquets [UPDATE]

The Busi affair has taken a turn for the official. It’s about time too and it’s a very good thing, no matter what side of the controversy you’re on. UEFA has released official notice on their website that they’re opening proceedings against Sergio Busquets for allegedly calling Marcelo a monkey during the first leg of the Champions League semifinal at the Bernabeu. The decision will be handed down either May 15 or 16.

There are several things that are worth discussing beyond the procedural things.

Thing the first

It is imperative, as it always is in civil or criminal cases, to maintain a level of rationality about all of this. UEFA has not found Busquets guilty of an act of racism. They have opened proceedings to determine whether or not the alleged act occurred. These are extremely different things and the precise nature of this language is extremely important at the moment. We’ll all have our time to froth at the mouth on Monday if a guilty verdict is handed down, but until then, maintaining innocent until proven guilty is more important than being the first in line to throw rocks.


UEFA may have taken longer than expected and led some to believe they were sweeping this under the rug, Madrid may have pushed the envelope too far via the media, and Barça may have remained unaccountably silent throughout rather than dealing with things head on in a proactive manner, but it is being dealt with and it appears to be a fair and properly executed case. Like the criminal justice system of any country, state, or region, there are problems with UEFA’s judicial approach, but until it has run its course, it is hard to say whether anything wrong was done. In lieu of knowing that, again, innocent until proven guilty, and that means we should give a measure of trust to the proceedings.


The detail that stands out in all of this is the line, “The proceedings have been launched on the basis of evidence provided by Real Madrid (video and statement of club and player).” It is not news to anyone that there is video evidence involved, but it is news that Marcelo (presumably) gave a statement to UEFA. Without knowing what that statement is, it is impossible to speculate on its veracity (either in the affirmative or negative), but it seems rational that this statement will be the crux upon which Madrid’s accusations rest.

Thing the last:

Whatever the outcome of this trail, if that’s what we can call it, it is important that Barça (both the club and the board) confront it head on and openly discuss the very real aspect of racism in the world and its very real existence in the game we all love so dearly. In a lot of ways, this point has little to do with whether Busi is guilty or not and everything to do with setting the tone for future and putting Barça squarely in the driver’s seat of the fight against this insidious foe. There is absolutely no room for racism in this game and airing these grievances, putting them front and center, and actually dealing with them is far more important than what happens to the trophy cabinet or the club’s coffers. This is a club that wears UNICEF on its shirt (at least for now) and displays anti racism banners at matches, but is it a club that is paying lip service to an idea or actually embodies it? The club’s reaction will go a long way towards establishing FCB as either a leader in the fight against racism or just another faux do-gooder failing to live up to its own hype.

Much more later.

UPDATE: Toni Freixa has, according to journalists Roger Saperas and Sandra Sarmiento, made the following statement to BarçaTV:

Busquets diu que no és veritat el que diuen que va dir. El nostre jugador assegura que va dir ‘mucho morro’

Busquets said it wasn’t true what they said he said. Our player maintains he said “mucho morro“.

The term “tener much morro” means “to have a lot of nerve”–so, in essence, Busi claims he was saying “what nerve.”

This may devolve into a he said he said thing or UEFA may take a particular stance depending on what Marcelo’s still unknown statement is. Or at least unknown to me at the time of writing these words. There has, at the very least, been a response from the club and it looks like they will defend him come hell or high water.

If he really did say “much morro”, well, Busi has some nerve of his own saying that to someone after he dove clutching his face…

UPDATE 2: It was pointed out by Ramzi on Twitter, but it deserves repeating here: Busquets’ denial does not mean he didn’t do it, but it is worth reporting. Someone is lying and there’s no reason to assume it’s Marcelo and not Busi. Marcelo too is innocent until proven guilty.

UEFA has a lot more information than the rest of us and thickly laying on the morality does no one any good at the moment. There’s a long ways to go in this saga, that’s for sure.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. The EE is soooooooo goooood of the pitch. Have us turning on each other. I personally am in the innocent group. When I look at the context of it all it is a lot easier.
    1. Barcelona beat EE 5-0
    2. COPE says someone from Real Madrid told them that they think Barca’s players are doping.
    3. Barcelona sues COPE
    4. Mourinho Rants about a UEFA+Unicef+Villar+Refs International conspiracy.
    5. Barcelona File complaint. EE say they are behind their coach.
    6. EE file complaint against Barcelona for Unsporting conduct.
    7. Uefa denies it.
    8. EE Put a video on their website of Busquets and Pedro exagerating.
    9. FCB puts a video of EE players kicking FCB players.
    10. Barca win the league.
    10b. EE postpones CDR tour to the day Barcelona wins La Liga.
    11. EE files a complaint with UEFA against Busquets.

    I disagree (respecfully) with some of the things said by some Cules in this space. But there is no need to turn on each other.
    Es lo que quiere la central lechera.

    1. Watch last week’s Revista De la Liga, and one of the commentators mentions how it’s Mourinho’s personal aim to destroy Barcelona. He was saying that Mou saw how Barca are applauded even by the opposing fans and realised he needed to destroy that.

      As Pep said, Mou is the fucking man off the field. The most depressing thing about this whole thing is how it’s turned many Barca fans against the club.

      Jose Mourinho is a cancer for the sport.

    2. Hey, those who believe Mou over the the club are better off not supporting the club and are bandwagoners to be frank.

      Everyone is saying how tough this season’s La Liga was. Well next one is set to be even tougher. Hope we’re motivated well enough to rub Mou’s and with him the EE’s faces in the dirt again..

  2. I don’t know what’s worse, racism or over 100 posts of people finding someone guilty without a fair trial. Both are disgusting, in my opinion. But, 100+ “I think Busquets might be guilty because of this or that” posts smacks even a bit uglier because these people proclaim to be intelligent as to never stoop to making a racist comment. If you are as smart as you proclaim, there should be no further posts convicting a man who has not had a chance to fairly defend himself, to put down Busquets at this point in time flies in the face of being fair, tolerant and intelligent.

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  4. This whole episode is very saddening. Racism is intolerable. And accusing a person of racism with some amateur lip-reading based speculation when he might truly be innocent is equally intolerable. This holds true for any player in any club. It’s not even about Busi or Barca anymore.

    Maybe Busi is innocent. Maybe he’s not. There is no way to tell. And all that remains is the doubt that maybe he did say it, which is exactly what RM wants I bet. I mean, RM didn’t even react before this video came out first. It’s almost like they looked at the video like everyone else and decided this is what Busi must be saying.

    Why did Busi cover his mouth? Why did Busi’s left ear wiggle? Who the heck knows? If RM has definitive proof, we’ll know about it soon enough, but I really doubt it. If they’re doing this out of vindictiveness, there’s really no further low to sink to.

    Because the damage is done. Why I type “busq” into google, you know what it auto-suggests. I’m not going to add an “If Busi said it” line, he says he didn’t, and it’s good enough for me.

    1. Uh-huh.

      I find the lack of support for Busi disappointing and pretty depressing TBH. It’s like everyone wants Busi to be guilty and are already talking about how severe his penalty should be. So unfair. 🙁 We’re the fans of the club; we don’t find ways to doubt the player but look for the many reasons we shouldn’t.

      Please don’t take the innocent until proven stance unless you mean it. Starting a sentense with “It’s not proven he said it, so I’m in the innocent camp but if he said it…” and then going on to lambaste him is not right. Just say you think he’s guilty!

    2. Exactly! And this is more a rant against twitter space today, but if you want the club to come out and issue a statement, and then you don’t believe it anyway, then what’s the whole freaking point?

      You think Busi is morally suspect? Fine. (Because, you know, he’s the only player in the universe who dives, and that somehow translates to being capable of something as low as racism). If you think Barca will officially make a statement protecting a guilty player in a racism row, then you’re questioning the club’s integrity. And that’s not fine at all.

      It has only changed the “If Busi said it…” to “If Busi is lying about not having said it…” Switching off twitter today, the next day after Barca are Liga champions. Looks like RM is successful in more ways than one.

    3. and this is more a rant against twitter space today, but if you want the club to come out and issue a statement, and then you don’t believe it anyway, then what’s the whole freaking point?

      ^this…. like you, this is more against twitter space…
      why would you want a statement from the club if after the club made one, you don’t believe it?
      pointless… you just want Busquets to be severely punished, because you believe in Evil Empire, more than you believe our own club…


  5. 1. Busi is lying… and the club is helping him, they’re lying too… besides, EE don’t have any proof other than a video without audio… that is not a proof… so why not denies it, right?

    2. Marcelo and EE are lying… why not? heck, they are Evil Empire, they hate us, they want to take us down, on and off the pitch… with every way possible…

    3. both are innocent… Busi said mucho morro, but Marcelo misheared it with “mono, mono”… no one is guilty… El Clasico make people lose their sanity…

    everyone can choose which story they believe in…
    and maybe we will never know the truth…

    I prefer to believe no.3… it’s better that way for me… Busi is my player, our beloved club’s player… until EE has a legitimate proof, I’ll stay on Busi’side…

  6. So when are the avatars coming back? Made a cool one not involving pique 😀

    1. you made it?

      I still want to use my Puyi – Malena couple pic… 😀

  7. OT, but good info for those who want to watch the street parade and Camp Nou celebrations tomorrow (Friday) night, Barcelona time.

    The parade kicks off at 7:30pm CET, followed by wild times at Camp Nou.

    Catalunya TV (TV3) will be broadcasting live and via its website for free: http://www.tv3.cat/3alacarta/#/directes/TV3

    More details and route parade here: http://www.fcbarcelona.com/web/catala/noticies/futbol/temporada10-11/05/12/n110512117420.html

    As I write, this has not yet been translated into English on the FCB site, but may appear later.

  8. I’m not going to say I know the truth for sure, but after reading SoccerMom’s argument a while back if I ABSOLUTELY had to pick a side and could not say “I don’t know for sure” I think I’d believe that Busquets deliberately used a racial slur to rile up Marcelo. Which I’ll admit didn’t really bother me at first until Kxevin wrote about it. Since then I’ve had a decidedly less unguarded attitude towards Busquets.

    Not that I’d assume he’s a horrible person if I met him on the street. I watch the dude play soccer, not have heart-to-heart chats with him on a daily basis.

    1. then for you, his status is “guilty until proven innocent”…

      but for me, he is innocent until proven guilty… 🙂

    2. For me, my status is “I have my own opinions, which could very possibly be wrong and I want to keep that in mind”.

      I don’t really think he’s innocent. I don’t really think he’s guilty.

      I DO think my team just won la Liga for the third time in a row.

  9. Oh my goodness, I just had to leave my English Period Drama vacation to issue a clarification because I just had a thought that what I said may be misconstrued. By finding a different hobby until Monday I didn’t mean not supporting the team until Monday. I’ll be cheering this weekend. I’ll just not be engaging in the endless speculations and I’ll be staying off soccer sites.

    One last thought-innocent until proven guilty does NOT mean guilty unless proven innocent.

    1. “guilty until proven innocent”, it reminds me of Witch Hunt stories from Middle Ages…

      Busquets is a “witch”…

  10. It’s like some people are begging me to lay down the law, like I need to post what “innocent until proven guilty” means.

    The official stance on this blog IS NOT guilty until proven innocent; in fact there is no official stance period. It’s only speculation and opinions at this point. The contrarian in me wants another voice for the, IMO, true side. Busi’s rep is making everything distorted.

    1. The above wasn’t directed at you or the blog, Kari. I hadn’t really read the comments but the one above mine provoked the statement out of me (No offense intended, Xingxian, and I’m not trying to sound harsh, but we really do need to wait for all the facts before passing judgement, and we may never get them).

    2. ^ Agreed.

      I have already gone on record that I believe the video was manipulated. Slowing it down and adding “helpful” subtitles was only intended to push people to see what they were meant to. I wish the club had made a public statement earlier, but I understand why they didn’t. Busquets has made himself an easy target, and that’s unfortunate, because he is actually a very intelligent and thoughtful person. If the club is backing him then I have no reason to disbelieve his statement. For me, Busquets gets the benefit of the doubt, and my support.

    3. What do you mean manipulated? As in frames removed? Hmmm, difficult to see how. Or do you mean suggestive? I definitely think it’s suggestive, but hey I’m not a professional lip-reader (fucking LOL) so what do I know.

    4. I think I was pretty clear, Nav. Parts of the video were slowed down to exaggerate the “mo” part of the mouth movement, and the subtitles were added. That in itself is manipulative. People will see what they are told to. Whatever Busquets actually said or did not say, whoever disseminated this video had an obvious agenda and it cannot be taken at face value.

    5. I’m being pedantic here but slowing down is not manipulating the video — manipulating would be adding things or taking things out, slowing down just means you’re seeing things in a lower FPS count. The reason I think it’s important is because one is outright slander and you could be sued for it (taking frames out/adding things), whereas the other is just despicable but fairly expected.

      And I agree with you, after all the hoopla this has caused I’m siding with Busi until he’s proven guilty.

    6. I think you’re just arguing semantics here Nav – by slowing down the frame rate the video has indeed been modified. A non-modified video would just be the raw footage of the event, no?

      We should be siding with Busi, or anyone who is ever convicted of doing something, as innocent until proven guilty. Hoopla or no!

  11. this case reminded me about an unsolved discussion which occurred in Indonesian forum…

    in that football forum, lots of rival fans insult Rooney as a monkey, because they hate him, and they think he looks like monkey…
    they called him Roonyet (monyet = monkey is Indonesian language)… no one accused them to be racist… no one got banned/punishment…

    but when a Milan fan called Eto’o a monkey, he got banned, permanently…
    reason = made a racist comment…

    there’s a double standard in this world…

  12. Kxevin – As co-owner/writer of this blog and as someone who has faced racism, I’m disappointed that you have not put a stop to this witch hunt. Where’s the loyalty? You claim to love this club, a club that has shown all the signs of actively condemning racism and yet a accusation from a rival team known for their dirty tactics has you using these boards to continually question Busquets with NO PROOF! Because you are admired on these boards for your insightful articles, you have convinced most posters that Busquets is guilty or at the very least suspect. I’m disappointed in you and in this blog because I thought you were a different kind of person, one who would hold off judgement and stand up for those being unfairly prosecuted. I’ve got to get over admiring people as I’m always disappointed.

    1. wow…dont know what to say….i support kxevin….but not that there needs to be “sides” in this discussion or that it is a question of “loyalty”…my goodness…..it’s just a club de football, a game with a ball… just because people here think its possible that busquets said “mono” doesnt mean they are presuming guilty. of course, innocent before proven guilty …still, he *mighta* said it. lets see what the committee says. can we leave it at that? new thread! and lay off of kxevin!

    2. Hmmm… not sure what to take of you saying “it’s just a club de footbal.” That’s pretty much the exact opposite of the team’s motto!

  13. On an actual football-related note, I would like to point out to the Villa-haters that on two occasions in yesterday’s game, when Messi was on one of his brilliant mazy, defense-beating runs, Villa was standing there ONSIDE and completely unmarked, and if Messi had passed to him he may very well have had a goal or two. Don’t believe me? Watch:


    Messi didn’t score, if you didn’t know that already.

    Also, Messi’s haircut looked great. 🙂

    1. I can’t wait to see Villa play after a summer of rest + full preseason with us. I expected little from Villa this season, but next season is a different story.

    2. Oh hell yes. I’m so excited to see our boys play next season. I think Villa will do a lot better than he has, and I think Messi and the overall system will improve too. I know a lot of people are saying we don’t razzle and dazzle anymore — but I’m glad. I think it shows a lot of maturity from our side. We can’t make it through a season where we play 60 odd games and try to beat everyone 5-0, it’s just not going to happen. I’m glad that we’re doing what we need to do to win, and turning on the style when it matters. It’s much more tactically astute and sustainable.

      Bring on next season and smashing Mou and EE’s again.

  14. I saw a comment from totalbarca

    Meanwhile, whe still don’t know what arbeloa said to keita.
    And our president says nothing about it.

    what did I miss? when?
    anyone knows?

    1. Pinto got a red card at half-time for reacting to something Arbeloa said. Racist slur pointed at latter.

    2. Again, we don’t know that what Arbeloa said was racist. Whatever it was sparked quite a reaction from Keita, who is preternaturally calm and collected at almost all times.

      Just as Busquets is innocent because nobody knows what was said, so is Arbeloa.

    1. I think I’m more impressed with his run from 6:20 to 6:25. He completely owned that Clasico!

    1. Exactly.

      You know that everyone’s laughing at us, right? And people in the other blogs not only are saying that our team and our players are racist, cheaters, divers BUT that WE, the fans, in our sites, believe so.

      Isn’t that utterly fantastic??!!

      All these – when we should be celebrating! It was such a difficult season. The team had to overcome many injuries and multiple clasicos.

      Only to be sunk by innuendos from a scheming club and the lack of faith of its own fans. Sad.

  15. Looking at the case without bias, Occam’s razor suggests Busquets called Marcelo a monkey.

    1. Occam’s Razor suggests no such thing. Occam’s razor is a statistical and extremely informal tool applied to situations to come to a conclusion with minimal assumptions. It has nothing to do with situations where one party alleges something about the other.

      Don’t make shit up.

    2. You’re obviously correct; I became caught up in the discussions above claiming it was a plot by Madrid/Mourinho etc, and in my current sleep-deprived state glossed over the obvious fact that it’s simply a dispute over what was said. My apologies – I had no bad intentions.

  16. What sucks is that there will be no resolution to this issue. There’s no real way EE can “prove” (if it in fact happened) Busi used a racial epithet unless Busi admits to it. And considering he has so far claimed otherwise, I don’t see it happening. Therefore, those who believe Busi is guilty will say he’s guilty, and those who want to say Busi is innocent will say innocent, even after the UEFA “investigation”.

    Sad that such ambiguity is leading to discord amongst us cules.

    1. Basically, Mou and EE won. We won the title but we’re still cheating diving bastards.

      Le sigh. What makes it worse is I have no one to celebrate with but this blog and the mood here is glum 😛

  17. The mentality here is, you don’t “admit” anything unless you succumb to the accusation. “Busi does not admit anything unless he says he did it.”

    Busi denying it doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. But does that mean when Busi denies it, automatically he’s not telling the truth? No.

    Which is why, to me, he is innocent until proven guilty.

  18. I’d like to put forth right here that, for better or worse, I care more about the fact that we won La Liga than this whole affair. I don’t think this affair should be swept under the rug but if people are getting the impression that FCB fans are more concerned with this than with a third Liga victory in a row I’ll speak for myself and say that I have more emotional investment in our Liga victory.

    That being said I want to show respect for the opinions of those who do not feel the same.

  19. A few things, as usual:

    Moose: Again, read what I wrote. Not what you would like to read into what I wrote. Words can be art, but mine aren’t. They are black-and-white chronicles of an event, with no extra sauce or subtext. Find me anything where I said that I believed Busquets said such a thing. Find me any evidence of a witch hunt. Find it, and post it. And I can hurl down that gauntlet with complete confidence that such a thing doesn’t exist.

    Yes, I called for transparency. And will again when such an incident rears its head. And I call for that transparency precisely BECAUSE I love this club. So if there’s a soapbox, you’re standing on it, leaving no room for me.

    People pish-poshed the allegations as just another attempt by our bitter rivals to discredit the club. And the club was silent, when it shouldn’t have been. So yes, I called for transparency. Duh. Think about how we would feel if one of OUR players made the same accusation as Marcelo did.

    But he didn’t just want transparency. He wanted the club to respond, to a random insinuation made through the tabloid media. If the club didn’t respond then he presumed it was an admission of guilt. If the club didn’t respond then somehow the club was sweeping things under the rug or allowing racism to happen. As if this one act changes the club’s stance on racism. That was his position. It’s bullshit. I called it. The club’s been pretty clear on its stance on racism.

    It wasn’t “tabloid media.” Second, the club has NOT been “pretty clear” on its stance on racism. Sorry, but it hasn’t. Yes, it’s done the Respect stuff, and wears the patch on the sleeve, etc. Does a club need to take a stand against something so patently distasteful? Good question. Everyone cam make up their own mind about something.

    The worst part is that you are misinterpreting words that I have written, and twisting them to meet your own needs. Not cool. Words are there to be read, and understood. If you interpret them as something that they aren’t, that’s your own deal, and have fun with that.

    @justsayin: If you’re admiring me, that admiration is misguided, I can assure you. I will also repeat: There is no witch hunt. Other than the one that is going on in some peoples’ minds.

    Where is the loyalty? I’ll assume that’s a joke that just lacks an emoticon. Loyalty doesn’t mean blind faith or adherence to a “My club, right or wrong” notion. Loyalty means faithfulness, and that faithfulness means calling somebody out when required.

    Had Freixa come out and said “We’ve talked to the player and he said this,” right at the beginning, precisely the kind of transparency that I was calling for and that Rosell stamped on his presidential calling cards, NONE of this would be going on. The matter would be over and done with.

    That didn’t happen. So yes, I asked a question in the form of a blog post, a post that never assumed guilt, or even cared much what Busquets said and whether he did or didn’t say anything. If any commenter has any beliefs about Busquets, it came from their own readings of the situation. You only need to read comments after match reviews to understand how little attention and trust people place in anything I say.

    Finally, personal attacks come with my position in this space. I tend to think the view is best from the high road. But I will make the same suggestion to you that I have made to Moose. Go back and read what I wrote. Carefully. Then consider what you have written.

    I have said that I have doubt. Simple as that. So do many other people. When a priest has doubt, he doesn’t stop believing in God. He simply has questions that raise personal doubts about his continued willingness to serve. Doubt isn’t a presumption of guilt. Doubt IS at times an admission of qualms about a complex situation. Big difference.

    I have said, and will say again, that this is a crappy situation that smears both clubs. Again, transparency right at the beginning, would have resolved all those complexities. The club didn’t handle this correctly, in my opinion.

  20. Like I’ve said, we should speak of this fiasco after the final decisions from Uefa. No use talking about it now.

    Who cares what newspapers or websites say because they know little to nothing about the incident just like us.

  21. This has been fascinating to watch play out, when it was announced today that UEFA would take it up, you could feel the fuse light on this conversation… I still feel like I did weeks ago, The timing is nearly evil, and somebody is getting exactly what they wanted out of the Clasicotastrophe. A diminished Barca reputation with a pinch of infighting and doubt.

    What I still find interesting is how much racism’s close cousin prejudice has been so alive and well toward Busquets. It’s been like – He’s kind of tall, and falls over too easy, clutching his face when he gets kicked in the shins – so he’s Racist! I like logic, and that leap in logic makes my head and neck spasm like Crackovia Messi every time I try to make it. The amount of pre-judging and the initial rush to judgment has been kind of surprising. It was and still is clearly a matter of if it is proven to be true, take serious action, if not forget about it – and in the meantime carry on. This likely goes into the category of history’s other great videos; the Zapruder film, that poking out of the Loch silhouette of the Nessie, Alien autopsy… there’s lots. No one gets a satisfactory answer on this, no matter how it plays out unless there is a movie moment where someone breaks down and admits something – which is not likely. These things are meant to keep people ruminating instead of focusing on more important matters – it sure feels like misdirection. We’ll see, but it’s probably already time to move on and let the chips fall, and this in no way minimizes the nature of the accusation. It’s just Messy, with a Y.

    Oh, I almost forgot – we won the Liga by the way, wow! again! This team is awesome! huh? (Even Villa who, just because strikers often struggle in the Barca system unless they are of the incredibly agile, positionally visionary, master class dribbling play-makers who actually can shoot category, has been a real asset to the team, so Salud to El Guaje on his first Liga championship, class act, well deserved…he’s taken a lot of guff this season)

  22. Madrid has,throughout the year,tried various methods to disintegrtae our club.Accusations like we paying the schedulers of Liga,UEFA and referees,downgrading our wins and the worse of all being the doping allegations.We,someow stumbled out of it and cleared our name.But it is not cleared in the minds of others.Calling us divers,cheaters and love child of FIFA and UEFA is a testament to those accusations.

    Now after those Clasicos,another new accusation being rascists have been surfaced.These,too have Madrid as the ones accusing and Barca as the victims.We have proved the above allegations somehow being wrong(Doping issue).But Racism issue is hard to solve because of lack of evidence.With Busquets denying the claims and Marcelo still not opening his mouth is making things difficult and making people jump to conclusions that THERE IS SOMEONE GUILTY and that being Barca because of their already a bit tarnished image.Same being applied to Busi.His already bad reputation is making him clear guilty.

    I’m trying to say that Madrid made many allegations to degrade us.Ironically,in that process they have degraded themselves.But that’s another issue.We,as supporters of the club should stand by Busi.I think there’s no chance of him saying that.He’s been at Barca from his childhood and I can say that he has been a part of Barca family for more years than Xavi himself(Though by a slight margin).So,we can’t expect a player who has Barca values instigated in him from his birth.

    I praying hard for Busi that he is proved innocent.If Madrid are proved guilty of accusing Barca without any rock-solid evidence,then IT should be the club that should be banned.Yes,BANNED from participating in UEFA competitions.It may be very harsh but Madrid got away with nothing more than a bit tarnished reputation.

    I apologise for my very long-ish post and hurt any of your sentiments(If its a Madrid fan in this forum).

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