Levante – Barcelona Liveblog

Here it is, a chance to put La Liga to bed. A single point against Levante and Barcelona has won La Liga for the third year running, not too shabby. Abidal gets his first start since his injury, and is surrounded by these folks:


Alves Pique Mascherano Abidal

Xavi Busquets Keita

Villa Messi Afellay

Bench: Pinto, Bartra, Fontas, Iniesta, Thiago, Pedro, Jeffren


    1. What do you guys do on Twitter? Talk about Barca? Take arty pictures of what you had for lunch and show everyone? I’d imagine it to be like a VIP Live blog. Doesn’t anybody text message anymore? I’m gonna start one. 😛

  1. I love this lineup!!! Iniesta is obviously missing, but I find a certain zen in this lineup. May be it is the presence Abidal in the line up.

    I am also warming up to Fly Boy. Dude has funky touch on the ball – tends to over run the ball, but he is the hard working, I can see him being successful at Barca with time.

    1. Agreed, give him a couple years to develop and he will be an essential cog in the team. For some reason I always think of him as “the flying dutchman”

  2. When as the last time Alves made a shot? It’s like he has been forbidden to shoot. He is unselfish to a fault.

  3. Sorry to be a party-pooper but I’m disappointed in Pep. We had the chance to make a historic 100 points for the first time ever in Spain and we waste it without even trying our best. The league was unofficially over weeks ago anyway. Why didn’t Pedro and Iniesta come in?

    We are FC Barcelona; we always go for the win no matter what. That’s what we do.

    1. Why do you care about the 100 points? To go for it meant risking injuries to key players before the CL Final. Not worth it!


    2. Would you be saying that if one our players got injured? It was boring but it wins the league while preserving the team for the CL final.

    3. I’m more concerned about it tactically. Playing with the ball in our own half…one mistake and…

    4. Yeah, but Levante weren’t even pressing. Barring another Pique blooper it’s a pretty safe tactic.

    5. Sorry but no. We broke the points record last year because we had to. Madrid were on our tails till the very end. That wasn’t the case this year. The team did what they needed to.


    6. You have got to be kidding me! OMG we have just won the league, the most exhausting league with all the Mou crap and you are complaining about no reaching 100 points. What could be more important than this. Sorry if i sound rude but i don’t care how many points we won the liga by. I’m over the moon and very very proud of our players, coaching staff and everybody involed.

      Visca Barca, iVisca Campeones.

    1. I’m happy with the league but it was kinda boring at the end, and worrying because we would have looked pretty silly if we had made a mistake and lost posession that close to our goal.

    2. Phil’s TB count in that game was only five times from my count. The commentator was holding back!

    3. It reminded me of Spain’s ability to close out a game when they need to. I don’t think Spain has lost a game after going ahead in several years – it’s something Barcelona could learn from! It does lead to some pretty boring soccer though.

  4. Sounds like it wasn’t too pretty, but what the heck, the league is won!!!!!!! I’m too relieved to be negative.


    1. Me too. I’m just relieved right now. And since we’ve also missed out on the 100 points, they can all rest now and have the B teamers play. Let’s just keep everyone healthy and ready for the CL finals. Wembley – here we come!!!

      I think that sometimes we play subpar games to lull the opposition into thinking we’ve lost it. If a Man U scout was watching – he’d think we’re so lame we’re beatable. Then we turn around and step on the gas…..

    2. It wasn’t pretty but Messi had some magical moments. The very end when we played with the ball in our own half for five minutes and started celebrating prematurely was worrying. If we had lost posession while doing that… Not one that I’ll be copying onto a disk but now we can relax and rest for Wembley. Highlight of the game was Messi squirting the trainer. He’s obviously not fussed by the Pichichi thing.

    3. I know…I get so worried when the ball is in our half. I just saw the goals now and what if Piques had another shocker?! UGH


    i don’t care how sloppy that game was
    or that 100 points we could have gotten

    WE WON THE LEAGUE. the end 😀

  6. We are champions. I do not give a damn it this was a sh*** game, We have still a bigger fish to fry.

  7. Just keep me reminding the sheena post.

    thanks to the champions.

    Barca Barca Barca

  8. SoMa: zzz … hmm?

    [Head pops up from shoulder, hair on shoulder side sticking up and ratty, mascara flaking, slight drool from corner of mouth]

    SoMa: wha … ?

    [GolTV shows Pinto and Iniesta skipping out to midfield; Barça fans singing ‘campiones’ in stands]

    SoMa: ah. cam-pee-oh-nessszzzz.

    SoMa: zzz.

    1. It really wasn’t that bad. Or is this the Heineken talking?

      Either way I’m not letting anybody cheapen this moment for me.

    2. Yeah – I’m just going to be happy today. Visca Barca!!!

      We went through so much this season. All the ups and downs. Manitas, injuries, el clasico overdose, Mou’s insanity.

      Let’s just celebrate now.

    3. Me too, i’m so happy i feel like screaming but it’s just after 10pm here so don’t think the neighbours will approve. We are so used to being great that we can’t even celebrate such a huge moment. I’s been a long season and i’m glad it’s over. Everyone was saying EE was gonna win everything this year with Mou but we showed character and came out tops. I’m sure the players are very happy with this result so please let’s be happy with and for them.

    4. I know – it’s terrible to think we’re so great cause we end up being disappointed with everything, even with our wins.

      Whereas if we were underdogs and “not so great” – everything, even draws seem momentous. I like that feeling. Like having a crush or the first stage of romance. Always so heady and exciting.

  9. Barca have “done it again. Again and again they continue to defy the critics. The best footballing team in my life by a massive distance.”

    The one and only Ray Hudson (via Barcastuff)

  10. SoMa: zzz … hmm?

    [Head pops up from shoulder, hair on shoulder side sticking up and ratty, mascara flaking, slight drool from corner of mouth]

    SoMa: wha … ?

    [GolTV shows Pinto and Iniesta skipping out to midfield; Barça fans singing ‘campiones’ in stands]

    SoMa: ah. cam-pee-oh-nessszzzz. yea.

    [Head falls back on shoulder.]

    SoMa: zzz.

  11. For all people whinging about my opinion: If we win at Wembley I will forget this conversation. Winning trophies is the only thing that matters but it would be the jewel in the crown to do something memorable and historic like that when you have the chance which isn’t often.

    Anyway as I said, winning at Wembley is all I really care about now.

    1. Also recall that we were pushed to 99 points last season because EE had only the league to fight for and thus were committed to winning every game. This year was different since they got far in all competitions and thus dropped points in la liga. I’d say it’s a net benefit for us, although we didn’t end up with the cup.

  12. Forgot the B game is still going on:

    Min 55: Ponferradina-Barcelona B 1-1. Goal Soriano

    Wow, Soriano is really kicking it this year!

  13. The only thing worth watching in this match was Messi ridiculous dribble that, had it not come off the post, would have been a massive candidate for goal of the season.

    That and the fact that we were in another team’s stadium and all you could hear throughout the game was our hymn, and the occasional anti-Madrid chants 🙂

    1. I thought I liked Devo’s version of this song better, but it looks like I just found a new favorite!

  14. @blitzen



    I watched the game on the campus and when it was over everybody was screaming:


  15. Very happy, Thanks Team & congrats everybody.
    Campeones Campeones Campeones

  16. We’re just 10 league titles away from EE now!

    I wonder if we’ll see Barca overtake EE in our lifetimes… this young squad should continue to make significant progress towards it at least!

  17. CAMPIONS!!!

    I wonder what’s so special about moanrinho. We drew 2, lost 1 & won just 1 of our last 4 games – and STILL won La Liga with 2 games to spare…

  18. Happy. Wish the game had been worth rewatching. Might watch it again anyway.

    The game reminded me of Spain v Chile where at the end of the game Chile just allowed Spain to keep the ball. A kind of unspoken truce was called. You guys win the group, we go through on goal differential just in case Switzerland scores. This had that kind of 1 point is important to you, one point is important to us flavor to it in the end. It was also scary playing keep away that close to our goal.

    @ Blitzen, you do hafta download this game and watch it just so we can have the campions edition of the Blitzen awards. And you don’t have the option of falling asleep like SoMa while watching because the importance of this edition demands your utmost concentration and discernment.

    So can we rest the flea now for a bit? Or is that counterproductive?

    Caicedo is owned by City, right? Would he fit in with us?

    1. Question—Is there a limit to how many B teamers we can play in a league game? I think there is a limit of 5 in a CdR game.

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