Singing in Tongues: Learning Cant del Barça


I have a problem. It’s one of the few I have along with caring too much and people randomly coming up and telling me they are my father. I don’t know the Cant del Barça. Granted I can hum along with it and clap appropriately, but I don’t know the words. This probably boils down to the fact that I know very little Spanish (I can pick out subjects and some phrases but cannot speak it at all). And due to the transitive property of Spanish offshoot languages: I cannot speak Catalan either. But I will not let this deter me, I am going to learn the official hymn, or die trying. I will keep all of you abreast of my results and possibly post a video of me singing, which would be possibly the worst thing on the internet if not splash pages before websites and drop-down ads. Anyway, here are the official words in case you do not know them, from Wikipedia (English in parentheses):

Tot el camp, és un clam, (The entire field is a clamour,)
som la gent blaugrana, (we are the blue and red people,)
tant se val d’on venim, (no matter where we come from,)
si del sud o del nord, (be it south or north,)
ara estem d’acord, estem d’acord, (now we all agree, we all agree,)
una bandera ens agermana. (a flag unites us in brotherhood.)
Blaugrana al vent, (Blue and red with the wind,)
un crit valent, (a brave cry,)
tenim un nom, el sap tothom: (we have a name everyone knows:)
Barça!, Barça!, Barça! (Barça!, Barça!, Barça!)
Jugadors, seguidors, (Players, supporters,)
tots units fem força. (all together we are strong.)
Són molts anys plens d’afanys, (Many years full of zeal,)
són molts gols que hem cridat, (many goals we have screamed,)
i s’ha demostrat, s’ha demostrat, (and it’s proven, it’s proven,)
que mai ningú no ens podrà tòrcer. (no one will ever beat us.)
Blaugrana al vent, (Blue and red with the wind,)
un crit valent, (a brave cry,)
tenim un nom, el sap tothom: (we have a name everyone knows:)
Barça!, Barça!, Barça! (Barça!, Barça!, Barça!)

Isaiah will be along after the Madrid-Getafe match with your Levante-Barça preview, by which time the club may already be champions of La Liga. If Madrid drop any points, the championship is assured and the honor guard will appear against the jersey thieves.

By Luke

We calls 'em likes we sees 'em.


  1. possibly post a video of me singing

    I’m going to hold you to this! I am already blinding myself and poking out my eardrums in anticipation. 😛

    I have almost all of it memorized, and I even understand the words, due to my familiarity with French, Spanish, and Latin. Romance languages are pretty easy. The lines that always trip me up are:

    Són molts anys plens d’afanys, (Many years full of zeal,)
    són molts gols que hem cridat, (many goals we have screamed,)

    Can’t quite get the rhythm right for the first one and then I have to rush to catch up for the second one.

    I am excellent at the clapping part, though. 😀

    1. I sing the first line as
      ‘sohhhhhhhhhn moles ahns | plens dafaaaaaaaaaaaans’
      then the second one
      ‘sohhhhhhhhhn moles gols | kem cridaaaaaaaaaaaa(t)’

      and it fits the rhyme scheme. And sounds similar to most versions I’ve heard of it sung. Does that help?

  2. it would help if you could post the song in phonetic rather than just typing it out. People away from spain will probably never get the pronunciation right without phonetic help.

  3. This is the part that trips me up:

    Són molts anys plens d’afanys, (Many years full of zeal,)
    són molts gols que hem cridat, (many goals we have screamed,)
    i s’ha demostrat, s’ha demostrat, (and it’s proven, it’s proven,)
    que mai ningú no ens podrà tòrcer. (no one will ever beat us.)

    Especially the last line. I guess I’m trying to pronounce the words (when I have no clue how to anyway) when what I should probably do is chop them all up and make it sound like one long word to catch up with the tune.

    Well, goodluck Luke! I’m going to have to do the same as Isaiah and his crew put me to shame when they start singing the hymn perfectly whenever we go watch the games 😀

    Blitz – haha. I also make up by clapping and shouting the loudest when it comes to – Barca! Barca! Baaaarrrrccccaaaaaa!!!!

  4. “Spanish offshoot languages”

    Hmm? Catalan isn’t a Spanish offshoot. You probably meant Latin here?

    1. Yup. It’s a Latin-based language. Whether it’s Occitan or Romance, depends upon who you ask. Just know that if you speak French, you have a pretty good leg up on learning Catalan. And if you speak Catalan and fly Iberia, you can have LOTS of fun, like not getting drinks, having flight attendants insist on speaking Spanish to you, etc. One very lovely and proud lady demonstrated this during a recent trip to Barcelona. It was a “Wow” moment. Didn’t have to ask how she voted during any of the recent referenda.

      Lots of fun facts are here:

      Who knew that Franco wasn’t even the first ruler to ban Catalan? That dubious honor goes to Louis XIV, in around 1700.

      In many parts of Perpignan (particularly the old part of town) lots of building and street signs are still in Catalan.

  5. What helps a lot is to learn the Catalan alphabet, which is true for any language. Once you know how the letters are supposed to sound, it makes the task of forming words in your head easy.

    1. Did you succeed in scoring tickets for the final?

      My catalan is non-existent, but I have no idea when I’ll be able to learn it. Over the summer maybe I’ll be able to pick up a bit.

    2. Nope. My slowness on the draw due to lingering qualms meant that I missed the cutoff. What sucks is so did the very first folks, numbers 1-3887 also got left behind.

      And frankly, the Allianz Arena (next year’s Final) is a cooler place. Yes, I expect that we will be there.

    3. As I understood it, 3887-36k and change, got tix. So 1-3886 got hosed, as did everyone above the 36k+ mark.

    4. I’m finding Catalan quite easy to pick up. The grammar is not difficult, and I actually find it easier to pronounce than French (they don’t leave the endings off the words like those darn Frenchies!). I like the way it sounds. After that it’s all vocabulary.

    5. “they don’t leave the endings off the words”

      How about all those words ending in “r”? Just to name one from the official hymn: “tòrcer” is pronounced /tɔ́ɾsə/ in Eastern Catalan (the final “r” isn’t pronounced at all). And it’s the same with the “t” in “vent” /bén/, etc.

      But it’s true that you’ll be understood if you pronounce them since they are used in other dialects.

    6. Not the same thing. I don’t know if you are a Catalan speaker or not, but if you listen to a few sentences of French and then Catalan you will know what I mean. Catalan has a much “choppier” (for lack of a better word) pronunciation than French. All those nice shortened words.

  6. On the transfer front, it looks like we’ll be bringing in the Argentine Esteban Andrada (transfer cost is rumored to be 4M) to take over the backup GK spot once Pinto leaves.

    Other rumors puts us hot on the tail of Andre Santos and Michel Bastos. The take home point from these? We are seriously looking to invest at the left back position this summer.

    1. which ramzi disagrees with.

      We’re not just searching for an LB though, our type of LB. Would be surprised if he’s not brazilian..

    2. if we are looking for an LB, does that mean Maxwell is out? We already have 3 left backs as it is, when is the 4th one gonna play?

    3. If we sign a left back then we should expect Abidal to spend more time as a center back next season.

      I still expect Maxwell to leave this summer if we sign a left back though.

  7. “Just know that if you speak French, you have a pretty good leg up on learning Catalan”

    haha! true.

    bon nuit – bon nit
    s’il te plait – si plau

    (not sure on the spelling, though!)

    if you speak french and spanish, just mix them up and you are almost there 🙂

  8. Following up with the transfers comments, and as I mentioned on twitter, my criteria is simple: I dont want to see and so called “Squad players” joining the club. By that I mean: No “oka..ay” players. I need us to buy starters. Players who can compete with the existing players to play the clasico-kind-of-games. Not the Almerias. The 50M+sales return budget can bring us two quality signings, one for defense and one for offense. And call it a day.

    From there on, free your imagination in predicting names…

    1. I agree with Ramzi here completely. Coentrao for 30€ and a worldclass striker/winger worthy of a 30-40€m price. Sell all loaned out-players and Maxwell, Milito and Jeffren.


      The €45-50 budget plus sales of these deadweights will be enough for this. No more cheap players just because they’re cheap ala Maxwell please for the love of god.

    2. I would hardly call Maxwell a deadweight. He is an excellent player in many respects and has been great value for what he cost. I personally will be sorry if he leaves. /Jim

    3. Great value maybe, but nonetheless we’re looking to sign a LB ..AGAIN this summer. We could have ended this chase if we didn’t cheap out on Filipe Luis in 2009. This way it’s more expensive over the longer term even if the player in question is cheap since you need to upgrade or replace them shortly anyway. Good young LB’s ar few and far between. If we miss out on Coentrao for example then what? There’s no talented LB in Barca B so forget that for example.

    4. How could we have ended this case when the player you mentioned suffered a serious injury and has been bad ever since?

  9. Victor Vasquez is officially joining Club Brugge for next season.

    Good to see him move on. He had a lot of potential but he was seriously hampered by injuries. He’s a lesson in overhyping our young players.

    1. He’s a lesson in overhyping our young players.

      How so? To suffer several knee injuries like he did was simply down to bad luck. Besides, I don’t think he was really hyped up too much by this current generation of fans.

      I mentioned him in 2008, but he wasn’t being talked about like Bojan, Gio, Gai, etc. The people who probably hyped him up were the ones who saw him play as a youngster before the injuries.

      A lesson in overhyping would be someone like Gai Assulin, who was supposed to be the next Messi or Giovani Dos Santos who was supposed to be the next Ronaldinho.

    2. There was a lot of hype surrounding him when he was younger. I don’t remember the exact year but he was around 16 or 17. You have to remember, he is 24 now so in 08 he was 21 and the hype surrounding him had already disappeared due to his injuries.

    3. Yeah, that’s what I mean, those who saw him play as a youngster probably hyped him, but injuries are injuries. He was just unfortunate.

      I think the lesson should be learned from kids like Gio and Gai. They didn’t have multiple injuries like Victor, yet they are still are having trouble living up the hype and fulfilling their potential.

  10. What time is the RM/TeamBurgerDubaiKing game? I notice that Mourinho has left both Casillas and Dudek out of the squad, not that it’s going to matter. Should be an easy win for RM, although you would hope that Getafe will put up a fight, seeing as they are trying not to get relegated. I just hope CRonaldo doesn’t score today.

  11. So many people saying that good French is a good base for Catalan … but I’ve never had much luck understanding Catalan lol. Maybe phonetically it is more resembling, rather than written, although it’s probably both.

  12. My sister could sing these lines;
    Jugadors, seguidors,
    tots units fem força.

    When she was 1 year plus. She could sing a few lines properly without any gibberish. There were at least two more lines that she could sing but I can’t remember which ones. Gotta look it up in my old phone.

    Too bad I never took a proper video of it. I really wanted to upload them on youtube but my crappy phone has a poor camera. Now she is almost 4 and there are too many songs that she learnt at kindergarten until she forgot the Barca song 🙁 Damn you teachers!!!

    Btw, those head to head vs Man U players reminded me of a similar topic posted on an Arsenal fan’s blog before last season’s show down. It was so hilarious. Arsenal were heavily “in favor” according to that kid 😆

  13. I do watch a lot of Crackovia, but learning Catalan strikes me as something hugely impractical and extremely nerdy. Sorry. 😛 I’m not against people learning it but I do question why someone would learn it over Spanish. Especially knowing that even a lot of people, at least some, in Catalonia/Valencia don’t speak it themselves.

    1. Because it’s fun? And interesting. Must keep the little grey cells working, you know. I took a course in Scots Gaelic for the same reason.

      Crackovia is wonderful, but it’s not really helping me learn anything. With all the Spanish bits and the wordplay and the terrible puns. Love it, though.

  14. Wow, nice to see that Crouchie not only sucks against the EE, but also in a league game. Just scored an own goal in their live or die game for the last CL spot

  15. And can I add that they should utter a warning before PL Games:

    Caution, disturbing pictures of naked,shirtless, bald and overweight men can appear every second on your TV while watching a PL game

    1. “Nothing wrong with naked, shirtless, or bald. Just sayin’”

      I guess I prefer girls WITH hair! lol

    2. Not in principal, but the guys showed here are not in the Vin Diesel category

    3. Best part of the game for us girls is when the players trade jerseys at the end of the game. Just sayin’ ;-D

  16. JSC keeps talking about Espanyol’s Callejon been gone to EE, They’re not saying there are rumors, They’re saying that he has officially gone to EE and they talked about their gameplan next season and wheter He’ll be a starter or a sub and how he’ll be used.

    I didn’t find any news on the internet that confirms that statement. Can anyone help ?

    1. Yep its a done deal for a number of weeks with Sid Lowe and Balague confirming it. As a player hes descent, nothing hectic- I guess hes part of the new era of Zidanes/Pavons movement that failed so miserably before.Big fish/small pond case. Just like Granero and Negredo, he may be consigned to the bench for the year. Overall its part of the hysteria that ferments among Madristas every time one of la masia’s boys succeed.

  17. Josep: Regarding Filipe Luis that happened in 2010. We wanted him in the summer 2009. If he played for us he might have never become injured. Your argument is moot.

  18. 3 years French in HS. 3 years Spanish in HS and 2 semesters in college, a spattering of Latin while homeschooling the kids, and I still wouldn’t be able to order a decent cup of coffee in Barcelona (and that includes trying to speak in castellano( you don’t use it and you lose it)). The only thing I can do is read Spanish and Catalan pretty well, useful for reading the official website before they bother getting around to posting the English translations and nothing much else.

  19. TB goal v. Burger Dubai Team Getafe – looks like he’s taking home the pichichi, eh?

    1. Don’t they? They seem to just give up whenever they lose the ball – which is pretty often!

  20. 30 million for Contrao is ridiculous. Plus I reckon Jorge Mendez is his agent which would, if anything, point to a Real move. Plus, for that money he hasn’t been tested at the top. We don’t have that money to splash on a lb. Now midfield is a different story.
    We are crying out for additions here, someone to shoot from distance and box-box style. Although Im apprehensive about Cesc, i feel hes the best fit
    Forwards- I am a huge admirer of Villa but we need two signings here.

    My take
    1 Pique (with his head screwed on)
    2 (an aging but mercurial, ‘they just don’t make them like him anymore’) Puyol
    3 Abidal (clone wanted)
    4 Botia ?
    5 Fontas ?
    Mascherano (pace and steal at back, composure soon to follow) Busquets ( slow but can play from the back so coolly)

    Mid Field
    1 Xavi
    2 Iniesta
    3 Keita
    4 Mash
    5 Busi
    6 Thiago ( needs to hold ball better and impose more)
    7 Cesc or Borja Valero
    Vic Sanchez?


    1 Messi
    2 Villa
    3 Afellay
    4 Pedro
    5 Jeff?
    Two new players me thinks

    1. Yes, I still think Pep doesn’t completely trust him to keep the ball in such a vital area

    2. Why would anyone consider paying a fortune on a midfielder we dont need instead of an attacker we cant survive without next season? I cant get it.

      It doesnt take lots of analysis for me. 50M+8M ibra’s payment+25 M (Maxwell+Henrique+Keirson+Caseres+Milito&Hleb pennies) = 75 M

      75 M are more than enough to buy Sakho and either Llorente or (Sanchez+Trezeguet/Güiza/Valdez/or identical)

      Add Thiago and Fontas and we are done.

  21. TB can get that Marca trophy, I don’t care…

    but I will be very annoyed and pissed if he take the Golden Shoes…

    how many has he scored in all competition? Messi is 52, and TB (???)
    anyone know?

  22. I regret to inform you that the Golden Boot only applies to League goals for some reason so that means he will also take that trophy.

    If we win the CL I’m sure Messi will be able to recover from this terribly emotional scar.

    1. Emotional scar! You are joking, right? I couldn’t see the full match against Espanyol. But from what I saw it didn’t seem like Messi was desparate to score goals. CR can keep counting his goals, Messi will be counting WPotYs

    2. Yes, of course I was joking. It’s hard to show sarcasm in text without making it too obvious.

  23. I really, *really*, hope Messi doesn’t let this golden boot non-sense get to him. Messi has nothing to prove to Ronaldo anymore — the whole world (except for blinded Madridistas :D) knows who’s the best.

  24. The other reason it’s hard to sing in another language is language that is sung is different from the way the language is spoken. This happens a lot with sung romance languages- they will smush vowels together, so if a word ends/starts with a vowel, it becomes one long word. You can thank my

    són molts gols que hem cridat, for example, it sounds more like

    son molts gols quem cridat when sung.

    Tho to be fair, the same thing is done in English songs as well, it’s just you don’t realize the words are being smushed, for example, if you’re a native speaker, cos you’re comfy in English 😉

    que mai ningú no ens podrà tòrcer is hard too, but I think it’s prolly more like

    que mai ningu nons podra torcer

    we should practice, going to be singing it a lot in celebration soon 😉

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