Triangles: Barça 2 – 0 Espanyol

In another stunning BFB coup, we’ve contrived to get our hands on the notes Martin Ferguson, chief European scout for Manchester United, was making during his visit to the Camp Nou for the Catalan derby. Because he’s Scottish, we’ve translated the originals for you here:

0′ – This is the worst prawn sandwich I’ve ever had.

0′ – I’ve been told its a bocadillo.

1′ – The lineup is interesting. Apparently Barcelona have 11 players. Who is this Pedro character? And since when does David Villa play for them? I thought it was just Messi and some ball boys. Hmm.

2′ – A foul was given against Barcelona and there’s grumbling that the ref will be fined after the game for unsportsmanlike conduct.

3′ – This Espanyol side doesn’t look to shabby. No wonder they won the world cup.

4′ – Barcelona have taken control of the ball and are refusing to give it back. They’re big meanies, aren’t they?

5′ – I’ve been told that Espanyol is not the national team. I’m very confused now.

7′ – The ball…so mesmerizing…triangles…triangles…

13′ – Just woke up. More triangles.

27′Enough with the triangles already!

28′ – Goal! Apparently these triangles create space for the see through fellow.

29′ – Sigh, back to the triangles. What, exactly, are all the other shapes we invented for?

30′ – Does Espanyol have a midfielder out there? I can’t tell.

35′ – Wait, I think I found one!

36′ – Nope, that was a defender out of position.

38′ – Fontas is a bit slow, could be a weak link. Or he’s scared of the Slim Jim guy, which is fair cause he’s pretty creepy.

45′ – Halftime. First half thoughts: triangles are pretty. Barça’s best player: triangles.

46′ – Here we go. Espanyol have made some changes, I think, but I can’t tell.

47′ – Goal! Pique heads it in from a corner. Poor marking, but a terrific cross from Xavi. I know both of those names! Exciting stuff. The lady next to Zubizaretta is cheering lustily. Perhaps she is dating Pique?

48′ – I’m informed Pique is dating Shakira, who is some sort of hottie, as best as I can tell from the blubbering responses. Must investigate further.

50′ – This Fontas guy is definitely not having a good game. Must remember to run at him. Chicharito will turn him inside out and Rooney will run him over.

51′ – Pique caught out. Definitely a weak link here, this left back, stranding fellow players. An evil laugh would probably properly express my feelings.

52′ – It did.

61′ – Cards! There were cards issued here. I didn’t know they had those in Spain, but there was no vicious tackle, no time to scream get up ya wanker or any of the good stuff. Just some guys jawing at each other. We’re not in Kansashire anymore, Alex.

64′ – Espanyol really piling it on now, but can’t seem to get anything past Javier Mascherano. Liverpool is doing well here, even without Stevie G, which is surprising. Kuyt having a good game. Very industrious.

70′ – There is cheering, is it for the triangles? It must be. Maybe Ciudad Condal translates to City of Triangles?

71′ – Fontas off, finally. What a dreadful game, but now we’ll see that famous Barcelona squad depth problem. Another evil laugh feels proper…just a moment longer and we’ll see his replacement…

72′ – Oh my. The missus shouldn’t see this. Evil laugh quelled.

80′ – Espanyol’s right sided attack has been completely shut down. All is lost.

81′ – Hey there’s Messi. He’s adorable.

82′ – Just looked at pictures of Shakira on phone–

90′ – Final whistle. I….stuff? Thoughts? Waka waka? How does this man play football if he goes home to that? Tactics? Sure, wait until she laughs at your jokes before asking for her number.

90′ – We’re doomed, aren’t we?


If you’d like to read more, check out my review on Soccernet.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. The lady next to Zubizaretta is cheering lustily. Perhaps she is dating Pique?

    oh, Isaiah… you’re too funny… 😆

    a very fun review! thanks… 😀

  2. Would someone please explain to me what good David Villa is right now? Was that an open net he pushed the ball wide of? Before that, got the ball in the box and thought …. thought …. thought …. hit it right at Kameni.

    Oh, wait …. that’s right. He’s adorable, Spanish, keeps hair gel stocks nice and solid and has that lovely goatee that all the ladies like. Mmmmm, hmmm.

    1. Yep, I hate him. Known factor. It’s probably my fault that he’s playing like crap. I should love him and Krkic, so they would play like real players instead of cuddly cardboard cutouts. Oh, curse me!


  3. And because I got ‘hectored’ and in response to Cule_Less’ comment about getting Cesc:

    I guess ideally we want to be able to play in 2 ways. One, the preferred way, is the Xavi/Busi/Ini way of complete dominance over midfield and tiki-takaing the opponent to death. The Xavi/Iniesta/Busi midfield is absolutely crucial for this gameplan and any injury to these three players means our Plan A is effectively neutered. This is where Febregas would be a great transfer — someone who can take over for either of these roles. Especially Busi/Iniesta, and even Xavi hopefully if needed.

    But that leaves us with the same problem we have this year — we have no plan B. It’s tiki-taka or death and smart money says that in a season where you’re playing 60 odd games, you have to have a plan B.

    So what’s better, a potential non-100% Plan A along side a solid Plan B or a solid Plan A all the way? I personally go for a potentially neutered Plan A and a solid Plan B because it makes us more unpredictable and harder to strategise against. Mourinho wants to deploy his destroyers in breaking up our midfield? Fuck it we’ll hoof the ball to our tall centre forward (or something along that line). Xavi, Iniesta, Afellay, and even Pique on his day, have killer crossing abilities. I think with the way EE is evolving, we do need to have an alternative game-plan for the coming season.


    1. Not really helpful, but I made a 15$ bet with Luke (via PayPal) that says Cesc won’t come this summer. He thinks he will. I hope I win lol.

    2. I hope we sign another forward, but I’m not sure about Rossi or Sanchez. Apparently Sanchez plays very well on the wings though and Pedro could use some competition. I think someone suggested Valdes or Trezequet from Hercules as well and I think that might work out quite well.

    3. But Valdes and Trezeguet haven’t done much ever since they beat us at home haven’t they?

      Btw, I don’t think our season should be planned around the matches against EE. There are other teams too 🙂 But it could be useful when we meet EPL teams in CL though

    4. Can’t think of many others cheap enough or that would be willing to be benched I guess.

      I was using EE as an example, but I think you make an interesting point. Should we have anti-EE plans? I think we should. Mourinho’s EE laid down a fundamentally different challenge to the likes of what we’d seen before; not tactically, as his tactics were pretty damn average, but in terms of mind and PR games. He managed to scare the refs enough so they go easy on his thugs, and using that he broke our mid-field by fouling the shit out of us. So whilst we’ve come up against very physical teams, I don’t think any has been as physical as EE.

      And I see no reason why Mourinho won’t try the same tactic again. Like it or not, it almost worked. Problem is, we don’t have much of a response for that type of extremely physical barely-legal tactics other than embellishing. However the bigger problem is that other clubs, having seen this, will also step up the violence against us. We need to make sure that taking down our midfield by hacking us doesn’t become our Achilles Heel.

  4. villa stunk
    hope he stays one more season to get it right
    highest goal scorer in liga after CR and Messi, tied with Rossi
    but he has been poor in the box for several games now

  5. I have never seen Iniesta play as well as he did today. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. I remember reading on this space a while back that “Iniesta needs to take the game by scruff of the neck like Zidane, because he has the talent”, and my lord, today I was so impressed.

    1. I think we all know he can take over games week in, week out, that’s why it’s frustrating sometimes when he’s too passive.

      We really need him to be aggressive when our strikers, namely, Villa on that left side, are out of form. I think he senses this and he’ll need to be this way against United as well.

      Also, if healthy and in the right frame of mind, I have no doubt he could score about 13-15 goals a season from midfield. It’s up to him. I remember Graham Hunter stating once that the closest thing Europe has to Messi is Iniesta. I wouldn’t disagree with that in terms of touch, vision, and the ability to destabilize defenses.

    2. I was a bit skeptical at first about this point of view, but that could have a lot to do with my tactically challenged brain. However, his performance today made me realize his ability. He was absolutely incredible in the midfield. Just straight up bossing everyone. I also concur with your last paragraph.

      Cant wait for the Final.

      Also, im already getting bummed out about the season ending 🙁

    3. I wanted to ask Allas to make a video of Iniesta vs. Madrid but now I guess it’s vs. Espanyol. He has been hot for the past 2 matches. Really really sexy smooth and silky football.

      The commentators and journalist need to stop with the “Messi and Ronaldo the 2 world’s best players”.. How can they overlook Iniesta?????

  6. Thank god Ferguson’s brother is not Mario Kempes, otherwise his “review sheet would’ve looked something like this:

    “Camp nou… camp nou… camp nou…. camp nou.. thong boy… camp nou… ” and the added “..goodness Villa IS terrible..”

    1. Pep was at the Man Utd-Schalke match. I’m sure someone was at the Chelsea match yesterday.

    2. Yes ! and the only report we get back is “Looooooooooooooooooooong ball.. foul… Looooooooooooooooooooooooooong ball.. foul..”

    3. Haha I was thinking since this morning to ask you guys who that guy was who was sitting behind Rosell and he looks like SAF..

  7. I looked at the poll on whom they preferred Barca to sign, Rossi or Alexis. Now I have never watched Alexis Sanchez play so I watched it on youtube for a short clip. Not impressed at all. He looks to only have two moves; step overs and running at full pace and stop using his right heel.
    I’d take Pedro over him any day of the year.

    So my answer between Rossi and Sanchez would be Rossi. Far more versatile.

    1. I looked up videos of Sanchez too and he’s not very impressive. He isn’t particularly fast either. Neither with the ball at his feet or otherwise and Rossi may have a spectacular left foot but not much else. I really hope we don’t spend on either of the two.

    2. I’ve always been impressed with Rossi though. I wouldn’t mind him for <25mill. But damn! Madrid is always getting players on the cheap nowadays, ie Ozil and Nuri. Maybe we should look for talents from Germany as well. I heard Wenger is after a Borussia player called Goetzke to replace Nasri. He must be good.

      Or how about Nasri vs. Rossi?
      Who would you pick? I've gotta go with Nasri on that one.
      Maybe we could do a double swoop like we did with Overmars and Petit like back in the days.

    3. You guys need to watch full games. Sanchez would start over Pedro most of the time, I have no doubt.

    4. Perhaps Jnice. way too many stepovers for my liking though. How is his defensive work ethic?

    5. Sanchez owns his flank. He’s probably the best young forward there, but not as hyped as Neymar (yet).

  8. On an Iniesta note, he was magical today and grace with which he run is truly delightful. easily the man of the match

  9. Just watched the full ManU-Chelsea match. I’m fairly confident we can own the midfield again, even Giggs not super scary. The biggest concern is Valencia. He destroyed the Chelsea defense with some slashing runs. Park also looked more dangerous than ever before, but I think we’d tire him out with some tika-tika keepaway.

  10. As someone mentioned in the previous post, if villa scored in the first half that would have been become the team goal of the season.

    iniesta motm,no doubt.

    but the moment of the match for me when in the first half messi controlled an awkward ball ,his touch was so great that the defender completely became obsolete.

    and did anybody watch the stokes game vs arsenal.i think they played an excellent game with a controlled physcality.

    if we wanna spend big,my take is kun.
    my wish list for the upcoming season in order of priority

  11. Oh btb why the place is so barren?

    what a fun review but spot on.

    @nav r u from bangladesh?

  12. This match is quite unfamiliar in terms of local derby.apart from a trivial smash moment the game is played in a smooth way.
    iniestas gesture really
    softened the pericos mindset IMHO.

    and manu,simply blowed chelsea out of the park.but we r gonna win no question bout only wish that the final becomes a controversial one so after losing the mancs have something to hold onto.

    this is the first 11 that gonna play against us in the wembley.

    my only qurstion who is gonna be the LB for us?

    1. clearly Abidal, Pep is bringing him back slowly. We will get our best 11 in Wembley



      ———Puyol—-Mr. Shakira


      Done and dusted, no one can beat this team when they are “on”.

      3 Concerns

      keeping Valencia infron of the defense, and forcing him to cut to his left foot, not allowing him to cross from the byline

      Dont let Park out hustel our midfield, or shadow messi. and if he does shadow messi, Iniesta needs to play huge.

      Watch out for Chicharito, who is a killer.

      Having said all that, Im not concerned cause valencia may get 4 touches in the offensive third if we can tiki taka there asses, and Hernandez may never get a chance to run at Pique/Puyol.

      I cant believe i am saying thiis but is it possible that Masch gets the start. he is familliar w/ United, has been our best defensive player in the last month, and makes those challenges to put out potential fires. I can see him with a last gasp goal saving lunge against rooney or chicharito, something i dont think busi is comitted enough defensivly to do.

      But alas Busi is peps guy and has won the CL final before (and looked good doing it). But if we think we can control the midfield with Xavi, Iniesta & Messi, we get 100 times beter defensivly with Smach.

      Your thoughts?

    2. Can Abi be in match shape in 3 weeks? I’d find this very impressive…nothing he can’t do, but I’d be surprised if he starts. Let’s see how he performs in some Liga matches in the coming weeks…I didn’t see the 20 minutes he played today.

    3. My thoughts are that you shouldn’t undersell Busi. In terms of keeping possession in the midfield no question for me that four names appear on the team sheet – Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets.

  13. Don’t blame Fontas, buddy. That poor guy have no idea of being a full back. He is out and out a centre back and tries to get into that position more often.

  14. The game was a bit boring(Blame the emotionally tiring El Clasicos).But we are one point away from securing our third consecutive league title.

    I wanted Messi to score but it’s okay as long as we win CL and the league.Besides Pichchi,Ronaldo leads the Golden Boot standings.He can win the league’s top scorer but I want Messi to win the Golden Boot and Balon D’or.

    Coming to Ronaldo,I still did’nt understand outerspaceout’d description on Ronalso being called Thong Boy.If can some please explain to me? 🙂

  15. Nice review.

    It was one of the better derby matches. Espanyol tried to play football with us which is always nice. We were in cruise control though. Very comfortable in the end.

    Maybe we were not too urgent in second half. I am guessing that we will start with first 11 also on wednesday and after that most of first teamers will go on holiday:).

  16. I doubt we will see a full strength side rolling out against Levante, I think Villa will get constant time as he needs to get on a goalscoring run before the final. I can see Affellay, Thiago, Bojan, Fontas, Jeffren and possibly even Bartra getting more minutes leading up to the final and Abidal coming on for every game for about 20 minutes to keep him match fit.

    Cule_less gave us pretty much the most expected lineup that Pep would use, unless he decides to shock everyone again and put Puyol at CF, swap Abi with Xavi and play Messi in goals…

    😀 We’ll roll them over in the final.

  17. Having watched Stoke play against Arsenal yesterday (yes, blitzen convinced me into watching them) I musta say I was pleasantly surprised..there was no thuggery or ball hoofing at all..Au contraire, Stoke played decidedly direct football with Pennant(damn did he play at Zaragosa) being the main outlet man..
    I was extremely impressed with the CB pairing of Huth and Shawcross and the CF pairing of Jones and Walters…Stoke didn’t cower, didn’t park the bus (played 4-4-2) and didn’t play WWE (unlike the EE)..instead they were organised, fairly fluid in passing and pretty much toe-to-toe with Arsenal in terms of attempts on goal..Walters was probably MotM..great link up play and he benefited greatly from Jones’s ability to hold the ball under pressure from Djorou and Koscielny..

    1. Thats it.they played organized direct football.they beat the gunners comprehensibly by playing football,no huff and puff.

      regarding abi at lb at wembley,m not sure he can be ready physcially for a game of that magnitude.

    2. Etherington is a good player too. I think he plays for Stoke at least, though I may be confused.

  18. I think we will roll out with the best available eleven against Levante. Guardiola will not wa nt any slip up in mid-week and some players surely have to get some goals. By the way Messi also can try to cut the lead in Golden Boot ranking

  19. if pep was not positioning Abi for the final, he would not have brought him back at all this season, pure and simple. We dont need him for the league, so safty would be the first concern if the CL was not the objective. I have zero doubt eric plays in the CL final.

    1. yup, i agree! Pep is surely priming Abidal for the left back position for the final. Valencia tore Ashly Cole and Chelsea to shreds yesterday and we will surely need Abi to play there

  20. Jnice: Iniesta already has 9 goals this season for Barcelona right? That’s not that far from 13-15…

    But yeah, I think he has the ability to provide goals from midfield in him. He just needs to be more proactive and less passive. He has the ability to dribble a bunch of defenders towards the net, he has the ability to take decent shots from 18 yarda, he should do it more. Especially the Messi-like dribbles past defenders, it helps our overall game too when someone other than a triple-marked Messi can take four or five defenders out of the game wiith an insane dribble.

  21. To continue the discussion of our next summer signing; Rossi, Sanchez, Nasri, Neymar and even Kun on the list now (thanks outer!)

    Kun would definitely be the 1st on my list but I think we could buy 2 players with a combination of Rossi/Nasri/Sanchez for the price of Kun 🙂
    Kun is just the best young player to me but his price would be way too much. I remember 2-3 seasons back, he asked Messi to help him move to Barcelona. I was really hoping it would materialize but I guess Pep is not fond of him.

    @JNice, so Sanchez is better than Pedro? Better work ethic? Defense? Ambidextrous? Crossing? Vision? First touch? Temper?
    From the youtube clips he looks like a one-trick pony. He will be very easy to defend for any defender that doesn’t commit too soon.
    But like you said, I need to watch a full match to get a better analysis.

    You’re like our scout 😆

    I did take the time to watch Benfica-Porto anf Santos-Palmeiras last month to check out Neymar and Coentrao.

    I wasn’t impressed with Neymar at all! Pedro over him any day.
    Coentrao is Alves on the left! That guy is really impressive. It was a love at first sight for me.

    1. I haven’t seen whole games but I’ve seen parts of Udinese games from TV and Sanchez does seem rather impressive. Though I can’t judge since I’ve seen very little.

      Aguero is maybe the most skillful player in the world outside of the big two imo. Or at least I can’t think of a more skillful player off the top of my head (I’m probably forgetting someone, though). Not the best per se I mean, but in terms of close control, touch, etc skill.

      He has 24 goals and 4 assists for Atletico in 37 appearances btw, if you want stats.

      I think we’d be unstoppable if Aguero played in the forward line with Messi. We wouldn’t even need a Plan B cos that Plan A would be outright impossible to deal with. I mean even now an on-fire Barcelona are impossible to deal with, yes, but wow the prospect of Aguero playing for us makes me go… Imagine the three best dribblers in the world playing in the same side!

      Also maybe, just like the two seasons after they sold Torres for big money, the cash influx from selling Aguero could help make Atletico a much stronger side overall. It’s not like they’re lacking in talented forwards. Salvio will be coming back for them too right.

      If we’re gonna get the likes of Sanchez for 20-25 mil okay, from what I hear of his talent that may be a good deal, I wouldn’t know to judge. But if we’re gonna pay in the region of 40mil for anyone I’d rather tack on a few million more and dish out for Kun.

      Finally though, I didn’t suggest Kun I think lol. I don’t remember suggesting him as a possibility? Did I? I might have, I love the player..

    2. Big two being the big two teams.

      I don’t think there is any more talented player outside of the four or five top clubs in the world. And few more talented players in them, as well. Aguero’s more outright skillful than anyone in Chelsea or Inter at least, and probably more than anyone in Milan except Ibrahimovic and anyone in Man Utd or Arsenal either.

      Also, it’d be good for Argentina lol and I’m all for anything that benefits Argentina and Messi’s 2014 WC bid.

  22. another goal from a set piece. We may not score as many as we should but its refreshing when we do score em once in a while.

    got a give credit to Villa for sticking with the game plan, he ran away from the goal line drawing out one of the markers in the six yard box and leaving the other defender clueless while he was standing on his own near the front post. Pique was on his own to score the header after he beat his marker to the ball. Even Kameni was drawn hesitantly out of position.

  23. am wonderin,if paradventure ajax wins the dutch league,will afellay lay hold to two league titles in a single season?

    1. Afellay played for PSV not Ajax.

      Good question though, if that applies. For example would Adebayor have won a Copa del Rey and an FA Cup this season (assuming City beat Stoke in the final)?

  24. My God, BFB has been empty after the Clasico/Kevin/etc time period. It’s been a graveyard in here. It’s like everybody’s out.

    Did you all go set up shot at EEFB? 😛

  25. OK, the review was more fun than the game. Great one, Isaiah! And although I missed Kxevin’s review and the controversial spot on ratings, at least he was in the comments showing his…um…enthusiastic support for our struggling Villa. 🙂

    20 minutes for Abi this game, maybe a half next game, back in time for Wembley almost a sure thing. But what’s up with the Caveman?

    We did just what we needed to do and no more. It did not make for great entertainment( except for a couple of oh my gosh we’re pretty moments when we just couldn’t contain our awesomeness). It was reassuring to see that Messi was not chasing the Pichichi and was content to try to spoonfeed Villa his much needed comeback goal. I like a generous flea.

    If you’re doing awards, Blitzen, the Zerox award goes to Gabi Milito for the carbon copy mini Milito sitting on his lap in the stands. So cute!

    1. So true.but this zerox award should be dished out by u.

      oh and late happy mothers day.

  26. Ah now that the thought of Aguero has entered my head. Ah… I hope we get Aguero. I really hope we get Aguero.

    I wouldn’t feel the guilt I’d feel for taking say, Rossi off Villareal, as I would for taking Aguero off Atletico.

    Villareal are already a very solid side and Rossi is the X-factor a good team needs to become very good, and taking away an X-factor would make them weaker than any squad solidification they could buy from that money would make them stronger, assuming they can’t get another replacement with the same X-factor for whatever remains of that money.

    Whereas Atletico are a sorta meh side overall and the benefit they’d get from strengthening across the squad would be more than the benefit they get from Aguero’s X-factor, like how they got quite very good and made the CL the next two seasons with the CL round of 16 the season after they sold Torres for big money and used it to strengthen the whole squad.

    As for reasons why I actually want Aguero for Barca as a player and unrelated to the guilt issues see my comment a few posts up.

    1. Namely this:

      Aguero is maybe the most skillful player in the world outside of the top three or four clubs in the world imo. Or at least I can’t think of a more skillful player off the top of my head (I’m probably forgetting someone, though). Not the best per se I mean, but in terms of close control, touch, etc skill.

      He has 24 goals and 4 assists for Atletico in 37 appearances btw, if you want stats.

      I think we’d be unstoppable if Aguero played in the forward line with Messi. We wouldn’t even need a Plan B cos that Plan A would be outright impossible to deal with. I mean even now an on-fire Barcelona are impossible to deal with, yes, but wow the prospect of Aguero playing for us makes me go… Imagine the three best dribblers in the world playing in the same side!

      If we’re gonna get the likes of Sanchez for 20-25 mil okay, from what I hear of his talent that may be a good deal, I wouldn’t know to judge. But if we’re gonna pay in the region of 40mil for anyone I’d rather tack on a few million more and dish out for Kun.

  27. i had seen a lot of aguero.he is unorthodox,third best dribbler in the world ,his passing and vision is also exceptionall,also very good in both flanks,the only drawback is his finishing.

    my vote for him for the following reasons

    very young only 22
    can play in all the 3 forward positions
    very good passing,vision and dribbling.
    familiar with liga

    so if we gonna splash 40 m for someone on someone it has to be him IMHO.

    his defensive skill can be honed just like villa.

    1. ^ This.

      If we’re gonna splash out 40mil, wanna get Aguero. If we can only afford 20-25mil, even 30mil, then only a Sanchez or Rossi.

      Also share the opinion that after Messi and Iniesta he’s the third best dribbler in the world. Also plays on either side of attack or in the centre as well. I think even a year and a half younger than Messi.

      He’s a rather good goalscorer too. 23 goals in his first season, 26 in his second, 17 last season, and 24 so far this season. In an Atletico team which he has at times carried on his back single-handedly and are rather awful without him, and thus could def use the money to strengthen the whole squad.

    2. His scoring is impressive.but as i said i have seen a lot of him,his did miss some easy chances time to time.

      although he can play in all the 3 forward positions he is relatively week in the centre forward role but devastating as a 2nd striker.although he doesnt have to play in the cf role cause of the freak.

      so its aguero for me all the time.and please no rossi.he is good but not very good imho.

  28. at times there had been a lot of talk bout our plan b.

    if i understood correctly plan b is a plan which requires a strong,tall player acting as a cf.we need this when our plan a is failing.

    our plan a is completely negated imo only in stamford bridge and in camp nou against the blues and the nerazzuris a longtime footy watcher i can say those 2 performances needed xtraordinary discipline ,very robust and brawny players acting as a defensive unit.(chesea though had got at least 2 chances to score from open play).

    right now only ee can resemblance anything near of those qualities.(chelsea and inter players are fading physcially),thats why mr whiner one used pepe as a search and destroy role.if he had someone like a fit mahamoudu diarra then he didnt had to take out pepe from the cb role which whether he is a thug or not is very good at.

    so keeping all those in mind and assuming that ee moulds into that role perfectly we do need a plan b striker which can give us something different then tiki taka.

    so our plan b striker has a limited but very important role to play.

    so although k.jones of the mighty barca slayer stokes is a good one he is not xactly what u call a barca quality.llorente is young and very expensive.

    so i can only think of one player who is very much humble,a terrific header,a fantastic 2nd striker,willing to sit on the bench,has the barca quality is KANOUTE.

    If we can acquire him in the region of 6-9 M,then i say we gotta have him.nido is hard nut but we have good business with him bout dani,keita, i think its possible.

    whats ur take on this folks.?
    what bout djourou of arsenal for our cb option?

    1. Yeah Kanoute is also my favorite ‘Plan B’ option.

      Actually I’d love Drogba, he is 32 and an absolute monster of a striker, but there is some bad blood between him, us and Chelsea so I highly doubt we’d get him.

      But from the realistic possibilities Kanoute is tall, still class, and willing to sit on the bench. Would be cheap too.

      My dream and highly unlikely transfer window would be:

      IN: Aguero (whatever fee), Kanoute (5-8mil), Botia (2mil), another good young CB (5-10mil? dunno)
      PROMOTED: Thiago
      OUT LOAN: Bojan to.. wherever Enrique is coaching
      OUT: Ibrahimovic (24mil?), Caceres (12mil?), Keirrison (7mil?), Hleb (Xmil?), Milito (6mil?), Jeffren (8mil?)

      In Total: 72 mil (5 more players to squad)
      Out Total: 60 mil (2 less players from squad)

      So, with Adriano a capable of playing LB without much loss, we’d have Puyol Pique Abidal Fontas Botia and another CB for the centre of defence. With Abidal preferred on the left, Mascherano capable of playing as CB, and Puyol aging, that seems about appropriate depth right? I wouldn’t mind getting just Botia too I guess, if he and Fontas get to play.

      Final Squad (23 players):
      Valdes, Pinto; Alves, Puyol, Pique, Abidal, Adriano, Maxwell, Fontas, Botia, X; Mascherano, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Afellay, Thiago, Keita; Aguero, Messi, Villa, Pedro, Kanoute

      I LIKE IT! 😀 Seems just right, and not excessive.

    2. Thinking about it, our actual highly likely squad for next season looks pretty damn sick too actually!

      Valdes, Pinto; Alves, Puyol, Pique, Abidal, Adriano, Maxwell, Fontas, Botia; Busquets, Mascherano, Xavi, Iniesta, Afellay, Thiago, Keita; Villa, Messi, Sanchez/Rossi/Big signing we seem set to make, Pedro, Bojan

      A much fuller looking squad than what we have now, and that’s almost guaranteed, not even best case scenario but almost 100% certain scenario. I’m looking forward to next season already.

  29. Wah! I cannot hope to match the brilliance that is Isaiah’s post, but here are some blitzen awards, freshly translated from the Scottish:

    With Enemies Like These Who Needs Friends? Award: Pochettino, for being a class act all round.

    Waka Whacker award: Pique. Because he whacked it. With his head. Geddit? I’m so lame.

    Tenim Al Sac Award: Xavi, for reminding us that we only need one more point to win the Lliga:

    Unpunctuated Award: Pedro, for still not quite winning his exclamation marks back.

    Iker Face Award (Yes I Do really Like This One): Ferguson’s brother. Either he really doesn’t like tiki-taka or his bocadillo really was off.

    MOTM (Magician Of The Match) Award: Iniesta, for everything. And he already has Valeria’s name on his shoes, how cute is that?

    Hulk sMasch! Award: Mascherano, for getting shirty with some of the Espanyol players. Is it just me, or does it feel like he has playing with this team forever, already?

    Knock Me Over With a Feather Award: Stoke, for playing some quite attractive football while they were putting a woeful Arsenal out of their misery.

    1. Why,por que?why?why did u had to post the blitz award just after the longest and the only thoughtful comment i ever made in this space?why?

      now everybody will talk bout u,but not bout my comment.

      i demand an xplanation.

  30. in a sad news though strictly offtopic

    an american pilot refused to fly a plane cause 2 of his passengers were muslim clerics,both of them being us citizens.

    and this is coming from a pilot,not some ignorant people.

    1. I have to say it is an absolutely amazing deal really. As was Oezil for 15mil.

    2. Shame on Dortmund for not resolving that buyout clause issue earlier. That’s the only reason he’s going for so little. With Özil, he only had a year left on his contract. I think it shows what great opportunist Madrid are more than anything else.

      Also, don’t underestimate the part Reza Fazeli, their agent, had to play in this as well.

  31. I really like Aguero, but I haven’t heard any news linking us to him for awhile now. I’m not sure he’s really an option.

  32. ??? :/ Why are EE signing Altintop? They like their nationalities in clusters dont they.Dutch, then Portuguese now Turks. Is Altintop a Fazzelli client? If so Mendes+ Fazzelli would = Madrid

    1. Altintop may be just the most nonsensical signing I can imagine looking at their current roster. Unless they’re planning to sell a bench player for more money than they buy Altintop and make some profit.

    2. I so hope they sign Altintop. And yes, his agent is Fazeli as well.

      Mendes+Fazeli=Madrid-I was thinking that also haha.

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