Onwards to Wembley!

We’re through to the final!!! Viscaaaaaaaaaa!

The Goal (from GoalFast2)

What an assist Iniesta, and what a finish Pedro!

The Moment:

The Pictures:

Nice to see Pedro!! back scoring crucial goals!

The Video (fcbarcelona via Vj in the comments):

Enjoy our win, people! What a match from Barca! This is the football we all wanted to see! I leave you with a Pique — who had a MONSTER match, back to Piquenbauer ways — quote via barcastuff:

“In the year 1899, a club was born that I carry in my heart, blue and red are the colours, Fútbol Club Barcelona!!!”


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By Kari

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  1. BTW, Pique loves the big games doesn’t he? Quietly getting back to Piquenbauer levels with the return of el capita.

    1. Word on this. Can’t get enough of Pique when he’s like this. As you allude to, his play with the ball at his feet has become much more considered and effective in the past few games.

    2. yes, in the last 4 El Clasicos, he’s back into Piquenbauer mode…

      but not just big games, he played well too against Zaragoza, IMO…

      glad to see him performed like he should be, as one of the best CB in the world…

    1. YES, Euler is a legend…

      I said to Jnice, Euler should be a president… period… 😀

  2. I remember Kxevin said after we officially progress to Wembley,

    we can giggle about EE who spent zillion of dollars just for ONE Copa del Rey trophy…even Ramos could care less about that trophy…

    allow me to giggle now… 😆 😆 😆


    1. Can someone point that out to the guy running Zonal Marking, along with other members of the Mou fanclub?

  3. Damn. Still can’t find a place that is actually talking about football and not complaining about the other team.

    Congrats. The better team over two games won. We lost this due to our tactics in the first game. Can’t help but wonder and think how much better would the 2 legged series have been had we approached the first game in a similar fashion. Oh well, there is always next year. Although i pray to god we don’t have to have 4 clasico’s again.

    Once again, Congrats. And please, for the sake of those who have won before you, And this is coming from a Madrid fan, try and enjoy the victory, not sulk yourself in the media.

    Until august, where suddenly everyone will care about the Super cup. For now, I am beyond exhausted. Both mentally and physically.

    *Goes back to looking to a place that is talking football and not media talk*

    1. Good luck finding it, Bassam. Good luck.

      Also, despite what people say about Madridistas in general, we all know you’re class. Don’t let the trolls get to you. 😉

    2. Oh, stop it, Bassam. With all the crap we have had to take the last few weeks, we are entitled to crow and bitch a little in our own space.

      Trust me, we are all as relieved as you are that this series of games is finally over. Except it’s not, not really, because Mourinho’s poison will colour how many will view tonight’s victory. And that pisses the hell out of me.

      Yeah, I’m a little bitter. Nothing personal, we all appreciate your visits. But don’t come over all holier-than-thou about it when we just need to blow off a little steam.


    3. ha! Check above and you will see Kari with similar views as mine. But oh well… I asked you guys to enjoy your victory, and congratulated you on it. A victory against your rival is better spending with smiles than with cringes. How is that holier than thou is beyond me, but to each his own.

    4. I know what you mean. However the other soccer forum I go to is full of people calling Barca cheaters/divers/colluders so it gets a little difficult at times.

      You guys played great today, and had Mou not screwed up in the first leg we would have really had two classics. Alas.

    5. Thanks Bassam classy classy comment…I’m usually pretty sceptical about your posts but this one I can see is from heart.
      Who would have thought that after 4 classicos we would actually miss actuall football talk?
      Thats why i found myself enjoying the uefa games last week…

  4. Xabi Alonso on Twitter:

    ‘The statements attributed to me are false. Someone can tell me where they come from? Of course some of the audio link or video?’

    Guessing he didn’t say that about the Spanish national team then, or so he is saying?

  5. Did anyone notice at the 16-17 second mark in “The Moment” video, that there is a guy in the crowd in a grey suit that looks like Pep! … It was like, where’s Waldo?

  6. If Xabi Alonso and company have a problem playing with our guys in the National team, then they should sit in their home. Actually there are only three of them – Casillas, Alonso and Ramos. Valdes or Reina can easily replace Casillas, No Xabi means Cesc will start and that means more offence. I am not sure about the back up for Ramos.

    If they don’t have an international commitment in near future, then they will have time to settlle down the emotion. By the way, when is their next International fixture?

    1. two friendlies in June. They’re coming here to the U.S. on June 4th to play against the US soccer team in Boston. And another friendly on June 1st against Venezuela.

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