El Clasico 2011: Caption This!

By Kxevin

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  1. Ramos: That wouldn’t have happened if we were allowed to get to part 4 of Mou’s plan…

  2. LEGOS!

    Seriously though, watching the replay of this one never gets old. The fact that the rest of our team just sort of stands back casually walking up the pitch while Messi makes this run is even more incredible.

    1. Bah! Beaten to the punch!

      I thinks its the reaction after the first goal. Iker immediately stood up after the second IIRC..

  3. Karanka’s presser, from the RM website:

    “Once again, we see different yardsticks are used here. A few months ago, Mourinho and some of our players were suspended for something that cannot be found in the rules and regulations. But something that can indeed be found in them, and that everyone saw happened (not just Real Madrid), went unpunished today. These are objective matters that can easily be verified.”

    “There will be players on the pitch tomorrow who everyone saw did not uphold respect and fair play on Wednesday. They even made racist insults covering their mouths so that no one could read their lips. Two of our players did nothing of the sort and will not be at the stadium tomorrow.”

  4. I will repost this here…

    I’ve tried to translate (contextually sometimes, with my best effort, so sorry for any mistakes) some quotes of Pep’s press conference that I thought are important…

    “Queríamos que Andrés volviera y ha llegado a tiempo. La noticia principal es que mañana jugamos por estar en la final y la segunda es que un chico que ha tenido un cáncer nos ayudará mañana. ”
    “We wanted Andres (Iniesta) back and he has made it on time. Today’s most importan news is that tomorrow we play to be on the final, and the second one is that a kid who has had cancer will help us tomorrow” (for Abidal, this kind of shocked me)

    “El equipo no lo tengo perfilado, Keita fue vital en la ida, ganó todas las pelotas aéreas, nos dio mucha seguridad. Es fundamental en estos partidos.”
    “I don’t have in mind the team I will send for tomorrow, Keita was vital in the away game, he won every ball in the air, gave us a lot of security in the back line. He’s FUNDAMENTAL in this kind of games”

    Pregunta. Si se prueban los insultos racistas, qué hará el club?
    “Estaríamos muy molestos, no estaríamos orgullosos y tomaríamos medidas”
    Question. If the racist insults are proven (about Busi) what actions would the club take?
    “We would be very upset, we wouldn’t be proud and we would take measures. But I know my players.”

    I know for a fact we will try our hardest and on our way, to win this game, keeping possession and trying our hardest to not fall in their petty and outrageous game. I completly trust this team, what do you think about this!?

    1. Oh I forgot! Pep also said, that we had to attack with “seny” it means good senses, and that where the team wont reach, the public in the campnou will help them!

    2. Wow! Thanks soooooo much, Dani_el! Great job!

      I like Pep’s last line — “But I know my players”. Heck yes, he does! Although it’s not included in the Spanish version. Did you forget to add it?

      Iniesta’s back and Abi… *#&#7@9@_3(#9

      The KING!

    3. Me too! I copied the spanish parts from Sport, they had a I live feed of the press conference, kind of like when you do the live blog, something like that.
      I hope Abi is ok, and that the tumor never comes back, I also think that it would be a good idea to have the line-up of last wednesday, that way we can save Iniesta and Afellay as impact-subs in the second half, I really hope we continue our path for the final, and…Arsenal won Manu! If they play a little like us in the EPL, that gives me hope..!
      Thank you for the feedback!

    4. This is good to hear from pep but one thing i want to say is that ‘if’ we are still leading this tie with 10 min to go we should be careful not to get into any unnecesary scruffles with the EE players lest we lose sum1 4 da final.

    1. And here I was wondering whether he had dropped off the pecking order when he wasn’t called up for Sociedad. Shows how much I know.

  5. Last man Standing- Messi wheels aways after scoring yet another super solo effort that reminds you of Maradona Vs England or better Messi himself against Getafe

  6. Caption:

    The short lived “Iker and friends” childrens television show was ruined when Messi shat in the mushpot and ran off showing his “oh” face.

  7. I was suddenly filled with foreboding after reading what Karanka had to say [“..the football doesn’t matter tomorrow. That’s secondary now after all that has happened..”]

    What IF they have given up on winning tomorrow…and they’ve gone quite crazy…and all they have in mind is STOPPING us from winning the finals?! And the best way to do this is to injure one of our main players! [this is what insane Mourinho has reduced me to – a paranoid mess]

    I won’t even pray for a manita anymore. A draw will be fine provided we keep all our players safe and injury-free!

    I’m so elated by Abi and Puyi and Ini being back (and feeling so sorry for Montoya, Milito and Maxwell) that I don’t want any more of our players injured.

    1. If we had our avatars back, I would change mine to the Rey Abidalthazar one. (hint hint)

  8. Messi (on a powerful C): “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”
    Ramos (on an E):”Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”
    Iker (on a G, morendo): Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….
    All the cules in the Bernabeu (on a thundering Bb): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

    Pinto from the dressing room patched in to the stadium PA: “SHAKE IT UP BABY NOW”

    1. Surely busquets has gotta respond to these racist accusations.
      I mean karanka just called him out in front of the media.

      But then again pep has silenced all his players and staff making any response impossible.

  9. I don’t speak Spanish and have only started to learn lipreading, but I can’t say anything sounding like ‘no’ as Busi is alleged to have by closing my lips like that. If anything, my lips will go further away from each away from each other.


    Doesn’t sound like ‘mono’ to me. Hopefully Busi will clear this up. He seems to have the Pep’s faith. No point in crucifying him over this..

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