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Barca v Atletico Match Comments post

Barca v Atletico Match Comments post
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Everyone, no LiveBlog for this one, sorry. Your humble admins are, admittedly, being derelict in their duty. Hopefully, this match comments post will serve everyone’s needs.

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298 Responses to “Barca v Atletico Match Comments post”

  1. ballbeav says:


    alvesi txigyrinki piqui maxwelli
    keiti busqi
    messi ibri henri

  2. eklavya says:

    So the Liveblog was a prank?
    Damnit! :)

  3. Miguel says:

    stop playing w/our emotions barcelona football blog

  4. gv says:

    i thought i saw the live blog, then it disappeared. haha

    wow, maxwell and dani at the same time. i want to watch the match, but i have to sleep! crap!

  5. eklavya says:

    Oh the ol’ style comments are fun too :P

  6. Kevin says:

    Yes, you did see a LiveBlog pop up. It wasn’t a prank, everyone. I thought that I could run it via my mobile device (headed for the opera), but I can’t. Someone has to approve/disapprove commenters, etc, and that can’t be done via mobile device, at least not while listening to the fat lady sing (Tosca).

    So it will be old-school for this match, and we’ll work out a way not to let everyone down the next time out.

    Thanks for the understanding.

  7. Sumit says:

    summary of streams gentlemen

  8. OhYes says:

    Sorry I couldn’t run it today, guys. :( Trying to get some business done and will have people distracting me the entire time.

  9. lovelymofo says:

    I’m stuck at work, trying to watch this on a little-ish screen. Too bads about the LiveBlog.

    ¡Vamos Barça!

  10. Corrine says:

    damn comment moderation, i keep forgetting
    all these streams are running smoothly:

  11. Corrine says:

    lol fantasy football is eating my life!

    fabiano was injured today, GRRR

    and i thought maxwell was still injured so i bought abidal in place of chyggy!


  12. Justin says:

    Staying up till 6am here and hoping it will be a great game! Hoping for another goal fest or all will be in vain. Well.. I just want a win, that would be enough. Please football gods…

  13. lovelymofo says:


    Quality not the greatest.


    Better quality, but annoying GolTV announcers.

  14. ElShowDeJason says:

    what’s our bench looking like?

  15. gv says: says asenjo’s playing. isn’t he away for the under-20 wc?

  16. Miguel says:


    so happy i don’t need these

  17. gv says:

    this one too. it’s in english.


  18. Miguel says:

    i keep posting links the cheatsy way (//) & they don’t go through

    kick off bitches!

  19. Miguel says:


  20. lovelymofo says:


  21. Reagan says:

    gooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllll!!!!!!! ibra

  22. Corrine says:


  23. gv says:

    wtf? he link i posted isn’t showing barca atleti! dammit!

  24. Miguel says:

    what a pass! busi breaker

  25. jnelson says:


  26. Reagan says:

    best stream?… the justin streams are freezing!

  27. OhYes says:

    HOLY SHIT@@@!!#! I missed the Henry shot but did not miss THAT!! Ohhh my that was mmmhmmmm Messi-like I’d marry that goal if I wasn’t vehemently against marraige

  28. Corrine says:

    are we going to have a scoring fiesta tonight?

  29. Miguel says:

    slaughter rule is gonna be in effect by the half

  30. Miguel says:

    bullshit! so not offside…ok maybe a little

  31. gv says:

    dammit, i didn’t see it! damn my internet!

  32. Miguel says:

    that goal was worth 65 million to me

  33. Justin says:

    I just missed the damn goal!!! Why do they keep on replaying Henry’s post, not the goal!


  34. Miguel says:

    ibra’s taking shots god damn!!!!

  35. OhYes says:

    he looks hella confident right the team is playing so cohesively it’s beautiful

    nice save by Valdes

  36. Corrine says:

    i think maxwell and maxi rodriguez kinda look similar

  37. Miguel says:

    what a dummy by ibra

  38. Miguel says:

    fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!

  39. jordi says:

    heres our 10.5 million euros :D

  40. Miguel says:

    you see resino’s face…he was like “shit. oh well”

  41. Corrine says:


  42. jnelson says:


  43. gv says:

    god, the we’re scoring goals faster than my net can stream them!

  44. Spencer says:

    Has anyone found a good english stream yet? So far, I’ve only seen the adthe one, and it pauses every 10 seconds.

  45. Justin says:

    Xavi is the best midfielder, hands down.

    But what the hell are “chameleon eyes” (as said by Rayray)

  46. jnelson says:

    rayray just compared messi to a leprechaun: “rainbow pass with the pot of gold at the end” haha

  47. student says:

    Amazing stream.

  48. Justin says:

    Pick one from that. You need either Sopcast, TVU, flash, or mediaplayer.

  49. iBlau says:


    Now seriously guys, what time does the match start cuz clearly I’m dreaming

  50. Miguel says:

    he’s got bug eyes…his passes are like a frog catching flies

  51. lovelymofo says:

    Dammit, I missed the second goal, people came in asking questions! (I work at a library.)

  52. jordi says:

    henry deserves a goal

  53. Miguel says:

    fucking xavi! who was suppose to be serving as cover for him?

  54. gv says:

    hey, ibra’s pressuring ball handlers!

  55. Miguel says:

    nice try aguero

  56. Miguel says:

    oh my. never liked maxi. especially after he scored vs mexico to knock them out of the world cup :^/

  57. jnelson says:

    Maxwell is getting TOASTED

  58. Miguel says:

    they’re turning up the heat

  59. Luna says:

    that’s too close

    Hello everyone!

  60. OhYes says:

    Dear oh dear! is that Maxwell making all of those mistakes at the back? I’ve counted 2 now!

  61. Justin says:

    Wow Chigy! Good tackles and precise passes. I’m really impressed.

  62. lovelymofo says:

    Holy shit that was an awesome goal!

  63. Miguel says:


  64. Luna says:

    nice freaking goal!!!!

  65. jordi says:

    Dani boy. and fuck you roberto: 3-0

  66. Justin says:


  67. Miguel says:

    i’m getting all maniacal…told you. slaughter rule by the half.

  68. jnelson says:

    holy shit!!!!!!!!!! ALves finally scores one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Justin says:

    You can just tell from their keeper’s face during the preparation for the freekick.

    “C’mon guys! Fix the wall! C’mon mark your man! I can feel something’s going wrong….ah.. Shit…”

  70. Corrine says:

    i’m crying happy tears

  71. Ahsan says:

    BTW, do Real play tomorrow or today?

  72. lovelymofo says:

    Moar goals please!

  73. Miguel says:

    busi with the full court pressure

  74. Corrine says:

    madrid play xerez tomorrow

  75. lovelymofo says:

    I knew something was missing – where’s the Messi|Kun split screen? Did they learn their lesson last time around? :D

  76. jnelson says:

    Maxwell is killing us! how many times is he going to get beat?

  77. Corrine says:

    our defense has been incredible!

  78. Miguel says:

    aguero just swan laked busi…oh my

  79. Miguel says:

    what the fuck vicky the robot???

  80. Luna says:

    too freaking close!!!!

  81. lovelymofo says:

    D’oh! O_o

  82. Luna says:

    finally a freaking card

  83. Ahsan says:

    I missed the first goal, how was it?

  84. Corrine says:

    thank god atleti didn’t score there because that was a foul on titi :@

  85. Miguel says:

    dani’s all pumped!!! wooooh!!!

  86. Ahsan says:

    “It’s how to live, Phil, man!” Hahahaha. Classic.

  87. Miguel says:

    that was not a cool pass by the nasty!!! NO chyggy! NO!! that doesn’t happen in this house

  88. lovelymofo says:

    I think Titi needs to score before the end of the 1st half.

  89. vicsoc8 says:

    I’m glad Ibra scored, but even more glad that he is pressuring the ball.

  90. Ahsan says:

    That was the goal of the century. I’m not even fucking kidding.

  91. Miguel says:

    no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. jnelson says:

    ok thats a mistake from Txignasty

  93. Luna says:

    nice set up for that, nice finish!!!!

  94. gv says:

    keita gets a shot on target, and a goal! oh yeah!

  95. Miguel says:

    keita’s been playing way high. i’m talking front three vs inter high. so weird to see.

  96. jordi says:

    Ill jujst say- this half was for the haters

  97. lovelymofo says:

    Okay, I wanna see THAT goal in 390. Fantastic!

  98. Corrine says:

    nothing can go wrong with my day

  99. jnelson says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!! those were the most F’n awesome passes EVER

  100. lovelymofo says:

    I meant 360, clearly.

  101. Justin says:

    OMG This is beautiful. This is beautiful. OMG I can stay up till 9 am just watching this game. This is so beautiful.

    Ibra Magic, Messi Miracle, Keita-no-choice-but goal

  102. jnelson says:

    Messi is “this Archimedes of football”. haha rayray is foaming at the mouth

  103. OhYes says:

    are you kidding??

    look at that Ibra looked EFFORTLESS it looks aHHAHAHShd holy cow man how does that not break physics

    And did anyone catch that Xavi move like 3-4 minutes ago?

    this feels like 08-09

  104. Corrine says:

    ew what the fuck was that

  105. Luna says:

    ok that was not what i wanted

  106. Justin says:

    Jesus Christ I cannot contain myself. With all due respect to Eto’o's abilities but that was what Ibra offers to the table. He switches to the left wing and he has the capacity to play well there.

  107. Miguel says:

    uh oh…the nasty’s pace exposed. too happy to trip.

  108. OhYes says:

    lol Busi you so crazy

  109. Luna says:

    the back line there

  110. jnelson says:

    DAMN BUSI. u f’n suck. stop turning over the ball

  111. lovelymofo says:

    Well, can’t say that wasn’t coming. But still. This isn’t even our most offensive-minded line up. And its BEAUTIFUL.

  112. Justin says:

    What was the thing with Ibra and the ref just after the half?

  113. jordi says:

    Also how wasnt that a penalty on Ibra?

  114. Miguel says:

    pee break before the highlights!

  115. Jose says:

    Wow. Just Wow at all those goals. Unforgiving.

    And was that the first time we’ve conceded in Liga/CL/Copa?

    Silly mistake, and Valdes knows it.

  116. Reagan says:

    who’s got a good english stream?

  117. yogi says:

    brilliant half and shows how good we are playing. all of our front three are on fire today.

    cannot grudge goal to atletico. and chrygnasty was not slow but just that aguero had good start. they deserved the goal as they still try to play open. well, i guess thats the only way atletico can play. lol

  118. Luna says:

    I think Justin, he’s asking them the question Jordi is posing, how was that not a penalty????

  119. jnelson says:

    cant believe keita scored with his feet for once. im so pissed at Busi. i mean WTF? there was no one back there. Did anybody else notice him losing the ball a few other times this half?

  120. lovelymofo says:

    Is it terrible of me that I still wanna see Yaya and Iniesta subbed in? :D Some Pedro! would be good too.

  121. Henry says:

    Brilliant Half! Disappointed at Busi though..

  122. Justin says:

    Oh ok thanks :D


    just choose the ones from GolTV. You need TVU or sopcast, I think.

  123. Reagan says:

    good stream please.. the veetle stream freezes

  124. Justin says:

    I do not understand why but I’ve been trying to give away good links from myp2p but it won’t show in the comments section.

  125. Miguel says:

    fuck yeah caught the highlights…you know i didn’t see busi’s fumbling just chygnasty running back through the bottom of my beer bottle.

    ibra’s goal! so sick!

  126. gv says:

    look at what is aying now. ronnie thinking about retirement.


  127. yogi says:

    check out for streams. also the tvu streams usually work well.

  128. Ahsan says:

    Iniesta for Xavi in the second half. Maybe Marquez for Pique. Pedro for one of the front three? If yes, which one? Probably Henry or Messi, since Ibra needs all the time he can get.

  129. Justin says:

    attempt #3

    just connect the spaces

    http:// myp2p. eu/broadcast.php? matchid=49012&part=sports

    choose GolTV, you need a TVU player.

    • OhYes says:

      It’s the moderation system that keeps your post with links out ’til an Admin approves them..

      You can just pop two forward slashes before the http so it wont go into the moderation queue. Like so: //

  130. Miguel says:

    marquez is definitely coming in

  131. Jose15 says:

    I think it’s a good time to start the counter :)

    15 goals: 5 goals in Super Copa, 1 in UEFA Super Cup, 9 in La Liga (recent up to Atletico Madrid, half time)

  132. lovelymofo says:

    Pedro! for Titi, but only if Titi scores. Otherwise, I think Pep will leave him in the match.

  133. iBlau says:


  134. Miguel says:

    kick off bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. lovelymofo says:

    Who is playing down the middle? Henry?

  136. khairallah says:

    is busquets absolutely screwing us or what?

  137. Miguel says:

    ibra + henry switching it up on the left flank

  138. Miguel says:

    @ henry get up ya bum!

  139. lovelymofo says:

    Finally calling something. I worry about the team when we’re up like this, the Refs take pity on the losing team and allow for too many hacks.


  140. Miguel says:

    iniesta warming up @ waving to the fans as if he were a beauty queen in a parade on a float or something

  141. Spencer says:

    Shut the hell up Dani, you didn’t even get hit. You could have kept going.

  142. Corrine says:

    ibra’s goal!


  143. lovelymofo says:

    ARGH! So close.

  144. Ahsan says:


  145. Miguel says:

    messi you bum!!!!!

  146. Miguel says:

    shit i gotta pee again

  147. OhYes says:

    got back just in time to see that Messi play! So unlucky.. Iniesta warming up??

  148. iBlau says:

    Busquets needs to leave NOW

  149. Justin says:

    Just heard Phil saying Ibra and Nistelrooy are similar players. WTF?

  150. vicsoc8 says:

    lets see Iniesta in for Xavi and Marquez in for Pique

  151. Ahsan says:

    Come on Leo. Give up the ball. Three guys could’ve scored there.

  152. lovelymofo says:

    Messi shoulda passed to someone there. 5-1 easy.

  153. jnelson says:

    WTF! come on! moves like that deserve the penalty haha

  154. Justin says:

    How do you just defend Messi?

  155. Ahsan says:

    Who’s captain right now?

  156. Miguel says:

    chygnasty & aguero were line dancing there

  157. lovelymofo says:

    I can’t tell on this little screen, but I’m guessing Titi has got his frustrated face on.

  158. Justin says:

    Chiggy: Can I have your shirt?
    Aguero: You first!
    Chiggy: No you first!

  159. jnelson says:

    a YELLOW!? WHAT!!!???!!!

  160. Miguel says:

    marquez doing calisthenics!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. Justin says:

    Nice seeing Ibra and Henry having fun.

  162. Miguel says:

    aguero off??? hahahahahahahaha. you’re fired resino! no wonder atleti’s fans hate the club’s owners.

  163. jnelson says:

    Beautiful futbol. Txignasty with a PERFECT cross

  164. Luna says:

    Wow that should have been a goal by forlan

  165. lovelymofo says:

    Come ON! I want moar goals. No Atleti goals tho.

  166. Miguel says:

    that’s why we didn’t buy you motherfucker! sorry. these heineken’s are ice cold.

  167. OhYes says:

    Wow what a miss by Forlan!

  168. Miguel says:

    henry’s fallen & he can’t get up

  169. OhYes says:

    wuv you marquez

  170. jordi says:

    how can it be allowed for them to kick us without fouls being called

  171. Miguel says:

    fuck you forlan!!!!

  172. lovelymofo says:

    Damn. That was lazy. Why did Txigyrinsky pause?

  173. Corrine says:

    wtf sloppy and careless

  174. Spencer says:

    Puyol would NEVER let that happen.

  175. OhYes says:

    Damn that dude was basking in the sun completely alone..was hoping for a second miss

  176. Ahsan says:

    Haha well at least we know Henry can count in Spanish.

  177. Jose15 says:

    hahaha, ref got tripped :P

  178. lovelymofo says:

    HAHA. The ref fell. SUCKA.

  179. jnelson says:

    WTF we are sucking this half…everybody is being lazy

  180. jordi says:

    We shouldnt have conceded wither goal >:{

  181. OhYes says:

    I was hoping Henry would be the one to be subbed out..he’s getting beat up out there..not very nice

  182. Jose15 says:

    Not very happy with Txygnasty’s performance… It is just his first match, though.

  183. Luna says:

    too much sloppy play

  184. lovelymofo says:

    How many saves has Valdes Had to make. Like 2?

  185. jnelson says:

    When are we going to realize that if we don’t step back up our offense, they are going to keep scoring on our defense

  186. OhYes says:

    You’d think that with all of those defenders, someone would try very hard to not be sloppy and lazy!

  187. jordi says:


    Also evidently, maxwell and alves playing together with 2 slow defenders and busi is a BAD IDEA

  188. Luna says:

    that was a freakign red

  189. Jose15 says:

    Messi VISIBLY pissed off.

  190. OhYes says:

    Just a yellow? FUCK THAT! If that’s not a red i don’t know what that is…

  191. Jose15 says:

    SOBENSE. Don’t make Messi angry.

  192. jordi says:

    JAJAJA fuck you atleti

  193. Ahsan says:

    Messi’s finishing with 40 goals this season. No question. Esp. if he takes the penalties (which I think he will).

  194. iBlau says:

    They made Messi very angry & u don’t want Messi to be angry.

  195. OhYes says:

    TAKE IT! Take your yellow with a side of GOOOAAAL punk

  196. jnelson says:

    swift justice

  197. Jose15 says:

    Tooooooooooot el Camp…

  198. lovelymofo says:

    I like it when Messi gets pissed. This ref really did suck tho. Let Atleti kick the team around and didn’t call the obvious red.

  199. Corrine says:

    AMAZING team goal
    iniesta is baaaaaack tiki taka tiki taka

  200. ballbeav says:

    messi with the RIGHT foot!

  201. jnelson says:

    I’ve got to say…game sucked once Busi gave them their first goal, but I think Messi’s last goal will silence some critics.

  202. khairallah says:

    CHygrynsky is a tad too slow to play behind quite error prone busquets, If Busi keeps this shit up its gonna be worrying in the ACN.. Good Hustle by all the rest though, especially Messi, was all over the place even defending.. Congrats

    • OhYes says:

      He had quite a terrific game..I was also quite surprised to see Henry bring in the same level of play he gave last season. Honestly I thought he would start tapering off but today showed that’s not the case.

      • khairallah says:

        Yeah, i thought Henry might get a notch lower, but he seems keen on not letting that happen, he’s trying real hard and giving it his all, can’t wait till he scores and starts rolling again..

  203. Justin says:

    tot el camp *clap clap clap*

  204. lovelymofo says:

    Image of Messi after he scored the last goal:


    I’m hoping he was looking at the ref, he looks slightly disgusted.

  205. yogi says:

    excellent win. though i did feel that we took it easy in second half. messi was excellent. henry too who sadly missed on a goal.

  206. Kzevin says:

    Just started watching, and I have to ask if everyone is aware of how staggering that Ibra goal was? Holy crap, now we have three attackers who can conrrol and shoot in the same motion?

  207. Alexinho says:

    I want to keep this short. I thought Atleti played relatively well against us, exploiting the defensive pressing that we subject teams to, and keeping us away from the ball. As Hector would say, we’re crap without the ball. But as Kevin would say, if you attack us, we will kill you; it’s only a matter of time.

    I’m seeing a lot of Henry love here…that our front three is on fire…but frankly I’ve seen much better from him. His age really showed in this match. He got that early shot off, which probably sparked us for that second-minute goal, but though he got more time on the ball than usual most of the time he was getting manned by that young boy he was up against (fair or foul). Which brings up the question…is this the year you play him down the middle more? Can’t say he looked great in the middle but he looked much less frustrated.

    I can’t defend Keita this time, his giveaways, always from passes into space, came to be ridiculous. Great D for awhile, then petered out. Goal or not, he was culpable for much of the times when Atleti bossed things (and yes, Atleti did indeed boss some respectable stretches of the game). But as bad as he was, he wasn’t nearly as craptastic as Busquets, who simply did not look good enough for the team. Very disappointing. Both goals…the first certainly, and the second perhaps he should’ve been marking Forlan with the CBs wide…were partly his fault. Fantastic assist, though.

    Maxwell got better throughout the game, but he gives up corners too easily, and he’s far too prepared to backpass. Some of the sort of “you pull the strings” passes he made could’ve been dangerous. And boy did he ever get ripped apart in the first half.

    There’s something not quite right about the Txigi/Pique pairing. I don’t know exactly what it is. But Kun had quite a few half-chances, balls were coming over the top too much, and too many people were left onside. Txigi made some good passes, but if his job is to make the best defensive plays the most consistently, he did not do it. Pique was strong, however.

    Iniesta isn’t quite back yet. Last year he would’ve never let that dude jump over him to head for the second goal. Height is no excuse. But he will be fantastic, we’re all sure, and his offense was very gratifying.

    Alves was an absolute stud, offensively and defensively, just confident as hell (MOTM, just maybe). Ibra played his best game yet, what a beauty of a goal. Xavi played the part of the captain to excellence, never giving the ball up. Messi? Between scoring a goal, setting up one for Alves, and ripping that ass up for the fourth, was as good as we can expect (MOTM…just maybe). Though he really should’ve had another assist or two…really. Way too put the knife in the heart at the end, because if the game ended with Atleti at the end of the highlight reel, I don’t know. Too many questions about this game.

    Massive goals, outstanding. But Pep’s going to be on the team because the defending has been much, much better in the past. And the two goals were totally unnecessary, for me, quite soft. The scoreline didn’t tell the real story, I think, and the negatives outweigh the positives today.

    • Alexinho says:

      Did I say short? F me…

      • Kari says:

        I thought Keita had a good game. He got himself a goal (nice box breaking and run) and did what he always does; silently having a good game and letting the likes of Xavi and Messi the space to operate and do their thing. In fact, I’d say he’s like Gilberto Silva when he was on Arsenal; the “Invisible Wall”, the man that’s always there when you double up on Aguero and/or Forlan.

        Can’t say the same for Busi though. Ugh, he was killing me with some of the giveaways and overall sloppy play. It’s good that he played this game and (hopefully) played of his rust. Can you imagine seeing Busi’s play against Valencia or Inter (if he played)? With the pace they have, Eto’o and Villa’d have a field day!

        • Alexinho says:

          Busquets is definitely a worry. I wasn’t convinced when Kevin started saying it but this was just awful. He looked like he just got called up from the youth ranks. He has the talent…I would go far as to say that the pass he made for Ibra was better than any pass Xavi made all day…but he just has to do better.

          Invisible wall. Keita had some good defense at the beginning but I thought he lost the thread quickly. His through passes just killed me.

          In retrospect, maybe I should be more optimistic. If we have an “okay, not great, not quite good” day as far as total play goes and we still score five goals, others should worry (and they will). But those two concessions…could’ve been more…were dreadful.

          Oh, Atletico. We thrash you in our home and then…

  208. Tim says:

    I’d like a little overview of our strategies on goal kicks, because it seemed to me that the middle of the field in front of goal is quite open and as we saw today can easily be exploited if we do not win the header around midfield. Is it on the CBs to close down the center once the ball is away? Or was it on Busi for not closing down the center? I’m still trying to grasp everything that is going on within our system.

    • Alexinho says:

      I was wondering the same thing on that second goal. But overall, balls over the top really gave Kun(! Kun! Kun!) a lot of opportunities. Perhaps Txigi and Pique are a bit too like-for-like?

  209. fcbfan says:

    if I’m reading Sport correctly, seems like Guardiola was angry at how the team played. can understand given the 2 goals conceded and the sloppy 2nd half, but maybe playing Busquets with Maxwell and Txigrinski still adapting to the system wasn’t a good idea. Busi had better improved by the time ACN comes along

  210. Sumit says:

    Atletico are a special team. Even when they are 4 goals down, they will still have Aguero and Forlan up front. This means when ever there is a counter and one of either Aguero or Forlan gets the ball, it looks like they have a lot of space in the midfield. Add one more player like Maxi Rodriguez, or Simao to the middle and they have tonnes of space. This is the reason why Atletico Madrid and Barca games are spectacular and have lots of goals. I love these games. In practice though, most of the times they were not able to convert their opportunities and it took only a moment for the Barca players to form a 4 by 4 defensive wall, retrieve the ball, and get back to attacking.
    Now, I see that Sergi Busquets and Seydou Keita have come under some criticism for their display.
    Firstly, regarding Busquets, the holding midfielder role is very difficult, especially so in a tactical formation adopted by Barcelona. In my opinion he did very well. Considering he had players like Maxi, Simao, Forlan and Aguero hounding him.
    Regarding, Keita, he had a spectacular game. He was fouled a lot. Still he kept working till the end and made play after play.
    Regarding the goals conceded – from my experience as a holding midfielder and after watching the match: First goal: I believe Busquets intended for the ball to fall on the wing and not behind Chigrinsky as it did, the play and the intention was right, but the execution let him down.
    The second goal: It was a brilliant interception(nothing Iniesta could do about that), the ball went straight to Forlan in acres of space, and what do you expect form the golden boot winner from last year.

    • Alexinho says:

      Er. Well if you have playing experience than you have more than I have. But Maxi, Forlan, and Aguero shouldn’t be hounding Busquets, it should be Busquets hounding them. I’ll accept your calls on the goals, except that Iniesta could do nothing about the assist on the second. Come on, he looked like he was crossing his fingers for the whistle. All it took to keep that from happening was awareness.

      If I could watch the match again I might be open to re-evaluate Keita. Though Messi did the hard (and creative) work, Keita did get the fourth goal and two possessions on the buildup (pass to Ibra, goal), and I will say that he worked the whole 90 minutes. What stuck with me was those terrible passes, those moments when he miscommunicated (do I get the ball or does Henry get it…anyone remember that one? Then he threw up his arms), and seeing little else, save some good stops in the beginning (when Henry got owned, only for Keita to sweep it up and put it in the box for Ibra? Brilliant). If I watched again and only watched him, perhaps I’d get a different impression.

  211. Hector says:

    Yeah, Guardiola was not happy. Here are the cliff notes from the press conference:

    - He did not like the game at all. We did not control it.

    - There were many errors that took place when it came time to take decisions.

    - We ran too much and were too hasty in some actions.

    - Our lines were too far apart, leading to many counterattacking opportunities for Atletico.

    - We won on the basis of being direct and efficient but it could have gone either way. Settling on an up and down game is a tossup. We won today because we got “heads” but any other day we could have gotten “tails”.

    - We won because of our intensity but we have to learn to control that intensity because we rushed too many plays.

    - He praised the three forwards for their defensive work. “If we won, its thanks to them. Their defensive effort, especially Ibra and Titi, was barbarous (i.e. great)”.

    - He also had special words for Ibra: “Ibra’s movement was scandalously good but the team did not find him. However, this is a process and every game he and the team understand each other better.”

    Some of my takes:

    Regarding Keita, did you guys wonder where Maxi Rodriguez’s ghost was? He was in Keita’s pocket. That said, he needs to be more decisive in the possession game.

    Defensive Mid for us is such a vital and complicated position and we have a 21 year old kid playing it. Its very unforgiving.

    Our CB’s did not push up enough at all therefore leaving Busi on a bit of an island at times. Our whole backline gave away too many long balls instead of patiently building up play.

  212. Jim says:

    Great to read Pep’s analysis. He’s being a little hard on the team. They controlled the match throughout and only the defensive lapses brought Atletico back in.

    Some encouraging signs up front, none more so than the sight of Ibra pressing his socks off. Problem at the back is going to be resisting the urge to swap every game. The top teams all have a settled defence. I certainly don’t know what our best back four is yet.

    Can’t finish without a word about Xavi. We’re privileged to be watching the best midfielder in the world at his peak and its a blast :)


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