BFB Exclusive: Post Match Reactions

BFB has the privilege of bringing you a WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Pep Guardiola’s post match comments! We here at the BFB World Headquarters (a bunker, 20 floors below sea level) have been watching the proceedings since the The Robbery at the Anoeta and were able to gain access to Barça’s coach for a brief interview. Here are his stunning words:

Let me be clear on this, we’re talking about a fantastic team here. However, I don’t understand why Vitienes did what he did today in an evenly balanced game. It’s the referee’s job to make sure that both sides are treated equally so that the best side wins.

Sometimes, it’s disgusting to live in this world, but this is apparently our world. We’ll go to Barcelona filled with pride, but we have to make do without Milito, who didn’t do anything wrong, without Montoya, who didn’t do anything wrong.

The next match will not just be very difficult, but it will be more like ‘mission impossible’. We need an early goal to get back in the title race, but even if we manage to do that, they’ll just kill our chances again.

Saturday once again showed that you don’t stand a chance against Real Sociedad. RFEF doesn’t allow any team to really do something against them. I really don’t know what’s behind all this. Maybe it’s their ties with Gipuzkoa or maybe it’s because they just find Real Sociedad a sympathetic club. I’ve been wondering about this all my life and I’ll get an answer one day.

I don’t know why the referee called it offside. I just laughed and applauded his decision. That’s all I did. My career will probably be over if I tell him and RFEF how I feel about all this. I have only one question and that’s: ‘Why?’ We couldn’t lose this game with our tactical plan.

I hope for Martín [Lasarte] that he will finish 12th without any incident at one point. I’ve won two La Liga titles with teams other than Real Sociedad. We won those trophies with hard work, pride, effort and sweat. Lasarte is a great coach, but I’d be embarrassed if I’d finished 12 like that. If they finish 12th this year, it will be marred by the events at the Anoeta.

He deserves to finish 12th in normal fashion. You’d want him to achieve that, because he’s a great person and I have a lot of respect for him. I respect him as a coach and as a person and didn’t mean to disrespect him when I called him Martín instead of mister Lasarte.

The people of San Sebastian are honest and know perfectly well what happened here. It’s easy for them because they can hide, but I know that a lot of Basques won’t be proud of how they won this game.

It was our plan to go up 1-0, let them get level, and then score from a free kick when the opposition was getting frustrated. It was our plan to replace Messi with Deulofeu for the final 25 minutes of the game, but we had to change our plans because of the offside.


The man has a way with words, doesn’t he?

Original commentary here. Additional footage of what Pep did to our BFB interviewer’s purty noggin after he finished saying these words can be seen here.

And listen to me blathering on a podcast here:

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Finally a hero that calls Real Sociedad out for the cheaters they are. We’ve been taking it on the chin for years. Most people have forgotten the throw-in against Deportivo La Coruña in the 2005/2006 season that directly led to Sociedad’s goal five minutes later (it like totally changed the momentum of the match). Everybody in the stadium SAW that it had taken a deflection from ELUSTONDO and onto the sideline, but those CHEATS will never admit it.

    It’s high time that that the RFEF/FIATC Seguros match fixing corruption be exposed, and I’m glad it was our Pep that finally did it.

    1. Real Sociedad would NEVER have finished 14th that season without the REFS.

    2. We also need to remember that Real Sociedad were classlessly tapping up our youth players with their “Real Sociedad DNA”-talk in the media over the last few years.

  2. I think it is all a conspiracy by RFEF to ensure that Sociadad keep their longest unbeaten in liga record. This is a joke. And as barca, we ask why? por que?

  3. In other news, Ponchettino extends his contract. I hate how Espanyol play against us but i like the guy. I hope he gets to coach Argentina some day. He seems like their own pep.

  4. Real Madrid have asked UEFA to susepend 6 Barcelona players for unsporting behaviour during Wednesday’s CL game

    from barcastuff

    You could hardly make that suff up. If they suspend our players and we take equal measures for their player they will hardly have anybody left they can call up.

  5. “Real Madrid have asked UEFA to suspend 6 Barcelona players for unsporting behaviour during Wednesday’s CL game.”

    Can you imagine if we lost this charge?

    1. Thats not even possible.

      The EE are just desperate and these charges against us are just a last ditch effort to scramble for some honour in a week where their players and coach failed woefully in that department.

    2. If they would follow this line, than dive Maria would never be able to play a CL game again.

  6. Terrorists!

    So do you pronounce your name Cambron or Cambrón as in Cambroner?

    I’m so over Mourinho right now. Do we really have to put up with him for another year? Stupid Copa del Rey. I’m pretty sure FloFlo woulda canned his ass by now had Real not picked up some silver this year.

  7. I’ve been over Mourinho ever since he was the coach at Chelsea. If he died tomorrow I would ask my wife to bake a cake.

    Also disgusted with EE. They have the right to play however they want. When Holland played Spain last summer we knew it was ugly, but we also knew that our defense is so weak that we had to play defensively and borderline violently as a team to stand a chance.

    Hardly anyone whined about Spanish players going down easily or crowding the referee afterwards. Or about getting a red card. De Jong was widely condemned in Dutch media.

    All this whining is just a tactic from Mourinho to intimidate the refs into letting his side keep stomping on our feet. If anything Arbeloa and Marcelo should be suspended for an x amount of matches for violent conduct.

    I sincerely hope all our Barça players, or at least the Catalan ones, will resign from the national team. Ramos, Alonso and Casillas have a World Cup medal because of them. Barça does not deserve all the sh*t being thrown at us right now.

    Meanwhile Pep said yesterday that he will respond tomorrow on whether our players dived excessively or not…

    1. I was just dreaming that our players take stand that they quit national team if RM players are in it. 🙂 For a moment this felt good. On reflection, this is just preschool ground behavior. Just because Mou poisons everything he touches, i think our players have duty to not let that happen. If our players did take a radical stand, it will be victory to Mou and i never want to see that happen. So i hope our players rise above the poison that is Mourinho.

    2. Well, I sincerely hope that our Barcelona players remain on the national team… Xavi for instance has stated that not only does he want to play in Euro 2012, but even WC 2014. Iniesta now is the darling of Spanish stadiums most everywhere. They were able to mend their differences and play well in the recent qualifiers after the 5-0 and the resultant fights.

    3. Don’t remember where I read it, but I recall a comment that if Mourinho never accomplishes anything of worth at Real Madrid, the most he’d have done is create a riff in the Spanish national team. For that, the Portuguese man would be celebrated.

  8. They just have to throw Arbeloa out of the team, he is a thug of the highest order. Xabi and Iker are gentlemen, the jury is still out on Ramos, who seems to be very emotional, but not a cold blood c**** like Arbeloa.

    1. Or Catalunya should push for their own national team. If Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can have a national team, why can’t Catalunya?

    2. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are recognised as individual countries, and Catalonia is not.

      They do have a team – coached by Johan Cruyff since 2009 – but it plays friendlies only.

      As Catalonia is not a country, it’s not recognised by UEFA or FIFA.

  9. Agree on all points except our players winning the world cup for casillas, ramos and alonso.

    It was a collective effort.

    Like i said before the EE know that moumou’s gotten them in some deep sh/t this time around and since they are reluctant to reprimand moumou, they r doin all they can to appear like a united front even if it means getting their hands in the brown stuff.

  10. HAHA!

    Real Madrid have asked UEFA to susepend 6 Barcelona players for unsporting behaviour during Wednesday’s CL game #fcblive [catalunya radio]

    I dunno if its been covered in the earlier thread, but this deserves a post on its own!

    1. Holy s*** I swore! Please censor the comment! (via pep @ barcastuff)

      Also, De Bleeckere has been appointed the fall guy for the second leg.

      (DD-MM-YY) Games officiated:
      ’10-04-28 Barcelona – Internazionale (1 – 0)
      ’09-08-28 Barcelona – Shakhtar (1 – 0)
      ’06-10-18 Chelsea F.C. – Barcelona (1 – 0)
      ’05-10-18 Panathinaikos – Barcelona (0 – 0)
      ’04-02-26 Brøndby – Barcelona (0 – 1)
      ’02-12-11 Barcelona – Newcastle United (3 – 1)

      ’09-10-21 Real Madrid – AC Milan (2 – 3)
      ’09-03-10 Liverpool – Real Madrid (4 – 0)
      ’07-10-03 Lazio – Real Madrid (2 – 2)
      ’07-02-20 Real Madrid – Bayern Munich (3 – 2)
      ’05-11-23 Real Madrid – Lyon (1 – 1)

    2. Data via

      Come to think of it. I really am talking to myself, aren’t I?

  11. Barcelona have asked RFEF to suspend 6 Real Sociedad players for unsporting behaviour during Saturday’s La Liga game. #fcblive [catalunya radio]

  12. New report – At least 7 players would be accused by Madrid: Pinto Alves Pique Mascherano Busquets Pedro Messi. And possibly Keita too

    Okay, how likely is their claim to succeed? What have they got against Messi? Is there something illegal about making their ‘defense’ look like a bunch of clowns?

    1. There was this one moment when Ramos fouled him and he did go down and then touched him with his ellbow. That is the only thing I can think of.

  13. New report – At least 7 players would be accused by Madrid: Pinto Alves Pique Mascherano Busquets Pedro Messi. And possibly Keita too [rac1]

    Hah, Messi too, how convenient for them, Maybe they can find something against Iniesta too, You know, some mind games from outside

    1. Pique for stopping their attacks.

      Messi for making them look like amateurs which hurt EE’s Image.

      Keita for breaking up potential attacks.

    2. Are we sure of this, though?

      I am not one that feels comfortable wholesale calling another club (or its fans) awful things unless it’s absolutely obvious that an institutional decision has been made that is clearly hypocritical and morally incorrect. The first time I’ve called a RM on anything was for its hypocrisy in publicly accusing Barcelona of theatrics.

      If these allegations are true, if RM has seriously asked for 6 of our players to be suspended for acts that a good number of their players perpetrate weekly, then they are absolute trash. And any fans who support their actions are hypocrites of the highest order.

      But I would reserve judgment until we have more than twitter posts and Catalunyan radio to go on…

    3. That’s a valid point, Jose. I think a lot of us jumped the gun at the doping allegations, and we may be doing the same here. (note I say MAY).

      I don’t think official details can be released until a decision is made, but if they are in fact meeting tomorrow then we will know soon enough.

    4. I don’t have the time to rant about it though. 🙁

      There is so much hypocrisy and double standards I don’t even know where to start.

      I’d need to systematically point and call out each and every one of them.

      It seems like blatant violence is okay these days.

      I mean, sure, you can step on Villa and haul him off the ground like he’s a cheap diver. Sure, you can step on Messi’s ankle and rage at the ref afterwards. Sure you can step on Pedro! twice and no-one will talk about it — after all, he’s a diver after he got body-checked. Sure, you can foul and kick a team, and surround the ref after every call, because it gets you a Copa title and your manager is a genius. Sure you can go into a tackle studs up and high, and then claim moral indignation afterwards — all you have to do is take out a few frames and post it on your official website, and after all, he didn’t break his leg in the end.

      Oh, and it’s not like you have anyone on your team that embellishes — that’s because you need contact for you to make the most out of something.

      If I had the time, oh boy would I lay into those hypocrites.

  14. With this logic we can ask UEFA to suspend 10 of their players.

    Violence : Arbeloa,Ramos,Pepe,Marcelo,Xabi Alonso,Diarra,Adebayor,Marcelo.

    Diving : Di Maria.

    Raising his arms in frustration : TB.

    The only ones who will get away : Albiol and Casillas.

  15. My God this gets more rediculous with each passing day.

    Anyways, was thinking this morning. What do you guys think referees feel like when they are appointed to ref a Barca-Madrid game. Do they get excited about the appointemt or do they feel it will be the end of their careers especially now with Mou the coach of EE who always finds something to complain about with referees. I mean el clasico is the biggest match in club football and each and every mistake you make gets scrutinized.

    1. *My God this gets more rediculous with each passing day

      Meant the Madrid circus.

  16. To actually talk about Football for a change.

    How much do you think Diego Alves and Piatti will cost now that they’re going down.

    1. Alves: I’m guessing 10 to 15 million
      and for Piatti: I would be glad to dish out 17-19 million.
      And they’re going down:O

  17. Also, a friend just sent this to me. From EE’s official website:

    “Ramos and Benzema score for the Whites; the referee fails to award a penalty for a challenge on Kaka with a 1-2 score

    “Controversy ensued when Lanzaro clearly challenged Kaka late inside the box and no penalty was awarded (65′). Once again, referees made a mistake in detriment of Real Madrid in an effort that could have been decisive.”

    In the negatives. My respect for EE is in the negatives.

    1. New report – Madrid asks 2 games of suspension for Alves, Busquets and Pedro, and 1 for Valdes, Mascherano and Keita #fcblive [cat radio]

    2. The truly pathetic part is that after 3 matches on the pitch where they have pushed us, pulled us, kicked us, kneed us and stomped us at every opportunity they are now trying to do the same off of the pitch, whether it is by making false accusations or trying to get players suspended for diving.

      It will be tragic if we lose on Tuesday.

    3. My lord. They are playing the victim card on their official site. Official.


  18. Youre prob right.

    But you know what in times like this when teams are trying to ruffle us off the pitch (as if the hacking and stomping aint enough) its kinda reassuring that the new regime under Rosell really seems protective of our image.

    I mean i didnt even know we had a legal department till Rosell came along.
    This aint to say laporta was bad or anything, but he was a lil too laid back for me liking.

    1. Ex Madrid and Chelsea coach Hiddink has spoken out against Mourinho, saying that calling for a conspiracy was one insult too far and also that Pepe’s challenge was definitely a red card.

      I hope Van Bleeckere or whatever the dude’s name is will call a fair match. This is my biggest worry. Mourinho barking serves two purposes:

      1. referees will now want to prove that they don’t favor Barcelona
      2. diminishing all of Barça’s achievements

      I have often despised Mourinho but never realized how truly despicable he really is.

    2. A red card for an EE player is almost impossible in the upcoming match, but I think De Bleckeere will be professional and won’t favor a team, but he’ll wave away appeals of Busquets or Di Maria when they look like falling down easily.

  19. XavIniestAbidaLeo deleted my comment !

    I know it’s a double but still ! OUCH ! 🙁

  20. Ugh Mourinho. Hope UEFA won’t listen to all this crap. The more times a lie is repeated, the more likely it can become truth. That’s what Mourinho is playing right now. I can’t believe that a team as big as RM resorted to this tactic. Accept the loss and move on EE.

    1. The good thing is that He’s saying the UEFA is corrupt and favoring us, I don’t see how they’ll accept his demands after such an insult. 😀

  21. I hope they included Messi in the complaint list. Then at least the UEFA folks can have a hearty laugh before throwing it out of the window.

    RM is probably aiming for some kind of record for sorest losers in the history of CL. It’s one thing for fans of either team to be rabid in their devotion, but when the club as a whole stoops to such behavior, it’s a bit like burying your head in the sand and thinking it’s night. We can just laugh and send them on their way off the cliff.

    I hope Barca doesn’t respond to this pettiness.

    1. How could the Sorest Loser Award not have been on Mourinho & Madrid’s mantel yet? 😀

    2. Well you know, it’s just like how Messi broke his own record of 47 goals this year with 52 and counting. 😀 Mourinho might’ve already won the Sorest Loser Award, but that never stops the man from persistently trying to better his own record.

    3. Personal best, you’re right. It’s longevity that people like Mourinho aspire for when they’re already at the top. 🙂

  22. New report – At least 7 players would be accused by Madrid: Pinto Alves Pique Mascherano Busquets Pedro Messi. And possibly Keita too [rac1]

    Messi for making them look like amateurs which hurt EE’s Image.

  23. “A red card for an EE player is almost impossible in the upcoming match”

    yeah that is what i am thinking, so carvalho, marcelo and arbeloa will have carte blanche then.

    how DARE they complain about red cards since if anything they should have finished the last game with 8 players.

    1. On the contrary, I think Mourinho’s last rant damaged all his credibility. If I were a ref, I’d resent his cheap attempts at manipulation. If a player deserves a red, it’s highly likely the vision of Mou ranting in the press room will only encourage the ref, I mean, how much worse can the accusations get?

    2. Direct Red Cards are nearly impossible.

      The referee won’t be quick to dash out yellows since he knows the match will be tense and get tenser as the time goes which means they’ll have a 20 or 30 minute at the start of the match to enjoy the Kicking Fest.

      You’re not a referee, You’re a Barca fan. 😀

    3. And thank heavens for that. 😀

      Just saying referees won’t be going out of the way to prove they don’t favor Barca. They’ll just be going about their business the way they usually do because Mourinho is sure to rant & rave anyway, so who cares what he’s going to say.

    4. yes, Stark didn’t try to prove anything to the world, eventhough Moaninho was moaned and moaned about the referee before the game…

      even UEFA seems to have a sense of homour, by appointed Bleeckere, who’s on the UNICEF conspiracy-blacklist made by Mou… 😛

    1. Later, Marcelo stamped on Pedro Rodriguez’s leg and the whole world neglected that. No referee saw that and everyone thought it was yet another dive. The replays clearly show how Marcelo stepped over Pedro Rodriguez’s leg and it was definitely a red card.

      However, the media forgot about that incident as well and only remembered how Alves dived and the Barcelona players surrounding the referee was the reason why Pepe was shown a red card.

      There were other incidents which could have seen Pepe being booked but the referee didn’t book him. Marcelo could easily see a red card with an “off-the-ball” stamp on Pedro Rodriguez’s leg. Emanuel Adebayor also caught Sergio Busquets in the face but he was only shown a yellow card.

      What the football fans around the world forget are the decisions taken by the referee which were in favour of Barcelona because it’s a team that could reach the final of the UEFA Champions League and easily win it. However, the poor decisions taken by the referee against Barcelona were totally neglected.


    ‘….But never, ever, did anybody at Chelsea claim there was a conspiracy. You just don’t say things like that. The thought would not even enter my mind.

    ‘But Mourinho does, so he goes too far. I think when he looks back at the video, he should make his apologies. If he does not do that, he is deliberately trying to change the truth for his own sake.’

    If Dani Alves had had his leg on the grass, that leg would now have been ­broken.

    It was fantastic how Barcelona ­handled the situation. At one point in the match the entire Barca team just stood still in their own half, because 11 Madrid players were just defending in their own half. They did not want to play football. It was obvious this was Mourinho’s choice to play the game like this. Tough. Barcelona did not fall for the trap.’

    after Kenny Dalglish, now Guus Hiddink is a biased arrogant cule? 😛

  25. Off topic, but I thought this was hilarious:
    Arizmendi sporting a beard these days. Looks like a stretched version of Dante from Clerks. But with no spacial awareness.
    -LLL’s twitter

    Poor Team Dubai Getafe Burger King Boys.

    1. “Poor Team Dubai Getafe Burger King Boys”


      That is almost as sad as…..
      Team Qatar


  26. Diego makes a good point. Surely Piatti and Diego Alves won’t stay at Almeria in the Segunda, would they? If they sell both Piatti and Alves for They’re both genuinely classy players. I guess Almeria’s relegation would mean they’d be sold far below their real value though…

    I hope Valencia gets Alves atleast, their goalie hasn’t impressed me and they need a better defense to be a power in Europe again. As for Piatti, I hope some other good Spanish side get him too, which good side in Spain needs an AM/second striker type though? Villareal are stacked in attacking midfield, and Sevilla have the likes of Perotti, Navas and Capel already right? With Forlan leaving and Atletico being rather awful in the centre with their threats from midfield only really coming from the wings, maybe Atletico?

    Or maybe just Valencia could get him too lol, they’re my second-favorite side. When I first started watching in 2006/07 Barcelona was my favorite side, and the Man United side with Ronaldo and Rooney as well as Valencia with Villa were my second favorite sides, but I’ve found Man Utd and the EPL rather boring since around early 2009 or so (Barcelona being amazing raising my standards + United getting much less fun to watch after Ronaldo and Tevez left and the likes of Anderson who was good in 07/08 regressed + the EPL as a whole seeming more boring to me).

  27. think about it this way. If Pep and Mou switched places, Real would by far be the better team. Pep would harness their full potential, having a front line of Ronaldo-Higuain-Di Maria and a midfield of Kaka-Alonso-Ozil. He would have that attacking flair and let the players play their style, and add pressuring, teamwork, and chemistry to this team. Mou, on the other hand, would spoil Barca.

    interesting quote from a reader on TotalBarça… I’m imagining what happen to Barça and EE if Mou and Pep switched places… 😯

    1. Nahhh Barça would still be better. But I don’t think our players would like Mourinho all that much. There has been bad blood ever since the Chelsea wars.

    2. Here’s how I see it, and trying to do so without any bias:

      Barca coached by Pep > Real coached by Pep (with an attacking line-up, pressing and creativity) > Real coached by Mourinho > Barca coached by Mourinho (if he plays our less creative players).

      Why? Cos I think Xavi-Iniesta-Messi and co have more individual quality and quality as a unit than Real’s attacking players, who I think would do a better job than Real’s fully defensive line-up, who I think are better defensively than a line-up made out of the more defensive Barca players sitting back would be.

    3. Idk dude. It remains to be seen how good a coach Pep would be outside of Barcelona. He is basically coaching / extending on the Masía style, a way of playing that he has been schooled in since he was a child AND most of his players have been schooled in also. Really hard to tell how he would fare elsewhere. In fact, part of the reason I want him to stay with us is because I cannot imagine Pep coaching against us.

  28. So the Guardian reports that EE have asked for Dani Alves, Busi and Pedro to be banned for 2 matches and Victor Valdes, Mascherano and Keita to be banned for 1 match. They always want action taken against Pep since the players acted according to his instructions.

    Ok. So, when we won the treble Madrid spent 100s of millions of euros on new players. Did not work. Then they hired Mourinho and sold whatever was left of their miserable little soul. Now that does not seem to work they try to get our players banned. Smacks of a desperation move to me. How low can they sink?

    Ronaldo 80 million
    Benzema 25 million
    Xabi Alonso 35 million
    Angel Di Marika 25 million
    Mourinho ?? million

    25% possession in the Bernabeu? PRICELESS!!!

    1. Florentino Perez must be heartbroken. He had him in mind as Mourinho’s successor.

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