Our Sympathies to Montoya and Milito and Congrats Sociedad Minus T*mudo

The day I congratulate Senor Squirrel Face is the day Di Maria stops diving.

So, we lost. Away from home as well. The first time since…uh. Wait a second, please. *quickly cyber-runs to OptaJose on Twitter* Le gasp! They don’t have it! Well, that tells you something.

Anyways, the more telling statistic is from MisterChip and it’s that Puyi hasn’t played in all 6 of our losses this season. Clearly we’ve been missing th–well darn, they removed the .GIF! “They” being UNICEF and UEFA of course. Because we all know showing Puyi chewing out Pique is a determent to the cosmic balance of the world. Think of the children!

Sarcasm aside, the more important piece of news, in case you missed the match, is our young right-back Martin Montoya breaking his right collerbone, putting him on the sidelines for 4-6 weeks [barcastuff], and was subbed after just 12 minutes –although, to be fair, 12 minutes is plenty of rest for Dani. No prizes on who tackled Montoya from behind, facilitating the injury. [IT WAS TAMUDO].

Get well soon, Monti!

Gaby Milito has torn his right hamstring and further tests will be tomorrow [fcbarcelona_cat]. He is the Jeffren of our backline it seems. Sigh.

Speaking of Jeffren, two injuries and he wasn’t one of them! I knew it — it was the hair gel after all! He played a pretty decent game today, and while he wasn’t brilliant (shot straight at the ‘keeper after a good Messi run), he was certainly trying hard and had some good touches, evidenced by this 101greatgoalsvideo via barcastuff.

—Congrats to Real Sociedad for their win. Maybe it’s the solidarity we seem to always have with Basque teams, but I quite like them and they weren’t afraid to attack us at home (Ahem). Griezmann looks like he’ll be something big, and this goal celebration was so awesome!

–According to Messistats on Twitter, the defeat today was only our 17th defeat (in 177 official games) since Guardiola became coach! Think about that for a second. And most of those were at the end of the season when we fielded youngsters and stuff.


— Wednesday’s game was the first time in the history of the sport a team had embellished. Apparently. One team was so morally superior they even launched a formal complaint! And this obviously has never, ever, ever happened in the EPL.


Let’s end that fallacy right now, shall we?

You’re welcome. (Credit jamiep73)

And if you’re bored like I am and have absolutely nothing to do on a Saturday evening, you can listen to The Guardian’s podcast and Beyond the Pitch‘s podcast with Sid Lowe. If you haven’t bookmarked the latter, do so. Great stuff. Brilliant. Fantastic. Quite a good listen. Cherrio.

Okay, I’m done.

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. This defeat also ends a 7 month unbeaten run in La Liga (according to the official website).

    Also, I found that video funny. Even though it’s old. #slowevening

  2. Not too bothered with the loss. I said La Real were dangerous before the match started. Shame we kind of gifted them a goal, though.

    Disappointed our away unbeaten run is over and I kind of wanted to crack 100 points this season. I think we can still get to 100, but we have to win the rest of our matches.

    Shame Montoya got hurt like that. He must be cursing his luck. Also, shame Deulofeu didn’t get a chance to feature. On the bright side, I think he’ll surely take part in the preseason with the first team. He’s obviously in Pep’s thoughts, and although he won’t make the first team for at least a couple of years, he’ll be part of preseason like Muniesa was after Pep called him up in 08/09.

    On the match Tuesday: I’ve listened to a fair share of podcasts, read plenty of comments and I’m bothered by the fact everyone seems to be writing Madrid off. One guy said “I wouldn’t put pennies on Madrid advancing”. Even Graham Hunter said “the tie is over.”


    An early goal and Madrid are back in it, the fans will be nervous, and the players might be too. 0-2 is a great scoreline to take back to our house, but come on, Madrid have the players that are capable of scoring. I know we are favorites and we’ll probably score too if they play a more open game (as they should), but people are acting as if we’re facing Schalke. Great thing about Pep is, I know he’ll have the players on their toes. Same with Puyol. Can’t be complacent at this stage.

    1. Also feel sorry for Gabi. Talk about going from an extreme high to an extreme low. That may be the last time we seen him in the Blaugrana. Kind of sad if you think about it. Mentally, he must be one tough S.O.B. though.

    2. After what Gabi did during the melee in the RM match, I have newfound (or rediscovered) love for him. I know he will be leaving this summer, but I just realized what an impact that will have on the team. He is one of Messi’s best friends, someone the other players confide in and lean on for support, and Bojan especially has said Gaby has been a rock for him while he has been struggling to find his form.

    3. Yes, Barcelona is formidable at home, but by no means invincible. I mean, different circumstances and all that, but Hercules did beat us 2-0 at home. Dangerous to write off Real Madrid just yet.

    4. Silly Jnice and fcbfandrivel, we have Pep and Puyi to make sure we’re not complacent. And if all else fails, UEFA will bail us out. 😉

      On a more serious note, I think the tie is over-ish. One early goal from EE, yeah, but they don’t have Pepe to stalk/kick Xavi and Messi, and Ramos to also kick/kick Messi. Lass could be a problem though (how in the flip did he not get a single yellow? Persistent fouling anyone?).

      Here’s hoping Iniesta will be back. I have a sneaking suspection/hope that Abi might be back for the Cl final. I mean, he missed it last year and he’s already doing ball work…

      What? It could happen!

  3. Hey Jnice could you recommend me a podcast on La Liga? I follow Revista de la liga and Football weekly.

    1. La Liga specifically? Um, there’s Forza Futbol, but honestly, the hosts of the show are quite poor, IMO. They get some good guests sometimes, so it may be worth listening to depending on who the guest is.

      Beyond the Pitch isn’t La Liga specific, but they have guys like Sid Lowe on to talk about Spanish football all the time. Matter of fact, I’ve just refreshed their podcast and their latest guest is none other than Sid. 35 minutes too.

      Off the Ball Football Show- general, but they have guests like Graham Hunter and Sid, etc.

      -SBS the World Game and their UEFA podcast-Guests that talk about La Liga.

      -ESPNsoccernet Press Pass-They talk about La Liga almost everyday.

      5 Live’s World Football Phone-in-Best football podcast out there. Not really La Liga specific, but they have Andy Brassell on every other week and he answers questions on La Liga and what not. But Tim Vickery, the South American correspondent makes the show brilliant. He’s the best there is. Knows everything about South American football and Brazilian football especially. That’s where I get my info on Keirrison, Neymar, etc.

      -Football Ramble- They touch on La Liga too. Great podcast in general.

      Gib Football Show-They talk about La Liga during the show.

      Soccer Report Extra-Same as the others.

    2. Just saw Kari already recommended the Beyond the Pitch podcast with Sid. I swear I didn’t see it there when I originally read the article. Apologies.

  4. poor Milito and Montoya… 🙁

    full credit for Real Sociedad…

    really dissappointed we lost, because if we won, we only need 1 point more to celebrate La Liga title at Camp Nou, after the game against our eternal rival, Espanyol…

    but if EE draw/lose against Sevilla, and we win, La Liga title is officially ours next week… 😀

  5. Has anyone read this article by Kenny Dalglish?


    It’s a very calm, rational explanation of why Mourinho’s post-match rant was basically nonsense, and I particularly liked this bit:

    But what separated this from previous Mourinho rants was his attempt to demean Barcelona’s success in recent years. What was a particularly huge disappointment for me was for a successful and capable manager like Mourinho to question the credibility of Barcelona’s trophies, particularly his claim he would be ‘ashamed’ to have won the Champions League as they did in 2009 because of refereeing decisions they got at Chelsea.

    I don’t think that is one of Jose’s strongest arguments – and that is putting it mildly. A club with the stature of Barcelona, with a man of Guardiola’s dignity, and who once worked with Mourinho at Barcelona, deserve much better than that.

    1. The reason Barca have been so successful is because of the quality and ability they possess, nothing else. Pepe’s sending-off might have been debatable to some, but others would say he deserved to go for a high tackle. It didn’t smack of a conspiracy from the German referee.

      I love King Kenny!!!!

    2. I have to pinch myself every time I remember he’s Liverpool’s manager instead of Hodgson. All this whining from the EPL about how you never see diving in their beautiful/fair-minded league, it’s nice to see someone of his stature speaking up this way.

    3. I can’t help but like him too (and not just from reading this article or anything he said), and I’ve liked Liverpool a lot since he came too.

    4. Liverpool’s improved so much since his arrival (and since the transfers of Suarez and Carroll) it’s kind of astonishing. And from what I can tell, Dalglish has been utter class in his comments in the press–not just in connection with Barcelona, but in general.

  6. Did anyone mention that Borussia Dortmund won the German title last night?

    They do have a really great team, I hope they don’t sell much players. They have some fantastic players, especially their two centre-backs, central midfielder Nuri Sahin and also Kagawa. Would love to see how they do in the CL next season.

    1. Don’t really follow the Bundesliga, but they do seem to have a great team. Here’s hoping they can keep it together for next season–although why those players would want to leave after this accomplishment is beyond me.

    2. Jürgen Klopp is my favourite Bundesliga manager – so happy that he won. He has great empathy with his players and a fantastic attitude. We follow Bundesliga in our house because one of us is German! 🙂

  7. Appreciate it the recommendations Jnice, forgot to mention 5 Live’s World Football is a favorite. Like hearing from Sid Lowe, Graham Hunter and Ballague they seem the most knowledgeable on La Liga.

    I wish somebody would shine light on the situation last year with Yaya Toure being left out the line up. Remember hearing from Graham on Revista how he was unfairly forced out cause of Pep’s preference for Busquet’s than later heard reports on Pep cutting his holiday time to persuade Yaya to stay?

    It was odd that he hardly got any mention considering how big of a player he was during Rijkaards final season and Peps treble winning season.

    I was a fan of his when he was at Barca and would liked for somebody to expand on that.

    1. unfairly forced out

      Well, that’s a matter of perspective, isn’t it? He was never forced out. He wasn’t getting as much playing time as he wanted and asked to leave.

      Pep did prefer Busquets as a starter in a lot of games, and if you watch him playing you can see why. Busi is a very intelligent player who knows the Barca system inside out. He fits in seamlessly with Xavi and Iniesta. Yaya was/is also a terrific player, but he has different skills than Busquets. Ultimately, Yaya wasn;t happy not being an absolute starter, and he had a great offer from Citeh where he would get to play with his brother, so he took it.

    2. Yaya wanted to leave cos he wasn’t a starter and he said he was too competitive a player to not play week in week out. He did say afterwards though that he loved Barcelona, everything was fine with Pep, and that he would love to come back to Barcelona later on in his career but for now he was fighting fit and didn’t want to not play regularly because of a good player like Busquets being in the same role.

    3. Yaya’s departure gave room for Thiago’s promotion, because we really need an attacking midfield at times. Yaya provided that, and was dynamic support for some of Messi’s faster goals. Yaya’s ability to bully his way up the field and then lay off the assist for Messi to score was a thing of beauty. He even scored some great goals. I watch him at City and wish nothing but the best for him. It would be great to see him back at Barca one day, doing a kind-of Henry swansong role.

  8. I thought Pinto was too blame last night for his poor distribution that cause panic among the players. A goal keeper is really important to give confidence to the whole team.
    Last night for example even when Xavi, Milito and Alves were marked with their backs against the Real players, he kept on passing creating un certainty.
    And in the play leading up to the goal, it was solely his fault for not playing out the ball.
    The purpose of drawing the opposition to the goal is to create space in the middle but instead he passed around in our area which already was congested.

    Who did you guys think would’ve come on last night? I thought it was Gerard but later on Sergi Roberto joined him in the warm up.

    1. yes, it was a poor distribution from Pinto…

      and he really should’ve save that penalty…

      I watched the match with 2 other people, and they said the defense line was kind of mess and shaky after Pique left the field…

    2. Pep should’ve moved Fontas back to CB and try Affelay out at LB.
      Two DM’s at CB is just asking for trouble.

    3. Not sure Pinto deserves the whole blame. I think he was in a situation where he should have just cleared it up the park but he has been criticised for doing that rather than playing the ball out so maybe he had been told to improve on that.

      However, given that a clearance might have been better, he did get the ball to Mascherano who had decent possession and could have cleared it if he wanted (or even just played it out). He chose a risky pass up the line which was intercepted and then made the poor challenge which cost the penalty so there has to be a sharing of any blame which might be going about, imo.

      With regard to the penalty I always find it difficult to say that a keeper should have saved one. If he guesses right he has a chance but sometimes if you’re going the wrong way a ball can pass quite close to you and you just don’t have a chance to stop it.

      I agree that the defence lost its shape when Pique left – a change too far possibly. I didn’t see the urgency in getting him off before others unless it was just the fact that he is all that remains standing at CB atm.

    4. Jim: from memory, I thought that Pinto passed out to Xavi who then did an unthinkable pass sideways and backwards to Mascherano who was hemmed in the corner by several (well, as least 2) Sociedad players. I couldn’t understand that 2nd pass to Masch. Really do hate it when our boys play with the ball like that, down the back.

    5. No, Nzm, it went back to Pinto after that, who played another ball out to Masch who lost it. Watching it again there was no real need for the challenge either. The forward had taken another ( not very good ) touch towards the middle to improve the angle giving Masch more time to make that challenge.

    6. I still can’t understand why anyone would pass out to Masch in that situation though!

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  10. How much must our defeat yesterday have exasperated EE! They lose at home & to wind them up even more we lose away! Before yesterday we needed 7 points from 5 games & now we need 4 points from 4. Perfect.

  11. Why, Why, Why, Why did we lose yesterday
    Why didnt the RFEF jump to our rescue
    We should lodge a complaint against Sociedad for applying too much pressure all over the pitch on us, and because their fans kept cheering them all match long.

    This was the Mourinho inside me talking, but the real me is saying:


  12. Just for the fun of it.


    Di Maria is too annoying, I watched the last 30 minutes of the Zargoza game and I got sick, They call us divers and cheaters ?

    People who say Pepe didn’t deserve the red card because he didn’t touch Dani, Are we rewarding him because he tried and failed ? Look at the move itself, Dani must get his leg broken so that Pepe can get sent off, Dani is lucky there wasn’t much contact.

  13. kariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    please help me with this is Barcelona still paying Riola and are we the only team who have done this before? i mean paying a player’s agent after he left the club? i need it urgently for a cule argument!

    1. Ibra hasn’t left the club – he’s on loan to Milan. Therefore, Raiola is probably still being paid fees by Barca. Damnit.

  14. CULE’S help me achieve my course

    the former cannot be 4 in and the latter is reluctant to write now a days…LOL

    any seconder?

    1. Isn’t he busy these days or sthin? The posters here have lives and jobs/college outside of BFB too.

  15. Haha, Frank De Bleeckere has been appointed as the 2nd leg referee. Expect Mou to go medieval about it!

    Also, Marca apparently claims Dani Alves might get a 2 games suspension for playacting tomorrow.

    1. That would be downright stupid from Uefa. They would open a can of worms. Must Livepool give back their CL title which was won due to a dive from Gerrard. Can dive Maria ever play again then?

    2. That’s bad for us too isn’t it? I would think he’d be reluctant to send off a Madrid player considering he’d know the aftermath of the red card last season… and probably more willing to book our players for simulation, which might do us harm even if we do stop diving cos he might look at us tripping over or the like as exaggeration or simulation?

    3. I believe the whole Motta red card is exaggerated. Motta did hit Busquets in the face, and he was already on a yellow card. The hit wasn’t really hard, but did warrant a yellow IMHO. Which would’ve been his second yellow.

    4. Yeah I know. But my point was that the ref might be reluctant now, since Busquets’ peeking is the bit that stays in the memory. Not that he’ll think he gave away an unfair card then, but that he’ll probably have come away assuming that anything from our players is an exaggeration, or being unwilling to hand out a red card after the controversy the last one caused.

  16. Arsenal-Manchester United:

    Arsenal playing phantastic and wasting chances, a clear penalty for Arsenal not given, Manchester United playing very badly. but just know it will end in tears for Arsenal when they will lose 0:1 due to a goal after a corner.

    1. Yeah I know lol. I want United to slip up enough to be needing to focus on each league game up to the last one, assuming we make the final, so that they won’t get a chance to rest and be super fresh. But I also don’t want them to lose the title and Chelsea to win.

      Btw, United didn’t get that handball awarded against them cos they are also co-signers in the UEFA Agreement with us LOL.

  17. Mm… so after what seems like forever, Arsenal finally beat ManU to re-open the title race.

    Not that I even remotely care who wins the PL, but the more pressure on ManU through the rest of the season, the better.

    We just have to finish the job on Tuesday.

  18. Arsenal FINALLY manage to get a win.

    Now Chelsea are only three points behind and meet next. GD identical. If Chelsea win that game and they get equal results in the remaining games Chelsea could actually even WIN the title!

    I hope the next game is a draw, so that United can nick the title but would have to do so while fighting to the last day.

  19. barcastuff:

    All teams who played CL last week (Schalke, Man United, Madrid, Barcelona) lost their league game this weekend. #fcblive [via @caesaayunda]

    I smell a conspiracy! 😛

    1. It’s that dastardly UNICEF. The kids that lined up with the players before the game all had a secret Loser Virus that they passed on to the players that has a dormancy period of ninety minutes and lasts three to four days.

      Sadly, Mourinho got an extra strong dose.

  20. Watched the arsenal game and was really impressed by Ramsey and Wilshire. I see their team and if they can indeed add two or three world class players, they have the potential to be one of the top 5 teams in Europe, which they are not currently.

    As for our match yesterday, Sociadad wanted it much more then we did and the result shows. Now its waiting for Tuesday. I also think that it is a tough match and first goal in that match is going to be so crucial.

  21. No worries, people. There is no malware on BFB.

    Kxevin was stolen from the confines of his house by flying monkeys and is stuck in the wilderness somewhere, thus unable to get internet access. As a result, there won’t be a review from the Kxevmeister today.

    Not that it matters, The Big One is on Tuesday — this was just the calm before the hurricane anyway.

    1. i will SUE him for not doing the review and you?
      WE WANT OUR NAME BACK! or else…

  22. http://www.football365.com/story/0,17033,13320_6907775,00.html

    An excerpt:

    To support this thesis, consider Jose Mourinho’s post-match diatribe. Did he rail against the collapsible Alves, Pedro and Busquets? Did he call them cheats? No. He directed his tirade at a number of referees who were not involved in the game, supposedly part of a football hierarchy bent on helping the Catalans to become Europe’s top side.

    Doubtless, in private, Mourinho and his squad will have recognised that Barcelona’s play-acting was a direct response to his own side’s efforts to influence the ref and the game. In the Copa Del Rey final last week, a lenient ref allowed an overly aggressive and physically cynical Real side to throttle Barcelona. Anyone who watched the game will surely have noted how every single decision, no matter how small, was contested vigorously by ‘outraged’ Real personnel. Unsurprisingly on Wednesday, Barcelona attempted to redress the balance – to make sure that every foul by the roughhousing Madrid was brought to the ref’s attention with some eye-catching theatrics and the protestations of outraged player delegations. Barcelona had learned their cup final lesson well.


    ‘At one point in the match the entire Barca team just stood still in their own half, because 11 Madrid players were just defending in their own half. They did not want to play football. It was obvious this was Mourinho’s choice to play the game like this. Tough. Barcelona did not fall for the trap.’

    1. I was just coming here to post the same thing:

      There are myriad moments from Messi which you’d like to pass on to the next generation. But Mourinho? Well, try sitting your kids down in front of one of his whingeing, bitching press conferences, and explain that this is all about ‘subtle mind games’ and see how long they’ll stay interested.

    2. “Mourinho’s vision of football is unremittingly grim and almost completely cynical. In his eyes there is no petty advantage too small not to be zealously sought for, no trick too mean to be ruled out, no joy to be had out of the game apart from a winning result. His monomaniacal pragmatism makes him the footballing equivalent of Dickens’s obsessively utilitarian schoolteacher Thomas Gradgrind in Hard Times. He is Don Revie with a foreign accent.”

    3. “It was fitting that Wednesday’s coup de grace was provided by Messi. On a nasty night, he reminded all of us why we still give allegiance to this often frustrating game. Because the little Argentinian’s run right through the heart of the Real Madrid defence embodied the spirit of football at its best. There is probably no other player on the planet who’d have been able to score that goal. It had nothing to do with tactics or planning.


      Because in the words of John Keats, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty — that is all/Ye know on Earth and all ye need to know.” And Messi is always on the side of beauty.

      It’s the only side to be on.”

    4. -Nice find.

      Seeing the miserable set of the man, after he’d been sent from the dugout for protesting against Pepe’s sending off, you were reminded of mugshots of Hollywood stars booked on drink driving charges.

    1. I missed the first half. Had to keep from strangling sister-in-law while giving her a ride to middle of nowhere. I caught a replay of the Pedro Ríos goal. Pretty sick.

    2. Getafe is wasting as much as time as possible. They will be happy to come out with a point.

    3. That didn´t work out very well for them, did it?

      Uy! Arizmendi just offside.

  23. What a beautiful cutback by Marco Rubén! Rossi´s been threatening all half. Well placed header.

  24. Villarreal play nice football but they give the ball away way too cheaply.

    1. They¨re definitely not as determined to win the ball back, as Barça is, when they do lose it.

      Team Dubai is on the edge of relegation. I feel bad for the Burger King Boys.

    2. Come on. They are just the 2nd team of the EE, where they can park some of their players. If they should go down, I am sure Lucho won’t go there.

  25. Patrick Collins on Mourinho:

    For the worst part of an hour and a half, the sad old game was trapped in the gutter.

    The pitch was awash with cheats; tumbling unbidden, seeking trivial advantage.

    The dugouts were swarming with quarrelsome clowns; jabbing, jostling and squealing peevish protests. And there, in the centre of it all, sat Jose Mourinho.

    He was perched on the naughty seat a few yards from the touchline, offering his modishly stubbled profile to the stadium cameras and scribbling trite notes for scampering lackeys.

    As he choreographed the prevailing anarchy, he was the happiest man you ever saw.


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