Sociedad – Barcelona Liveblog

It’s going to be interesting today with Fontas starting at left back, Montoya at right back, and Thiago in the midfield. Despite the talk that Messi might sit this one out there he is in the starting lineup. The full lineup is as follows:


Montoya Pique Milito Fontas

Xavi Keita Thiago

Afellay Messi Jeffren

Bench: Valdes, Alves, Mascherano, Busquets, Sergi Roberto,Villa, Deulofeu




  1. Go Team Unicef!!! Reposting:

    The UNICEF/UEFA Song

    (to the tune of the Stonecutters Song from The Simpsons)

    Who controls the Champions crown?
    Who keeps Jose Mourinho down?
    We do, we do.
    Who keeps the refs under their sway?
    Who serves Barca every day?
    We do, we do.
    Who holds back Real Madrid?
    Who foils their every penalty bid?
    We do, we do.
    Who robs the Special One of his rights?
    Who rigs every trophy night?
    We do, we doooooo!!!!

  2. Madrid players fall over the place at Zaragoza’s penalty box. And they DID NOT get a single penalty! UEFA what have you done!

  3. haha, well done Mourinho 😀

    2 home losses aginst 17th and 15th placed teams in la Liga, welcome Mr. Special One !!!

  4. At the end of the Madrid Zaragoza match, Zaragoza could not even confidently close down Di Maria because every time he made a run at the end of a match and a defender approached him he took a dive.

    The impact he had on the end of that match through his blatant diving and cheating was enormous.

    He generated at least 3 extremely chances purely on dives.

    And he has done this all season.

    Before – you look at it and just shake your head. So what. It happens. Move on.

    But after the unbelievable moral grandstanding from Madrid about how diving is the single worst thing possible in the world – worse than physically hitting someone in the face – Di Maria’s act was truly nauseating.

    The hypocrisy, double standards and cognitive dissonance on the Madrid side is shocking.

    How can they possible watch that guy play after all of the ink spilled this week and discussions of “cheating.”

    1. Exactly. We’re not talking about the fans anymore. Every club will have fans that are blind to their own team’s faults.

      But Barcelona (and hell, almost any club in the world) has never claimed the moral high ground on diving. The Evil Empire has filed an official complaint on the disgrace of diving. They, as a club and institution, are hypocrites. Simply no room for argument.

    2. Euler and Jose…well said! I couldn’t agree more.
      On certain EE blogs they raved on and on about Alves, Pedro, and Busquets diving and would not even truly acknowledge DiMaria’s oscar worthy performances through out the game. Their justification is that of a 5 year old. “what Barcelona did was worse than what our players have ever done”.
      I’m not sure whether to laugh or pity the Madridistas blindness or failure to accept the truth. They are sore losers in my book.

      Karma will bite them in the *** though, I’m hopeful of that 🙂

    3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: When the dust settles, and history looks back on the events of the last three days, it’ll be a sad day to be a person connected to EE.

  5. 2-1 FT

    Some perspective. Loss sucks, but we still win the day. The EE loss is much more important than ours. Our remaining games:

    May 8 Barcelona v Espanyol
    May 11 Levante v Barcelona
    May 15 Barcelona v Deportivo La Coruña
    May 22 Málaga v Barcelona

    We need to get four points from those matches, and we’re officially champions. We’re fine.

    1. Seriously? He had a mostly good game. His defenders let him down on the first, and he was this close to saving the penalty. I have no problems with Pinto in this game.

    2. He’s not bad. He’s actually very good..the problem is he’s bad with the ball at his feet(sometimes). You can’t put all the blame on the goal keeper. Sometimes its the defenders fault and sometimes its just the other team did a better job. Real Sociedad played very well and deserved the win.

    3. are you kidding??? Anyone can have a bad day but Pinto is a great keeper. Did you see Iker today? He was way worse.

  6. I can’t be mad after a Barça game but the boys had a golden opportunity at wrapping up the league, not that it’ll make a difference in the grand scheme of things. It would’ve been great going into Tuesday’s game with a win, though.

    1. In a way, its a blessing in disguise–far better not to go into Tuesday’s league with an air of smugness that would fuel the fire. And our disallowed Milito goal takes some air out of the tires of Mou’s referee bias claims. We played a lax game, which was the right thing to do, given the schedule. Sociedad played well and deserved the win. I think right now everything is as it should be.

  7. Congrats Sociedad! Earned the win. They wanted it more. I quite like them. 🙂

    I liked what we got from this game, particularly from the youngsters. Fontas, in particular, was great. Thiago drifted in and out, but it was a lovely finish for the goal.

    A 🙁 for Montoya. Broken clavicle it looks like.

    Every game we’re a step closer to the league, which is probably why I’m not too annoyed at the loss. I am annoyed we gave up the lead by playing lackadaisical football. Messi and Xavi played the full 90 as well, but I guess one of the reasons we lost this game was because we tried to play too many fringe players.

    Anyway, La Liga draws closer!

  8. I’m not upset about the loss.
    I’m upset about the offside call.
    I’m upset that Xavi and Messi played the whole game for nothing.

    But if we were going to lose, and let’s face it we were willing to sacrifice this game for Tueday’s as evidenced by the lineup, at least EE dropped points too and all things remain even.

  9. Disappointing result but nothing important has changed, we’re still 8 pts over EE. I thought we played well in the first half and then fell asleep in the second, which was just when Real Sociedad stepped it up. They played a great half, I hope they stay in La Liga.

    Much more disappointing than the loss are the injuries. Really sad for both players.

    And while there were some bad calls that went against us, that’s no reason to complain, our lazy play is the only one to blame for the defeat.

    1. Ah, the ref. did not his job. A penalty against us and a disallowed goal. For what do we/Unicef/Uefa pay that guy? I think we should ask for our money back. Really.

  10. They lost when they should have won. It’s disappointing for the way it happened but not a big deal.

    The league is really all wrapped up because of the RM loss – that’s one more game off the schedule and 3 more points they can’t possibly make up as the opportunity has passed.

    The lead is still 8 points but Barcelona’s probability of winning the lead went up today.

    The team just had to play too many kids at the same time today.

    The biggest problem was how poor the pressing was. That was by far the biggest reason why they loss. The press just wasn’t effective or coordinated. And that’s why Sociedad was able to apply so much pressure in the second half.

    The lack of experienced depth must be rectified next season. You cannot just expect to play 3-4, young, inexperienced players on the pitch and expect to win games away in La LIga.

    Especially when depth is so limited that you are asking youth players to play out of position like Fontas was today.

    The short squad issues was pushed much too far in its extreme – even accounting for the injuries.

    1. Especially when depth is so limited that you are asking youth players to play out of position like Fontas was today.

      But Fontas did really well at that position!

    2. He did well given the crazy circumstances.

      But a major reason why the team lost control of the game was because they couldn’t generate required width on the left.

      Fontas is not a full back in any way. He is not going to make runs forward.

      So Barca’s left flank fell apart. Afellay essentially became isolated most of the games when he stayed wide on the touchline.

      When Afellay tucked in off the wing there was no one behind him on the overlap and the team lost all width on that flank.

      It’s really not fair to Fontas to expect any of that. Its not his skill set.

      And most of all – the team just didn’t press correctly and they lost.

      It’s difficult to press when you have 4 players with little first team experience starting the game and one is out of position.

  11. On the bright side, this may help R. Sociedad stay in the Primera. I like them.

    Some key players got a rest.

    I’m really only ticked that Xavi and Messi didn’t get a rest and we have nothing (except a game less to play which is important) to show for it.

    1. I agree, but you have to remember that one of those two would have been subbed off had Milito not picked up his injury.

  12. Poor Montoya- that’s really painful and probably the end of the season. I hope Gabi’s OK. He wouldn’t have started on Tuesday but it’s reassuring to have him available.

  13. Some verbal hugging for Fontas by the Pepster. I think he did well if you take into consideration our make shift defence and midfield

  14. so now we have to reschedule celebrating the liga title…

    what really sucks is the injuries. poor montoya 🙁

  15. I know that we will still win the league with a probability of 95% and reach the CL final with a probability of 80%, but nonetheless I’m quite furious right now because this loss was so stupid and unnecessary!

    Hope Tuesday will be better. And that at some day, Messi will get a rest…

  16. Barca and EE lose on the same matchday!! UEFA must have arranged for this to happen! /gasp

  17. I’m upset for pretty much the same reasons as soccermomof4…
    for the offside call which would have sealed the win…
    and especially for the fact that we played xavi, Leo and Dani for nothing…*arghhh*

  18. One other point on today’s game –

    Another significant reason why Sociedad was able to start dominating the game the second half was because Barca had no true holding midfielder in this game.

    Xavi was in theory sort of playing there but that’s not his game – especially defensively.

    In turn that allowed Sociedad to start finding a great deal of space between the lines. That in turn made it easier for them to retain possession and generate chances.

    The squad has only 2 holding midfielders. Both had to be rested today.

    You just can’t go through a long season with such little depth.

    And not having a true holding player is just going to make it much harder to win.

    Going into this game I was almost thinking it would have been better to play Fontas at DM with Muniesa at LB.

    But that would have just given them even more inexperience on the field.

    They’ve been hurt by injuries – but many of those injuries are not unexpected.

    And now Milito appears to be injured yet again.

    They are headed into the second leg of the champions league with one truly center back who is in form and fitness.

    If they make it to the CL finals they will literally have just squeaked through in terms of having enough players to patch things up.

  19. Anybody heard anything from Mourinho’s post match comment? What did he say this time? 😀

    1. Maybe that the Barca-Uefa-Unicef conspiracy is responsible also for the housing crisis, the financial break down and the tasteless german TV program

  20. Alves: “Foul Pepe? Referee made the right decision. I was lucky to wear shinpads. A lot of media haven’t got any credibility left.

    from barcastuff

  21. Note that from now on, we could be official La Liga champions on any given weekend. Don’t know how that changes La Liga’s scheduling… don’t they start scheduling 1st and 2nd place teams’ matches at the same time from now on? So we’d start playing at the same time as EE from now on?

    A Madrid loss and a Barca draw/win, or a Madrid draw and a Barca win, hands us La Liga.

    The sooner we can get it done, the better. If we go through on Tuesday (which I am still not 100% confident of), I want to have as many weeks without meaningful games as we can. The best way to prepare for Wembley is to have 2-3 league matches that don’t matter where we can a) rest a lot of our starters, b) give some players more time in their new position (Masch in CB, Puyol in LB, if it seems like it’ll be necessary for the Wembley final), and c) give any players recovering from injury some pressure-less playing time against real opposition.

  22. from barcastuff:
    Medical report: Milito has a muscle tear in his right hamstrings, further tests tomorrow #fcblive

    So we have two true CBs (Thank goodness Puyi’s back), one fresh out of the B squadd CB, Two DMs who do a good goob at CB but 1 at least is needed at DM, 1 true fullback which takes away a CB or a DM for the LB position. First priority before a forward, and way before a luxury midfield signing is some depth at our back line.

  23. waiting for Pep’s interview so he can relax me a bit…
    blaaaargh… that reminds me of the feeling I had two years ago after the villareal game that ended 3-3…

  24. Since when has Aguero been captain of Atletico? And he scores yet again! I think that’s 9 in 7 games? Good time to be coming into form…

    1. Ahh, Jimmy. He’s been around for a while!

      The one true mystery is how the flip he keeps getting out of jail. That is, if he even gets arrested. He’s a cule, y’know. That makes him connected to Barca, which makes him benefit from the #UEFAUNICEFconspiracy


      (He has to pay outrageous fines, which is a shame because he should have put that cap on Mourinho. It would have been hilarious. Free Jimmy!)

    2. It all adds up now. UNICEF advertises helping children (the evil!), and Jimmy puts red hats on players. We all know that children like red hats because it reminds them of Christmas. The UEFA pays the refs to give us a red card so Mou is angry and has to stand up and nag. This opens up the target for Jimmy to see Mou and go place the cap on his head!

      Why Barcelona? Why do you want a red hat on Mou’s head? Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????

      In other news, Barcelona file a complaint against Mou for not keeping the hat on and Real Madrid file a complaint against the hat making company because it gave Ramos a rash (you just know he will wear the red hat).

    3. Haha, that’s one corny yet funny commentator there. Kun would definitely add another goal-scorer threat to the team, although that’s what we said about Villa too. It’d be great to see an attacker come here and adapt quickly for once!

  25. didnt’ get to watch the game D: (due to exams coming up this week D:)
    so xavi and messi played. im upset they didn’t get to rest :/. i hope this won’t effect our next meeting with madrid at camp nou!

    anyways, does anyone have a nice download link of the game :D?

  26. What tasteless TV program, Humphrey?

    Didn’t catch the game. Set my alarm for 1.50am but don’t remember hearing it at all. Maybe i set it to PM by accident instead of AM.

    Ah, so we lost. Big deal. We still need to what, lose three games of the last four to blow it? I’m happy that the likes of Villa and Puyol will be fresh.

    Carvalho got another red today, according to I wonder if Zaragoza is part of the conspiracy as well.

    Our lack of defensive depth is very worrying. I hope we don’t see any knocks to VV (that not out of lack of depth, just out of Pinto suspension) or Puyol, or God forbid, both. Or Pique, Alves, Busquets or Mascherano as well.

    And seriously though, where IS blaunero? I mean this seriously, not to poke fun. Haven’t seen him here in a while, or maybe he’s commented on part of an earlier thread which I didnt get to yet on my phone.

    1. Also, if Di Maria was diving as much as Euler said, which I’m pretty sure he was, I wonder if they’re that blind or that shameless. EE I mean.

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