A Win For Pep: Messi es el p*to amo!

Revel in his greatness. Credit Sport.es for the headline idea.


Before I embarrass every blogger on the universe and their mothers with my unintelligible babble, I leave you with Euler:

“There will be waves of nonsense after this match.

Ignore it. It is completely irrelevant.

Barcelona was the story of this match. They played RM completely off the pitch at the Bernabeau and did so even before Pepe got sent off. Madrid were reduced to spectators in this match.

This was a brilliant performance from the Pep’s boys.

This match, in terms of tactics, was a complete wipe out.

Pep just absolutely took Mourinho to the cleaners in this match. It was a tactical triumph by Pep. He completely took RM out of the match in their own stadium.

That this happened in Europe is even more amazing.

RM had to win this match – and they really needed to win 2-0 to feel confident going into Camp Nou.

Pep engineered a footballing disaster for Madrid. Substituting Ibi – and doing so on the right was just brilliant.

Ibi absolutely skinned Marcelo alive. Marcelo had no chance of defending Afellay at the edges. Ibi showed that he is a world class talent today at the highest level. The accuracy of his crosses all season have been terrific. He is really a world class central midfielder who has the pace and dribbling ability to play at the flank. Very, very few wingers could deliver a cross that accurately and into that position for a player who is 169cm to run onto. That is an extremely difficult pass to make.

And finally today – thanks to the tenacity and genius of Messi, one of Ibi’s world class crosses finally resulted in a beautiful goal. ”

And this is without Iniesta, without Abidal, without Adriano, Maxwell, Milito.

T’estimo Barca.

We’re not in the finals yet, but with Pepe, Ramos, and possibly Khedira out, and our two goal lead + shutout and we have a foot in the finals!

Also, all of you guys can call me XavIniestAbidaLeo. I said I’d do it in my Adversity post in case you forgot:

The day we play anti-football and deploy players to do things like this and this for the purpose of doing whatever it takes to win, I will call myself Ms. Hypocrite for a month. When we beat EE, I’ll call myself XavIniestAbidaLeo, because I feel like it.

Mou think Ramos was unjustly booked? That we don’t deserve to win the CL? That the world is against him?


That is all.

Just sit back and enjoy the win people. I know I am! 😀

Just think, Thong Boy is 31 Afellays.
No need for words.
Hi mom! Look, I scored a golazo again!
Gotta love Milito

The freakin' master
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By Kari

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  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Madrid): “Do I like to play in a defensive team like Madrid? No, but I have to adapt to what the coach wants.”

    Kari, what the hell happened to your name?

  2. Mou said he would be embarrased to win a CL final they Barca has. He hbasically discredited our CL win two years ago. saying it’s disgraceful. I honestly think he is crazy, I don’t know how Real fans can rally behind his vile comments.

    1. Ya, I really couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Basically accusing UEFA of staging everything!!!

    2. yeah, what a nice gesture by UEFA, willing to sacrifice the integrity of their competition just to get UNICEF some extra attention.

    3. Mou isn’t crazy, he’s just extremely ego-centric. If his team doesn’t win, it’s because of external forces. Nothing is his fault.

      I think the real problem, aside from Mou’s over-inflated ego, is that the media laps it up. Instead of calling him out over his inconsistencies, they report everything he says faithfully, like he himself is some footballing genius. And he’s not. He’s a very capable coach who fancies himself brilliant, with enough charisma to hold the media’s attention. I wish reporters would ignore his b.s. and his rants. Why not ask him about the tactics he uses? Why not ask him about his defensive minded play when he has talented players like Crissy and Ozil?

      Anyway, I’m with Pep. We still got 90 minutes to get to the final. In Pep We Trust!

  3. Christian Ronaldo (Madrid): “Do I like to play in a defensive team like Madrid? No, but I have to adapt to what the coach wants.”

    He fucking called Real Madrid a defensive team…. I am in heaven now… Remember he said something similar after the 2-0 defat of ManU against us. May be he is already looking home in Milan.

    1. barcastuff
      note on the ronaldo quote: he answered to a question about tonight’s tactics, it wasn’t a general remark about madrid.

      But still, people complaining against us not being able to win against 11 men, that should be spinned around of our opponents not being able to stay 11 against us.

    2. Thong Boy on Arsenal would actually be pretty fun to watch. Lots of speed, and a lethal counter attack. I for one can’t blame Ronaldo in this case. You’ve got to get the ball to your best players.

    1. This may be one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen! he is like the piggy-in-the-middle, complete with ‘Give it to meeeee!’ tantrum!!! 😆

  4. Whoops, Hectored Euler (I’m gonna get it… 😀 ):

    Mourinho: ”We had the intention to keep the game at 0-0, then bring on a striker, then a third phase with a No. 10 behind three forwards. But the ref didnt allow it.”

    “This is pure rubbish from Mourinho. Or if it’s not rubbish then it’s just tactically dumb beyond belief.

    If this first leg was at Camp Nou then how Madrid played today would have made a great deal of sense.

    Even if it was a Liga match – it could have been reasonable.

    But in Europe against Barca with the second leg at Camp Nou you just cannot sit back and not try to score for large periods of time. You just can’t let minutes tick off the clock and let your goal scoring chances waste away.

    Just look at how Inter played in their home leg last season. They played to score at home because they knew they couldn’t rely on what was going to happen at Camp Nou.

    These are just excuses to keep in tact this notion that Mourinho is such a genius that everything is intentional – it’s just that the world doesn’t understand the thinking.

    And the notion that somehow Mourhino is such a genius that he was planning on playing the game to a 0-0 draw at the Bernabeau is laughable.

    Even the Fox commentators speculated that Madrid may be playing for a 0-0 tie in this leg because Mourinho may be thinking that his best chance to score was away at Camp Nou.

    Think about how convoluted and nonsensical that kind of thinking is. Only for Mourinho would people go through those kinds of mental gymnastics.

    Madrid got played off the pitch in their own home stadium. Pep absolutely embarrassed Mourinho today tactically.

    End of story.”

    1. Hi guys, love the blog, first time commenter. What a match!

      I absolutely agree with this, Mourinho’s rant is just a distraction from the fact that his tactics were a total failure and all he managed to do was get his club (most likely) knocked out of the Champion’s League by their archrivals. I’ll be shocked if the press keeps falling for this, especially after that press conference, which would be sad if it wasn’t so infuriating. I hope Madrid fans acknowledge where the real problem is here.

      But Barcelona won and that’s what really matters! So happy!

    2. Hi barca_ctb! Welcome!

      I read some of the Madrid fan comments and some acknowledge the real problem in this game. They know they didn’t play to win, to get goals and are very disappointed in the quasi defensive set-up. They still complain about our diving and acting but some are enlightened enough to acknowledge that Mou committed a horrible strategic mistake. That they’ve wasted all their attacking power by relegating them to the bench.

  5. Pique joins in on the fun:

    Pique: “Excuses Madrid? It’s always the same, they didn’t want to play at football, at their own stadium.” #fcblive

    via Pep @ Barcastuff..

  6. So happy! Off to go drive golf cart into sand trap now. So hot out!

    Had old South African man yelling at his son about mommy daddy problems and kid using banned substances for tennis competitions but did best tuning them out. Messi!!!

  7. Time to take stock and realise that there is one game still left..
    And it will be refreshing to see Mou actually try to attack from the get-go
    Will he do it though is a different matter
    Oh how I will love another Manita at the Camp Nou

    1. He will surely do it. After all, this is the last competition. I just hope that the players won’t get complacent.

  8. I wasn’t able to watch the game but according to my MARCA app it says Pepe, Ramos, AND Mourinho won’t be at the game. Is this true??? If it is I feel sorry Aitor Karanka(Mou’s second in command) he’s gonna have the experience of his life.
    And I think Pique should keep quiet and not say anything. He’s already in a lot of heat for what he supposedly said(which is still unclear) during the 1st clasico in April..he can blab all he wants (if)after Barca stomps on madrid at home.

    1. What he said was right though.

      Pique: “Red card Pepe? They play at the limit of violence. If you play with fire, you cand end up burning yourself.” #fcblive

    2. With that I agree 100% because Pepe is a violent person. But the whole “They didn’t want to play football at their own stadium” is unnecessary because its been said one too many times to the point where we begin to appear arrogant(even if Barca has every right to be), at least that’s what I think. The entire world is well aware by now that in football Barcelona is king and Madrid just do what ever it takes to win.

    3. Also, yeah, AFAIK, if a coach is send to the stands, he has to sit out the next game.

      On another note, would Pep, or someone, PLEASE told Busi to stop his bad bad playacting? It’s completely unnecessary and totally embarassing.

    4. Supposedly he said that Barcelona was “going to win the cup of your king” which is a display of not so nice feelings Catalans have towards Spaniards as a cause of the Franco dictatorship(some Catalans don’t consider themselves Spaniards). However he denied it but Iker insisted his teammates heard him say that. Pique now claims he did say something but it wasn’t what MARCA originally reported. Either way, the boy needs to just zip it for now.


      tbh, i don’t believe the king cup quote. Pique’s generally been VERY reserved about the whole Catalunya vs. Spain issue. i’m far more inclined to believe it’s Iker starting shit, because Iker then said he wasn’t actually next to Pique when ‘it’ was said.

    1. I will do my very best. Even if I can’t get to it for a few days I will try to do so.

      In the mean time – if you didn’t get a chance take a look at the preview I did for the match. I posted it only a couple of hours before the match so it was probably difficult to read beforehand. It outlined several of the issues that were in play in this match and helps set the stage for what Pep and the team did today:


    2. I did read your preview, a very good read with very good explanations 🙂

      Thanks a lot!

  9. So, is Pedro actually injured or was introducing Afellay a tactical substitution? Not that I’m complaining, it worked wonders, but it would suck to have yet another player injured.

    1. It was tactical. Pep wanted to switch Villa to the left. Pedro for whatever reason wasn’t as good on the right.

      With the game opened up Pep wanted Ibi in the match for his sheer pace and ability to cross the ball from wide positions.

      Ibi on that play almost reminded me of Henry.

    2. Yes – Ibi was very Henry-like with that move. A joy to watch. Bring back the fast play with receivers in the box!

    3. Marcelo stood on Pedro’s leg when Pedro went down after heading the ball. When he was seated on the bench, the camera cut to his leg, and you could see the stud marks. He’ll be deeply bruised, for sure, but he’ll live!

    1. We should seriously ask ourselve if good, old buddy photoshop might be involved here, you know, the one, that also can let defenders suddenly disappear.

  10. I think when Messi scored the 2nd goal, it was the 2nd-best emotional moment of my life after the Iniestazo @ Stamford Bridge.

    I cannot describe my happiness in words, this is incredibly awesome 🙂

    And I was probably one of the few who did read your preview, Euler. It was spot on!
    Patience and using width won us the game, that is the impression of me as a football tactics noob. I didn’t see that much off-the-ball movement, but that’s probably down to the fatigue. And doesn’t a patience approach imply a little less movement? At least less hectic movement.

    And I simply have to say some words about the reactions of Real Madrid coach and players. It’s a shame that they only complain about the ref. I hope that some of the fans of Madrid will question the tactics of Mourinho and the words that he instilled into them. Now they are all (well, not all, but CR and Xabi Alonso at least) on the “ref-killed-us-Mourinho-train”. The only player I liked at Madrid today was Iker Casillas. At least there are already quite a few published articles on various sport websites criticizing Mourinho, whereas it is really hard to find a non-Madrid site that blames the ref for the loss. Indeed, the German TV pundits praised Stark for his performance, although they are usually pro-Madrid (due to Ozil and Khedira) and rather anti-Stark (you probably know that he’s one of the least-famous refs in the Bundesliga and has been criticized a lot this season).

    Now I’ll have to rejoice in this absolute beautiful victory and this pure piece of heavenly magic from LM10.

    Visca el Barça

    1. Oh, and brilliant selection of pictures, gifs and video, Kari.

      And Euler would make a better coach than Mourinho, imo.

      I love y’all 😀

  11. This is off topic but just a thought…

    At the start of this season I really wanted Mascherano to get a chance to play center back. I didn’t care how much he had played there in the past – his skill set and defensive intelligence were just screaming for him to play at CB despite his height.

    Next season – I want to see Afellay given a chance to play left full back opposite Dani.

    I think he could be fantastic at that position for this Barca team.

    1. So much of defending at full back is work rate, effort and sheer heart – and in the contemporary game – pace.

      He will definitely need to learn a significant amount about positioning.

      But so many players have gone from advanced wing positions and learned how to play full back.

      Just look at Adriano. He is far from a natural full back. But he has great pace, good strength and works very hard.

      And remember – this is playing full back in the Barca system Pep wants to play. The full backs are really hybrid wing backs.

      The key at that full back position in the barca system is pace, work rate and ball control.

      I really think Afellay could do very well in that position. His pace, strength, ball control and ability to cross the ball would add great width on the left.

      They could then move Abidal to CB and rotate Puyol and Abidal alongside of Pique and mix in Fontas and hopefully Botia.

      But this is just speculative. I really think they need to get Afellay on the pitch next season.

    2. If Afellay does succeed in playing LB, then Netherland can employ him to replace van Bronckhorst! 😀

    3. I like this thought, Euler.

      In fact, I asked Kevin several posts back if he thought Ibi can take the place of Adriano. I agree he has the skill set for it – in terms of pace and being able to run up and down the left side. He just needs to brush up/practice his defensive skills though.

      I think he will be perfect. And he will be delivering the crosses from the flanks that will give an extra dimension to our attack.

  12. We woooonnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!

    Too happy to post much right now, must find good download. pakman has a great HD one but I don’t have enough spare room on my memory sticks! I need an external hard drive. 🙁

    And I know Messi was the star of the match, but WOW how about that cross from Flyboy for the first goal????? 3M just earned back his entire purchase price!

  13. And i forgot..Take that Mou…Take that!!!For all the accusations, thrash talk, blaming referees and above all else, accusing Pep..TAKE THAT UP YOUR ***!!!

  14. I don’t give a damn what people say…
    especially you, Mou… **** you… special one my arse!

    Pep Guardiola es el put* jefe, Messi es el put* amo! 😀

    hell yeah!!!!!!!!

    that second goal, my fellow cules, was another hystorical goal by our little magician…

    embrace these moments of joy…

    Boti Boti Boti, Madridista qui no Boti!!!!

    1. The second goal left me in tears! And to think he’s only 23..and Afellay OMG he is just fantastic, another gift from the football gods.

      All I have to say to the Madridistas is take that in your juice box and suck it!

    2. Guys calm down… Afellay’s involvement in the the goal was brilliant and he was good tonight. But he is not that good as he is been made of. He looks very much a one dimensional player. But this match shows how we should use him. Bring him on for the last twenty minutes and put him in either flank and allow him to use his speed.

  15. Pep totally dominated Mourinho in mind games on this one. He let Mourinho insinuate all season and then before this game Mourinho decided to take it to the next level. Pep reacted, but he did it on his terms and used it to motivate the team.

    A Barcelona win later and Mourinho is ranting and raving to the media which is not giving him special status anymore. Pep’s response? “I have nothing to say about that.” What could possibly have been more infuriating for Mourinho?

    And the best of all? Sergio Roberto comes into the match at the end. So cheeky Pep, so cheeky.

  16. a few days ago, I dreamt Barça lost 2-0…

    I told you, Jnice, that was a good sign…!!! 😀

    everytime I dreamt Barça lose, they always won…
    just like the first El Clasico… 😛

  17. I am so happy.

    Of course we need to do the job in return leg and it will be so nice if Madrid came to play football.

    As for Mou, before last year, i thought he was good. After last year, i still thought that maybe he got things done. This year though, he has lost pretty much all my respect. I still think he is a great man manager but he is sadly not special. He is a ok chap tactically but is too stupid to know when he is crossing the line to being idiot.

    We still have to play return leg guys.

    1. same thought, i completely hv no more respect for mourinho. He’s just b**l s**t and will hv no valued legacy in football world. I belive deep down in RM fans, they realize what a “crap” coach that represent the great team like RM dan hv tarnished RM pride as an institution.

  18. Possession stats, total shots, total shots on target, don’t determine who deserves to win. But according to Mourinho, hypothesizing about bringing in a substitute player to change the game makes you deserve the win. I love it. He IS the ******* man! Good night, Mourinho. Justice has been delivered. Revenge served, cold.

  19. I think the pressure as RM coach has gotten into Mourinho. That and maybe his rising fame. He wasn’t that ‘crazy’ at Chelsea / Inter as far as I can remember.

  20. Pep totally dominated Mourinho in mind games on this one. He let Mourinho insinuate all season and then before this game Mourinho decided to take it to the next level. Pep reacted, but he did it on his terms and used it to motivate the team.


    Completely agree. Make no mistake about it – what Pep did in that press conference was not an accident.

    That was clearly a card he was saving all season long.

    And he played it at the opportune time.

    Pep is a master strategist.

    And now Mourinho is left complaining and leaving his team in utter chaos. He has all but conceded the next leg and is simply trying to protect his own image as the “special one.”

    What was so interesting in this match was Mourinho’s reaction to the awful first half his team played.

    Bring on Adebayor. Not Higuain or Benzema. Put on the target man.

    But Madrid’s problems in attack weren’t at the front. It was in midfield. They couldn’t get the ball.

    Putting in Adebayor just made them hoof long passes on even more.

    When stressed Mourinho had Madrid regress to playing like Chelsea and doing so at the Bernabeau.

    That is a difficult truth to swallow.

    I would love to know what Valdano is thinking right now.

    1. Probably cackling with glee (well, he’s probably not happy about losing, but), as he’s got some pretty good ammunition to use against Mou.

    2. Well, he’s blaming the ref’s decision as the biggest factor of the match, but only second to Messi’s contribution.

      It’s been a while though since Valdana has criticized Mourinho, why not come out with some criticism today, Sn. Valdano ? 😀

    3. Not only that, but Jose also put himself ahead of the team, venting to the referee sarcastically when he should have been looking to make amends for the red card. It got him sent to the stands (Which is quite ridiculous, actually. Why not send him off to the dressing room?) and even from there he was quite ineffective tactically. With a goal down, he didn’t bring in any players (AFAIK) to change the status quo. A monumental tactical failure, which even I (who don’t know much about football tactics) can tell.

      On to the Barcelona Derby. Hope we hand Espanyol another Manita.

  21. It’s funny, In the champions league every single minute you play at home is extremely valuable. It is critical – especially when you are at home in the first leg.

    Mourinho utterly wasted the first 45 minutes of the match and did nothing as Barca played their game. And the start to the second half was no better. Not even when he went to his safety blanket – the target man.

    But somehow the loss was due to cosmic injustice rather than barca playing much better and smarter.

    He just wasted the entire home leg.

    1. He had Kaka’, Benzema, Higuain, Granero, and more on the bench. Before the red, he takes off his best passer in Ozil and replaces him with a tall, target man whose first touch is stone. After the red, there is no changes.

      This is against a team who’s been devastated by injuries to key players in key positions. We had to move a barely match fit Puyol into an unfamiliar LB position, with sMasch playing only his 3rd or 4th game at CB, and Iniesta ruled out the day before the game.

      There were no adjustments from Mourinho at all. Not to mention how he set them out to play in the first place. “Give them the ball and sit back” in a Champions League tie where you absolutely must score?

      Daft. Just daft.

      –EE sympathizers will point to the red changing the game, but it’s similar to how Arbeloa’s non-reds changed the Copa.

      It’s sour grapes, pure and simple. They know how they played and are focusing on “controversial” calls. Out-played and out-coached on their own ground.

      And now Mourinho’s reduced to a raving lunatic clutching at straws.

      A complete masterclass from Pep.

    2. this:

      He just wasted the entire home leg.

      and this:

      He had Kaka’, Benzema, Higuain, Granero, and more on the bench.

      Say everything you need to know about Mourinho and his so-called tactics for this match. He drastically misplayed his hand and has almost no chance of recouping his losses. No wonder he went a bit nuts afterwards.

  22. As great as this win feels I can’t help but be embarassed by the behavior of both teams, especially Barca. This is exactly the kind of crap that scares the casual fan away from the sport and gives the team a bad name. Busi and Pedro should be ashamed and the crowds of screaming, pointing players after every foul made what should have been an irresistable matchup hard to watch. I didn’t think it would be possible for me to feel so down after such a huge win but we should call a spade a spade and criticise the behavior of our own players just as much as the negative football played by Madrid. Expect better

    1. Agreed. Unfortunately unsportsman like conduct has in a way become acceptable because it gets you calls in your favor and refs don’t always make the right calls.

    2. Thirded. What has gotten into Pedro anyway? Diving while a dark art is an “art”. It’s clear that Pedro’s got no talent diving yet he does it regularly when the master Dive Maria was on the same pitch. It makes him look much worse.

      Our players shouldn’t swarm around the red in every decision either. Expecially Valdes, he has no business talking with the ref near the half way line. That’s Puyol’s job and should be his alone.

    3. I agree with this to an extent. Busi’s diving was especially embarrassing. That and I really dislike how we always tend to crowd the ref — including Valdes. It blemishes an otherwise incredibly performance.

    4. I think you can make the argument that it was tactically prudent for us to make a meal of fouls because clearly Madrid’s strategy of kicking us off the park had been working. We needed that to stop and so you can either kick them as well or hound the ref. We chose hound the ref.

      What bothers me most though is it always seems the bigger the match, whether club or international, the more pronounced this type of behavior becomes. In the end every team ends up doing those douchey things that everyone hates.

      I love what Sergi does in his role but god would I hate him if I supported another team

    5. Sorry, I’d normally agree with you, but in this instance I don’t.

      It’s not just negative football — the level of thuggery that EE got away with in the Copa was unbelievable. Just take a quick gander at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7KH4V5cpnk&NR=1

      There were many times where we just got on with our football, but the Copa showed that putting the ref under pressure actually works. Mourinho moaned and moaned in the press and got his way. The leniency shown to EE was incredible: the ref would see an obvious foul and wave play on, but not go back to book the player. This was coupled by our “get on with it style”, and I mean this as a team, not Busi.

      And it’s not just dirty either. Di Maria is a diver — not an embellisher, but an honest-to-gosh-no-contact diver. His one more is run to the byline and fall. It’s not like we’re the divers and they are the classic English thugging team, it goes both ways, except we don’t thug in return. As for Busi, I’m not defending him as I saw his incident. Not cool. I didn’t see Pedro!’s on my stream.

      Like I said above,gamesmanship was from both sides but if EE weren’t so dirty in the Copa, would we have crowed the ref so much so he’d take notice of the severity of the tackles? They brought it upon themselves.

      I’m not saying I condone diving/embellishing, we don’t need that to win and we shouldn’t do it. However, it appears protesting every call is necessary, because I’ll never forget the way the Copa was called. I’ve watched Barca for a long time now, and in big matches we tend to just get on with it. After the Copa, getting on with it means the other team can get away with shiznit.

      In any case, It’s El Clasico, and a semi-final, with pride at stake. Not pretty, but it’s how it is.

    6. I’m going to respectfully disagree. I think it was Kxevin who said in the preview thread that the way to beat their hacking and fouling was moving the ball faster. Period. The behavior of Busi and Pedro was not acceptable and is not what I’d want from a player wearing the blaugrana. Also, the stuff they were whining (yes, whining) weren’t even fouls (that’s off the top of my head, at least).

      I wish those two would have played a cleaner game, and that our players would have let the ref do his work without mobbing him. He knew when to card Ramos, and he knew when to card Pepe. Especially considering it was El Clasico, and a semi-final, with pride at stake.

      But that’s just me.

    7. I think maybe you misunderstand me, or maybe it’s my lack of reading comprehension, but just so I get the point across: I’m not condoning what Busi (didn’t see Pedro!) did — we don’t need that. I’m not saying to fight fire with diving. What I am saying is that protesting the calls is necessary, particular in light of the Copa final.

      A cleaner game is what is ideal, but it’s just not really realistic. Aggressive fouling is EE’s main gameplan. I think maybe people are missing this point. Yes, moving the ball faster and off the ball movement make it an non-issue, but injuries can happen when this type of fouling system is in place.

      Fatigue + incessant hard fouling = injuries. It’s definitely a factor in Iniesta’s injury IMO as he was/is one of the most fouled players. We can’t afford injuries.

      When a player is booked, they need to keep their fouls in check. Then it becomes a game of football, and the other team is forced to play.

      I’d be on your side 100% and I’ve said for a long time that players like Xavi should cut out the unnecessary dissent and let the ref do his job, but not in this instance and not in this circumstance — when the ref’s job can be influenced by external factors. Then dissent becomes necessary, not diving.

      But that’s just me. I get what you’re saying, though. Agree to disagree I guess.

    8. Ah, I didn’t respond to you, but I did misunderstand nonetheless- thanks for the clarification. I don’t necessarily agree, but I can see why you are saying the dissent was necessary. I thought (obviously mistakenly) you were saying the embellishment was necessary.

    9. I misunderstood too (my b!). I see your point, and I have no problem with a player going over to the ref to say “Hey, you missed the elbow he threw at me when your back was turned. Watch that guy.”.

      What I don’t like is having the whole team surround the ref. In fact, if I were the ref and a team was doing that to me, I’d be more inclined to see the other team’s point of view.

      But meh, whatevs. All just a minor quibble in the face of the awesomeness that was Messi’s GOLAZO.

  23. A great day for the beautiful game.

    Hope this is the end of Mourinho and his ugly tactics.

  24. For me the Afellay cross was as important and as beautiful as Messi taking on five players and beating Casillas. Like Euler and Kxevin have been saying. He plays direct, fast football and made Marcelo look like a ragdoll. Pedro earlier in the season had that pace, but not those beautiful of crosses and I think Afellay has a very very very bright future ahead of him at Barca.

    The Messi goal, unbelievable, no words for it. But the wind had already been suck out Madrid’s sails. No Ramos, no Pepe, and no Mourinho, and after the Afellay cross there was no inspiration on their part.

    Red card was perhaps rash, but we outplayed Madrid start to finish. Very few moments was I even worried Madrid would score, because they simply did not look interested. Mourinho wanted a set piece or a late minute counter goal, to me that’s somewhat pathetic when you’re playing at home in CL semi-final. Credit to Pep for the exact right substitution at the exact right time. One more game and then let’s take care of Man U, or as some have called them “the unconvincables”

  25. I think the stability that Puyol lends to the backline is second to none. We look so assured of ourselves back there. Pique starts concentrating on the game and not the waka waka. Add Abidal in and presto! Magic!!

  26. What a wonderful day.

    And Messi’s second?

    Astounding. #52 was as important a goal as he’ll ever score.

    90+ minutes still to go at home, but we’ll almost surely be at Wembley now.

  27. Their gameplan was to kick us and not play football, then they’re surprised that one of their players got sent off.

    It’s not a coincidence or bribing referees that makes The Special Five play against us with 10 men for the last 5 matches, 4 of those were direct red cards.

    1. “we could have played for three hours and they would not have scored”

      jaja.RM would have definitely though.he had a plan !

    2. Oh, man. Surely he has gone too far this time? UEFA will have to take notice, he has basically accused the entire organization and all its accredited referees of being involved in some vast conspiracy.

      Anyway, if he wants to know who is really behind the conspiracy, here they are:


  28. karrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


    oh what a feeling!

    [no need for that. we can enjoy a win without calling out other commentors -ed kari ]

    1. Blaunero loves this club as much as any of us. He bears the weight of FCB pessimism so the rest of us cab be more in-your-face 🙂

    1. yeah i watched that too.
      even if the content wasn’t related to football, the art of animation is worth sharing because its genius.

  29. Mou has lost it. He is questioning Pep while totally and conveniently forgetting the way in which Inter won the CL. I do not know if i should laugh or cry. I am going to laugh. The guy is deluded

    1. Well that didn’t take very long! Think they have enough grounds to get Mou in trouble?

  30. btw, did you notice at about 16:30 how Crynaldo is vehemently protesting the lack of support when he tries to pressure Barça (but is left chasing the ball’s shadow in a trianle^^)?

    His gesture afterwards are priceless, he certainly would make a great actor 😀

    But combined with his comments about Mourinho’s defensive tactic, will there be some other dissonances between CR and Mou?

    1. Damn, that must be quite a blow. He scored the goal of this CL season, and all that CR has to do is chase behind a ball and wave his arms in frustation to surpass the genius move of Messi ^^

    2. Barcastuff clarified that the ‘defensive Madrid’ comment was specifically in relation to this match- C.Ronaldo wasn’t saying that he was generally frustrated with Madrid’s defensive play.

    3. Can someone pleassseeee make me a giftastic gif of Cronaldo jumping and waving his arms in frustration? 😀

  31. Any links for downloading the whole game (English commentary)?!! please I’m desperate, haven’t seen the game yet!!

  32. Anyone think there’s any chance that Mourinho will leave in the summer? If RM fail to win both La Liga and the Champion’s League and if the fans are dissatisfied with RM’s style under him, is it possible he’ll head back to England? Especially after his comments today. EE managers have gotten fired for lesser grievances in the past. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part, as the further away he is from Spanish football the happier I’ll be.

    1. Mou would have a higher chance of leaving this summer if he had won the CL and League than not.

      You can look forward to him sticking around for a while longer.

    2. Yeah, you’re probably right unfortunately. I guess he’ll be out for revenge next season, and can always use the referees as an excuse if he keeps failing.

    3. Unless they fire him? They fired Capello for playing ugly, and he actually won La Liga, while Mourinho got hammered 5-0 at the Camp Nou. Prolly not gonna happen, but oh boy, to see him fired, that would make my day.

    4. Yeah, as long as he’s playing like this he’ll only be able to grind out Copa-style wins, that have a lot to do with fatigue and luck. Even if he doesn’t park the bus, we all know what happened in November. I think RM need a coach who cares about the club more than his own “specialness” and who can implement a real style and philosophy to be able to compete with Barcelona. Mourinho can’t do that.

      Of course I have no problem if RM want to keep shooting themselves in both feet, but it is sad to see a historically great club sink to this level.

  33. I’m so very happy I can’t sleep. This is just incredible. And how amazing were the cules at the stadium, they were so loud sometimes it felt like a home match. Great support for the team to lift them up after the first two rounds of clasicos.

  34. I don’t know what to say: I don’t like that our team was constantly pressing the ref for cards, but then again, not doing anything while letting the other team do that is quite wrong as well.

    Is one of those “dirty” things you have to do once in a while.

    Make no mistake, though, that was a straight red card. In any other game, at any other league, it would be straight red card. The rules shouldn’t change because it’s a Semi-Final CL match between Evil Empire (yes, I’ll call them that way this time) against Barcelona.

    And I just gotta say: AFELLAY!!!! I hope that the rumors are false and that the team doesn’t plan on selling him for Fabregas.

    1. Afellay is more versatile than Fabregas. He has pace and can play on the wings, while Fabregas can only play in the middle.

      Buy a striker and a CB/LB.

    2. WHOAH. I’m all for drinking the Kool-Aid but its far too early to make that assessment. Fabregas does add what we sorely lack, a strong 3rd scoring threat directed from mid-fied and a role, quiet frankly, that Iniesta has done very far below his potential recently.

  35. kariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


    where are you i’m waiting for your comments.

    by the way how do we protect Alves and Masch for the Finals (i know we are not there yet)?


    hey Bassam!its been a long time please i want your personal(objective) comment, were you cheated or it was indiscipline that caused you?

    1. There are no suspensions for the final, so rest assured we can play our best 11 🙂

    2. Yeah that’s what I mean. Best available 11.

      Can’t wait to see

      Alves Pique Puyol Abidal
      Xavi Busquets/Masch Iniesta


  36. Wow wow at the whining by Mourinho and the EE players.. then again, keep on whining- its not like history is gonna remember the 2010/11 EE side anyway, except for the 5-0.

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