A Win For Pep: Messi es el p*to amo!

Revel in his greatness. Credit Sport.es for the headline idea.


Before I embarrass every blogger on the universe and their mothers with my unintelligible babble, I leave you with Euler:

“There will be waves of nonsense after this match.

Ignore it. It is completely irrelevant.

Barcelona was the story of this match. They played RM completely off the pitch at the Bernabeau and did so even before Pepe got sent off. Madrid were reduced to spectators in this match.

This was a brilliant performance from the Pep’s boys.

This match, in terms of tactics, was a complete wipe out.

Pep just absolutely took Mourinho to the cleaners in this match. It was a tactical triumph by Pep. He completely took RM out of the match in their own stadium.

That this happened in Europe is even more amazing.

RM had to win this match – and they really needed to win 2-0 to feel confident going into Camp Nou.

Pep engineered a footballing disaster for Madrid. Substituting Ibi – and doing so on the right was just brilliant.

Ibi absolutely skinned Marcelo alive. Marcelo had no chance of defending Afellay at the edges. Ibi showed that he is a world class talent today at the highest level. The accuracy of his crosses all season have been terrific. He is really a world class central midfielder who has the pace and dribbling ability to play at the flank. Very, very few wingers could deliver a cross that accurately and into that position for a player who is 169cm to run onto. That is an extremely difficult pass to make.

And finally today – thanks to the tenacity and genius of Messi, one of Ibi’s world class crosses finally resulted in a beautiful goal. ”

And this is without Iniesta, without Abidal, without Adriano, Maxwell, Milito.

T’estimo Barca.

We’re not in the finals yet, but with Pepe, Ramos, and possibly Khedira out, and our two goal lead + shutout and we have a foot in the finals!

Also, all of you guys can call me XavIniestAbidaLeo. I said I’d do it in my Adversity post in case you forgot:

The day we play anti-football and deploy players to do things like this and this for the purpose of doing whatever it takes to win, I will call myself Ms. Hypocrite for a month. When we beat EE, I’ll call myself XavIniestAbidaLeo, because I feel like it.

Mou think Ramos was unjustly booked? That we don’t deserve to win the CL? That the world is against him?


That is all.

Just sit back and enjoy the win people. I know I am! 😀

Just think, Thong Boy is 31 Afellays.
No need for words.
Hi mom! Look, I scored a golazo again!
Gotta love Milito

The freakin' master
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  1. Loving Tarzan at LB rallying the troops just after Pepe got sent off. Waving his arms shouting ‘come on come on!’

    1. Jnice I heard that someone can register to fbtz.com if he/she gets an invite. Is it true?

  2. I have a feeling that Pep is getting a perfect 10 in Euler’s review. The conference, The Inspiration and The Comeback.

  3. Madrid were still very much in this tie down 1-0. That’s bad but hardly insurmountable.

    Barca was just looking to play out the game by controlling possession.

    And then Messi took on 5 Madrid players and beat them all single handedly.

    Busquets, Messi and I believe Afellay were the only players forward on the pitch. Busquets and Afellay didn’t even attack the goal on Messi’s run.

    Busquet’s literally just settled the ball and let Messi take over.

    Messi beat the entire Madrid defense. There is simply no excuse for that defensively. Being down a man had little to do with that.

    And it was that second away goal which completely changed the nature of the tie. Completely transformed it.

    I suppose it was a conspiracy by UEFA that must have caused the Madrid defenders to turn to jelly as Messi toyed with them 1 vs. 5 on that run.

    That’s the only possible explanation. It was all part of UEFA’s master plan. And given their immense powers of mind control UEFA took control of Marcelo, Albiol, Lass, Arbeloa and Ramos’ minds to get them to conspire along with the Guardiola’s dark, master plan.

    1. So Euler, can you handle the review or should we wait for neighbourhood journalist? But considering how much detail and thought you put into your posts, to ask you for one by tomorrow would do you a disservice…

  4. Also, I have never hated Madrid as much as I did last night- the match was 2.30am our time- not even near as much. From the coaches’ pressers on to seeing Dive Maria gesticulating on the floor and EE players showing off ‘expressions of disgust’ every now and then like they were heroes to I think it was Marcelo stepping on Pedro’s leg to the post-game EE whining.

    This was Clubber Lang versus Rocky Balboa. They’re bigger, fresher, and evil with a borderline psychotic coach, we’re the champions that after one loss, regained our Eye of the Tiger for the game that mattered most. Oh yeah.

  5. It’s a pity EE fan’s are not gracious in defeat they plunge into fits and excuses about how all of our players dive and are cheaters.
    We did the talking on the pitch, but sometimes I feel we did a little too much talking to the ref. The ref isn’t going to take back his call just because Valdes has run half way up the field to confront him. Get on with the game and move on.
    I was calling for Afellay to come on once Pedro missed that header, and he did what he was told to do and what many people have been calling for him to do. The directness of his game was what we needed and seeing fit in so seamlessly on that right side makes me even more assured hes going to be a a valuable asset for our team. He was Henry-esce in his movement which was a bit nostalgic. Interesting thought for him for left back, I wonder how Pep would take to that idea. I do see how he would fit for the position tho.
    Mourinho will be lapping the attention up to fuel his narcissistic ego, if you watched him when he was sent to the stand’s you knew he was loving every minute of it. Probably thinking of what he was going to say after the match rather than thinking of what he could of taken out of this game, which to be honest isn’t a lot. Pepe being sent off hurt them, but I’m not sure if it deserved a straight red. Madrid can complain all they want but it wont change the result, it’s in the past, it’s done. They lost, we won with our own game plan. A game plan which had nothing to do with having Uefa being on our side or us having special ‘Powers’. And his shot at Unicef was disgusting, he crossed a line there. Anyways 😀 Hakuna Matata.

    1. I agree, shame on Pedro for trying to get a yellow on Arbeloa. I mean, he succeeded, but that’s not right. But I’ll cut him some slack, is not like Madrid players are honest when they play. So, they get what they give.

      However, don’t doubt it, VictorNZ (hey, we share a name), that was a straight red. Anywhere else would be, so wouldn’t shouldn’t it be on this game as well?

    2. On Pepe’s red, some of the EE community were pointing out Busi did a similar action in the Copa Final which I think has some merit to it. But on the other hand Busi doesn’t stomp on players heads or does “El Corte de Manga” to the crowd. I think Karma got Pepe in the end. What goes around comes around I guess. What Pique said of been truer, if you play with fire you’ll eventually get burnt.

      Yeah, Victor’s a great name dont’cha think? 😀 thought I’d add the NZ bit lose some confusion.

      Man of the match could be a host of people, Keita, Messi, Valdes or even Afellay. Villa played well too and it was good to see Pep acknowledged him too. Im glad Pep steered clear on commenting on Mourinho’s antic’s.

    3. Pepe did the same to Masch to get him a yellow card right before. The red card was a borderline call but I wouldn’t be surprised if Pepe’s reputation for violent behaviour didn’t count against him. Reputations do matter for referees: that’s the reason why Busi will probably never again win a penalty.

    4. Sorry I should clarify that I was referring to Pepe exaggerating a fall to get Mascherano a yellow card, not that he attempted a studs up tackle on Masch.

      Although the ESPN match report I read did say that Pepe was red carded for tackling Masch, and that Barcelona had gotten a Chelsea player sent off at Stamford Bridge in 2009.

  6. That Messi’s second goal… I have my WTF about it. Madrid defenders didn’t even try to stop him. What the hell? Where they totally frustrated to actually try to do something?

    And I think I’m gonna take back my comments about Pep not being a great strategist. His tactics totally outplayed Mourinho this time. In the first half we weren’t that offensive, we kept possession, but we made sure that Madrid wouldn’t have a chance at counters.

    Maybe because a 0-0 at the Bernabéu would be a good result. But even more, because that would set Madrid off… they were expecting us to crowd their own half… but we didn’t… so they didn’t know what to do. They weren’t prepared for that.

  7. Not defending Pinto, he probably deserved his red card, but who was that little guy in the suit who put his hand on Pinto’s throat not once, but twice in that melee???

    1. I thought the same thing to my self? I think he was part of the Madrid staff. but I could be wrong.

  8. I don’t know if Mourinho is gonna get fired or not… but he was hired precisely because he managed to defeat Barca at the Champions League Semi-Final last year. That’s the biggest reason Madrid looked at him.

    He failed at that.

    OK, he hasn’t failed yet, there’s still 90 minutes left. But it seems way unlikely. Madrid is gonna have to actually attack in order to have a chance and that’s an invitation to get torn to pieces by Barcelona. However, that’s their only bet. If they are gonna play defensively, expecting a counter… then Guardiola is gonna tell the RB and LB to sit back… eliminating the threat of counters.

    1. As I see it, whether EE sack or keep Mourinho they will buy a few more player’s for ridiculous amount’s of dough. Iv herd John Terry’s name being one of those, and there will be other’s.

      Not only if they attack will they get Torn, they’ll be missing Ramos and Pepe as well as Khedira and Mou. Those are big loses, although Carvalho will be back and I think he’s there best defender. I can’t wait to see Raul Albiol do a pathetic attempt at stopping Messi again. And for attack I hope they put Adebayor on. Puyol’s got his number after that slap.

      But this isn’t won yet, far from it. A wounded animal is most dangerous when its cornered.

    2. So during big matches they’ll have Kaka, Higuain, Benzema, Aguero/Bale on the sideline. haha

  9. Interesting perspective from Eduardo Alvarez’s twitter (@papamoskis):

    “Mou’s press conference, a shameful moment for RM. Barsa’s Nunez and Gaspart used to do this same speech and we laughed at them.”


    That’s my response to all the card waving. And why I support Pep’s presser yesterday.

    And my lame excuse for all the falling too easily. Madrid has kicked and slammed and stomped at our legs and feet, not to mention the studs up high challenges tonight and in previous games. Referees let them get away with it thanks to Mourinho’s constant whining and disingenuous attribution of favoritism for us and oppression for them. If we don’t wave and show the refs what’s been done to us, who will? No amount of replays after the game will alter the course once the game has ended. The refs are already conditioned by Mou before the game has even started. If we stay quiet and play on as if nothing has happened, we will lose through unfair calls and non-calls because they play “smarter.” There are special games such as these and we can’t lose from these factors and put it down to experience.

    I BY NO MEANS CONDONE THESE under normal circumstances. But these are desperate times calling for desperate measures. And there is nothing that says we shouldn’t call the refs attention for fouls committed against us. I do wish that Pep would caution Busi and Alves against too much play-acting and certainly stop them from diving. I think I saw Pedro dive once and that’s a disgrace. But I also think that he hurt himself as he landed when he reached for a rebound and the replay shows that Marcelo stepped on his knee, thus the groveling on the ground. I saw a stud mark on his knee when he was on the bench.

    I am hurt when other people say we whine and dive and cheat for the win.

    We’ve shown the most skill (as a team) amongst all players and teams in the past three seasons. And we have tried to attack as much as we could. [Not to say that we haven’t been defensive either. Precisely – keeping possession is a defensive tactic as much as it could be turned into offense. Obviously, the opponents will find it difficult to score if they never see the ball.] So, I wish our skill will speak for our team and that we win because of it. Mou’s aggressive tactics have pushed us to playing and maybe exaggerating spills and fouls – but I quite believe that we deserve all our wins and not through any negative means.

    To iterate what everyone knows already – we were the only ones who tried to score today. That Mou played with 8 defensive men and no real striker shows his intent to come out of this game with a draw. In his home. He and the team totally deserved the loss no matter all the histrionics that went on amongst all the players on the field.

    For all that I am not happy with our crowding the ref and overacting – I am very proud of the team. We played well. We played with our style. We deserve the win. We prevailed. And I can’t be more proud to say that this is Barcelona.


    1. Hi Yelena! I know – yay!!!!!

      So glad you survived. And you shouldn’t get sick again cause….we should be playing better at home 😀

  11. Truly, In Pep We Trust. Please rememeber all the negativity and cries for trying to match Mou style-for-style over the last week…we need to keep the faith. One more victory next week and we have a chance to send Mou’s legacy to the grave forever.

    Amazing victory, won our way…the referee media frenzy will be annoying and ridiculous, but we’re where we want to be. Puyol continues to be and will always be the heart of this team. Ramos & Pepe out for 2nd match at Nou down 2-0 is the nail in the coffin.

    First and foremost, I want to thank everyone here in advance for lauding myself & Kxevin on starting Affelay over Pedro…I think I will accept my offer as Pep’s replacement next season. Could have saved us a tense 45 minutes. Now if only they had been starting Adriano over Maxwell 6 games earlier…

    But seriously, the topic for discussion/debate is this….BUSI NEEDS TO BE TRADED OR CHANGE HIS BEHAVIOR IMMEDIATELY. I don’t care if he’s our top defensive midfielder, nor his starting role on the #1 Spanish side. His blantantly (and very poorly executed I might add) flops are an embarrassment to Barca and what makes us special vs. any other club, an embarassment to continental European football, and and insult to us as the fans. It will feed the flames and add some credibility to the whining and media frenzy about Barca’s style of play.

    The juvenile excuse has expired. I expect a new player at that position next season, or Pep to play his proper role as father in addition to coach. It’s starting to rub off on other player’s like Pedro, which is unacceptable.

    1. It’s weird about Busquets, I thought he’d really reined in the diving for most of the season, and then came the Clasicos, and every other time you look at him he’s on the ground clutching his face. I think Real Madrid bring out the worst in him. I sincerely hope Pep does something about it because he is so good at what he does for us and I hate to see his game tarnished like that.

    2. Between Busi’s antics and Alves’ strong likelihood that Pepe did not actually make contact with his leg at all (don’t get me wrong, its a silly position for Pepe to be in with studs up shin high and easy for Alves to augement it), all of those out there crying about Barca and influencing the refs have a very valid point.

      We dominated this match. Tactically, and emotionally. That would not have changed had the Red card not come. But the damage has been done. Pep needs to drop the hammer.

    3. I agree. Pep needs to trade Busquets immediately. Toure and Masch are both just as good anyway, both as DM’s and CB’s. The worst is that he’s a La Masia product. What does that say about the academy? Now it seems another La Masia product, Pedro, is infected.

    4. Did not make contact with alves?!! Ok Alves overreacts many times..but this did actually hurt and very much so! What if that challenge was on Messi??

  12. Smaller links. The one above is huge (especially for those w/o premium).

    27 Apr 2011 – UCL – Real Madrid v. Barcelona – ITV Broadcast

    First Half:

    /http://www.fileserve.com/file/Dv3aUtj/First Half – UCL – Real Madrid v. Barcelona – 27-04-11.avi


    /http://www.filesonic.com/file/861919321/First Half – UCL – Real Madrid v. Barcelona – 27-04-11.avi

    Second Half:

    /http://www.fileserve.com/file/JDgBVHX/Second Half – UCL – Real Madrid v. Barcelona – 27-04-11.avi


    /http://www.filesonic.com/file/861982341/Second Half – UCL – Real Madrid v. Barcelona – 27-04-11.avi

    Credit to Pakman at fbtz.com

    Here’s his blog, btw.. it has all of the matches he caps.


    1. I deleted some old NT matches to make room for pakman;s HD download and it was SO worth it! *drool*

  13. Thrilled. Affelay was perfect. Messi, well in the words of Sid Lowe

    “it was one of the finest goals this competition has ever witnessed, delivered by a player who at 23 is already Barcelona’s third-top scorer in history and is now being compared not just to the best players in the world but the finest footballers of all time.”


    A great night indeed, and even more so for the first post on this blog; a special place for sure.

  14. Euler : “There will be waves of nonsense after this match.

    Ignore it. It is completely irrelevant.”

    that is exactly what I’m gonna do…

    most of EE fans and Barça haters swallow every single thing that Mou said… UEFA, UNICEF, bla bla bla…

    hell, that idiot can blame global warming, tsunami in Japan, Shakira, or Queca conspiracy for his team’s loss, and they will agree with him…because he’s the Special One (self proclaim, mind you)…unbelieveable…


    1. I think they sold rose colored glasses to the EE fans at the beginning of the season. Probably kool-aid too.

    1. Really? An article practically advertising epl?
      Its a disgrace. I could discredit its points one by one , but that would require a longer article than this one.

    2. While I agree with the point the author made in this article, I must echo previous comments made by other people today. If they did not “gang up” on the ref then whatever foul was committed could possibly be ignored. Barca is guilty of raising the theatrics just as much as Madrid. But how many times have EE players committed fouls(sometimes dangerous ones) and they have been passed over without as much as a scolding by the ref? It doesn’t mean Barcelona is justified but when you are playing for European glory, the gloves are off.

  15. Anybody here got a subscription to the Sunday Times online? From Tony Evans’ comments on Twitter, he apparently goes off on Mourinho’s antics in tomorrow’s online edition. Also, this (from his Twitter) is a good description of what happened tonight: Here’s what I loved about tonight. Best team in world against side determined to stop them playing. Genius overcomes this and wins game

  16. Im sorry, I love this team so much, but after seeing video, Alves was disgraceful. And in reality, I don’t need much video evidence to put Busi in the same catagory!!!! Was it not this round last year that he held his face and dove against Inter. I think we deserved to win as we were the better team, but I can also understand Madristia frustration.

    1. You don’t need to make contact for it to be a cardable offense. It was a very dangerous tackle that was at least a yellow — the rest is up to the ref’s interpretation. All within the laws of the game. You can also get carded for accumulation of fouls. Pepe had it coming.

    2. Was incredibly acrobatic by Alves. He’s running one way, on the top of his toes on what foot, then suddenly does a perfect spin in the opposite direction. Live, it looked like a really bad collision. Bizarre play.

    3. Im pretty sure there was a collision – it probably happened too quickly for a 30 fps camera to capture.

  17. I don’t care that he didn’t make contact. If Dani Alves had not pulled out his leg Pepe woud have broken it. For ONCE I support Dani Alves in milking it. The straight red was logical, even though it won’t always be given in those situations.

    Mourinho should be ashamed of himself, saying the things he has said. So should everybody even being associated with Madrid right now. Red cards are part of the game, if you send out your players to foul at each and every opportunity, you will probably end up with a red card more often than not.

    So what if we crowd the ref to protest, or if some players exaggerate the slightest contact. Would people prefer it if we also would be deliberately out to injure opponents like Mourinho’s Puta M”dr*d? Marcelo should have gotten red for stomping on Pedrito’s knee. Adebayor should have gotten red for smashing Busi in the face.

    Mou tried to intimidate the refs beforehand thinking they would be afraid to give red cards to his team. Pep called his bluff and Leo raised him with 2 goals.

    It ain’t over though. We still have 90+ minutes to go.

    1. I’d rather we exaggerate the real stuff rather than “Oh, I ran into Arbeloa. Let me fall to the floor and roll around holding my face.” or “He put his hand on my chest. Let me fall to the floor and roll around holding my face.” It just reminds me of the Busi peek-a-boo from last year. Also, I wish they’d ban players from crowding the ref. Like I said above, I have no problem with individual discussions, but Valdes sprinting across the field to get in the ref’s face rubs me the wrong way. That stuff just rubs me the wrong way. I’d rather lose playing an honorable game than sinking to the dark arts, but I’m an idealist.

    2. I don’t mind crowding the ref at all. I, like most football fans, yell at the f-ing bastard in front of my television, so who am I to say that our players who are actually LIVING the game should control their emotions to the point that they must stay away from them.

      Agree with you on the holding my face stuff. Just don’t think it is smart either. We all know what happened to the little boy who cried wolf.

    3. I just don’t get how crowding the ref works or is smart either. Maybe I’m a horrible human being, but like I said above, I’d definitely side with the team not getting in my face. Also, couldn’t the boy who cried wolf analogy get applied to the team that runs to the ref frequently after a foul (real or imaginary)?

    4. However, for all my idealism, I’m definitely with you on yelling at the ref from my comfortable seat in front of the television 🙂

  18. So happy after such a stressful week, had tears in my eyes after each goal.
    So so happy.

  19. I don’t know why people are complaining about Alves. It was knee height. In EPL it’s a yellow but not in CL.

  20. Lol come on guys, like the Dani Alves foul in the box=yellow fallacy, the same is true for red cards. He doesn’t have to make contact for it to be a red. You know when players hurdle challenges, but fall and the defender still gets a foul called on him and a yellow? Contact doesn’t have to be made.

    Real fans need to ask a couple of questions. Why did Pepe go in with his studs showing? Why did he stamp out like that?

    That’s a red card for me, every day of the week. Non-issue.

    1. Agree. Bassam and co can post all the videos they wish but it doesn’t change the nature of the play. It was a cardable offense and he got booked. Don’t blame the ref or Barca, blame Mou’s dumbass thuggery tactics.

    2. I wasn’t blaming the ref; I think Pepe’s lunge qualify for the “Serious Foul Play” section of the Laws of the Game, so the red card was justified. I was just surprised at how my eyes had deceived me when watching it game time.

    3. It happened so fast to be honest. But if there wasn’t any contact, then Alves has pulled one hell of an act.

    4. to be honest i dont know what to believe with these videos. i am going to go with my engineer’s reasoning and completely agree that alves pulled one hell of an act if there was no contact. to think that he went to kick the ball, and pretty hard at that too…but then stopped the momentum of his leg going forward at the right moment as pepe came in studs showing and then reversed the momentum of his leg and pulls it back in a manner that looks like he has been hit but he actually hasnt. all this in a matter of perhaps a second…ridiculous to say the least. if there was no contact and if there was contact, then ridiculous video!

  21. I think the game got wrecked completely by the red card. No denying Pepe’s tackle was ugly (touch or no touch), if you go with your studs facing shin a player who is about to kick, it can crack the bone into two…so the tackle was nasty, but the ref should have given him a yellow and told him and everyone around, that he’s not going to take another tackle like that. Next such tackle would be a straight red. I think that way he could have tried to control the game and kept the game more balanced numbers wise. Irrespective of the billion reasons to justify, winning this game, specially scoring against 10 definitely takes out the sheen from those two amazing goals. And yes as few people pointed out earlier, it’s disgusting that the whole squad has to jump around the ref after each tackle, I do not even want to talk about Busi, who I think was not only play acting but also playing horribly in the first half. My heart and mind is still not at peace with the CDR loss. As for me, Barca is yet to show they could put a goal across 11 EE. And also I think every manager and team is at liberty to use their own tactics. So football or anti-football(I dont endorse the term), one can not claim that one brand is not playing footy and the other one is the way to go. I would have been happier if we had put atleast one across before the red card. But importantly, let me say that I am not saying Barca played bad at all, FCB played beautifully and completely dominated the game since after the first 5 or so minutes of hustling around by both team. Was fun to watch TB played as a monkey in the centre. 😀

    1. Sorry but this tactic was employed by Howard Webb in the WC-Finale and it failed completly. A red card is red card and it does not matter if it is in the first minute or minute 60, if it is a Semi-finale of CL or some 3tier game. The ref has not to assure an entertainig game, he is there to apply the rules, nothing more and nothling less.

    2. Whaaaa?? So even though it was a dangerous tackle that could have broken a bone or two it should be a yellow for the ‘sake of the game’? RM went down to 10 due to their own volition (i.e. dumbassness), nothing more. Ask yourself why they always finish with 10 men. Is it because every single referee ever is biased, or because they play like a bunch of thugs? It’s got nothing to do with pro/anti-football. If you’re going to constantly kick players’ shins then don’t be surprised when you’re called on it.

    3. It was this kind of nonsense compromising that ruined the World Cup Final. To all the people that complain (with reason) about diving and embellishing, dirty and violent tackles are far worse.

  22. Tip : you dont have to break a leg in order to be red carded.
    Don’t get me started on quoting the laws of the game again…
    And to the people complaining about our players “circling the referee” :
    First of all the referee can put an end to that.Its not as if the opposition didnt act likewise , even if they had 70000 supporters screaming in favor of them.
    But , unless you havent seen the past two games we have played , we have been kicked like hell, so i will take anything that will protect our players from dirty play. We are the ones trying to play football anyway, so we SHOULD be protected. All the laws of the game are trying to protect the football team , not the thug team that is trying to get around the laws and just score a win.
    Football is a sport that should be played beatifully imo. Otherwise , destroy the seats around the football fields, no reason for the people to go to a match.

    1. The ref could have restrained the red because Pep did manage to hold his boot from whacking Dani’s shin i.e he did not really go ahead and make that threatening tackle. My point here is not about the rules of football. I love football and I absolutely love Barca. My point here is that a chance for FCB to stamp its clear superiority has slipped, that’s all. And while everything that happened on the field might have been right, it just is not as satisfying to beat EE with one man down for 30 minutess, especially coming after the CDR final loss.
      P.S. I am with you guys 🙂 Dont hate me.

    2. Well my take on this one :
      It was a red cardable offense. The reckless way the player put his player warrants that. Contact or less contact is kind of irrelevant here. These rules are specifically designed to prevent players from injuring another , not punishing them for doing so.
      So , pepe should not have placed his foot that high facing down when the opposition player was closer to the ball and making a clean challenge. Dangerous play = RED CARD. Notice : dangerous play isn’t a mask for play that resulted in injury ,or it had much contact to force a player cry for the rest of the game in pain.
      Barcelona has already proved their superiority. No need to repeat that. 5-0 , the results of the last 3 years , and the fact that madrid doesn’t dare to come out and play , in their own stadium , summarizes the barcelona dominance.

  23. Hey all, coming out of lurkdom for awhile…

    Really happy for the wwin and damn proud of the guys… except Busquets (I thought he was past that, and Pedro too?) I guess Mourinho brings out the worst in people sometimes, especially in big games. Now the haters will have more to say… well nothing new there, but I’d rather not. It’s hard defending the team when people keep pointing the divers and cheaters.

    I try not to let Mourinho get to me, but he has gone beyond decency. Oh well… the less said the better I guess.

    Messi 😀 Going to replay that goal again and again. What a player!

    Last 2 weeks was unbearable. I think I’ve lost weight and hardly slept lol… There’s still 90 minutes though but at least I won’t be walking around like the undead!

    Visca Barca!

  24. The substitutes bench tonight for Real Madrid:
    Benzema, Higuain, Kaka…
    Wait, that’s the starting lineup yea?
    No, that’s the bench.

    1. Mou left Kaka, Higuain, and Benzema on the bench until the final whistle…
      around $ 100m left on the bench…

      while Pep proudly presented Sergi Roberto to the world, during El Clasico at Bernapoo, in semifinal UCL…

      a new level of mockery… oh, Pep… I ******* love you, el put* jefe… 😆

    2. They were all on the bench, leaving only twice, once for half time, the other for the final. After the games they had against Valencia no less. Perhaps this is why EC (Evil Coach) decided to rant. So he didn’t have to answer questions about why all three never made it into the game.

  25. Well, in light of evidence presented I see that there’s a chance that there wasn’t a contact at all. Which makes Madridistas have a point on that one. However, even if there wasn’t contact, isn’t that a punishable offense? I’d say that it depends on the referee’s criteria.

    Either way, it was a very fast action and we are watching replays, it is not that simple when you don’t have replays at your disposal. So, the referee maybe did a wrong decision (one again: do you really need to make contact to be a punishable offense… I mean, even dangerous play is punishable when it doesn’t hurt anyone)… but that doesn’t mean he was biased.

    Still, Madrid also made fouls that weren’t called for… so… even if they have a point on that one… doesn’t mean that the reffing in general played against them.

    Finally, that’s what they get. They won the Copa match playing dirty and they got away with it.

    Still, a shame for Alves as well. He should be way better than that. One thing is to call the ref for the constant fouling, other thing is to act.

    == This, of course, while assuming that the video is original and not edited… sorry, dudes, but after Marca’s shops I tend to question things shown by Madridistas ==

    1. Do you really need to make contact to be a RED punishable offense.
      Its called dangerous play , not injury provoking play.
      Im downloading a high definition video to see if there was contact or not.

    2. Laws of the GAme Page 118
      Serious foul play

      Any player who lunges at an opponent in challenging for the ball from the front, from the side or from behind using one or both legs, with excessive force and endangering the safety of an opponent is guilty of serious foul play.

  26. How unexpected was it that one of our substitutes ended up being the difference and not Madrid’s?

    Ibi was really our only threat off the bench, and he responded brilliantly with his pace and perfect cross.

    Meanwhile, Madrid practically lost the tie already without utilizing the riches they have sitting on their bench.

    Funny game, football.

  27. For people who have not played soccer, that studs up foot into a player who is kicking the ball is a shin breaking tackle. It is a straight red. It should not be allowed in soccer. Correct decision.

    Having said that, Pepe should have received yellows and been sent off long before that, I saw him hacking Alves before that.

    I think we may have a star in Affelay. This assist should give him much confidence. Hopefully he will take players on more often. And hopefully Messi and Villa will match his runs to tap the ball in.

    Yesterdays match was shameful for its diving and playacting, from both sides, but especially with regards to the tactics that Madrid employed of hacking Barca players.

    Mou is a disgrace. Bad looser. He spoke too soon. He should have attended the press conference after getting a night of sleep to calm his nerves down.

    I could go on and on… goals aside, I did not like yesterdays match. Not gonna watch it again. Hopefully we will have a better game on the return leg.

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