Copa del Rey Final Liveblog

Blizten here with the Liveblog so you kiddies don’t go “hungry”…

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. I think it’s not just our players but also Pep who’s tired. In what sense, I don’t know, but that’s the overall feeling I get when I look at them. Must only be me…

  2. I don’t think our problem is getting into the box, our problem is maybe we are limited in our creativity in front of goal, and its hard to get those clean open chances in games like this. We have to work on our grind (lol) and grit, and get those little chances and put them away.

    I mean Villa isn’t the problem, he doesn’t get any clean cut chances. Iniesta and Messi did but they never finished them

  3. Iker and Teh Ramos celebrating like it’s the World Cup all over again. LOL. I guess it must feel good to finally win something again.

    1. Come now. No need to be petty. They worked for it, and they deserve to feel happy about it, right?

    2. I dislike it when people talk about ‘deserving’ a win- it’s such an un-objective statement to defend. Am I sad Barcelona lost? Yes. Do I think we totally stepped it up in the second half (while going missing in the first)? Yes. But the statement goes both ways- wins aren’t necessarily deserved or undeserved, they just are.

      And now we pick ourselves up, and move on. Visca Barca!

  4. This just leaves me feeling like we have to address the lack of depth in our squad urgently this summer.

    Glad we came out in the second half and showed what we were capable of. It’s just a shame we wasted 45 minutes doing nothing. Madrid looked hungrier, fresher, and more determined in the first half. Credit to them. We came out hungry in the second half, but it wasn’t enough.

    Let’s see what happens in the Champions League. We can’t come out like we did in that first half or we have a very little chance of advancing.

  5. MOTM was Cristiano. He was really good, he kept even tracking back and playing defense. His diving and going down easily is still a joke though.

    I thought the ref didn’t do much to control the match, but its nearly impossible in these clasicos. the guy has the hardest job in footy. that being said it seems Pepe or Arbeloa should’ve been sent off.. I wonder if Mou takes the 10 men angle after ADM sent off.

    does valdes save Cristiano’s header? likewise, does Dudek save any of those? Iker is amazing. that VV for #1 in spain argument looks even funnier today.

    I thought Villa wasn’t bad, he fluffed that volley in the box which would’ve been a goal, but I feel like he doesn’t get the ball on the run enough. a couple times i’ve seen messi just not give him the ball.
    pedro was off, but commentators are saying it was so close you got to let it go. thats the first offsides (he was) that I’ve seen NO defenders protest. weird!

    congrats to madrid. but the psychological battle is with us. we’ve been on this high horse all season, called the best in the world, beating teams 5-0 and 8-0, and then we lose. 1-0. to our biggest rival. and they have the advantage?

    we do. they don’t like this feeling and will never forget this evening (which is probably how madrid felt after the 5-0 with the last two games and used that to their advantage).

    the fact that Mou has to change his tactics gives me confidence we’re the better team.

  6. I don’t know what to say about Villa. We really need him to perform in the CL semifinal now. Messi can’t do it on his own anymore.

    We’re bound to lose against Madrid eventually. I’ll glady take the Champions League over the Copa del Rey anytime, thanks. I hope our players are fired up for revenge next Wednesday. Come one Barca!

  7. Well that was very dissapointing.

    Our problem is very simple really, the only real threat we have up front is Messi. So we are back to being relatively easy to defend against, especially since Messi always wants to cut inside. Pedro is in a rut and Villa, well frankly, has become a complete waste of space. I would rather see Afellay start or Bojan if he was fit. Shocking that we can only bring on ONE attacking player to try and change a game, and one that we bought in Jan. This team needs more strikers. Too much is resting on Messi.

    On to the semis now, but I really striggle to see the solution to this problem we have. Villa and Pedro arent suddently going to find their form in a weeks time.

    1. Messi dependency is troubling. It seemed like we couldn’t generate any space off the ball at times without giving him the ball and hoping he could out-maneuver two or three defenders at a time.

    2. I think in Villas case it would be helpful to just get some rest. You are very unfair, he played through nearly 3 season with European Championship, Confed Cup and WC, he broght the spanish NT through to the finale. Now he is tired, the fault lies with the board/Pep who did reinforce our squad so that we had to play our players in nearly every game

  8. I reckon Casillas was MOTM TBH. he is what made Mourinho’s tactics successful, without Iker’s saves today, we would have won, period!

  9. Messi should be played on the wing against Madrid IMO. There is no space at all in the middle.

  10. Pardon my French but well- fuck this. Hearing the commentator say the words ‘Real Madrid, Champions’ just makes me a little nauseated.

    I’m not blaming the team. They definitely need some rest, and will be getting some soon I’m quite sure. Pedro seemed to have a bit more direction in the second half compared to the first half and his last few games, so that’s a good sign for me. His quick shooting and the dangerous positions he gets into makes us very hard to deal with when he gets back on form.

    They wanted the win more than us, and were very solid defensively. But considering how we played in the second half, if we can replicate that sort of control for 90 minutes and couple that with fresher, fitter forwards, we should be able to beat EE.

    Remember that so far we’ve seen that at the Bernabeu, us and them are about evenly matched, with our fatigue and their hunger and their extremely intense game and all factors combined. But we are still a very strong side at home. Both this game and the league game were draws in normal time. In the CL we can be confident that we can at least draw in the Bernabeu, and be even more confident of a solid result in Camp Nou. That factor we shouldn’t forget.

    1. Not bitter or angry at our team. Mostly feeling the distaste at the thought of EE being champions of anything. Especially having beaten us to do so.

  11. Surprisingly this lost isn’t hurting as much as say last year UCL elimination. For some odd reason I have a strong feeling Cesc is certainly coming in the summer along with some squad departures . I.e Keita,Maxwell.

    1. I have a strong feeling Cesc is certainly coming in the summer along with some squad departures . I.e Keita,Maxwell.

      Cesc? He is absolutely the last thing this club needs. He is a luxury they can’t even remotely afford.

      They have no depth at striker. There are no viable additions from La Masia at that position next season. Strikers are disproportionately expensive to buy.

      At the same time they need desperately to rebuild depth at the back line, especially at CB.

      If they buy Fabergas it will take up all of their resources and they will be in this same exact position next season.

      They’ll be bringing on Keita again in the 108th minute down a goal in a championship match down 1-0.

      Pep absolutely needs to figure out how to incorporate another striker into this squad – one that is both going to fit into the system but even more importantly one that is going to expand what it is capable of doing.

      It is critical that they figure out a different dimension for matches such as this while also rebuilding the back line.

    2. Theyll go for nilmar or Rossi methinks.The plus is that apart from messi masch and alves, the boys will finally hae a rest this summer.

  12. I hope our whole starting XI rests this weekend, just put the benchplayers and B-teamers out there! It is so obvious that our players are exhausted! This is what I’ve been waiting for all season. Playing Messi constantly has now taken it’s toll on his body, he’s tired, he needs to rest completely! Not get subbed in the second half and run around, REST GODDAMMIT! GRRRR.

    We can afford to loose this weekend, and then see how the first leg of the CL tie plays out, after that we can plan furthermore.

    Really dissappointed, but hey, if Casillas didn’t have that monster of a game, we win. But we can now see how the thin squad is taking it’s toll.

  13. a loss at bernabeu is not an option anymore, if we lose there, don’t expect us to be as good as home, because mourinho will go all out……and defend

  14. And a word on Iniesta-

    You see how he took the game by the scruff of the neck in the second half? That’s how he needs to be in matches like this. Assertive. He has the ability to get past players and cause problems. Every time he drove forward he left a man behind and had them panicking.

    It’s nice to let the come to you and let others take over, but if you see that Villa and Pedro are clearly off their game, you have to step up. He didn’t do that in the first half, but I’m glad he did in the second. That’s what he is going to need to do in the CL matches.

    1. Yea andres went into beast mode.Theres no place for timidity in these types of games , he definitely needs to do it for the rest of the games if we are to have a chance.It was a bit like how he was in the 5-0.Need to see more of it.

    2. I agree. Iniesta is holding himself back far too much. It’s as if he doesn’t fully realize how talented he is.

      He cannot afford to be so passive. It’s as if “receive pass, offer” has been so ingrained in his mind that he has trouble seeing outside of it even when the team desperately needs him.

      He should be this generation’s Zidane. It’s his own approach in attack that’s the limitation.

    3. Euler,

      what kind of strikre would you like to see?

      A 2nd Ibra big target man experiment with someone like Llorente or Kanoute or somebody mobile like Nilmar, Rossi

  15. Well remember when sevilla knocked us out of the cup last year? Then the next time we played was annihilation.All roads now lead to the second le of the tie at Camp Nou.Mou has never beaten us there.With no Carvalho in the 1st game we should be able to keep the tie alive till we bring it to Camp nou.The good news is Pedro looked to be himself in the second half, iniesta raised his game,messi is messi, but it looks like we might have to drop Villa to play with an actual 11 men. Hopefully we have the last laugh.I doubt Madrid can play better.

    1. If Mourinho beats us at the Bernabéu (even 2-1), it will be pretty much over. I cannot see past his defensive wall no matter what we through at it, even people like Villa and Pedro who, let’s face it, now are weight more than a solution.

  16. I’ve been saving this (happy) link for such (sad) occasions.


    Let’s remember that despite tonight’s result, Barca/Futbol has provided us with many more joyous moments than bad ones.

    Very much looking forward to how this team responds in the CL!

    Visca Barca

  17. Someone hold me and tell me everything is gonna be okay. Or tell me how this is RM’s only chance at silverware. 🙁

    1. one cup final does not define our season, and is just a small blip in what we experienced in the last three years.

    2. Surely a bad time to get in a blip… But we’re the best team in the world…remember? Everythin’s gon be okay.. 🙂

    3. It’s gonna be ok, Miguel. The Copa del Rey doesn’t write this team into the history books. La Liga and the Champions League will. Chin up. 🙂

    4. Haha Miguel don’t worry about this. They may be almost an even match for us away from home, but we’re stronger at home and the CL is two legs.

  18. Judas, don’t be ridiculous. End of the dream team? Most of our starting 11 is full of young players who are already the best in the world in their positions. Pique, Pedro, Messi, Busquets are all 22-23 or so. Iniesta, Mascherano, Adriano, Alves are all 26 or 27. And we have fantastic youth coming up plus a huge transfer kitty every year. We’re gonna be a superpower for quite a while yet.

  19. I want to feel bad or sad but I can’t, I’m not feeling sad at all, EE didn’t play better, they just had luck on their side this time, and you can’t play like that over the course of 180 minutes.

    1. exactly, they grabbed a leisure goal that maybe they didn’t expect to get and really sucker punched us.

      But this loss is not painful because well we still believe in our team, we still feel like the best in the world.

    2. Yeah I don’t feel much emotion either. i feel distaste at EE being the champions of anything especially having beaten us on the way- hearing the commentator say ‘Real M*drid, champions’ is a bit nauseating- but mostly it’s all calm, let’s just wait and see for the CL mode.

      What I take away from this is the two sides, in their current situations (fatigue, hunger, intensity, all those factors included) seem evenly matched away from home. Both the league game and this one were tied at 90 mins. But we’re a much stronger side at Nou Camp. In the CL, this bodes well for us, since even a draw away would leave us clear favorites to progress.

    3. If we had conceded in the first half and went on to lose, then I would have felt a lot worse. That’s my take on it anyway.

  20. A 2nd Ibra big target man experiment with someone like Llorente or Kanoute or somebody mobile like Nilmar, Rossi

    If I were on the Board, I would do everything in my power to acquire Fernando Llorente and Mamdou Sakho this summer.

    I love Rossi. I think he would fit in well with the squad. I just don’t think they can afford to carry a player with those skill sets at striker.

    It’s very difficult as they must improve the defense as well.

    Don’t know how I’ll feel later as there is obviously a great deal of time, but Llorente and Sakho are two players I think about a great deal.

    Llorente has the possibility to be the player they thought they were getting in Ibra.

    And honestly, as painful as it is to say, they really could have used that player today to create space.

    There’s been talk about Llorente having a pre-deal with RM though so who knows. But skill set wise – he’s the player.

    Villa cannot function effectively in the center of the pitch against the compressed defenses Barca faces. They need something different.

    1. Also – folks there is absolutely no reason to think that they are not going to get through to the CL finals.

      This is still the best team in the world.

      They just need Pedro or Villa to come back into form. P! looked much better when they moved him to the left. Let’s hope that a good sign.

      They actually don’t need Villa and Pedro to come back into form. Just one of them.

      And Pep should have a heart to heart with Ghostface and tell them that the team needs him to be more selfish and force plays.

      When teams are holding shape that way dribbling is in many cases the best way to breaking their shape.

      Messi and Iniesta both have that ability. Messi uses it (and that’s what created that brilliant goal ruled off sides). Iniesta has to be forced to use it.

      But I expect to see much better from the team in the CL. That first half was so aberrant for how they’ve played this season.

    2. Yeah, but hey Llorente is basque so he would suit much better to a catalan club.

      I feel so sorry for Villa, he is so tired, and all the people are forgetting that it was him who pulled the spanish NT through to the EC and WC.

      It was to be expected that he would be exhausted at one point, the board did make a big mistake in not reinforcing this area, now we have played him into the ground.

    3. I feel bad for Villa as well–he clearly needs some rest, and he’s just not getting it, thanks to the thinness of the squad.

  21. And now Adriano has a muscle tear (via barcastuff). Dropping like flies. At least Puyol will be back.

    What do you guys think about playing Keita next time against them from the start, dropping Villa and pushing Iniesta up to the left? I think it gives that extra steel and right now Villa is running on fumes anyway. Maybe use him as an impact sub, especially away from home.

    1. I was afraid of that. It looked like he pulled his groin muscle on that late challenge.

      It would be a major loss. Adriano has been phenomenal. His pace against C. Ronaldo was fantastic.

  22. well, a lost is a lost…
    some of you said, it’s just a Copa…
    but you can see both teams wanted it so bad…our players was really disappointed, for sure…

    terrible 1st half for Barça, but they came back at 2nd half…
    very unlucky with Pedro’s disallowed goal…could’ve been a great goal…

    so, no treble for us this season…that’s allright, it’s tough to take, but life goes on!

    we still have La Liga and UCL title to fight for! 🙂

  23. I don’t think Villa needs to be dropped for the next Clasico so much as he needs a rest in the next League game. Clearly he’s EXHAUSTED, and frankly, he should have gotten a rest before now. Throwing him into the deep end and hoping he plays his way out of the slump isn’t working, maybe if he gets a rest, some of that sharpness comes back.

  24. I think this game showed how painfully obvious it is that we need a few big man threats for set plays. Is it just me, or does it feel like there is never any real threat when we take corner kicks or free kicks from far away……….. I feel the opposite when EE takes them. If we can get clinical with our set pieces then we can take advantage of the MANY times the likes of Messi, Iniesta, Pedro get fouled near the box…. right now we create zero threats….I wish field goals counted…

  25. I don’t get it, M*drid’s lineup has also always been the same, how come Barcelona are the only team that get tired?

    1. Yeah, but you forget that a big part of the Barca team has played through the WC, some even through the EC and Confed Cup. For Madrid it was only Casillas and Ramos for all three events, as Alonso was only on the bench for Euro 2008. IN the WC Alonso and Casillas played all games (but Alonso always the first to be subbed), for Barca Sergio, Iniesta, Xavi, Pique, Puyol, Villa played all games, Pedro the last two.

    2. Our game involves far more running and harrying in every game by every player, while against most opposition EE also control the game so don’t have to chase the ball, but play a more direct style especially with very little pressing and harrying by the front four usually. They have a bigger squad and occasional players get the occasional rest. Also, half our starting eleven played the past three summers consecutively for Spain and has had pretty much no long break since 2007.

  26. the match in Ber-Nah-Be-Eeeww will be very desicive…

    I’m hoping we can pull out a draw…

    if we lost 1-0 or 3-1 in away match, I think it’s almost game over…
    2-1 or 3-2 will be an okay result…

  27. I’m off to bed and I’ll be traveling tomorrow, So I won’t be around for sometime, Hopefully by then People are more relaxed and better.

  28. If we thought but weren’t sure that Real had the psychological advantage after Saturday, now my fears have materialized. They defeated us by sucker punch, which came out of nowhere in a major final, and those kind of goals hurt you the most. It is far better, in me humble opinion, to get thrashed 5-0 than to lose like that (especially in a series), but that’s just me.
    I’ll remain optimistic. This is far from over, but let us not deceive ourselves. This is definitely advantage Real Madrid now–they have found a way to beat us, and Ronaldo has begun scoring with regularity. If Real Madrid beat us at the Bernabeu, even by half a goal, then it will be well and truly over.

    1. “It is far better, in me humble opinion, to get thrashed 5-0 than to lose like that”


    2. That’s just me. I may be completely wrong, and I’d welcome it, but coming from a personal level I have learned a whole lot more from complete defeats than from complete victories. Losing 1-0 in extratime is devastating. We’ll see how the players react.

    3. “If Real Madrid beat us at the Bernabeu, even by half a goal, then it will be well and truly over.”

      Not even “may” be over.Ok.

    4. Umm, no? It is in no way better to lose 5-0 than to lose by a sucker punch goal. In a sucker punch loss you think, ‘we are the better side but we need to step up our game for the next match a week later’. When you get hammered 5-0 you feel humiliated and feel ‘they are better than us, how can we possible beat them?’ and play in a shell trying to do damage limitation and praying for luck.

      No offense, but if we’d lost 5-0 I’m sure you’d have thought that was worse psychologically as well. It’s easy to say something that didn’t happen as being worse.

    5. I humbly disagree. Losing 5 zip you feel humiliated, true, but you also challenge yourself. You tell yourself, “OK, they are, at the moment, way too good for me to have any shot at this. Next time I’ll do better.” But you also quietly believe that 5-0 was their best expression possible and your worst. You will get better; they won’t. A 1-0 defeat in extra time, after you put them on the ropes for the second half, is like being hit on the blind side. You say to yourself,”I did my best and still I lost. Did I beat these guys 5-0 just 4 5 months ago?”
      I hope I’m wrong, obviously but I don’t think so. I remember in ’09 the Penguins lost game 5 of the Stanley Cup final 5-0. They won the last two games by a single goal each. Different sports, yes, but the theory is the same. You can learn by a humbling and strive to do better.

  29. I think if we lose 2-1 or 3-2, we have a chance to progress, though it’ll be very tough and difficult…

    but if the scoreline is 1-0, 2-0, or 3-1, I give up my hope for UCL title…

  30. I hate to be a debbie downer but..where do we go from here? What tactics are left? Maybe the Liga is our but CL leaves doubts. The reality is Puyol is at the end of the road due to his age and injury and Xavi isn’t getting any younger. Mascherano is a waste of space and the jury is still of on Afellay. Money needs to be invested in a striker and not on Fabregas.
    I still believe in Barca but something needs to change, the element of surprise is necessary especially when Mourinho has found the formula for beating us. Having possession means nothing if we don’t create chances.

    1. Waste of space! Masch made a lot of important saves and interceptions, what’d you call Villa? I don’t think we need to change anything in the lineups or tactics, Barca can pwn the whole world if they WANTED. Thing is, this time they didn’t entirely do so, because everyone’s tired and we were up against a side that wasn’t worn out, and really WANTED the cup. It’s just a reality check, I think.

    2. Hate to tell you but you kinda are a debbie downer.
      Lighten up, if you have ever supported a team in any sport other than this barca team in these three years you would know that teams sometimes win and sometimes loose.
      Oh and before you go to sleep tonight thank God your not an arsenal fan…


  32. Awww gotta love Shakira’s reaction during the end of the game *****

    Basically the same with me.

  33. I feel like crap….I don’t even have the energy to be pissed with Arbeloa and his dirty tricks anymore…I see the spirit in the spanish NT is just great…

    And the worst thing is I have to get up and go to work in 5 hours…I’m waiting to read a post that will make me feel slightly better so I can go to sleep..but I don’t think it can happen…blaaah

    1. Just remember what I always keep in mind. Every SINGLE ONE of our worst losses in recent years has led to an amazing victory some time later.

      The humiliation of the 06/07 season directly led to the brilliance of the renovated 08/09 team that’s continuing up to now.

      The pasillo and 4-1 loss at the Bernabeu directly led to our famous 6-2 away win.

      Mourinho and Inter knocking us out of the CL directly led to the Manita that will go down as another legendary performance.

      And more.

  34. Where do we go from here? We just give the players some rest, see them back fresh and burning with motivation, and kick ass. That’s where we go from here.

    And Mascherano a waste of space? That’s ridiculous..

    1. Yeah, yeah, happy that you kick some ass here, a lot of Cules here in the truest sense of the world.

      Okay, we lost, that happens, I would not even mind, if it would not be against the EE, in particular Mou and Cryunaldo.

      But now it will show what our guys are made of, and I am sure that they are made of Champions material.

      Always under Pep when there was disappointment they came back stronger, last year we did go out in the CL, the EE was breathing down our neck and we did go to the Madrigal and did win 4:1 and then in Sevilla 2:3 to win the league.

      And this team has earned themself the trust of the supporters. they will strike back, no doubt.

  35. Some of you are really overreacting…. take some breaths… it’s OK. We had plenty of chances, if it wasn’t for San Iker, we would have won…. I also think VV would have reacted faster then Pinto and knocked that ball out, but I don’t want to take anything away from Pinto.

    This was bound to happen one day, we were on a 6 game streak (5 wins, one tie) of not losing against one of the best teams in Europe and the most expensive team in footballing history…. Come on, we are good, but not invincible.

  36. Disappointed at the result, and who won it for them but it was bound to happen sometime. We just have to regroup like the champions we are.

    Euler, one suggest. Could you refer to Barcelona as “we” and the opposition as “they”? It always takes me a little while to figure out which team you are talking about

  37. Just think back to beating Real 6-2 at the Bernabeu after they scored the first goal, Iniesta’s 93rd minute winner against Chelsea, bossing United in the CL final, Messi’s jaw-dropping game against Zaragoza, the four goals against Arsenal, the Manita game… seeing Pep break down in tears after we won the Club World Cup, our sixth trophy… Remember those moments. How can you not get chills, not feel proud and uplifted and emotional and happy?

    We forget to dwell on how those felt and appreciate it too often.

  38. Or do what Momo says. Imagine yourself having been an Arsenal fan the past three years instead.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I know it’s mean but still hilarious.

  39. Remember when Romario scored a hat-trick ?

    Let them get cocky and happy with their win. This is football, If you expect something else then go watch NFL.

  40. People, people, people. I haven’t seen the match yet, and have to work late so probably won’t even be able to watch until late tonight or tomorrow. So someone else will do the review, but I will say this:

    Lose the pessimism. Now.

    Glory runs in waves. And if you’ve ever watched a wave, you know that it swells, crashes and then ebbs. If you’re a surfer, are you enjoying that wave and then looking for the next one, or moaning about the wave that isn’t there any longer?

    This team has given us amazing, amazing football for season after season. I like that people are giving them credit for playing a good match. I got the rundown from a cubicle mate, and it sounds like Villa let down the side again which, given how Mourinho plays finals and big matches, doesn’t surprise me at all. He learns from his failures, and has the personnel to adapt.

    For us, it’s easy to see how things could have been different, again only from the sound of things. For the manita, we had a healthy Abidal and Puyol, the former for his overlaps at pace to provide width and open up the wings. Villa wasn’t suffering what every first-year Barca forward suffers, the late-season fatigue slump.

    The way they are playing Messi is how any coach with half a brain would play Messi, until it beats them. It’s why I referenced the Jordan Rules, from back in the Chicago Bulls. You stop the guy you know can kill you, and see if anyone else can. Villa and Pedro can’t. Sorry, but they can’t. And if anybody wants to call me a hater, I’ll take that. But watch the Spain WC match against Switzerland to understand how stranded Villa can be against a team that narrows the pitch and plays physically.

    And we lost. It’s a final I didn’t care about, don’t care about and never will care about, just as I will also never get down on this team. You can’t lose a match or a tie that you haven’t played yet. Support the side and love the team. There will be more adversity, because that’s how waves go. You do your best, and you accept the result.

    Now we have the Champions League tie. Guardiola will have to adapt, just as Mourinho has adapted. You do your best, and move on from there.

    1. Yay Kxevin! (Post-match, I feel a little like a cheerleader of anti-pessimism).

      I only started supporting this team this year, which I thought meant that I would, more than most, expect this team to win every single match they play. *I don’t.*

      And I’m not saying we’re going to come forth and blast through RM in the semi-final next week–what I am saying is that I’m keeping the faith.

    2. You are really the king of the BFB and 100%. The negativity here from some posters was also building up like a big wave, but there are lot of cules who have not lost faith in our wonderful team.

    3. Its painfull, im stucked with tears, it wudn’t have been lyk this if it were any other team, and where it mattered most,last year He used Inter, the other time it was Chelsea, n now with EE and no other person than the thong boy, now our worry is the UCL, how r we going to fare, which strategy,they’ve enjoyed the first two elclasicco’s, i know its football lose win or Draw, but somethings are obvious, My own Villa is not playing well, and Pedro? why? i cant sleep oh!

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