The Great Conversation

What do you think they were talking about? Well, here are some possibilities…

Mourinho: How’s you’re little one?

Busi: Good, good. I hear you enrolled your kids in a school in Italy.

Mourinho: Yeah, the press is going to go batty over it tomorrow.

Busi: They’ll be all “Mourinho is moving back to Inter!”

Mourinho: All “It’s where they went before, there’s no way it could just be a really good, internationally recognized school that you would totally send your kids to if you could afford it, but you can’t because you’re haven’t won the Champions League like 80 times.”

Busi: That’ll be a hell of a headline.


Mourinho: What’s it like?

Busi: What’s what like?

Mourinho: Not winning everything you try.

Busi: I wouldn’t know.

Mourinho: Oh, right.


Mourinho: Are your arms tired?

Busi: From what?

Mourinho: Flying in this morning. Ha!

Busi: Good one!


Mourinho: Snape kills Dumbledore.

Busi: Yeah, dude I kno—

Guardiola: Oh come on, I’m like halfway through the Half Blood Prince!

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  1. Extreme barca fan
    April 18, 2011

    Mou: last time it was you, this year its Villa, who is next??
    Busi: tell that to the press, oh wait you dont talk to them any more, my bad

  2. tutomate
    April 18, 2011

    MouFace: Is Pep seriously busting a Lowe and eating his bugers?
    Busi: They do hit the spot right here.
    Pep: mmmmmmm salty, aallgghh

  3. Lev
    April 18, 2011

    curious thing in that picture is the position of the ball.


    Busi: wanna play peek-a-boo?
    Mou: no. but albiol wants to wrestle. he’s been nagging me about it all week!

    • ooga aga
      April 18, 2011

      ahhh! levitating soccerball! get it? lev-itating!

    • Eklavya
      April 18, 2011


      Why am I the only one who finds lame jokes funny?

  4. Josep
    April 18, 2011

    Busi: Your button is unbottoned

    i hope you guys watch arrested development.

    • April 18, 2011

      There’s always money in the banana stand

    • Puppet
      April 18, 2011


      Guardiola: Hmmm… where the hell are my hard-boiled eggs?

  5. Eklavya
    April 18, 2011

    You forgot to give Jnice credit for finding the picture for you.

    Mou: Hey Biscuit, come ovah here!

    Busi: What? What?

    Mou: Why the hell is this ball floating in between us?

    Busi: Who knows?! Lets try to eat it…?

    Mou: Hmm, my favorite!

    Mou and Busi together: Aaaaaa!

    Pep (behind): Bleh! Mou’s mouths really stinks, no wonder he doesn’t give press conferences anymore…

  6. Miguel
    April 18, 2011

    Villarreal Zaragoza in 20?

    Mou: Waaaaaaah!!!

    Busi: Coochie coochie coo.

  7. Humphrey Bogart
    April 18, 2011

    Cryff may be our Yoda and sometimes a pain in the arse, but this time he nailed it:

    The Madrid-Barca game reminded me a lot of the Netherlands and Spain final from the last World Cup. That day, to my shame, Holland players dedicated themselves more to break up than to play football. And so it went. Defeated and leaving a very bad image for the world to see. What is interesting is that the same people [Madrid press] who are now applauding the tactics used by Mourinho with Madrid – a very good Madrid side with a wealth of talent – were angry with the approach taken by the Dutch that day, and rightly so.

    Read more:

    • Helge
      April 18, 2011


      I didn’t see that similarity before, but Cruyff is absolutely right.
      But the comments from Di Stefano top it all, because he is a, if not the Madridista.

      One has to say though, that some columnists of Marca and AS have indeed criticized the tactics of Real Madrid in the first Clásico. So not everyone at Marca/AS is a hypocrite.

  8. Josep
    April 18, 2011

    I noticed this during the game and a couple of times on Guardiola. I don’t remember them getting this at the Camp, but I’ve seen it several times on Cristiano this season. This shit needs to stop, its dangerous.

    I haven’t posted yet but my thoughts which were finally echoed recently.

    It was obvious we played 2nd gear whole game. the whistles all match made me lol. we’re up 1-0, and a man, and your team is sitting back, and your fans are whistling. while I don’t think we cared, and Pep may have told them to take the foot off the gas for most of the match, besides the defenders, Madrid didn’t do much neither.

    each side knew it was a meaningless match it seems. I hope Villa finds his form. You guys say forget the CDR but I’m for it. it’s the final match wednesday. we can rest players on saturday (which we’ll probably do anyways).

    start the big boys wednesday, rest them saturday. if we lose? it’s still a 5 point gap. its the final match. a final. we played well the whole tournament, go for it all.

  9. Megster
    April 18, 2011

    Mou: Didn’t I tell you I am more handsome than Pep?

    Busi: Eh???

    Pep (looking afar): Don’t turn your back at me, Busi…

    • Para
      April 18, 2011

      I know that’s dialogue for the picture above, but because I’m scrolled down and can’t see it, the face in your gravatar looks like it’s a reaction to the Mourinho line. 🙂

  10. Josep
    April 18, 2011

    I forgot to say it, but I didn’t see many Pep yellow card offense fouls that people are yelling for. ramos yes. and can we stop talking about barca being complacent, or things like that, where theres no way for the fan to know? we don’t know whats going on in their minds, or what the coach tells them. lets not talk about “psychological advantages” because we’re just spectators.

    its silly to discuss things we just will never know. we can talk about how annoying mou is though. ugh. complains about alves not getting sent off for a non-foul. I’d love to see him as a pundit when he calls it quits though. hah! I just wonder what he would’ve said if marcelo was our player on the end of that.

    but I agree with the concensus, i’m tired of mou’s overrated tactician antics. he’s been handed billions of dollars in the last 8 years and has one CL to show for it so far, and that’s last years. the porto achievement was great, but that was a different era of footy. he also was the victim of fortuitous calls, which he’ll likely never admit.

    • April 18, 2011

      “he’s been handed billions of dollars in the last 8 years and has one CL to show for it so far, and that’s last years. the porto achievement was great,”

      I think you nailed it there and should have ended your sentence. He is certainly a good coach; I don’t think anyone can really argue that, but what he IS a genius at is controlling the media and over-hyping himself. He’s brilliant at it. The Porto achievement was amazing and so was the Inter achievement. Winning any major trophy is, after all, pretty amazing.

    • April 18, 2011

      So to finish my thought: he’s a good coach, but he’s no more “special” than anyone else. he’s not creating anything tactically, just using previously constructed ideas. I don’t even think he’s tweaking them.

    • Josep
      April 18, 2011

      agreed on both fronts. he’s always played the victim but it must be said his two CLs have come via controversial goals disallowed going his way.

      that is with all Cls almost though. there’s a huge luck factor in a tournament so difficult. winning two, with two teams, in the amount of years is great. he is a special one. but he’s a wee bit overhyped. but thats because of him. he makes his failures look like someone else’s fault. him not winning the league this year comes with great excuses, that are working. but like someone said before, you can’t make R. Madrid a victim. they’re not some minnows.

    • Josep
      April 18, 2011

      I hope AVB gets it done next year and goes deep in the CL with Porto. thats a guy who is extremely similar, but I can get behind and support.

      if anything, mourinho makes me respect pep that much more.

      Pep is the most underrated tactician, coach, and humble person. his humbleness is often way overlooked. in an era of complaints, corruption scandals, and what not who blames the ref 0% of the time? it’s insane to think about the torch bearer of this club being such a great person.

  11. PM
    April 18, 2011

    Teams started playing 2 LBs to contain Messi, Barca found a way to overcome that. Now 3 DMs to stifle Barca’s creativity?!
    Assuming Mou will go with the same strategy but tossing Ozil instead of Benzema, what should be Barca’s answer for that? How about putting sMash and Busi both in midfield sacrificing Pedro/Villa? What are your suggestions guys?

    BTW who knew Di Stephano is a cule in disguise 🙂

  12. ooga aga
    April 18, 2011

    Busi: is this you moving in for this kiss? mouth not so wide!

    Mou: ahhhkkkk slurrrppp

  13. Josep
    April 18, 2011

    goolllllll de barca juvenil b. was that dongu or is it racist to assume thats the black guy?

    Dallas cup match btw..

  14. poipoi
    April 18, 2011

    Mou: hey! You! The tall dude! You CAN defend right?wanna put a white jersey on and take benzema’s place?
    Busi: hell no! Is you loco?
    Mou: fair enough…. there goes my 4-6-0 system down the drain

    • poipoi
      April 18, 2011

      Meanwhile pep: mmmmh this nail was tasty! Mustard?

    • Helge
      April 18, 2011

      Didn’t know it yet. Thanks, as if I hadn’t already been excited enough 😀

  15. Helge
    April 18, 2011

    btw, am I the only one who suffers from insomnia lately?

    I’ve woken up at 5.30am on each of the last 3 mornings, while I usually sleep till 8am (hey, I’m a student, so that’s actually quite early^^). Have had one nightmare already (Real winning 5-0, CR scoring a hattrick). I wonder if this will continue until May, 3.

    I hope for a CdR win to settle my nerves, it would be better for my bachelor thesis!

  16. Humphrey Bogart
    April 18, 2011

    From barcastuff:

    UEFA could suspend Iniesta for another game (first leg CL semis) for provoking a yellow card in the home game against Shakhtar

    I mean that is ridiculous, Madrid got 2 players suspendend and were fined, and that was it.

    • Para
      April 18, 2011

      It was a ridiculous fine/punishment when it happened to RM, and it will be if they impose it on Iniesta as well. I assume the punishment would be the same, no?

      As frustrating as it is, one of the reasons I thought it was so ludicrous in the first place was because of the inconsistency. Perhaps this demonstrates that it’s a suspension/fine that they will impose regularly.

    • Humphrey Bogart
      April 18, 2011

      No, it would absolutlty not be the same. The Real Madrid players did sit out their own game supsension and then could play again and the club had to pay same fine.

      With Iniesta they want the he is an additonal game suspended, he did already sit out the return leg and now they want him to miss the next game as well.

    • Para
      April 18, 2011

      So RM only had the one game suspension that would be customary after the yellow card pile-up (what they were hoping for, really), while Iniesta would have to miss a further match?

      I didn’t realise that- I thought they missed an extra match as well. In that case, I agree with you entirely.

    • April 18, 2011

      “Could” doesn’t mean “will”. It’s just speculation for a radio station. I’m not putting any weight in it.

    • Humphrey Bogart
      April 18, 2011

      With a cool head I would agree, I mean they would suddenly apply new rules without changing the official rule, so Barca would have every right tom complain, I mean they can not accept the act “officialy” by putting a fine on Madrid but leave the normal suspension for one game and then suddenly change it to two games,

    • Humphrey Bogart
      April 18, 2011

      Very interesting stuff, in the latest issue you can read something about the father of Xabi Alonso, who did not only play for Real Sociedad, but also at one point for Barca (did not knew that), so he did play for a basque club (okay he is basque) and for two catalan clubs, and no his son is playing for Real Madrid, what a shame.

  17. April 18, 2011

    “I would like to play one day against Barcelona with 11 men,” Mourinho said. “I would really like to but I know that in Spain and in Europe that is mission impossible. They are a team that controls every situation that surrounds the game. When we got off the bench [to protest], we were told to sit back down; when they did it, they could do whatever they like. I would love to have the control of football that they do. I do not understand why they dominate the situation but they do[…]” []

    Yo, MouMou! We did play you with 11; the result was 5-0. #whingingfail

  18. April 18, 2011

    El Clasico is being replayed on GolTV Canada right now, if anyone is interested.

  19. xavi
    April 18, 2011

    Comment moved to Linda’s post

    • April 18, 2011

      Titi looks completely out of shape 🙁
      and that beard is just…meeeh

  20. Josep
    April 18, 2011

    I’m really pissed about this UEFA inquest. If Iniesta somehow gets banned an extra match, for a yellow the club itself are protesting was never even warranted, then that’s just begging for Mou-level’s of complaints.

  21. April 18, 2011

    now we know why Iniesta is playing kinda crappy ever since that shakhtar match…he and the club as well probably know about this “extra ban” sometime now..

    • Nav
      April 18, 2011

      He’s a world class player. His mentality should be (and is) stronger than that.

  22. xavi
    April 18, 2011

    Haha missing page… I don’t understand your logic man. I mean it’s not the end of the world for Iniesta/club even if there were indeed the extra ban!

    Regarding that rumor, I don’t bite it. I mean the UEFA generally make their intentions public in such cases(they did so not long after Ramos and Xabi were caught!) They can take an action if and only if the match referee reported it and usually the reports too are made public!!

    • April 18, 2011

      Well my logic is usually putting myself in the other person’s shoes…and I know that I feel that smth is not fair I can’t be 100% concentrated and clear headed and in difficult matches 99% VS 100% can be the difference between victory and defeat..If that wasn’t so mou wouldn’t be using half of his “I’m so gonna piss you off” tactics…
      And that extra ban is really important. Andresito being injured is probably what cost us the final in the bernabeeew last year.

      And by the way I’m not a man 😛

    • Humphrey Bogart
      April 18, 2011

      As the club says they will appeal so then it is true, that is outragous. Real Madrid can do it and no problem, and now they come after us?

  23. xavi
    April 18, 2011

    Comment moved to Linda thread

  24. xavi
    April 18, 2011

    To lose Iniesta for such a silly reason… It totally sucks should serve as am extra incentive to kick the shit out of the EE 😉

  25. Humphrey Bogart
    April 18, 2011

    UEFA just can not do that, it would mean to punish the same act in two different ways: Real Madrid only get a fine and we would loose one of our most important players in one of the most important games of the saison.

    • Helge
      April 18, 2011

      And it’s even more weird if you consider how the EE players provoked the cards, it was more obvious than Iniesta!

      Anyway, I don’t see such a huge disadvantage in losing Iniesta for the 1st leg, he will be more important in the 2nd leg where we will have to play for a win and where we will also be pushing harder for goals.
      In Madrid, I would play with Busquets and Mascherano in midfield, and let Mascherano show Pepe and Co. that we also have some aggresiveness in our team!!!

  26. April 18, 2011

    Comment moved to Linda post Visca Mod powers!

    • Humphrey Bogart
      April 18, 2011

      Actually it was a 290 Mio. Euro team against a 85 Mio. team, but the expensive one was the cowardice one in this game and not the other way around.

    • April 18, 2011

      I meant total including this past summer (that “etc.” includes Di Maria, Ozil, Pedro Leon…), which was ~350(?) Euro or something. Hence, “nearly half a billion dollars”.

      Also, I wasn’t saying Barca was cowardly in any way—that was saved for EE—but I do think we weren’t interested in expending a lot of energy, which if you read to Keita’s post comments, suggests was our gameplan. I’m not criticizing it, at least I’m not meaning to. Just the way I saw it, and I understand why we did it. No need to expend a lot of energy; we just need to make sure we didn’t lose–which is never a good idea for us because we almost always concede.

      And if I’m going to criticizes the opposition, I also need to consider my own team, or else it’s just (even more) biased. No need to make sure people take what I say with more salt than they need to. 😉

    • Humphrey Bogart
      April 18, 2011

      Oh, sorry, think you misunderstood me here: I was citing the chiffres because they were pointed out in an article in Daily Telegraph and Sport, so I just wanted to add some “flesh” to your absoltly rightful insights, And of course the cowardice was refered to the EE, to say that their multimillion-dollar-team played like the Stokes of this world (but after the phantastich performance of Stoke in the FA-Cup-Semifinale that would maybe be an insult to Stoke)

    • BarcaGirl_Indo
      April 18, 2011

      just finished reading the whole rant… 😀

      I don’t believe with : “the only way to win against Barça is to park the bus a.k.a defend with all your life”

      Arsenal beat us at Emirates with their own style, surely we won the possession, and they were more with counter attacking style… but they didn’t defend with 10 men…

      another example is how close Villareal to stole 3 points from us…
      it was Valdes’ miracle who saved our asses…

    • Para
      April 18, 2011

      Agreed. Perspective, it is always the winner.

  27. BarcaGirl_Indo
    April 18, 2011

    As reported by FC Barcelona’s official site:

    “FC Barcelona have this evening submitted an appeal to UEFA against the proposed imposition of an additional game suspension for Andrés Iniesta following the yellow card he picked up against Shakhtar at the Camp Nou on April 6th.”

    “The proposed sanction comes as a result of a report from UEFA match officials at the game, who have alleged that the yellow card was deliberately incurred so that the player would be suspended for the return leg. The UEFA disciplinary committee will make a decision on the case on Wednesday.

    “FC Barcelona believe that the arguments outlined in their appeal, based on the good faith of the player and the disproportionate nature of the proposed sanction will be sufficient to rebut these allegations.”

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