What Hath God Wrought: Tuesday’s CL matches

The Champions League makes a glorious return, this time on Fox Soccer (Mssrs Derrek Rae and Tommy Smyth, but your services are no longer required). Apparently if you have DirectTV, you can watch every one of the games live! Holy swiss cheese, Batman!

Anyway, while I write up your preview for the Inter game, put your thinking caps on and riddle me this:

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. atleti to me is always interesting to watch, but madrid and bayern’s games are “watchable” also πŸ˜‰

    I guess I’ll watch the EE, hoping for a loss.

  2. Ah, the Champions League is back.. Juve – Bordo seems more interesting to me, (why? Gourcuff.. I want to see what to see what the fuss is all about) with Chelsea – Porto coming in second..

    BTW, it seems that everything has turned upside down here in India.. we weren’t able to see Barca in CL action (bar those lucky souls having Zee Sports) but La Liga was televised, now the opposite has happened.. still, thank God for internet streams..

  3. Before I forget:

    Does anyone want to run the liveblog tomorrow?

    I have to work/avoid all knowledge of the game until I get home to watch it on the DVR. If you can run the liveblog, let me know.

  4. Isaiah, I would gladly do that, but I work 8am to 6pm EST. If you need any help off hours, I can do, let me know. Love you guys!!!

  5. hello, been MIA for a while.

    have you discussed maradona dropping heinze and gago from the argentina squad and FINALLY calling up higuain?

    1. Most of the discussion has been speculation about when Argentina will drop Maradona. Seems to me that is the only move that would help.

  6. gago sucks enormously… higuain is standard but has guts

    nothing can be compared to inter-barça tomorrow

  7. On another note, all the games seem one sided to me.
    Maccabi Haifa – Bayern Munich – One sided match, Munich will will
    Juventus – Bordeaux – One sided match, Juve will win
    Wolfsburg – CSKA Moscow – Could be an even match, interesting
    Besiktas – Manchester United – One sided match, ManU will win
    Marseille – AC Milan – Could be an even match, interesting
    FC Zurich – Real Madrid – One sided match, Real will win
    Atletico Madrid – Apoel Nicosia – Could be an even match
    Chelsea – FC Porto – One sided match that Chelsea will win.

    So if we take the even matches…. which makes for interesting….I mean how long can you see somebody kick a limping dog(one sided match)…
    I would like to watch Wolfsburg and CSKA Moscow. Two reasons for that – one is Wolfsburg Striker Grafite and his partner Edin Deko; the second is, CSKA have a recent history of playing well, their recent UEFA cup… etc…

  8. For me, it is Juve vs Bordeaux, because
    – the Italian clubs surely have something to prove after the last CL and UEFA Cup season
    – Girondins Bordeaux might actually turn out to be the surprise of this year. It will be tough for them to reach the round of 16, but I feel they’ve got the potential with players such as Gourcuff, Gouffran, Chamakh, Wendel and Cavenaghi.
    – both had a great start into the new season. But the most influential player of Juve is missing

    So I really hope for a close match here, with Bordeaux taking 1 or even 3 points back home from the Stadio Olimpico.

    1. The Fox website has PPV web feed for 9.99 per game at 600kbps, which is pretty good quality, better than squinting at a rojadirecta feed.

  9. Holy shit, I had no idea Directv had pimped out the UEFA CL like it has. I could watch EE vs Zurich in HD!!! But Barca Inter is not in HD……..how much sense does that make? Well Beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

    1. THEY EVEN HAVE A Champions League SPORTS MIX channel that has all the games in HD on at once, HOLY COW BATMAN!!!!!

  10. Also, for all you NFL fans, how bout those heartbreakers last night??!!! I’m a Bills fan, so I was pretty much expecting that, but goddam is it frustating.

    1. Alex, no doubt that was awful for you. My friend had $400 riding on the Pats as the final game of an 8 team parlay and was sure going in that he was money in the bank, then the Bills freaked out, he apparently punched a wall and hurt his hand, and went home all dejected only to find out that Tom Brady and his Gruden-licked-taint had made a miraculous comeback.

      How about del Potro! Scruffy, but adorable at the same time.

  11. I’m going with Milan v Marsaile, definitely.

    Not only because it seems like it might be a good match-up, but like a naive kid that still believes in high-school, I am still awating the return of Ronaldinho :'(

  12. awesome for Direct TV customers,


  13. according to Goal.com Mourinho already announced his starting 11:

    Julio Cesar, Maicon, Lucio, Walter Samuel, Cristian Chivu, Javier Zanetti, Stankovic (or Muntari), Thiago Motta, Wesley Sneijder, Samuel Eto’o, and Diego Milito

    1. Right. Chivu? Really? Am I the only one super unimpressed with Chivu? But that means they’re playing roughly a 5-3-2, which gives us a bit of breathing room in the middle, I think, though our wings will have to watch out for their counter attacks with Zanetti and especially Maicon down the wings.

      Also, is Motta actually better than he was with us? He totally stank up the place with us, I thought, but seems to be getting a lot of praise these days.

  14. Screw the EE and its 2 nill lead despite an unimpressive performance.. I always say that will watch no more of their crap, that it can’t be good for my blood pressure when i get old,
    On the bright side, Atletico seem to maintain their level of sucking, i like them, so i hope they only keep it till after this week end, then get back to it in jornada 21 πŸ™‚

    1. actually the EE are playing well their passing look good and they prolly have like 70 percent possession and its 3 nil

    2. when i wrote it was still 2 πŸ™‚
      anyway, yes they do have possesion but its the kind of possession where they only pass around at mid until Zurich mess up, not a flow of chances from which they scored 3..
      besides, i choose to view anything that comes out of them as unimpressive mercenary football while hoping that what Machiavelli said about mercenaries would also apply in football..

  15. I think all keepers got together and voted to allow each and every one of CRon’s free kicks into goal.

    That was just stupid.

    1. Well, I think it’s clear that Real Madrid will easily pass the group stage, and CR94 may score 8 goals or so, but in the end, what counts is who gets to the final. And it might even be a disadvantage for Real Madrid that they’ve got such an easy group, once they face a real team. My dream would be Chelsea – Real Madrid in the quarterfinal. Whoever loses, it’ll make my day πŸ˜€

    2. Amen to that Helge, i would love it if EE come up against the “i-hate-football-and-dont-want-to-score” chelsea FarCe. Im tired of Barca always having to come up against that bunch of bores πŸ™‚ (*rant over* :p)

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