El Clasico 2011: Barca Fan Plays Himno in Bernabeww! and a Five In A Row Tribute

If you think this is a non-nonsense post, you thought wrong. If you also think this is Isaiah, you thought wrong. Again. Sucka!

Watch and marvel as one cule valiantly goes and plays the himno in the lair of evil that is the Santiago Bernabeww! Con dos cojones, as some would say. A true cule hero!

If I could find this guy and marry him, I would, but for pesky complications, like me not knowing who he is, the language barrier and something about stalking.


I tip my cap to ya, suh! And Allroundsoccer from whom I embedded the video.

Another video to watch is this one, by… Lebo Akatio.

It reminds me just how aesthetically perfect the last clasico win was. We had beat them 4 times in a row beforehand, before beating them a fifth time 5-0. Asi es perfecto, as Shakira would say.

Too many posts? Welcome to El Clasico Week! We don’t do refunds.

*This Just In*

Real Madrid CF has just annouced its latest signing. It is unclear whether or not he will debut against FC Barcelona in the much anticipated El Clasico on Saturday. Senior Liga officials have said they are set to investigate the new signing, as they have felt a strange force emitting from the man as well as a strange craving for cookies.

Popular Barcelona fan blog, Barcelona Football Blog, submitted this as a rebuttal.

It is unclear what they mean [oh, you know exactly what I mean, mystery reporter -ed]


As a sort of heads up, I’ve begun uploading la manita, mirrored unfortunately. It’s pretty much impossible to upload a Liga video on YT, which is not surprising given the TV money issue. Actually, I’ve just found out they block it even when it’s mirrored. Whoa. In any case, I know it’s annoying, so you don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to. I’ll post it whenever I’m finished (that could be tomorrow or when Espanyol win a trophy not called the Copa Catalunya).

If you don’t want to wait for my slow arse, have no fear! (Just know I could be very offended. I’m not) Ramzi posted the full match, in English, on his/fcbfandrivel’s/otherpeopleI’msorryIonlyknowthosetwo’s website, Football Mood.


Yay, Ramzi and co.!

[EDIT] This is (unacceptably) late, but a million thank-yous to reader Jose for posting the Darth Vader picture!

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. HUZZAH!! Just loving the posts today 😀

    To late answer Eklavya, I don’t know why they assigned Vader #19, but I’m certain that tomes on numerology and the occult played a role. Probably from Florentino’s personal library.

  2. I don’t think that’s the same bugle boy that blew at the Camp Nou, but he’s still awesome.

    Happy Sant Jordi day!

    England is not alone on St.George’s Day.

    Catalonia celebrates the day of its patron saint, as do several countries and cities as diverse as Rio, Georgia and Genoa. In Barcelona, ladies are presented flowers by their partners and men receive books.

    Each April, the newsstands of the city begin to bulge with the type of books which are unlikely to win awards. They are photo-led one-offs aimed at the lowest common denominator. Recent years have seen feeble biographies of Lionel Messi or tomes on Barca’s six-trophy haul of 2009. This year’s efforts focus on the history of the Clasico between Barca and Madrid. The books don’t pretend to be objective and most of the photos are from the last three years when Barca have recorded some of their most memorable and emphatic victories against their greatest foes from the Bernabéu.

    Why don’t the girls get the books? I like flowers.

  3. I hereby declare we call the EE stadium the Santiago Bernabeww! (pronounced Ber-NAH-Bay-EWW) until El Clasico Week(s) are over!

  4. Also, I was thinking about this (possibly due to my Psychology class) but I’ve found out the Cule Complexity:

    They suffer from an inferiority and superiority complex at the same time.

    Like, there are some of us that will say we are the best team in the world and can beat everyone, but the second they see EE score more goals than us or seem “more comfortable”, they get nervous and express this anxiety in the form of backhanded compliments (“Not bad, for a team that cost half a billion dollars. How much did our first XI cost?”) or damning analysis (“We won’t win much with so-and-so in the team. It’s only a matter of time until we’re found out. In fact, we’ll be lucky to win one trophy”)

    And then when we smash the opposiing team, it’s “Well, we are the best team in the world. I mean, c’mon.”

    I find it immensely amusing (too much can be admittedly irritating). Only us cules can be living oxy-morons. 😉

    Although you can say the above is true with football fans in general, it’s more prominent in Barca fans.


    YouTube comments
    Online Fan Blogs
    Online Professional Fan Blogs Media Opinion Pieces

    1. Agree! This complex is further exacerbated by the fact that we are very, very good (in fact – the best team) at the moment. In times when we are not the best (and I think we all know it deep in our hearts), we really just LOVE our team. And support them the best we can. And remain loyal through all the defeats.

      But we have turned into gibbering, superstitious folks who try to downplay and pretend inferiority before games, fearful of being jinxed, and downright superior after games when we win because we can shout to the world – we are the best. And we really are in the past three years. To not win the trophies is completely unfair and undeserved while we are at this level. But the world has neither been fair not giving of just desserts. (Think back to Cruijff Holland team and the World Cup). So we totter between inferiority and superiority and live our lives on our knees praying to God that we get what our skill and talent and passion deserve.

  5. Great post. Brings back memories 🙂

    I miss Eto’o and Henry’s celebrations after goals. When they’d run to the sideline and do the salute. That always made me smile.

    Regardless of the results of the Classicos, let’s remember how fortunate we are to see this great team play. Sometimes it seems like we spend so much time worrying that we don’t get to really enjoy the matches.

    1. I agree. Even as fans we’re looking forth to the next match before the current one is over. That second video brings that to my attention, and I don’t want to be the “soft” person here, but Im very proud of the FCB no matter happens in the next 4 Clasicos.

    2. It’s aite, Stephen, if you don’t want to be the softie, I will. In fact, I first watched the second video months ago and I still get (almost) weepy by the time Villa scores his second.

      Ser del Barca es el millor que hi ha!

    3. Same here. Villa’s celebration for that goal for me was the best of the season so far. Nearly always get misty eyed when I watch it.

  6. Oh, that fanvid was awesome. Unfortunately, it’s the last of its kind I will be watching until after El Clasico Apocalypse is over, because I’ve got this superstition that watching highlights of successful matches before my team plays is bad luck. Ridiculous, I know, but there it is.


  7. I love that video! In fact, I love all videos by Lebo Akatio, whatever I’ve seen at least. This particular one, I’ve seen at least fifty times and never tire of it. Barca guys celebrating ecstatically after exquisite goals against Real Madrid – my idea of something to watch on an infinite loop. 😉

    1. Cannavaro failing to save Messi´s chip shot and wrapping himself around the goal post is still my favortie Clásico moment ever.

      Nice website.

  8. Mark Bolton predicts Barca-Utd final…with Barca emerging champions. I love that guy

    If God willing we make it to the finals… I, for one, would wish the opponent be Schalke with all the respect. I have a bad feeling that if there’s a repeat of 08-09 final Utd would somehow sneak a win, you know all that Footballing Gods evening things out funda

    1. I don’t think Mark Bolton likes EE much, especially Mou. He sounded very happy when we beat them in the manita game.

      And about Man Yoo, i don’t think i can take it if they somehow manage to win the treble. The worst united since i don’t know when. Still can’t believe they made it this far in all the competitions, SAF is a real genious.

  9. That awesome video reminded me how much I miss Samu’s goal celebrations, that Dani can make excellent crosses, that Xavi is the best passer of the ball, that Messi is the best player in the world, and that Pep had hair once.

    Thanks for sharing it!

    1. It also reminded me of how selling Ronaldinho/Deco and giving the reigns to a rookie coach meant we all prepared for a transition year and expected nothing… Memories… I <3 Pep

  10. I’m in class right now, and all anyone can talk about is United v City. I mean like, seriously. I hate being the only Liga fan :/

    1. You feeling left out? 🙁 Talk about how ManU needs to hold the ball up well and City should get stuck in so they don’t get burned by United’s pace as they bomb up the flanks.

    2. 🙁

      You haven’t been able to convert any of them yet? At school, I made my whole floor become Barça fans lol (except for the silly Chelsea supporter). 😀

    3. Yeah he’s #3 in FIFA 11 in the whole US or something I recall seeing on your Twitter or somewhere Jnice? Which is so cool btw.

      Ps. I’ve completely stopped using Twitter after that first week of being addicted to it lol.

    4. Hahaha, you’re the mean one!

      Yeah, I live in the best state in the United States, New Jersey lol.

    5. Oh yeah, where did you think I lived, nanda?

      Haha yeah outerspaced, I wondered why you stopped.

      As for FIFA, I was ranked 3rd in the whole US in FIFA 09, but I barely play nowadays. I’m still nice, though (Ask Isaiah). 🙂

    6. I don’t know really. I had to stay away from the laptop for a couple days, and when I came back I felt no inclination to log into Twitter, for some reason.

    7. @janice 😛
      you’re no.3 in the whole US?
      ha! you’re Jawesome! 😀

      and outer, c’mon, come back!
      it’ll be nice to see you on twitter…

      twitter can be such a fun place when Barça win…
      but I better stay out from twitter when Barça lose… lol…

    8. Haha, I meant it more in the sense that it’s frustrating how no one’s into Spanish football so I can’t go all HOLYCLASICO with anyone.

      Really don’t have much interest in talking to them about English football 😛

  11. xavi has an interview on the official FCB site where i found out the following fun facts:

    1. his classic spin move to get out of danger is known in the team as “la pelopina” because they used to call him “el pelopo” (?)

    2. his two favorite songs? losing my religion by REM and she’s fresh by kool and the gang.

    3. his favorite moment of the day? when he puts on his boots to practice.


    1. “el pelopo” means (if you will pardon my French) something like “old hairy dick”.

      I don’t really want to speculate on how he got that nickname.

    2. From http://conlaroja.wordpress.com/2010/06/15/los-secretos-the-nicknames/ :

      “Xavi is Pelopo: Xavi: “my friend Miguel Ángel started calling me that when we played together in the cantera of Barça.” Miguel Ángel: “Pelopo is a reference to the hair on a part of the body that you can imagine… you know, pelo-po, de po… [note: the po… stands for a five letter word that is Spanish for a certain part of the male anatomy.] It was an affectionate nickname that we used in my neighborhood. It resulted from some stupid thing that we did and it’s still used now.””

    3. “Losing my religion” and “She’s fresh” – I can totally marry Xavi now!

      We would definitely get along. Ha ha

  12. and Bassam,you said you likes HIMYM?!

    stop it…
    just stop being so cool!

    I don’t wanna like you even more, you’re an Evil Empire fan!

    1. haha, its my favorite show! I just love Marshal, he is legen-wait for it-dary!

      The big bang theory, the office, Friends, Seinfeld and that 70s show are among others i enjoy.

    2. The Big Bang theory is a bit overrated I feel..
      The Office is just awesomeness
      Friends was perhaps the worst written and best followed(viewed) series of all time 😀
      Seinfeld effing ruled all!
      That 70’s Show I didn’t ever watch so…

      Of the current ones I watch Dexter mostly

    3. Friends! how I miss that show!

      I also loves 30 Rock… who knew Alec Baldwin can be a great comedian?
      he used to be a handsome, cool, and serious actor when he was young…

      and if I knew my Gerard will be dating Shakira,
      I would follow Cougar Town too… 😛

    4. Yeah it’s my favorite show too. Or one of. I have this thing where I can’t follow more than two or three shows at a time, so the only shows I follow (not just watch occasionally) are HIMYM, Big Bang Theory and since I was too young when it was first running, Friends. So the shows you watch include all the ones I follow as well. I watched six seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer too though during my holidays.

      Pity your taste in football clubs isn’t as good as your taste in shows though LOL.

    5. Pity your taste in football clubs isn’t as good as your taste in shows though LOL.

      THIS…. 😆

      Bassam has a nice taste in music too, btw…


      Lmao I’m never gonna be able to see Oezil the same.

    2. Looking at this pic I wonder… has anynone noticed that some EE players look tanned lately?! e.g khedira and sergio ramos looked tanned int the totenham game and ozil certainly looks tanned in this pic…maybe thongboy does have leader skills in the EE dressing room afterall LOL

    3. “what the hell happened to him?!”

      “Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny”(Yoda)
      Just look at what happened to EE’s #19 pictured above!

  13. Time to stock up on some spirits for the weekend..that way I am happy no matter what the result!!

    Four Clasics in 18 days plus another two in August..wow!

  14. Looks like Messi is upping his web presence all of a sudden now. His Facebook page came up a week or so ago, and now I got a first e-mail newsletter from Fundacion Lionel Messi even though I’d given them my e-mail address months ago but never gotten an e-mail or newsletter by them before.

  15. Goal.com Probable Line up : Barcelona: Valdes; Alves, Pique, Busquets, Adriano; Xavi, Mascherano, Iniesta; Villa, Messi, Pedro

    They don’t even watch the matches 😀

  16. You know what I just studied? Since the experts are predicting that we’ll lose, that makes us the underdogs…

    When was the last time that happened? The 2-6? The 5-0?

  17. Mou is some piece of work, he’s now trying to put pressure on the refs by saying his teams always end up with ten men when playing against us. He’s forgetting that all his teams usually play thuggish football. Maybe i’m overanalysing his comments but his plot against referees has been working like a charm what with all the penalties DiMaria gets all the time from diving most of the time.

    Speaking of DiMaria, was reading Sid’s blog about the clasicos and couldn’t believe some of the commenters were saying Alves is the same as diMaria when it comes to diving. Alves is an angel compared to him.

  18. Well guys, i just bought ticket to watch El Classico in Santiago Bernabeau. Caixa has the tickets available and i could not believe when i got them. This will be my first time in stadium so don’t know where the seats will be. Mostly they will be with Madrid supporters though. I shall mostly wear my Barca shirt inside my jacket:).

    Till now only Barca match i had seen in person was against Athletic Bilbao in Camp Nou. And now El Classico. I am really excited!!

    1. Seriously? I am amazed tickets were still available! Hope you have a great time and wear the colours proudly! We expect a full match report, of course.

    2. OMgosh you are lucky, and brave!

      I had a dream last night that Keita was absolutely dominating EE as a DM. We tied them 0-0. Then, Buddy from the show Cake Boss showed up in the game and I don’t even watch that show, what’s with that? I NEVER remember dreams! I’m obviously suffering some kind of pre-clasico trauma and we haven’t even played the first one yet 🙁

    3. Wow! So happy for you. Enjoy the game and show that shirt to everyone there if you can.

    4. Have fun and carry the colors for us!!!!

      I am sure you ( amongst the thousands) will be going home triumphant.

  19. Tim Stannard’s prediction for El Clasico:

    LLL Prediction – Football will be the winner (You’re a coward – ed)


    1. Now that worries me.. His predictions have a knack of blowing in the Madridistas faces..

    2. It’s going to be a draw then. Would be worried if they predict a win for us. Anyone know what Sid predicted? It’s usually the opposite of what he predicts so hopefully he went with EE.

    1. OK, I’ll bite. Including available players only (ie. no Puyol or Abidal):

      Alves Pique Vidic Marcelo
      Messi Chicharito Villa

      Subs: Silva, Pedro, Masch, Casillas, Scholes.

    2. Here goes nothing (minus injured players):
      Alves, Vidic, Carvalho, Evra
      Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta
      Messi, Rooney, Berbs

      Bench: P!!, Casillas, The Yaya, Chicharito, Silva, Mascherano, Pique

    3. @Footballfan
      I don’t know if you noticed but you’ve actually chosen more EE players than Barca play1ers..?!
      And scholes over iniesta ?!

      And to all those who chose thong boy over villa..I hope Villa will silence his critics tomorow 🙂

    4. I didn’t notice it until you told me 😉 I hope so too, can’t stand the guy, but he does has talent.

    5. Mine’s:

      Alves Carvalho Vidic Marcelo
      Xavi Busquets Iniesta
      Messi Chicharito Pedro

  20. ooooh difficult.

    Dani Alves – Puyol – Vidic – Abidal
    ————- Busquets ————

    1. Yes, Tevez. I was tempted to give an all-Barça lineup replacing either Villa or Pedro with Tevez. I dislike Tevez because of his blatant disrespect to all Man U fans by signing for City of all teams. Were it not for that, I would love him in our squad.

    2. To keep in the spirit of this game, only from currently available players at the time of those two derby matches (so Abidal, Puyol, Tevez, etc are out).

      Alves, Pique, Vidic, Evra
      Xavi, Iniesta
      Silva, Messi, Ronaldo

    3. Ps. Shocked that nobody put Silva in their teams. The guy is a magician at times. And I loved how Spain played with both Iniesta and him in the Euros.

    4. Dudek

      Wright Philipps -Milner—Pedro Leon
      Balotelli —

    5. I see what you’re doing there, but don’t be dissing the Berba! He isn’t the leading scorer in the EPL for nothing. 😛

    6. Geez, I put Berbs in my first team. He leads the EPL in goals. Didn’t want to do it though. I much prefer Hernandez!

  21. I watched the Manita again yesterday. First time I’d watched it in a several months.

    You know – I was even more impressed yesterday with Barca’s performance than I was the last time I watched it. It’s still hard to believe the level of play at which they executed.

    David Villa was just a demon that match. They need him to create the same danger from the flanks and link up play with Messi like he did that night.

    Villa may be the most important player in this series of matches.

    1. Funny that. I didn’t actually watch the game but I watched a one-hour documentary on the game.

      Not only was I thinking the same thing about Villa, but I was also a bit disheartened because Barça has not shown anything close to that level of play since over two months now – the exception being when we played Arsenal at home, but then again during our most dominating stretch of that game Arsenal was playing with 10 men.

    2. And btw Messi will (read:should) be the most important player for us. And what we really need to do is disrupt Xabi Alonso as much as possible.

    3. Haha Lev. Very few teams in history very few times have ever shown that level of play as in the one we saw in the Manita, so not seeing it other times shouldn’t be disheartening. It wasn’t a ‘typical’ amazing Barcelona performance, if you can call them so, like the 4-0 Bayern or 5-0 Sevilla or whatever, it was the very pinnacle of our play.

    4. I get the feeling that the players are not playing to their best ability. It’s a certain kind of swagger (or maybe complacency), the belief that they can still win a game even without giving their best. And on certain matches they will show us what they are really capable of (manita, Arsenal at home). Let’s hope they can turn on that kind of performance again, especially in CL semis.

    5. disheartening. not because we haven’t equalled it. but because we haven’t even come close and we are now at the business end of the season.

      i don’t think it is because of swagger of complacency. I just think we are tired both physically (Villa being a prime example) and mentally – it’s been a long season with a very small squad of which the subs have not been used as much. For most players it has been a long WC summer as well.

  22. Mascherano’s performance at CB makes me wonder if Pique could ever be a beast DM.

    1. Pique isn’t fast enough for that position, IMO, and his passing not nearly good enough.

  23. I’m going to post the manita recipe here again in case some of our newer readers haven’t seen it and would like to try it.

    You will need:

    Pomegranate juice
    Blue Curaçao
    RED Mascherano (sic) cherries

    In a mixing glass, combine grenadine and pomegranate juice in a 2:1 ratio.
    Pour into a clean dry cocktail glass and let settle. In another mixing glass combine tequila and curaçao in a 2:1 ratio.
    Take a tablespoon and position it at an angle bottom-side-up in the cocktail glass with the tip of the spoon touching the side of the glass just above the grenadine layer. Slowly and gently pour the tequila-curaçao mixture over the back of the spoon, getting as wide a distribution of liquid as possible. It should layer beautifully. If not, drink it anyway and start again.

    On a long skewer, alternate pineapple wedges and cherries. Since this is a manita, 5 is a good number. 😀

    For a non-alcoholic version you could substitute any blue-coloured pop (soda).

    You can see the picture of the drink here:


  24. Guti goes to Hollywood! Marca reporting that LA Galaxy interested in bringing the midfielder over from Besiktas.
    -LLL’s twitter

    I’m gonna have “pim pam pim pam” in my own backyard!

    Xavi likes Kool & the Gang? Awesome! I would have thought he’d have said No Parking on the Dance Floor by Midnight Star, though.

    1. Really? We see him dance every week on the pitch 😀

      The Pelopina’s the biggest dance craze in Catalunya?!?! ;-D

    2. K-legit is Baryshnikov!

      Because I have two left feet, I can’t even imagine doing that move with a ball at my feet( frankly, I couldn’t do it w/out the ball). If it’s not dancing, then it’s at least footy poetry in motion. Boogie down y’all! 🙂

    3. That’s stretching; I wanna see dancing! Some Xavi boogying down and being funky, Miguelito! 🙂

      Oh my gosh, I’m cooking my paella(good luck clasico tradition thing) today so I just have to reheat it tomorrow when I rush home from work to watch this game (not that it’s a great idea to reheat it but what’s a girl to do)and the chorizo and saffron is scenting the whole house and I WANTS some but I can’t have any beacause it has meat in it and it’s a Friday during Lent and I can’t have meat and I’m ’bout ready to go crazy wanting some *rant (and run-on sentence) over*

    1. Blaugranes!
      Ja arriba el moment
      Aquest any podem!
      Ens hi ajudarà!
      Quina ràbia que fa!

      La lliga!
      La tenim al sac.
      La Copa!
      Caurà ben aviat.
      La Champions!
      L’haurem de suar.
      Per tu, què hi haurà?

      Mou, res!
      No et deixarem res.
      Mou, res!
      Perquè en volem tres.
      Mou, res!
      Ves queixant-te, vés.
      Mou, res!
      I és que no dónes per més!

      Ja arriba el moment.
      De fer un pas en ferm.
      Un altre any serà.
      La nena vol menjar.

      Però a veure!
      Qui ha escrit això?
      ‘Nem directes
      a la perdició!
      Va, míster!
      Estigues tranquil!
      Era broma,
      M’agrada fer-me l’humil.
      Mou, res!
      No et deixarem res.
      Mou, res!
      Perquè en volem tres
      Mou, res!
      Aquest portuguès,
      Mou, res!
      Tots sabem com és.

      No et deixarem res.
      Mou, reeeees!
      Perquè en volem tres
      Mou, reeeees!
      Aquest portuguès,
      Mou, reeeees!
      Tots sabem com és.

      Mou, res!
      No et deixarem res.
      Mou, res!
      Perquè en volem tres
      Mou, res!
      Aquest portuguès,
      Mou, res!
      Tots sabem com és.
      Mou, res!

  25. From barcastuff:

    Cristiano Ronaldo never mentions Messi’s name but always refers to him as “The Dwarf”. #elclasico [el pais]

    Man..if this is true..then what is this guy’s problem?
    Cristiano looks like something out of a laboratory but none of would ever call him a ‘Greaseball Humanoid’ now would we?

    1. LOL!!!! Much as I dislike CRonaldo, I am pretty certain this isn’t true. He may be a diver, a whiner, and an orange-tinted greaseball, but he is also pretty professional off the field.

    2. Maybe, but the source is EL Pais which ist the most notable newspaper in Spain compard to Guardian, Le Monde or NYT. It is not the sun, so I think the source is more than reliable.

  26. Sal del banquillo
    Mourinho sal del banquillo
    Sal del banquiiiiiiiiiiiiiilo
    Mourinho sal del banquillo!

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