El Clasico 2011: Interview with a Madridista

Because I’m all about impartiality and unbiased reporting, I did an interview with Bassam, the proprietor of the Real Madrid Offside page. Here it is, folks:

BFB: Before we begin with the grilling, thanks for agreeing to do this interview. There’s never a better time to pick the brain of a madridista than right before a clásico.

Bassam: It’s my pleasure to take part in this interview. I’m a big fan of this blog. I’ve been reading for a long time and recently started commenting on this board trying to piss off one cule at a time 😀 So you give me the chance to appear in a post, well, that fits my diabolical plan of massive White take over! *evil laugh*

BFB: You don’t mind if we do this interview in Catalan, right? Okay, okay, sit back down. We’ll do it Basque. First question, then. How do you feel going into this match and what are your fitness or suspension concerns?

Bassam: I speak four languages, and am planning on learning two more, but I don’t know what this Catalan thing you speak of is ;).

On a more serious note, the only player we have suspended for the league clásico is Granero. Higuain and Kaka are coming back from long term injuries while Benzema is back from a two-week layoff. Lass is MIA, as he got injured 2 days ago. Gago has been out all season and Peter the Lion is in Neverland. With all that said, our squad is huge (too big if you ask me), and we still have two players for each position except the full back position. Fitness wise, the players got a rest over the weekend with Mourinho resting Ronaldo, Ozil, Alonso, Marcelo, Adebayor/Benzema and Khedira. Di Maria didn’t play against Spurs and the whole team was in second gear.

So for the league clásico we will be without Granero (suspension), Gago (injury) and Peter Lion (Ask Mou).

BFB: What kind of approach will Mourinho take, given the previous league result. Will he change anything?

I just re-watched that game. It sucks even more when you watch it again and rewind to see Marcelo and Ramos caught ball watching so many times. I think the thing that Mou will stress on the most is defense and tracking back. He will, and should, make sure that we don’t have 4 attackers upfront that are waiting to attack with no sense of defense. I also believe that he will roll out with the full starting formation on Saturday, as will Pep, but the tactics used in that game are going to be very different than those used in the CDR final and CL. I will speak for Mou and say he might even try to hassle Barcelona so he can surprise them in CDR. Anyways, you never know what goes on in his head.

BFB: How will Adebayor do in a possession-based game? Will he be a better Benzema or fade into Benzema’s shadow?

If Benzema is not fit, Adebayor will play. But there is also an option where Ronaldo plays as a nine and the team uses a Trivote (Alonso-Khedira-Lass) or adds Kaka to the mix. In any case, expect Adebayor to drop deep into the field especially when the ball is with Barcelona. He will be making up for the lack of tracking back that we will see from Ronaldo. I think the Tottenham game was a test of that role for Ade. He was the player with the third most touches on the ball and he completed over 50 passes. For a center forward, that’s a lot.

With that said, his first touch is very poor, and if applied pressure on really quickly, he can be dispossessed. This could be important for Barcelona since if he drops deep (to the middle of the park) to get the ball, and he is pressured and dispossessed there, then that’s a good breakaway for you guys.

BFB: Shayk or Shakira? There IS a right and wrong answer here.

I’ve seen Shayk in person rolling around the streets of Beverly Hills. She is even prettier in person! Tan, brunette and green eyes, you can’t argue with that. Also, height wise, I’m not sure how Shakira and that moc moc guy works.

BFB: Aaand that was the wrong answer, obviously. Given that Mascherano is out with a yellow card and Puyol, Abidal, and Bojan are out injured, do you see any extra large holes in any potential FCB game plan?

I personally would have rather had Mascherano still there. Kieta is going to play that game and I find him very hard to deal with in terms of him applying pressure high up the pitch. Pace is the way to go though, especially with Puyol missing from the backline. High backline plus a not so fast center back pairing, I think Ronaldo or Di Maria can exploit that. It’s a shame Higuain is not match fit because he would have been perfect for such a game. The center back pairing Pique, which will probably be Busi, will be the link to break, and I hope my team hits yours hard in that department.

BFB: As for Madrid in general…is Mourinho being entertaining enough? Fabio Capello was booted for not producing enough of a show while Pellegrini got the sack after accumulating an absurd 96 league points. Is Mourinho in danger of the same thing or has the run through the 3 competitions been good enough to ensure a second year?

It was reported that there was a clause in Pellegrini’s contract that states anything over 95 points is met with the sack. He has no one but himself to blame for getting so many points!

Mou is definitely staying. Hate him or love him, he is a great coach. Aside from press conferences that he makes to build the whole “us against the world” idea in a team, I think he has been doing great. He has not been defensive and the team finally found a little bit of balance between attack and defense. It’s really hard to play defensively with players like Ronaldo, Ozil, Benzema and Higuain. Considering this is a fairly new team and he is a new coach, he earned himself a spot on our bench next year after the second Lyon game.

So rest assured my cule friends, you will have someone to vent built up frustrations on next year 😉

BFB: Will you pleeeeeease sign Cesc?

And deal with Arsenal trolls that have buried the idea that Cesc actually wants to leave deep in their subconscious and have all day to spew venom? I think we will pass. Oooooh Moc Moc.

BFB: Dammit. Okay, moving on…Where will you be watching this match and how do you prepare for the gut-wrenching qualities of El Clásico?

Since I moved to California, I’ve been stuck with streams. I have one way to prepare and that’s by taking two sleeping pills before the game. After the game, if we lose, I’m so pissed I fall asleep. If we win, I fall asleep and that saves me from breaking the furniture around the house from excitement. I do a pretty mean Robot whenever we win. It’s been a while though…

BFB: HOLY CRAP 4 CLÁSICOS IN A ROW. That’s not really a question, actually.

God did not mean for it to happen like that. I’m telling you man, its doomsday.

BFB: And to wrap it all up: what’s your predicted Madrid lineup and score prediction?

Predicted line up: San Iker-Ramos-Pepe-Carvalho-Marcelo-Alonso-Khedira-Lass-Ozil-Thong Boy-Benzema.

If Lass is not fully fit, then either Di Maria or Marcelo will take his spot.

For the Saturday game I think, unfortunately, Barça might edge Madrid out on the basis of them being in the driver’s seat in that game. Overall though, I think Madrid will notch up one win. That win can be the most vital one. I must say, I wouldn’t mind losing another Manita in the CDR final if it means going through to the CL final.

BFB: You said the Thong Boy thing, not me. Thanks for being here!

Thanks for having me here, it’s been a real pleasure.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Bassam continually earns more respect day in day out here, real class guy. He seems to be the exact opposite of Adam Bader.. ugh.

    Interesting about not wanting to see Mascherano. Is it because you don’t want him to destroy everyones legs? 😛 Keita starting is always a good and bad for me, hmm. Quality interview though, thanks for your time Bassam.

    1. I actually said I would rather have mascherano than kieta. Kieta is more effective in attack and pressures higher up the pitch than mascherano does.

      And lol at Adam Bader. In Madrid blog world, it’s his ideology again the one me and Corey have. But then again, he is working for Real Madrid TV right now. Which is funny bcz the position doesn’t allow you to give negative opinion at all.

  2. Zonal Marking, with some excellent thoughts (on ESPN SoccerNet):

    Real Madrid has started preparing for Barcelona already Jose Mourinho used one of his center backs, Pepe, in a deep-lying midfield position against Athletic Bilbao this past weekend. Pepe is not a complete stranger to the role — he played there for Portugal in the qualification campaign for last year’s World Cup under Carlos Quieroz, and is confident enough on the ball to do a decent job in midfield. Mourinho surely wasn’t thinking solely of how to beat Bilbao. It was in that area of the pitch that Real really struggled in the 5-0 defeat to Barcelona this past November, with Lionel Messi operating between the lines. Pepe could be used there in one of the four upcoming Clasicos.

    Similarly, on Wednesday against Tottenham Mourinho used left back Marcelo on the left wing, ahead of Alvaro Arbeloa. That may also be preparation for Barcelona, too, and the forward runs of Dani Alves. The right-footed Arbeloa can tuck in and guard against Pedro Rodriguez or David Villa, while the left-footed, energetic Marcelo can track his fellow Brazilian Alves up and down the line. The team that coped best with Alves at Camp Nou this season is Valencia, which used two left backs in tandem. Mourinho may do the same. The Real Madrid coach is no stranger to using routine matches as preparation for big occasions.

    In last season’s Coppa Italia semifinal second leg away at Fiorentina, Mourinho tried out an ultra-defensive 5-4-1 system in the second half. It was largely unnecessary — Inter was in control of the tie anyway — but it served as a great trial for his famous tactics at Camp Nou a fortnight later, where Inter sat in its own box and didn’t attempt to get possession.

    1. While Pepe played well, and ideally would be great in that position, the problem I have with him there is when he has the ball at his feet. For a center back playing in a more compressed and crowded area, the pressure could make him lose pisession easily.

      It’s also safe to say the Marcelo experiment at WHL didn’t go well. With lass out and granero suspended, Pepe (who plays as a DM for Portugal) might get a start, but I don’t think Albiol is trusted enough at the back.

      It’s not the players he puts out but rather the way he sets him out to play that’s going to differ. And Madrid can not defend as good as Inter did. But we can hit on the counter much harder than inter did.

    2. Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Marcelo play Left midfield against Barcelona in the last two games at the ‘Beau against Barça?

    3. I hate Pepe, he’s the butcher of Real Madrid. If he plays in midfield, injuries are likely for us…

  3. Bassam = anti-Mou Mou.

    So hard to dislike…

    Madrid has a recurring problem in the center of the pitch because their midfield options are largely specialist players whose games really focus on a particular dimension that they excel at.

    Granero is probably the most well rounded midfielder they have and he doesn’t play regularly. Khedira also but he really is limited to doing the dirty work in their system.

    The creates a particular problem at defensive midfield. If mou mou wants to try to use Lass nevermind Pepe at the holding role that will solidify their defense.

    But that creates a huge problem where neither of those players retain possession well do to their limited skill on the ball. When pressed they will turn the ball over. That just makes Madrid’s problems even worse because they also need the ball to play in their optimal fashion.

    That happened in the firs Classico. Lass was introduced and he helped defensively. But he was so easily dispossessed by the Barca press that Madrid had more difficulty retaining possession.

    The same can be said for Xabi Alonso. Great long passer. But he’s a specialist whose strength isn’t playing in closed spaces with the ball at his feet. He can be pressed effectively.

    1. True about Xabi Alonso. The problem he has playing against Barca is that he will never have the ball long enough to pass it effectively. As soon as he gets it, he has three players snapping at his heels to take it away again, and he can’t do fancy turns and croquettes like Xaviniesquets to hang onto it until he can find a good option.

    2. I wouldn’t say I’m anti Mou Mou. I think he is a great coach on the field, and his players mostly all love him, I just don’t enjoy his off the field antics. I have the mentality that this game is played on the field not in the press.

      Granero has been trusted lately, and as I mentioned above to kev, I agree with you on the Pepe matter. Lass has been playing to his shirt number the last two games, but he is really inconsistent. The solution would be to play with Ronaldo at nine and have ozil and Kaka in the midfield. Ozil is great at holding up the ball and Kaka is experienced enough. The only problem is kaka is not fit to play at that high of a level right now.

    3. I’m not saying you yourself are “anti-mou mou” ! That’s irrelevant for our BFB purposes!!

      I’m saying for us cules you are the anti-mou mou. He’s just so easy to dislike. And you just are impossible to hate!

      Also – I agree with your point. RM would function more optimally with C. Ronaldo at the 9 but he just doesn’t like to do that.

    4. I would like if I don’t say I didn’t blush a little there 😉

      Ronaldo as a nine was mildly tested Against Bilbao. But true, he doesn’t enjoy that position. Although the introduction of a striker mid game can act as a good “impact sub”.

  4. Oh btw tomorrow’s the 22nd anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster..so if any ‘Pool fans also follow this space JFT 96 and YNWA

    1. SoccerMom > Costa > Shakira > Shayk

      You know, just on the basis of that last wonderful post. So awesome.

    2. Although, if we’re playing Marry, eff, kill? it would definitely be:
      Shakira, Costa, Shayk.

    3. Its like this.. You’re married to Barça, you love to eff with the minds of EE-lovers and you dunno how to kill time till the Clasics!

  5. I’m REALLY excited that Ricardo Cavalho has to miss the first leg of our CL tie. He’s their most intelligent defender and I think we can unlock their defense with Messi, especially if they’re running Pepe in a DM spot with Albiol and Arbeola in the middle.

  6. Hi everyone! Just registered, just wanted to say that this blog is THE BEST FCB blog out there, I’ve been reading here and following the comments for quite a while now, and decided to register and give my own insights here and there, 🙂 Hopefully someone, somewhere, maybe, will appreciate something I say!


    P.S How do you input the avatarpictures? Haven’t figured that one out yet!

    1. Welcome!

      Go to http://en.gravatar.com/ and register there with the same email address you use here. Then you can upload images from your computer. It usually takes a few minutes for a new gravatar to appear on this site.

    2. haha, hi there to another Diablo fan.

      For me, Diablo II is still the best hack-n-slay RPG ever!

      I hope your comments and advices will be as wise and helpful as Deckard Cain’s are in Diablo 😉

    3. Diablo II is pure epic awesomeness! Best. Game. Ever. Can’t wait for the third to come out, just hope I will have some time to play between studying and exams!

      Haha, if I can contribute one hundreth of what Deckard Cain does in Diablo, my life will be fulfilled!

    4. and between watching Barça 🙂

      Same situation for me, will still be studying when D3 is released… might need a new Laptop / PC then^^

  7. Mmh… and I’ve read on several sites that Ramos would be suspended. Sucks!
    He’ll definitely go for Messi with all possible toughness and unfairness once again *puke*

    1. Haha thanks Helge! No he is not suspended. He has four yellows as one of them was rescinded due to a red card earlier in the season.

  8. @Bassam

    another question for you.

    EE has shown that they are not above trying to kick our players off of the field. They now have an added incentive to do so knowing that if they injure one of ours that player would not face them in the matches to come while at the same time any possible red card incurred will be of relatively little consequence, with 8 points difference in the league and all.

    Apart from missing Abi and Puyi this is my main concern for the upcoming two games. Being of little moral fiber when it comes to all things related to soccer, I would definitely support that tactic were I a fan of M*dr*d. Do you think Mourinho will send them out to hurt us?

    1. I think the game in which that system was employed was when juande Ramos took over 3 days before the clasico. And at that game the team was missing 6 first team players and then palanca, who had never made an appearance came on in the 20th minute for the Dutchman. And the game was away. Taking into consideration all things, and that the game is going to be played in the Santiago, against a very demanding crowd, that is not a tactic that will be played. And I doubt that it will be employed Against anyteam by us.

    2. Well with all due respect Ramos tried to kick Messi into a hospital ward at the end of the manita, although it was more frustration than tactic.

      Hope you are right though, and thanks for replying!

    3. I enjoyed reading this interview/comments and i am a Real Madrid fan. I assure you i am one of the normal ones and in fact i agree that this Barcelona team is one of the best in football history. Also, I have never known such passionate fans.

      Ok onto my point, in my opinion no real Madrid player will go onto a field with the intention of hurting another player. As we all know back in November Ramos and Lass both collided with Messi and he unfortunately got kicked/knocked down. Do i think it was intentional? No way. Stupid? Of course. It was clear it happened due to frustration, which is not an excuse in any way. Clearly there was remorse from Ramos, he apologized during a press conference a few days after. It is worth noting that Lass doesn’t have the same stigma that Ramos does even though they both were involved. Its obvious as to why since Ramos acted like a crazy person when Puyol confronted him. So in conclusion i think you were right in saying he acted in frustration and i hope Ramos has matured and will never act that way again.

      There isn’t an incentive for RM players to be reckless. Many of our starting players could face suspension if they get booked in the coming games (in the league and CL) and since we are a young new team we can not afford to make reckless plays. These are only my opinions in no way do they represent Real Madrid as a whole. 🙂 The next 4 clasicos will be an experience that I’m sure none of us will ever forget!

    4. Are you referring to Sergio Ramos’s behavior at the end of the last Clasico? That was shameful… though I think plenty of madridistas were embarrassed for him after that.

      But I agree that I have the same worry. The incentive for them to be reckless with their tackles is very high. I don’t know if it would be Mourinho directed, but it’s definitely a possibility.

  9. I went to the RM website to try to verify this. It doesn’t say anywhere explicitly, but Sergio Ramos definitely picked up a yellow in the game against Bilbao, and his stats show him as having 10 yellows total. So that should mean he can’t play on Saturday. I remember reading somewhere else that he is the all-time leader in red cards for RM at the age of 24.

    And we also found out the other day that Di Maria has provoked the most penalties this season. What I did not expect to see is an article on the RM website applauding this statistic as if it was something to be proud of! Amazing.

    I feel so dirty now. 🙁

    1. I assure you he isn’t suspended. He got a red card that erased a previous yellow. He is on nine yellows now.

      As for the Di Maria thing, It is a great stat. The player that is most fouled in the penalty area, just like the player that is fouled most is a good stat. He does dive a lot and is theatrical when fouled, which most Madrid fans hate, but his pace and foot work do provoke a lot of fouls and penalties.

    2. But it’s not a great statistic if many of those penalties were earned with dives. At least not in my book. How many yellows has he picked up for diving?

      The Getafe dive/PK, the Athletic dive/PK are just two examples. Check out some others:


      That’s not to say he doesn’t have skills, but he’s a twerp at the very least (you’re probably thinking the same thing about Busi and/or Dani Alves) and he celebrates earning his penalties. I booed on Saturday when Villa dove for his penalty against Almeria and I boo when di Maria cheers himself for flopping for one too. Pathetic.

    3. The second penalty against athletic made me laugh. It looked similar to a baby falling from the wind blowing. And the villa penalty made me laugh as well. As I told Jnice, both penalties are not “dives” but rather the players looking for the smallest contact to go down. It’s a tactic used by most strikers and it is, as you said, pathetic.

      I haven’t personally looked at the stat, and di Maria dives a lot I don’t keep track of them. But other than that and the getafe one, i believe the others were legit, no?

      And yes, I was thinking of Busi and dani 🙂

    4. Villa definitely left his leg behind, but the contact was clear. I don’t see how that is anything but a penalty.

      That shouldn’t even be classified with some of the stuff I’ve seen Di Maria do this season.

      People also like to compare Dani/Busi with Di Maria, but there are some differences.

      Busi loves to embellish. If you watch when he goes down, he is always hit. It’s just that he makes it look worse than it really is most times. Like when Motta hit his face…. you can’t argue there was no contact. It’s just that the contact shouldn’t have made him fall to the ground and act as if his nose with broken.

      Dani is similar in that he loves to act as if he’s been severely injured by the merest of touches. 9/10 the medical team will be called on to the pitch to “tend” to his wounds. I never get worried when Dani is down. He is rarely hurt.

      That said, this year, both players, especially Busquets, have been better than previous seasons. Dani was good for most of the season, but now in the bigger CL games, he’s bringing it out again. Not cool.

      As for Di Maria, he loves to just throw himself to the ground. He tries to anticipate contact, but most times there isn’t any. And he dives in dangerous areas, usually in or around the opponents box. He also likes to kick out sometimes as he goes down.

      I hate all diving/embellishing, it makes the players’ respective teams look bad, but when it comes to diving, Di Maria takes the cake every day of the week. IMO, it’s not even close.


    5. I will quibble, JNice, with the idea that Villa didn’t dive. He stuck his leg out there despite the fact that the keeper avoided all contact and slid out of the way. Villa stuck his foot in and caused the contact and then fell over.

      If it’s not a dive in the strictest sense, okay semantics can win, but it is functionally the same and it is bullshit. If di Maria’s dive against Getafe in the box was a dive, then so was Villa’s.

      And Bassam, perhaps you are right about the rest of di Maria’s penalties. I haven’t seen all of them but I thought at least one of the Athletic Bilbao penalties was crap. He goes in looking for fouls and does nothing to get to the ball that he kicks away from himself. He just runs into the player in front of him.

      I think it was Villa that did the same thing against Shakhtar and I remember yelling at him from my couch. I hope he heard me.

  10. Good interview.

    I will be in Madrid from Saturday morning but all tickets are sold out:( for the Classico. So i shall wear my barca jersey and go sit in Marca bar:).

  11. Just checked out Sid Lowe’s article on the upcoming Clasicos over at the Guardian. So much hate directed at both Spanish teams in the comments section, if it wasn’t a British publication I might be astonished.

    The thought of Man U winning the Treble, let alone the CL makes me feel sick.

    1. Somebody would have to buy it for me, since the #&$#%ing official shop doesn’t ship to the U.S. any longer, because they want that insufferable mediocrity that is the N. American Barca Shop to succeed.

      Yes, I’m just a little salty about it. Anybody in Barcelona want to buy one and ship it to me?

    2. For realz. I’d just PayPal whomever the purchase price and shipping fee. After sending my monthly missive to the powers that be about that silly incongruity, all I am left to do is sit and sulk.

    3. I live in England, which would mean an extra shipping charge on top of whatever it would cost to send to the states, but I’m fairly sure that the club shop does ship to the UK (I just checked).

      It would probably take longer as well, as it would have to be shipped here first. Having said that, if you still want it I’d be happy to do it. I think you can see my email address, so write to me if you’re interested.

    4. Para, I’ll take you up on that if they get my size (XL) in again. I’ve learned the dangers of putting an L on my weight room-loving self.

    1. Awesome.

      I can’t wait! My bro & sister-in-law are flying in tomorrow so I gets to hang out with my three year old niece, Josephine, and meet my five month old nephew, Theo. I’m gonna dress them up in blaugrana and we’re gonna watch El Clásico. Yay!

    2. I have to buy the same exact Catalan wine as last time and make the same sangria as last time and if I could only remember if I added cointreau or triple sec I’d be just fine. I can’t make manitas! everything. must. be . exactly. the. same as last time!

    3. I’m pretty sure you said something about cointreau last time because I asked whether you meant curacao.

    4. That may have been when we were kicking around ideas for the manita. Dunno. I have both in the house which is the problem. Which one did I actually grab…

      Pretty sure the magic ingredient was the Catalan wine so maybe the liquor doesn’t matter as much *bangs head on laptop, oh no I’ve doomed my team, it’s all my fault*

    5. You want to make a manita blaugrana cocktail?

      I’ve made it during the Arsenal 2nd leg match, and it was a full success 😀

    6. OMgosh that is just so flippin’ hysterical!

      “The four horsemen are telling me that these are the end times and that my dry cleaning has been ready for pick up”

  12. Isaiah, where’d you dig up that mereng…jk- we love Bassam
    (misguided though he is 🙂 )!

    1. We’re publishing a few of his thoughts here so that he starts to understand the brilliance of BARCELONA Football Blog and comes around to our side.

      It’s never too late to renounce evil.

  13. FC Barcelona has today presented to the civil courts in Barcelona a lawsuit against Radio Popular S.A. (COPE) for an attack on its honour deriving from the comments made by the journalist Juan Antonio Alcalá in the programme ‘El Partido de las 12’, on March 13th this year, which linked sportsmen and medical staff from the Club with doping practices.

    So Barca’s officially suing COPE for the doping comments from the supposed “Madrid insider”. To the tune of 6M Euros.

  14. The biggest actor of Real Madrid shall be called “Fallen Ángel Dive María”.
    He used to be one of my favourite Argentinean talents during his time at Benfica. I don’t know if he was such an actor at Benfica, but nowadays I simply cannot stand this guy at all!

    1. I haven’t seen him yet.
      But it will be tough to surpass Crynaldo, Sergio Ramos and Guti. Those three, especially when they feature all together in an episode, are hilarious! 😀

  15. btw as I was walking to the subway this morning I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that Mascherano finally scored a goal for Barça. It was ugly as hell because he basically stumbled it into the net.

    Then I thought waaaaaaaait a minute. He has never scored for us. So i must have dreamed it. Since I am not confident at all about the upcoming clasicos I am taking this as a good sign.

    1. Haha. I have been dreaming about them too. For real. So I know I’m watching/reading too much football. And it can only get worse from hereon…

      I’m taking everything as a good sign. I have utmost faith.

  16. Mourinho is the master of “park the bus”tactic.So there are chances that he may play with 10 defenders.But i dont think that is going to work as Madrid’s defence is not as strong as Inter and they dont play in defensive league like Serie-A.I dont know about Ronaldo or di Maria playing as CB’s(if Mourinho chooses the ultra defensive trick) but I dont think creative players like Alonso and Ozil can park the bus.And I think Madrid fans will not approve of the bus tactic.I remember how they sacked Capello even when he gave La Liga title to them.But I read somewhere that Madrid fans a trophy so desperately that they would not mind anti-football tactics(correct me if i’m wrong).
    Mourinho will certainly not try to use an attacking side not only now but never against Barca as he knows what the result would be.:)

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