El Clasico 2011: BRING IT ON

This party is officially started. This is going to be one hell of a show! It’s–


Whatchu think, Abidal?


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By Isaiah

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  1. Wow, he will never stop, right?

    Mourinho: “Una de las claves para ganar al Barcelona es poder acabar con 11…”

    I could seriously punch his face!

    I will not be able to digest a possible semi-final exit against his EE.

    1. Oh, but he did play us with 11. The result was 5-0. 😉

      He must have meant one keys to winning against us is to make sure the ref disallows a legit goal at the end of the game. 🙂

    2. he is admitting that his team will need to foul us so much, they will be in danger of being expelled?

  2. Sid Lowe thinks EE will get past us in the Champions League? Nice! Whenever he predicts Barça’s demise, we tend to emerge victorious. I will therefore take it as a good sign.

    Also – I know lots of us here have said that it would be great if Pep sent out our “second stringers” so to speak, but I doubt that’ll happen. What I am curious about is whether Mou will roll out his second stringers. I mean, he seems to think that Liga is out of reach and is focusing on the Champions League. I’m guessing he might want to, but it would be hard to justify playing at home in front of their fans.

    Ramos is out of the Clasico this Saturday, right? Anyone else missing? [Also totally glad that Carvahlo is out for the first leg of the Champions League.]

    Finally – can you imagine how epic it would be if Pep found a way to lead Barça in winning all of the remaining Clasicos? I mean, I don’t expect it to happen, but it would be awesome. My guess is that we’ll draw this Sat., win Copa, manage at least a tie in the first leg of the Champions, and then win the second leg (and go on to the final, obvio!).

  3. I thought Sid was a Barcelona fan. I think he mentioned about whose team he supports somewhere before. Not that it matters though, I think he’s quite fair to everyone when reporting.

    I’m glad that Mascherano will have a lot of playing time in the coming weeks. While Puyol and Abidal injuries were unlucky, leaving one of the world’s best DM on the bench is such a waste for every Barca fans. I hope he can adapt quickly playing as a CB, his tackling skill and speed is going to be crucial against Madrid!

    1. I don’t think Sid’s ever said who he supports in La Liga. I know he’s a Liverpool fan, and that he supports a team in one of the lower divisions called Real Osvido (sp?) but as for the Primera Division, he’s never come down on one side or another–understandably so.

      Heh, mostly at this point, I think he’s anti-Madrid AND anti-Barca, because I’m pretty sure he wants to write about somebody, ANYBODY other than the big two.

    2. He has to do that because he works for Real Madrid TV. He is part of their match preview and review team and also works on special programs. I’ve seen him refer to EE as “we” in his comments on EE TV. He is mostly fair in his columns though…but he always picks EE to win.

  4. OT – Anyone here happen to read Pique journals in footballmood_com. It’s hilarious!

  5. Dare I say that I am more interested in how the tactical approaches of each team will evolve over the course of the next month, rather than the actual resultsÉ Different starting XIs every game,methinks! It`s going to be a bit of overkill, and definitely, we will have more talking points than anyone can handle,over the next four weeks. But I`m really interested in how Pep and Mourinho are going to react when things don`t go their way – and I do not think that things will go completely according to plan. What if someone picks up a crazy red? What about injuries (although I hope that doesn’t happen,especially to a Barca defender!).

    Euler, tactical reviews+previews of the epic kind would be a treat!

  6. So this is it then. Our entire season over the course of the next three weeks. There’s no going back now and one mistake can be the difference between two trophies and none. @ Real,vs Real, vs Osasuna, @ Real, @ Real Sociedad, vs Real. 3 away, 2 at home, and 1 in a neutral ground. 6 games in 17 days. Unfortunately we go into this most crucial period without our two best defenders and with two thirds of our strikeforce misfiring. I hope for the best, and best would be to take it one game at the time, the next game being the most important of the season.

  7. We’re thinking about rolling with our Fringe players on Saturday, Mou could be thinking the same, But they have more fringe players than we do and no injuries at the moment which means that we’ll have to play a good if not our best XI because I doubt Pep will throw in B-Teammers in that kind of match.

  8. Long time lurker, here. Just thought I’d say hi and congratulate you guys on the amazing community you have on this space. I had almost started feeling like a stalker just constantly updating and reading the comments haha =/.

    1. Hello and welcome, Obii! Feel free to comment more, even if you don’t have much to say. (I do it all the time and look where it got me! 😛 )

  9. What are the lessons Mourinho got in last classico?

    Lesson 1. One def mid is not gonna work against our creative mids plus Messi. I think Lass and Khedira both will start the match alongside Alonso. Lets hope our players can come out with all limbs in right places.

    Lesson 2. High defensive line equals suicide. They will sit deep and hope for quick counters like Inter.

    Lesson 3. Their players get card for dangerous fouls but Barca players get card for arguments. They will try to exploit that.

    *last rational thought before insanity creeps in two days*

  10. this year semifinal really is a 2001-2002 dejavu, right?
    FCB, EE, MU, and 1 Bundesliga team…

    Barcelona vs EE
    MU vs Leverkusen

    Barcelona vs EE
    MU vs Schalke

    and you know the rest of the story…
    Leverkusen vs EE in the final, EE won the 2001-2002 UCL…

    1. That’s so funny, I was thinking just that. Hopefully history doesn’t repeat itself.

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