Getafe Game Individual Highlights

While we wait for today’s news, individual highlights from the Getafe game of three of our players have come out on the youtubes. My personal favorites were Chygnasty’s crossfield passes and Zlatan’s long pass to Pedro which I somehow totally missed during the game. What about you? Enjoy:




By Hector

A diehard culé since the Rivaldo/Figo Judas days, I am also a rabid Argentina and Boca Juniors fan despite definitely not being Argentine. Read more articles by me by clicking on the name-link.


  1. Check out Ibra’s pass at 1:20! Holy moly!

    Also..look how selfish he could have been on his assist. His angle wasn’t very good, but most would have taken the shot anyway.

  2. I can only recommend everybody to subscribe to his channel. He makes one of the best videos of Barca in a very good definition, both quality and quantity are superb!

  3. Hector! Much love! I raved about that pass in the review. It was crazy! And on the run? Great galloping Jesus!

  4. That first move with Messi and Iniesta….it was like getting punched in the face and getting back up “oh right, THAT’s why I’m a barca fan”

  5. Wow, who knew Ibra would be Mr. Assist. The squad should have had at least 4 more goals off of his touch passes into the box.

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