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By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. yaya of course 😉 and chigro close second, he looked completely amazing. what a debut, jesuschrist level!! 😛

    iniesta is back iniesta is back!!!

    -copy paste from the earlier post:

    pedro! and jeffren looked kinda bad. keita is getting better but to me he’s not good enough, specially when compared to the little guys or yaya… I think yaya should play up and keita somewhere else. getafe went to get xavi and they managed to have the ball more than us, in the 1st half at least.

    both Ibra’s goals were tap-ins for me, but it’s still a hell of a start in la liga. Plus there is the pass to messi, and the earlier control with the chest putting the ball right the foot needs it!!! OMFG!!! I am used to having etoo and to me there were some plays when ibra should have gone deep and didn’t, but he still has to adapt to the team I guess. btw.. what a goal by eto’o!!! can’t wait for the game vs inter!!!

  2. “Keita is getting better but to me he’s not good enough, specially when compared to the little guys or yaya”

    I don’t see why you would compare them to each other. It’s the equivalent of comparing Abidal to Xavi, Iniesta etc. What Keita does compared to the midgets is completely different. Comparing him to Yaya is more fair, however, they still play different roles.

    Having said that, it’s easy to see why you would make a statement like “he’s not good enough” about Keita. Seeing as Iniesta and Xavi are the best midfielders on Earth, who is good enough?

    1. Agreed. Keita is exactly what he needs to be, which is a very versatile midfielder who can play on the attack, sub for a pushed-up fullback or crash the box. He’s that kind of player that makes a club better because he removes one thing that players have to fret about.

      Comparing players never works out well. Keita fans might say let’s see one of the “little guys” play defensive mid, or head the ball as effectively as Keita. We have lots of players, and I like to celebrate them all.

    2. Its true Keita runs into the box create alot of danger but how many times does it come to anything. More often than his poor first touch and clumsy finishing/shooting results in painful misses, even more so than eto duting the later part of the season. I just wonder why cant we have another player with better attacking attributes play his role, for example yaya. Then have keita and busquets play yayas role.. What do you think?

    3. Also I want to add having Keita and Abidal on the pitch on that same time shuns our creativity on the left, and really puts pressure xavi and the right side. I think is we play keita, we should have either iniesta/ or maxwell playing the left as well.

    4. let me see: cesc, diego, silva, ribery just to say a few. I don’t watch many foreign league games.

      Keita plays in andres’ position so he can definetively be compared to don andres… and xavi. They all play as offensive midfielders (interiores) in the same team. Although the word offensive when talking about keita should be “entre comillas”, I don’t know the right words in english… ¿¿in quote?? He doesn’t “suck” but he is not very creative… I belive yaya is much more creative so his yayanes should play as “interior”.

  3. I liked the high rating for Abidal lately throughout the internet. he’s an unsung hero for me. it is good that he is receiving some kind of recognition finally. alongside Keita too, both are constant good performers in our system.

  4. That pass Dima gave to Xavi in 59th minute, wow!!! There will be LOT more of them this season 🙂

  5. Off-Topic
    Here’s the new scouting report, about players that Barca were/are interested in and the players that I think we should have a look at, that I would be coming up with every week. Hope you like them 🙂

    Starting with the player that I think would be an excellent successor of Henry for our LW, Luis Suárez.
    Luis Suárez : Scored for his country and returned very confident to continue his excellent form with his club. Scored a goal & provided 2 assists. Was unlucky for not having scored after an excellent effort. Also provided another very good chance to his team-mate who failed to convert it.

    Jan Vertonghen : Scored with a wicked free-kick. It was AWESOME

    Ibrahim Afellay : Provided a very good assist for his team-mate Balázs Dzsudzsák. Was unlucky to have picked up an injury and was subbed very early. He is very talented but also very unlucky to be injury-prone. Reminds me of Robin Van Persie in that aspect who is BTW my favourite player from Arsenal.

    Balázs Dzsudzsák : Scored a goal and provided an assist through a free-kick.

    Moussa Dembélé : Couldn’t get on the score sheet and also not provided any assist. But yeah he tried a LOT and was in fact not bad.

    Arda Turan : Provided an assist through a corner kick. Sorry I couldn’t get anything else about him from those mediocre highlights. Was subbed in 55th minute, don’t know the reason. Arda scored for Turkey last week.

    Eljero Elia : Provided the assist for their first goal. Though it’s more because of the brilliance of Mladen Petric that they scored that goal. Also got his name on the score-board with an extremely wicked long-range effort. He’s continued his excellent form that he brought on from his experience with his national squad.

    Marcus Berg : Provided 2 assists. There’s a reason he’s considered the next big thing for Sweden after Ibra 🙂

    Gojko Kačar : Was out injured that he picked up while playing for his national team against Serbia. That clearly reflected on Hertha’s result this week, sort of. He scored 2 goals and 3 assists in 5 matches for them this season. So much for a guy who started out as a CB.

    Juan Mata : The new number ’10’ of Valencia scored AGAIN. Also provided the assist for their first goal scored by Silva. “Scored a sublime goal and had a hand in many of his team’s chances as the visitors played well going forward all game.” is what the has t osay about him. I wonder how could he have a HAND in their chances!

    Keirrison : Would also be looking upon his performances for Benfica. Couldn’t quite do it this time though!! This is for those who worry he might not get many chances there, he came on as a sub after 65 minutes 🙂

    The information might not be 100% correct this time. Got the idea just now and came up with this. Still a bit raw and would consider making my effort more intense here onwards after having a look at your responses 😉

    1. Very nice. Your efforts are very appreciated! Thanks!

      Sad to hear about Keirrison, though..don’t get why he isn’t getting a lot of playing time. Please don’t tell me that Javier Saviola is stealing it!!

    2. Saviola actually scored a brilliant goal yesterday, nice solo effort. And they say Keirrison has remained more or less anonymous through out his stay on the pitch yesterday. I really feel sorry for the Keirri boy, but I think the competition that he has to endure at Benfica can only do good for Barca. If he becomes strong from that competition we are more than happy, having got the player considered to be the future of the mighty Brazil. If not, well he’s not Barca material and we would need to move on!!
      But I’m confident Keirrison is gonna make it 🙂

    3. Ahh damn that Saviola guy. >:\

      I hope you are right that the competition makes him stronger..that can also prep him for his return to Barca where he will have to compete with Ibra. 🙂

    4. Eljero Elia is the transfer of the Bundesliga this season, not Arjen Robben. He’s been brilliant for both HSV and his national team.
      And Luis Suarez, I can hardly imagine a more suitable player for Barca. Why the hell are there rumours about Luca Toni and Robinho, but never ever I’ve read something relating Suarez to us…

  6. And I bet Eljero Elia would outscore Ribery, in terms of the number of goals scored + the assists provided, this season. Let’s check how many don’t agree with this

    1. Actually, our board did consider Suarez but that was prior to signing Ibra. After that I don’t know what happened. He even made a public Barca-please-come-sign-me statement during the last stage of transfer window 😛

  7. You guys were really lucky against Getafe. You did not deserve your win. I’m not usually this bullish, but RM will win the league comfortably this year.

  8. in a slightly unrelated note.

    Monday night football tomorrow(err.. tonight). The San Diego Super Chargers are gonna whoop some raider ass!

    (i am admittedly a bandwagon fan, and can hardly stand american football, but i always gotta watch my Chargers… you know, unless Barcelona or Pumas are playing footy. Or unless there is good tennis match going on.)

    1. I know what you mean. I used to be a big 49ers fan untill I fell in lobe and married Barça. Now I’m just a fan. They beat the cardinals yesterday wooohooo!

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