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  1. Offside. Phew. Should never have come to that, though. I saw that goal coming a mile away. Poor defending.

  2. Barça B’s defense is looking kind of suspect. Alcorcon don’t have much of the ball, but when they attack, they look dangerous.

  3. What a terrible offside call. Nolito was in his own half when the ball was played. This match should be 2-0 to Barça B.

  4. edu oriol’s having a good game. fontas stationed in the back has really freed him up. & i think that’s largely due to alcorcon playing two dudes up top.

  5. It’s really cold in NJ right now, kind of glad I’m not going to the USA-Argentina game.

  6. I’m happy with the game so far, but the defense needs to pull their socks up. Alcorcon may only be a Segunda team, but they have a lot of self-belief after what they did to Real Madrid. They will take every chance they get.

    Best players of the half: JDS, Thiago, Fontas, Edu Oriol.

    Worst: Montoya and Armando. Too many lapses of concentration.

    1. LOL, Thiago muscled one of our own players off the ball to set up that goal! He has a lot of self-confidence, that kid. He is going to be a real star. And I love his speed, we can use that.

  7. Thiago and JDS work really hard in midfield. They can pass, but they can also make great tackles.

    1. Not sure, but I think he, Javi Espinosa, and Deulofeu have a good chance of being promoted.

    2. I don’t know much about Espinosa, but Deulofeu is a bit of class. Pep likes him too, I think. Hasn’t he called him up to train with the first team a couple of times?

    3. recently pep’s called up deulofeu. not sure how many times. i see at as a good sign.

    4. Yeah, they both have trained with the first team, but Deulofeu has trained with ’em a few more times.

      If Deulofeu can keep his ego/attitude in check, he can become a great player. Espinosa seems more grounded, so I have no worries.

    5. By a writer who watched Spain U-17s today:

      Watching Spain U-17’s with my mouth open everytime Deulofeu gets the ball. Barça fans…be very excited.

      re Deulofeu; They put 3 players on him in the 2nd half & he beat them all time & time again. Agility, speed, strength, technique. EL CRACK.

    6. el crack? heh. i can’t wait for deulofeo to make the jump to the b-team so i can watch him on a consistent basis.

  8. i like the way luis enrique & pep are managing the youth team & its expectations. this really shows they have a long term vision. or maybe not, luis enrique is taking off, right? i wish him well. i wonder who barcelona has in mind to coach the b-team next year, though? luis enrique was the perfect dude for it.

    1. that’s a brilliant idea! i wiki’d him & it says he’s the assistant manager for psv. i totally see it.

    1. Benja has long periods where I forget that he on the field, then he will suddenly do something good. Not sure what to think about him.

  9. Guys,Armando is the official vice captain after Vasquez.Since they hardly start, fontas and Soriano are the on field captains if that makes any sense.

    1. I thought that was the case, I remember reading that early in the season. That makes perfect sense, thanks.

      You watch the whole match?

  10. Portugal-Chile on right now. Great chance for people to see Coentrao and Sanchez play for those of you who haven’t yet.

    1. I’ve ‘found’ Coentrao, but do you know what number Sanchez is? my stream’s in portuguese, so I’m struggling a little.

  11. why didn’t anybody remind me mexico is playing today? atleast i didn’t miss this last chicharito goal.

  12. Messi paired with pastore in warmups. Very cold here. Let’s hope to avoid injuries. Many cules in the stands.

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