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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. official? i guess so…


  2. We get to see Dima. ?yay

    Valdés; Puyol, Piqué, Chygrynskiy, Abidal; Touré, Xavi, Keita; Pedro, Ibrahimovic y Jeffren.

  3. Wow, Adebayor, what a dork!!!

    I start to hate City as much as Chelsea. And Adebayor, what a disrespectful basterd. Did you see his goal celebration? Shame on him.

    1. Worst day ever.

      Not only did Arsenal lose a game–badly–that could’ve been very, very different to none other than their pretenders…BUT Adebayor scored. And yes the celebration was a bit much considering he used to be our man. That’s all I’m saying on this Barca blog.

      AND I missed this Barca win, to beat. I could’ve sworn the game was today (Sunday) and I didn’t even look. At least we won.

  4. goltv still having technical difficulties…i’m a light a bag of dog doodoo on fire in front of that phil dudes house

  5. Wow whats up with goltv……..missed both goals,,Hope this doesn’t happens often.I rather the Espn coverage better doh.But we had a good game as i read along.

  6. I have a question..Is ESPN Deportes channel 432 on directv showing NatGeo instead??? cuz thats what im getting on that channel.

  7. too bad we couldnt do the job without messi, iniesta, alves coming on. obviously these introductions changed the game. the first goal was slop, ibra got his big leg out but dont tell me that wasnt a bit lucky. second goal was complete class, but we waited a long time for that moment. the game was a bit frustrating mostly but getafe is a good side it appears. cant wait for us to have our 100% A-team on the field again. hasnt happened in a while.

    1. so our account for the liga so far: 4 headers and 1 slop/luck goal. (i say slop because it was a deflected pass that sort rolled past ibra and he just stuck his leg out). heh heh. then again messi has played only like 30 minutes over the two matches. 🙂

    2. As far as Liga goes, Getafe is a monster side. I’ll take an away 0-2 any day of the week. They seem to always be pulling off big upsets.

  8. juventus v lazio promises to be a good game.

    diego, camoranesi, amauri, trezeguet, melo, & caceres all up in the line up for juventus.

  9. //


    Some nice articles for you guys to check out. 🙂

  10. anyone think chygnasty looked pretty money out there?
    i think he did real well for a debut and only a few practice sessions.
    great passes and hes only 22!

  11. caceres goal!!!!!

    good for him. i guess ciro ferarra must not like the czech,grygera, very much for the right back slot.

  12. like its unholy. thongboy with xabi and arbie, yyyyuuuuuuuccccckkkk. i think i just threw up in my mouth.

  13. yep. caceres scored from just inside the penalty box. diego was substituted @ half-time, mas o menos, due to a knock. giovinco is his proxy.

  14. Suffice it to say, no review today, since thanks to GolTV, I have NO IDEA WHO WON!!!!

    Not that I’m angry or anything. There’s a rebroadcast tonight at 1 a.m., and hopefully that one can get by without the second half being obliterated. No high-def, no second half, and Hudson’s Madridista ass ripping on our guys.

    Yay, GolTV. I will say this much right now, however. Until the feed was wiped out, Chygnasty was our best defender by about a million miles. Anyone still think 25m was too much? Now, he might have had a late-match meltdown and let in 4 goals or something, but somehow I doubt it.


  15. Ha!!! Guess it was and advantage to watch it streamed after all! Chygnasty was the truth in that game. When rating Pique, take into consideration that they gave him special attention. Michel (Getafe coach) himself admitted that he instructed them to pressure Pique and man mark Xavi.

    Ibra had a good game. We pressured badly in the first half. We just looked tired. Excellent subs by Guardiola BTW.

  16. slightly off topic but here’s a video of adebayor’s stomp on van persie today

    this player “is a fucking disgrace”!!! disrespecting his former fans, his former teammates, his former coach – all the people who brought him success!
    for those of you who didn’t see it, he scored the 3rd goal against arsenal and ran ALL the way over to the gunner’s end to celebrate. dude has issues

  17. oops*** sorry i forgot about moderation

    slightly off topic but here’s a video of adebayor’s stomp on van persie today


    this player “is a fucking disgrace”!!! disrespecting his former fans, his former teammates, his former coach – all the people who brought him success!

    for those of you who didn’t see it, he scored the 3rd goal against arsenal and ran ALL the way over to the gunner’s end to celebrate. dude has issues

    1. Ugh, I just saw this over at ONTD_football. Can I say again how glad I am Barça didn’t sign him. That shit was tacky, running across the ENTIRE pitch to mock Arsenal fans. Hope he gets a ban for that stomp, but won’t hold my breath. Remember when Boswinga put his studs on Yossi’s back and pushed him over? No punishment.

      Didn’t watch the EE match, can’t stomach Xabi playing for them. Wish he had gone anywhere but there.

    2. yeah mark hughes reasons for justifying his celebration, and ade’s “apology” afterwards didn’t make things better. yeah bosingwa’s stomp was completely uncalled for too, i can’t believe these things get overlooked

      i watched it to get myself used to the team, but it’ll really suck when the clasico comes around! i’m definitely not used to cheering against mr. xabi alonso

    3. WOW! That’s fucking disgraceful. If I were an Arsenal I’d stomp the eff out that mofo..

      Be happy we have players like Messi who are not only human but know what grateful is..I can’t believe we complained about Eto’o’s behavior when there are people like this around.

      I hope Adebayor gets a nice 6 month ban or something.

    4. i know for sure that samu would never do anything like that. i’m glad kolo was classy all match, he makes city somewhat tolerable. and i’ve said this before but i HATE how sylvinho is with them now!

      ade should have a fun time traveling to the emirates 😛

    5. Serious talk.

      I wasn’t a fan of selling Adebayor. I saw the game and I hated the behavior. But Adebayor got a TON of uncalled-for stick from other Arsenal fans…including myself, sometimes, I admit…and that’s really the reason why he left IMO. Why did he get stick? Because strikers at Arsenal are always cast in the shadow of Henry: after you score 30 goals in one season, you have to do it again or else (therefore van Persie has to not only stay healthy…big question there…but also score about 20 to make an improvement from the awful last season, where he was the best player but scored close to 20? goals and racked up a bunch of assists). He scored 16 last season, the second most in his Arsenal career.

      But this season, he will score at least 20 goals, mark my words. 30 is well within his reach.

      Two seasons ago, everyone was talking about Drogba. Chelsea fans were going “get your shit and leave.” But these days he’s toned it down a bit. He still sulks and he gets a rep for sulking every now and then, but he’s not left because he delivers a goal a game.

      I HATED that goal he scored, it was the worst thing that could’ve happened. The celebration drove me crazy, it was way over the top (and FUCK that stomp). BUT. He was rippped on way too much last season and Arsenal fans smiled and waved “bye-bye” when he left, good riddance, which is also bullshit. I can understand being infuriated by that treatment, the value he had on the team. Who does Arsenal field now instead? Nicklas “point-blank deflection” Bendtner.

      I am probably the lone member of the “never-should’ve-sold-him” camp.

  18. Sorry everyone, but Chygnasty did not impress me at all. He looked lost at times and kept looking at Pique for direction. There were a couple of plays, one shot on goal that I recall vividly, where he was just standing there and not really moving his feet or pressing his man.

    Now, am I too hard on him with this being his first match with us? I don’t think so. Trust me, I’m going to give him at least 5 games to get his rhythm with us; I understand it’s an adjustment and I am still cutting Ibra some slack. But I’m also not going to say he was all that and 100% worth the transfer fee, based on today’s game.

    1. I think that SC got Pique and Chygnasty confused. It’s pretty funny how much they move and act so similarly. But the way that Chygnasty doesn’t just clear the ball out, but has the presence of mind to pass it to someone, and his long passing.

      Marquez hasn’t renewed yet. He’ll watch the match video. Well, the first half, anyhow, thank you, GolTV, and take whatever our last, best offer was.

      First match in the colors, after only two practices, and he looked like he’d come up in the system. That one long pass that he dropped right onto the chest of Pedro! was just crazy. Seems a little slow afoot, though. He’ll have to be very careful about his positioning.

      Dammit. Hopefully GolTV will have fixed any glitches, and I can watch the match tomorrow. When I left, it was 1-0, Messi had just gotten fouled, then the crowd shots began, the pixelating and then….commercials.

    2. I’m with SC on this one. Wasn’t particularly impressed with Chygrynskiy, but also wasn’t unimpressed. His first game and there was overall shakiness in the back. Pique looked a little lost out there, but was playing in a position that is a bit odd for him since Chygrynskiy was playing in his usual LCB spot.

      We were lethargic until Xavi decided it was time to take the game over around the 40th minute. And then Ibra should have made it 1-0 heading into halftime.


  19. One more thing… I’d like to see him continue to start against teams like Getafe and get the full 90 minutes. It’s the best way for him to ease into our game. Of course, this is not really needed to be said since it’s probably Guardiola’s strategy. I just want to make it clear I’m not hating on Jesus. I’m just patient.

  20. Today, Kaka was certainly better than Iniesta. But therefore, Ibra was way better than CR9 who didn’t contribute at all until the very last minute.

    1. I would say that today’s performance was very uncharacteristic of Iniesta. The last time he came back from an injury he actually looked BETTER than when he went out.

      Today, he was sort of anonymous, and didn’t have the same confidence or presence he generally has.
      However, this wasn’t just a one month injury or whatever. He’s been out for many months so I can’t say I blame him for being very rusty. I am guessing that after 3-4 games he will be back to his old self.

  21. Man I screwed up on fantasy this week. I had Ibra and Messi but took them out because I thought the international break would hurt Ibra and keep Messi from playing. I then had Luis Fabiano, but then removed him because of the same issue. AGGGGHHHHH! Anyway, I did start Keita and P!, thinking they would be vital in this game. 3.5 points total from them. Ehhh

    1. Hector, a Michigan fan? I never would have guessed. How did you come to be a Michigan fan?
      Hail to the victors!

  22. are at it again.

    “A joke of a first half followed up with an excellent showing in the second. Question marks remain over his long-term value, but who wants to argue with a goal a game start?”

    That was Ibra’s rating description. So let me get this straight: Ibra controls a pass brilliantly to create a 1v1 with the goalie, but misses it. Then gets himself in a great position for a xavi through ball that should have put him through on goal but was incorrectly ruled out for offside. That is a “joke”?

  23. anybody see our boy Adriano(Henrique) play for racing? i missed it but am curious to know how we played

    1. I’d say that when sticking to the role of aggregator, is one of the best around, by default. Nobody else really takes on that role with any attempt at neutrality.

      It’s when they venture from news aggregation into developing their own stories, and the bulk of their opinion pieces, is when they don’t jibe with my journalistic expectations of them.

  24. The offside call was correct. The offside against Getafe, shortly thereafter, was not. is vaguely reliable, at best. Don’t let them vex you. T’ain’t worth it.

  25. By the way, what do you guys think about a “Man of the Match”-vote for each game? Now that Pep’s place is gone resp. inactive…

    1. I presume, Helge, you mean outside of what we award in the review?

      Not a bad idea. What does everyone think?

      Just know that any votes that contradict mine will be immediately declared invalid. I’ll go to the Supreme Court if I have to! 😀

    2. haha. MOTM would be a great idea. But, I would definitely disagree with having a flop of the match. While our guys may struggle, anyone worthy of wearing the blaugrana should NEVER be considered a flop of the match. At least since Whatshisname is gone. F for labeling El Capitan that. Who do they think they are? We won, and he did his job, although he was no Alves.

    3. I like having both. A MOTM by popular vote, and a MOTM by detailed analysis.

      i vote yes to voting.

    4. Yes, your presumption was right 🙂

      You could open the vote for 24h after each game and afterwards make some other votes, if you want (just like there is one right now).

      Oh, and another thing I badly miss is the goals, assists and cards statistic from Pep’s place. Maybe that’s a task for Isaiah, cuz he is into numbers and statistics 😉

  26. Oh God, the Luca Toni rumors are back… i guess it was a slow day over at Tuttosport.

    I’d riot if we got Toni.

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