Don’t Call Rosell Wack.

He doesn’t take it well.

FC Barcelona Members Meeting: 20:14 BCN time, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain.

Short man with glasses walks on a stage to a podium with a microphone.

Bartomeu: Hello. This is VP Bartomeu. Our regime has a message for all of you, and if no-one has any questions—

Person in the crowd: [raises hands] I have one! Do your close friends *giggles* call you “Bart”?

Bartomeu: [grits teeth] Here is your favourite president! ย …Don’t give me that look. Now, Alexandre “Sandrusco” Rosell!

*Rosell walks in, waving to crowd.*

Rosell:ย Senoras y senores,

I come before you
to stand behind you.
And tell you something
I know nothing about.

Next Thursday,
which is Good Friday,
there will be a(nother)ย socis meeting,
for Catalans only.

Wear your best clothes
if you haven’t any,
and if you can come,
please stay at home.

Admission’s free
pay at the door.
Take a seat
and sit on the floor.

It makes no difference
where you sit,
Joan Laporta will still have a fit.

Person in the crowd: I haven’t said this since the 90s, and I promised my mama I’d never say it again, but, hombre, you guys are wack. And that speech was mad weak.

Crowd ‘ooooohhhh’s. A moc, moc is heard in the distance.

Rosell and his posse minion–err, members stand in shock silence. Slowly, Rosell turns red in anger.

Rosell: WHO SAID WE’RE WACK?! *looks around frantically. Eyes lock on innocent bystander* You said we were wack?! You take it back!

Innocent bystander: [looks in shock horror]…I-i didn’t s-say anything! I’m innocent! No habla ingles espanol castellano!

Rosell: [glares at innocent bystander] You talking smack?! You gonna get smacked!

Innocent bystander: [meekly] N-no es me! Soy innocent!

Bartomeu: You sayin’ that he’s wack when it just ain’t so.

*Zubi enters the room*

Rosell: Zubi! Someone said we’re wack! W-why would they say that?! ๐Ÿ™ย I don’t think we’re wack!

Zubi: Well, there are plenty of reasons to be fair.

Bartomeu: [ignores Zubi] I think it’s wack to call someone wack.

Zubi: …When you sold the shirt, your Fabrelust…

Rosell: Who said we’re wack? I can’t believe that! They must be smoking crack, to say that we’re wack.

Zubi: …and when you manipulated the accounting results to say Barca was in bigger debt than it really was…

Rosell: [to no-one in particular] I am not wack,ย no matter what you say! …What did you say? D-did you say I’m wack?!

Person in the crowd: …Yes. Because you are. /smirk

Rosell: [stomps feet] I’M NOT WACK! I swear I’ll paint your eye black! ….Once I get my facts (straight).

Zubi: ….your general lack of morals….

Rosell: [spitefully] How can a person up and call someone wack? How many B-teamers will play for the first team? How many babies born will ever reach their dreams? And how can a person call another person wack?!

Bartomeu: For them to embarrass you like this in front of the general assembly, and undermine your authority as well…! We need to find the culprit!

Rosell: [smirks] And I’ve got the perfect idea! We’ll use that method on my lead!

Rosell, Bartomeu, and co: All the ladies in the crowd put your hands up!

*Ladies raise hands*

Bartomeu: Now all the fellas in the crowd put your hands up!

*Guys raise their hands*

Rosell: Now whoever called us wack put your hand up!

*Whackman raises his hand*


Rosell: Alright, who is left?!

*all look around except Zubi who is still listing off reasons*

Bartomeu: I don’t see any hands raised, sire–err, sir!

Rosell: [aghast] B-but that always wor–

Bartomeu: [interrupts] But look! Up there! Hiding behind the blau and grana striped…things that are randomly there!

Tee hee

Rosell: [gasps] Saboteur! [pounds fists on wooden podium] LA-POR-TAAAAAAA!!!


[I hate International Break too. But I love annoying Rosell. ๐Ÿ˜€ ]

[Also, I don’t own “Who Said We’re Wack” by The Lonelyย Island, in case you were wondering. Or the poem/speech above; I just manipulated it. And no worries about the song, it’s clean ๐Ÿ˜‰ ]

[By the way, I hope you all know what wack means]

[And if you haven’t read vicsoc’s Bojangles post; read it. Read it now]

[Okay, I’ll stop now.]

[….Can you at least tell me if it was somewhat entertaining…? *puppy eyes* ]

[I don’t know if it’s possible, but I think I trolled my own post.]


[I hate international break.]

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By Kari

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  1. ‘As’ reports we are seriously interested in Nacho Monreal…whose buy-out clause is really less, I think around 10m or something.

    Sure would make lot of guys happy here. I won’t deny I’d prefer Coentrao but it’s fine to have Nacho, he’s the future of Spain for the LB berth. He’s defensively very strong and he does involve in attack very much too. More importantly he’s used to the league. Won’t be a bad transfer IMO. There was indeed interest from our side for a long time now, so I do think it’s not just vague rumor. Also tbf ‘As’ have definitely been fairly accurate when it comes to reporting our transfer moves, moreso than our own Catalan newspapers

    1. I was going to respond to this, I didn’t know his buyout was that low! Now I’m AGAINST taking more players from la liga, I’m getting really frustrated by it, but this is too good.

  2. For real though, because Euler has started talking about Coentrao now everyone is on board… but when a nobody (me) mentioned him a few times over months, only Greece Barca had my back? It seems unless everyone knows your name no one even responds to your comments.

    Anyways regarding Bojan and the 9 spot. Where do we plan to play him in the future? He hasn’t been very well cutting in from the left this season, but playing him on the right has resulted in his best matches. He’d be a nice impact sub at RW, putting in good crosses, but also cutting in with Alves out there to maintain with almost playing as a shadow striker to Messi, who moves more towards the middle, with Alves being a passing outlet at all times.

    Re: Villa. Is he really a natural LW? Everyone tells me how hes used to playing on the left side, but I can never recall this before Barca. It seems his whole career he’s been an out and out striker and only recently been coming in from the wings, because that fits our system.

    The way I look at it, we have a few options in the summer. Bojan won’t be loaned, impossible. We have too much faith in him.. maybe rightfully so. There’s a lot of big ifs and I’ll address them

    Zlatan. Milan has the right to buy him for I think 25m. And they’d be insane not to. But they still don’t have to (As far as we’ve been told). The details on this are still very iffy. I want them to purchase him, to guarantee he’s gone.. but then I’d also like to get more out of him.

    Hleb: I forget which Russian team is rumored at wanting to buy him for 5-7 mil. Please do.

    Henrique: Apparently, this kid is gone. Okay, cool, whatever.

    Caceres: I wish we’d give him a chance this summer after he returns. I mean he’s got a lot of experience with Juve, and Sevilla, those teams are no laughing matter.

    Keirrison: Pep doesn’t care for him, nothing we can do. He’d be an interesting bench option, as he’s free.

    Vic San: Most likely gone, I like his versatility though.

    Maxwell: I haven’t heard anything on this, but a few months backed he was linked with another Russian club for 10m.. but it could be the one that just bought Roberto Carlos so hmm.

    Milito: We convinced you to stay, you’re a great guy, but like Marquez that won’t keep you in the squad.

    Jeffren: I think you’ll get your chance in the summer to prove yourself and be healthy one last time. If not, the first offer of 5m+ sees you on your way out. sorry ๐Ÿ™


    Coentrao. Perfect. Its been noted you can’t have two all out attacking FBs, but we’ll see. Xavi will be resting a lot more next season, and if Busquets is the successor to that position, Masch will be DM. We’ll have another DM equally skilled at MC to break up the attack.

    LW/RW/ST type player. Ideally, Bojan could fill in for us at this position but who knows. Jeffren as well. If they don’t work out well enough I think we should go after Alexis Sanchez, Dentinho, Muller… how has Matias Defederico been? Neymar or Pato would work too.

    I’d love Caceres to give a shot, if not Botia. What has anyone seen from Breno? He apparently wants out too. If we were to actually spend big money Thiago Silva would be perfect. Doubt that would happen though.

    Sub Striker:
    Yes, an aging veteran who doesn’t mind being on the bench. Though he’d take up a EU spot what about 36 year old Martin Palermo, who is apparently wanting out of Boca(?). I mean, he’s a big tall target man, who just played in a WC. If we want to go young what about Lacina Traore, Lukaku, or I like the Mondon shout. What about Artem Milevskiy?

    MC. FABREGAS. We seriously don’t need an MC. Especially a vain spending of 51m on Cesc. Yes, he’s amazing, but instead of getting the original why not churn the next one out of Thiago, JDS, S. Roberto, Rafinha, etc. The one position we’re stacked in we don’t need please don’t.

    1. Wow, this comment is way too long to read. And it’s only by Josep. Guess I’ll just ignore it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Seriously, if it makes you feel better, I didn’t care about Coentrao when you first mentioned him, and I still didn’t care when Euler brought him up!

    2. If we want to go young what about Lacina Traore, Lukaku, or I like the Mondon shout. What about Artem Milevskiy?

      -Josep=FM mode on.

      -Breno? Don’t get slapped.

      -I’m pretty sure Sevilla will exercise their option to buy Caceres for something like 5 million euros I think it is.

      Like I said before, this summer should be interesting.

    3. fm mode lulz. The truth is Traore is good. I’ve seen him play at Cluj in the CL qualifying rounds. Lukaku the same deal, and watched him last year too. And milevskiy is also a beast, these aren’t FM signings!

      I mention breno because I’m just mentioning players who are apparently wanting to leave. What do you think of Thiago Silva?

      Yeah, but what if Sevilla don’t?

    4. I like Thiago Silva a lot, but he’s the future of their defense, so that’s not happening.

      If Sevilla don’t they’re very stupid, but I’m still not sure Pep will give him another chance.

    5. I don’t know if he’s the future of their DEFENSE though. I mean, they’ve played him in the holding role and more in midfield this season. Add on top of that Pirlo most likely leaving as well as Seedorf? I think if he wants to stay at CB why not?

      I think we should get a french CB. Maybe a Sakho, Mexes on a free as backup wouldn’t be bad (slow as fuuuuuuu) but its a shame Adil Rami is heading to Spain already.

    6. Yeah he’s played holding mid at times, but that’s due to injuries and suspensions. Milan aren’t stupid, his best position is at CB and he’ll be a mainstay there for years to come.

      I like Sakho, but Mexes is a red card waiting to happen, so no.

    7. Thiago Silva has played in the holding role on several occasions this season because of injuries to key midfielders (most notably Pirlo).

      It’s a testament to his versatility and excellent skills on the ball, but he’s first and foremost a CB. And an absolutely excellent one at that too.

      There are few better center-halves in Europe right now, and as Jnice notes, he’ll be a permanent fixture in the Milan defense for the foreseeable future. Now they just need to find a suitable replacement for Nesta…

    8. Don’t feel bad – almost everyone knows my name and they still don’t respond to me.

    9. josep & greece barca are the presidents of the coentrao fan club? now i’m so against his transfer. ๐Ÿ™‚

    10. First of all, I completely agree with your DON’T BUY.

      And I think Cacรฉres deserves a 2nd chance at the club, but it’s unlikely to happen.
      About Keirrison: He’s not even a regular player for Santos FC. He’s not even used as a regular super-sub. For me, that dude doesn’t bring it, and never at our club. Worst trasnfer of the last years, inmo!

  3. Josep don’t be sore. Yes, you were the first one talking about Coentrao. Great. All credit goes to you. And i am not being sarcastic here, because I did not really know of him before you started talking about him.

    It is just that in his post Euler broke down point by point what he can bring to the team, which is what convinced me personally that we should try to bring him in.

    1. hey once lev said that josep was before euler in liking coentrao, everyone was, like, all about josep. and lev. but ooga aga told lev that josep was before euler in liking conetrao. and euler knew from ooga aga and lev that josep liked coentrao before euler or lev. but euler also liked ooga aga and lev liked josep before euler liked coentrao, but coentrao liked ooga aga before lev, euler, or josep. and josep didnt know about it until after lev or euler.

      so i guess we’re even.

    2. I’m not sore, it was somewhat jokingly as I’ve said my reasons months back but only now that our version of Pep says why we need Coentrao that everyones on board.

    1. Awesome indeed.

      *all look around except Zubi who is still listing off reasons*

      Hehe, he’s still going.

  4. Iโ€™m sure no one is interested anymore, but I finally got around to making my Best Barca XI:

    Dani Alves โ€“ Koeman โ€“ Migueli โ€“ Gio
    Laudrup โ€“ Guardiola โ€“ Iniesta
    Cruyff โ€“ Romario โ€“ Ronaldinho

    It was very hard to leave Puyol out, but I couldnโ€™t find another right back anywhere near as good as Dani. I suppose I could play Puyol as RB instead of Dani.

    1. despite migueli having the most awesome name ever i could never see playing him over puyi. lev’s right, you need more steel. maybe reiziger over dani so you could include him? nah.

    1. Nope, I didn’t forget him. My (completely arbitrary) rules stated that only two players from the current squad could be chosen. I had to go with Dani for the reason above, and frankly I think Iniesta will be one of the best players of all time. He had to be there.

    2. How come you only want two players from the current squad there? And although I agree that by the time Iniesta retires, he will be one of the biggest legends ever, but at the moment, Xavi is way ahead of him. It’s an all-time best list, not what might be the all-time best list in three years. Personally, I think Puyol, Xavi and Messi deserve to be there. Maybe even Abidal instead of Gio…

    3. I just said two from the current squad to keep things interesting, and no Messi for the same reason (since everyone would pick him). And it’s not an all-time-best list, it is your own personal best XI. Those may not be the same thing. Relax, it’s just a game. Start your own with your own rules if you want.

    4. I’m relaxed, sorry if I came across as rude or something :p. I was just asking a question.

  5. @lev,
    though u pointed out how eulers point by point breakdown convinced you of coeantro i agree with josep where he said:unless everyone knows you no response to your comments.

    @xavi and josep,

    i will be delighted if we buy monreal.i m against us buying other liga player unless that player is an automatic starting 11 material.with abi being shifted as a CB nxt season nacho can be a first 11.

    If we can buy him at a reasonable price then i m all for him.
    Otherwise first priority a CB,then a forward prefarbly kanoute or forlan

    1. I agree on all fronts! I mean, seriously its bad that buying within our league should be a last resort, for competitions sake.

    2. @hammer – well you can’t have it both ways…I think I actually replied to Josep when he first talked about Coentrao (probably said something like “mmmmm….who’s Coentrao?”)

      Part of the reason why Coentrao was in consideration as our next LB in my mind was exactly because Josep got the ball rolling when he started talking about him.

      But what Euler wrote about Coentrao was different because he went into great analytical detail, something that Euler in particular is well respected for around these here parts, I believe…It doesn’t mean I will always agree with him, yet more often than not I do. And since I hardly knew anything about Coentrao other than that it was a name being thrown around, Euler’s breakdown was very helpful in convincing me.

      Now you can get jealous of him or others getting more replies than you, that’s fine. Personally I don’t think it makes any difference to most commenters whether we know a person or not. Sometimes one might feel more or less affinity with others commenters and reply more or less to that person.

      Personally I have always felt welcome on BfB, from the moment I “joined”. And sometimes I feel like I made a great point and nobody replies. It happens.

      If you feel people don’t reply to you enough it could be because at times you have been quite disrespectful to other posters. It has never stopped me from replying to you, but it is just an observation.

  6. ESPN writer James Martin on Dani Alves:

    I like this bit:

    Had Alves decided to join Roberto Mancini’s crew, given how much emphasis the Italian manager places on playing the most boring football ever — sorry, I mean emphasizes the intrinsic beauty of technically sound defense — Alves could have been in for a rude awakening. He would have been like a greyhound tied to a stake and told to wait for the enemy to approach. Staying put is not in Dani’s DNA.

  7. @Josep

    I didn’t post in the recent past, had I done that would surely have got onto the Coentrao bandwagon brother ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think one of Jeffren & Bojan is going to leave this summer. But considering Pep’s and fans sentiments towards the cuddle toy & his recent form playing in the RF role I’m sure it’s going to be Jeffren. I thought he showed more potential than even P!! during their first pre-season but what can we say, injuries have fucked even the greatest of them ๐Ÿ™

    I don’t know if we need Alexis Sanchez man… I mean we have very good starters in the first place. Then there’s Bojan for the right side role(sincerely hoping he keeps on doing good in his new role) and there’s Afellay for the left forward role(I know his best position is in the midfield but I think he’s equally good at that left forward role, not so good on the right side though. I think he does better than Iniesta does in the left wing, which itself is a huge thing. He said in his recent interview that Pep wanted to bring him on when we were at 1-1 against Arsenal in the second leg, but then we scored the goals in quick succession and he was brought on anyway… It shows that even the mister is satisfied with what he’s getting from FLY!) So I’m positive we won’t have to splash those huge amounts for the likes of Sanchez! I like the player but I think there’s no room for him in the squad!!

    Also as almost every body accepts we need an impact sub to be on the bench, a tall old-fashioned CF but a bit more mobile than the likes of BANGS…

    I’m sorry I didn’t completely understand, did you mean to say we need another DM!? NO!! We have two of the best out there already.

    The attack of MVP with the assistance of Bojan and new CF should be good. Busi, Masch, Xavi, Iniesta, Keiteee, Thiago is fine too. With Afellay filling in either midfield or the attack depending on the situation I think it’s all covered in the midfield and attack.

    I accept to everything of what Ramzi says but I really don’t get how buying a CB would be a better solution than buying a new LB! Aren’t we too familiar with the problems the newcomers are facing when trying to adapt with our style!? I think Abidal is doing great there and we should let it be that way. Although I do think we need to first monitor how he’s going to recover and then if needed we do have to buy a new CB… If that be the case I think it should be Botia.

    In : a CF to rotate with MVP and be an impact sub, a LB to become Abi’s long term successor and Botia to rotate with Pique-Puyol in case, God forbid Abi does a Milito

    Out : Ibra, Henrique, Caceres(I like him but it’s not going to be easy once you are out of favour with the coach!), Keirrison, VicSan, Gleb, Milito, Maxwell & Jeffren(if and only if Bojan does well in his new role and cements his place in the squad)

    Promotions : Thiago, Fontas & Montoya(move between the A team and B team, to be called when Alves needs rest or is unavailable

    VV, Pinto, Alves, Pique, Puyi, Abidal, Fontas, new LB, Adriano, Busi, Masch, Xavi, Iniesta, Keiteee, Thiago, Afellay, Pedro, Messi, Villa, Bojan, new CF… This itself makes it a 21 member squad(I didn’t even count the new CB) when we can atmost register 18 members for a match. In case of injuries there are versatile players in Adriano, Abi, Busi and Afellay to fill in. Not to mention our attackers can play anywhere in the front 3 positions!!

    1. no no didn’t say we need another DM. the one main gripe I have is that yes, it’s idea to rotate our players. but for whatever reason it seems Pep almost never does this. We need more players than a 21 man squad. 25 would be far more idea, as depth thanks to injuries has been a problem this year.

      Do we promote any other B players? Apparently Nolito is gonezo, and J. Sanchez is being looked at by other Liga teams.

  8. @roz,

    i did leave out xavi and i was in my right mind.

    Xavi is simply a great but without pep there is no xavi,ini,fab and co.

    1. That’s not as convincing an argument as comparing their respective skills or attributes. I’d say that Pep is much more of a leader than Xavi, especially when it comes to keeping one’s head cool and motivating others on the field. I think Xavi is the better footballer though.

  9. @Blitzen

    i like your all-time 11 but I fear they are going to get overrun. Koeman and Gio can’t defend and Dani is never there. Migueli is the only true defender on the pitch.

    I had to leave Laudrup out because he left us for EE ๐Ÿ™

    1. Laudrup left because Cruyff forced him out. I don’t blame him for that, and he is still one of the best players Barca has ever had.

      And with Laudrup, Cruyff, Guardiola and Iniesta all on the field at the same time, we will never lose the ball, so no need to defend! ๐Ÿ˜›

    2. lol@never losing the ball.

      Cruijff might have “forced him out”, but had he stayed he might have gotten his place back in the starting 11. And even if he was forced out, he shouldn’t have gone to EE. We didn’t deserve that.

      Slightly off topic – a bigger “what if” then Ronaldo is what if Maradona had stayed with us? It is said that the season after he left, the dressing room became utterly silent when asked who was going to wear number 10. Until Schuster said….”That is Maradona’s number.”

  10. And at the Cricket World Cup we get a Clasico of the Cricket kind..India vs Pakistan..can you not feel the adrenaline pumping!

    1. Wow. And since one single cricket match lasts like 27 weeks that’s a whole lot of adrenaline!

    2. yeah well Haters gonna hate…It happens to be one sport my country happens to be good at so no more snarky..pretty please ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Hmm…

    I’m looking at the call-up list for Argentina, but I don’t recognize any of the forwards except for Messi and Lavezzi.

    I wonder exactly how the offense will lineup.

    Whatever the case, I’m hoping to see some combination of Pastore and Messi. Batista has to get those two working together fast.

    1. Pastore and Messi always had a good chemistry whenever they’re together.
      And Pastore kinda plays on the right side of midfield.
      Imagine Alves-Pastore-Messi on the right and
      Coentrao-Xavi-Iniesta-Villa/Pedro on the left.

    2. I’m aware they’ve played together several times in the past, but what I’m hoping is that Batista will make Pastore a permanent fixture in the starting XI. I’d really like to see the two start to develop a consistent partnership over 90 minutes.

      I’ve been watching a lot of Palermo this season, and while they’ve been underperforming as of late, when Javier is on his game, he’s an absolute joy to watch.

      Alves-Pastore-Messi? Mmm… I’m just drooling at the thought…

  12. LOL This post rocks!! This is your best to date Kari!!! My favorite part:

    Crowd โ€˜ooooohhhhโ€™s. A moc, moc is heard in the distance.

    The guy who uses strikeout while talking is also really funny.

    I don’t know if others liked it much but I found it really hilarious! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. ….

      BFB, March 24, 2011 12:29pm: Eklavya doesn’t find a reason to lambaste a Kari nonsense post! Imma mark my calendar! ๐Ÿ˜›

      Hehe, thanks Ek! ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. I don’t lambaste all yours posts! Only all of them except this one and the Bojan-gone-more-kid-less-wonder-one. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. that is brilliant!!! nice work kari!

    On a separate note, how much self respect would i lose on a space like this if i bought a Ford Figo?

    1. haha! well, i can choose between a VW Polo, Hyundai i20, Fiat Punto Grande or the Figo.. so my options are limited..

    2. i was kidding, i like the figo. you would have to have a blue & red racing strip on the side & a barca crest on the hood, of course. my little brother can put you in a nice kia. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. @k legit,

    nobody here will understand the india pakirtan cricket rivalry.

    Think of 2 countries consisting of 1.2 billion people,which were engaged in at least 3 wars,which have nuclear weapons,which are arguing with each other for a particular land as its own,then u will understand what it is?

  15. Barcelona are interested in Peruvian left winger Juan Manuel Vargas (27), while his club Fiorentina is keeping an eye on Bojan. [gazzetta]

    Hmm I’ve mentioned this I believe in the previous thread or two that hes another Bale-esque player that just roams the left. His defending skills are somewhat lacking though.

  16. @ryan,

    as much as i like xavi,i still think pep is the better player.
    The attributes of pep which you mentioned edegs him ahead of xavi though purely in footballing term xavi is a tiny bit better.

    1. Seems like we have the same general idea, but it’d be easier to follow your responses if you used the “reply” button!

  17. Some โ‚ฌ700m owed to the Spanish tax man by Spain’s football clubs, not to mention debts to footballers, Social Security, suppliers, iffy agent types and local councils means that money is very tight these days in la Liga. This is why even a million quid splurged on a footballer is a hefty investment for a Primera club during Spain’s never-ending economic crisis. Here’s a list of those teams who are sitting pretty on their purchases over the summer and those who have well and truly peed their money up the wall.,17033,9405,00.html

    1. You spend a lot of time surfing the net and reading articles.
      You always have nice links to share with us.

  18. @lev,
    i just agreed with josep about people not responding enough to new has nothing to do with the coentrao.

    I am mature enough not to seek attention.bout jealousy?hahaha,no hell,absolutely no.if it happens in my pro or real life then may be,but here in BFB,no.

    We all come here cause we are all barca maniac.but i still feel the feelings sometimes what josep said.just a observation.nothing else.

    I maybe disrespectful to jim,but i apologized for that

  19. btw,
    in my culture,its not polite to say bluntly what you think of other person in that persons face.
    But watching movies,i got the idea that you tell people what you think of them in their face.or am i wrong

    1. Relax, Lev made a joke.. It should be taken in the same vein like if someone says ‘Bangladesh had a chance to qualify for the Q/Fs’ or that they have a decent team ๐Ÿ˜› lol j/k..

  20. lol@k-legit yeah i was just teasing you there with my cricket comment, buddy. well, half-teasing you, but it was meant in good spirit!

    @hammer and yeah i can imagine the rivalry must be huuuge after all the wars you have fought over a corner of what many people have told me is paradise-on-earth.

    and yeah we are more upfront than the cultures of those east of the middle-east, you are right.

    As for the Guardiola vs Xavi debate I don’t necessarily think one is better than the other but I personally chose Guardiola because he was a holding midfielder. Further up the midfield the competition between the all time greats who have rocked the blaugrana becomes a lot harder.

    1. Oh you still have noooooo idea, none!

      If the Clasic is full of Morbo, this one is full of pure unadulterated HATE! Its a special matchup, nothing ever comes close..

    1. Dunno. I’m more interested in their match against Belarus. That’s when the real u-21 players will be in action.

      I’ll put this one on to check out Bartra and Planas.

    2. And Bartra just got beat for the goal. Nice play by France caught Bartra lagging a bit.

    3. Spain look terrible.

      And I must say it pleases me to see Canales playing poor balls left and right.

  21. I’m on vacay …. but folks should chill. It doesn’t matter a whit who posts what first, last, or whenever. Nor are replies to who or whatever some sort of popularity contest.

    Despite recent trends, this is not a message board. This is a blog, where everybody has a voice. If you’ve something valid to say, does it really matter who does or doesn’t reply to who”s post?

  22. @Josep and co.

    If it makes you feel better, I didn’t think we should even consider Coentrao, and I still don’t see him being on the club’s shopping list.

    Hope that helps:)

  23. So I don’t think anyone has seriously recommended this idea on this blog in a long time, and for good reason. But I thought I would play devil’s advocate for a minute, especially because the following is a decently likely scenario.

    Why not buy Fabregas? Let’s look at this from purely footballing terms:

    Let’s say we loan Bojan and need to replace him. We could spend a good hunk of money on an experienced 9 who is miraculously willing to sit on the bench. Or we could buy Fabregas who is dying to come (and presumably sit on the bench).
    With Fabregas we then have the option of playing Iniesta on the left and Villa in the middle, with Messi on the right. It would also give us an impact substitution. This gives us an experienced 9 (Villa) who would alternate between LW and CF. This would also solve the problem of having to buy a 9 who would sit on the bench, because the bench sitting would be shared between Pedro, Villa, Iniesta, and Fabregas because they would all be interchangeable.

    Would it really be the worst thing in the world?

    Possible objections:

    -Pep doesn’t like Villa as the 9 so it doesn’t solve our problem of needing a 9.
    I would argue that the combination of Pedro/Iniesta-Villa-Messi is most likely going to be a better combination than Villa-9?-Messi, based on the 9 that we could realistically sign who would rarely start.

    -Pep doesn’t like Iniesta as LW.
    If this is the case, we would run into the problem that Iniesta, Cesc, and Xavi would probably not be able to start the same game ever. That would probably be a problem (although, we have Mascherano and Busquets who only rarely (twice?) start the same game, and somehow they are happy with that. In fact, we have one of the best DM’s in the world playing rarely). Unfortunately, I can’t really think of a formation where the three of them (Cesc, Xavi, Iniesta) are compatible unless Iniesta is on the wing. However, even if the three of them can never start together, would this be terrible? Not if Cesc was willing to come on as a sub. Also, keep in mind that everyone has always been crying 1) We need an impact sub (Cesc anyone?) 2) We need an attacking midfield substitute (this fall when Xavi had tendonitis everyone was saying this).

    -Players like Iniesta and Villa would switch positions too often and wouldn’t be able to settle into a groove.
    Fair enough. I don’t know enough about player psychology to say whether this is true or not. I think Iniesta has handled it well in the past. Henry was able to handle it well sometimes and sometimes he looked terrible as a striker. Who knows about Villa.

    1. 1) Buy Cesc, Move Iniesta from his best position to the left, and Villa from his best position to the center so we get Xavi-Cesc in midfield and Iniesta-Villa-Messi in front with Pedro as a game changer.

      2) Buy -say- Llorente (cheaper) keep Iniesta beside Xavi with Villa/Pedro-Llorente-Messi in front and Pedro/villa as a game changer.

      I prefer number 2.

      – Because it cost less.
      – Because Cesc is not a game changer if he is not a starter and not strengthening the selection when he does.
      – Because Cesc cant do Iniesta’s work in the midfield.
      – Because we have Keita, Afellay, Busquets, Jds, and thiago (even Messi) all can play as CM better than any midfielder we have can play in the offense line.
      – Beside 101 other reasons that takes long to explain.

    2. It seems Pep likes employing Iniesta at LW, and all the posters here hate it. I know I do, I think JNice and others have said it. He just doesn’t work well…. and it looks like Ramzi took care of other points.

      For 51 million there’s far, far better options.

  24. @vj,
    i m from although our cricket team deserved what u say about them,still…

    Btw,your bowling line up sucks.

    @kxevin,u are right,but there should be a bond among all people here cause we all feel the same love.sometimes i feel the bond is absent.

    Anyway its a trivial issue,nothing to be bugged like your villa hatred.

    1. We all know New Zealand wont! Id say India but Pakistan and South Africa have a good chance to.

  25. Speaking of signings we should sign Marco Pappa from the Chicago Fire. Dude scored 5 in a game, and has two other hat tricks for me in FM. ๐Ÿ˜€ Plus.. he plays for the Fire.

  26. Normally i’d agree with you on the bowling but the truth is we’re bowling pretty well..Zaheer’s in the form of his life and we’re doing way better than expected..

    As regards the transfer issues i’d say we just need to replace who we know is going to go viz Milito, Jeffren, and maybe we need to buy 1 CB or like i’d have it promote Fontas permanently, 1 attacker maybe promote Nolito? and finally 1 full back..i’d prefer if this was also addressed by promoting someone from the Masia like Bartra or Montoya but if we were going to buy someone for the fullback position i’d buy Coentrao in an instant..dude is tailor made for an attacking pressure oriented system. Oh and i’ll perma-move Abidal to the centre back position..he seems so much more comfortable playing there than full back..that way he can totally continue the legacy of Thuram

  27. @colby i’m all for buying cesc but in two summers when
    1. he will be a bit cheaper
    2. xavi is older

    however if we get him for a reasonable price I won’t complain. Even though I agree with many on here that a forward and a LB / CB are a lot more necessary, I think there are a lot worse possible transfer than Fabregas.

    It might depend on how much transfer money there will be available and as discussed before, this also depends on whether or not Milan buy Zlatan.

  28. Miroslav Djukic is the new coach of Hercules, he’s the guy that missed that famous penalty for Deportivo on the final day of the 93/94 season wich meant that Barca were crowned champions!

  29. Another question:

    Why are so many people hell-bent on getting a real 9 so that Messi won’t have to play as a false 9?

    I think he has been doing quite alright so far ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I think its about versatility , rotation and preventing a crisis in case of an injury.
      Get as many different players as you can if you wont upset the squad harmony and club finances. Oh and keep the player brought in happy as well.
      For example keita is unique , although not a part of the first team squad. A real 9 , will slot in nicely if we find the balance between keeping him happy and the rest of the players that are part of the plan A happy.
      Its a difficult job.

  30. What’s going on with these rumors about postponing all matches? I have already booked a flight to go to the Barcelona – Espanyol game. They better not postpone it!

    1. Dont be bothered too much until there’s something official.
      Strike intentions have been leaked many times in the last two years , I cant remember the last time they took place though.

    2. I really hope everything will go as planned. This will be my first visit to a Barca game, so… ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks, mei.

  31. @Josep

    Coentrao is usually my first buy when I play Master League.

    If it makes you feel any better, I talked about Nacho Monreal and got ignored too. ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. For the 50m We’ll pay for Cesc, We Could buy an Adriano, 3 Maxwells and 9 Afellays.

    1. While I’m against cesc pursuit, adriano , 3maxwells and 9 afellays would play less combined than a cesc ,whilst not being a starter either.

  33. @mei don’t get me wrong i agree that we need another forward, but I am against the idea of getting a classic 9 so that Messi can go back on the right.

    Messi as a false 9 is doing great and Villa can play in the middle as well.

    I want a forward who can play both off of the flank and also in the middle.

  34. I want Asamoah Gyan so he and Dani can get their groove on after goals.

    I miss Ronnie’s sambas.

  35. it is just me or did no one mention that today on offical FCB site it said “Abidal seguirรก el proceso de recuperaciรณn en su domicilio y se prevรฉ que en 4 semanas pueda empezar a realizar ejercicio fรญsico para, posteriormente, incorporarse a la dinรกmica de entrenamientos del grupo”

    “Abidal will continue the recuperation process at home and it is foreseen that in 4 weeks he will be able to begin to do physical exercise, and, afterwards, will be able to incorporate into training with the group.”

    so…he can begin exercise around april 23….which gives him time to be here for the very end of the season…

    1. Call me a skeptic, but this sounds like one of those “international friendly injuries” that miraculously go away the day of their big match.

      Particularly because if Spurs are anything like Arsenal (or other English clubs), it seems like such an “overblown injury” scam is par for the course. Remember how Nasri was never going to get fit for the first leg? Or how Fabregas was “doubtful” and RVP not fit for the second leg?

    2. Ok I will call you a skeptic. Remember that Wales are playing England. And it’s a qualifier, not a friendly.

    3. No, it doesn’t. Just because he can begin to exercise in no way means that he will be able to get match fit. He will not be back this season.

  36. why martin palazzotto believes la liga would be a lot closer of a competition if its refs were more like fernando texeira vitienes:
    The fault, to my mind, is largely down to the officiating. Because the league wishes to put on a technical display in every match, referees are encouraged to protect attacking players. The result is that the flow of the game is constantly disrupted by players collapsing like dominos every time an opponent so much as whispers โ€˜permissoโ€™ in their ear.

  37. Soooo any news on this so called La Liga strike?? From what I read its looking like a go ahead from certain news reports. Can anyone clarify??

  38. there are rumours that Barcelona wants to cash in on Afellay already..I hate intl break.. smh

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