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By Kari

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  1. Nice win. I’m depressed because Xavi picked up a yellow. Pep didn’t take him off because I think he thought Xavi wouldn’t mouth off–probably didn’t think he’d professional foul…

    Pathetico-EE. Doesn’t matter that EE are playing away; they’ll still win. How can their fans still feel pumped? 11 years and 4 months. The last time Pathetico won. Pathetic.

    1. since atleti are guaranteed to give this game to real anyway, you can watch, kari. 😉

  2. K,

    So because we didn’t finish our chances, we score only 2 goals. They score 1 goal in the end, and what does that lead to? A Xavi yellow. Why? Because he had to stop the counter. Were it not for our ridiculous finishing, Xavi doesn’t make that foul and he;s available against Villarreal.

    I’m sorry guys, but finishing like that isn’t going to lead us to much glory for the rest of the season.

    I know people hate to see Villa criticized and I’m branded as being negative, but it’s not good enough. I said it earlier in the season and everyone said it was because of lack of adaptation. Fine. What’s his excuse now?

    2-1 final? That’s bullshit. Now we are going to face Villarreal after an international break, without Xavi.

    Oh and that goal, great strike, but it only occurred because of Milito’s weak header.

    This isn’t good enough.

    1. Correction… Xavi didn’t foul the man but he kicked the ball away. My point still stands.

    2. Wait. He kicked the ball away? Well damn, Xavi. You don’t need to do that!

      Agree on the finishing, but I just think of us earlier this season and we had the same problem. That being said, losing pts at this stage of the season is much more serious. We need to get our act together.

    3. Its a difficult time, Messi’s passing varied from mediocre to poor, I really hope he doesn’t play 180min in the intl break.

      We have our captain injured, our first choice LB and 2nd choice CB out due to surgery. The preferred RF is injured as well and our shinning star is in poor form. Toss on that Villa is also on a streak that looks the brown in the back of a kids pants and we aren’t in tip top.

      It’s 3 points and we live to die another day.

    1. Hah, I’ve been saying for ages that Quique looks just like him. The resemblance is really creepy.

  3. I was so annoyed today. We waste way too many effing chances and at the end, like vs Arsenal, we were almost punished for it. Our forward line is playing like crap. Even the easy things we can’t do.
    The international break could not have come at a better time.

    1. Well it could have come at a better time since we always struggle after the break and the game is in villarreal :/

    2. What I’m about to say might be truly negative, but I don’t see us getting the 3 points there.

      If our defending was unimpressive against Getafe, I can only imagine what it is going to be like against Rossi and Nilmar.

    3. If we play like we have in our last few games then we won’t. It’s really simple. In a fierce competition the wasteful don’t deserve to win.
      Real Just scored. They at least take their chances.

  4. did masche pick up that yellow like we told him to? would it be too risky to play both busquets & him against villarreal? i see some b-teamers (thiago or dos santos) getting a shot, maybe. didn’t jds play against villarreal last year?

    1. Away? Don’t think so. I think we’ll see Afellay in the midfield. Or Keita. Pep wouldn’t throw Thiago in… would he?

    2. probably keita. pep’ll have b-teamers on the bench i’m thinking. it’ll be tough.

  5. And the TV is now turned off. I mean, Atleti doesn’t even try against Real. I don’t care what anyone says. It’s ridiculous.

    1. I always found their presidents to be to friendly before and after every derby. Glad we beat them home and away already.

    2. Jeez, this is really reminiscent of the Espanyol match… Casillas gets red carded in the first three minutes, so Espanyol are a man up, against a second string keeper, and proceed to show the most limp of attacking intent for the rest of the match. And this was IN BARCELONA.

      Absolutely pathetic. And then watch EE fans gush over the heart and talent of their team at pulling off such a masterful win. 😛

  6. Was anyone expecting a different outcome from Atletico-Real Madrid? First of all Atletico is mediocre as it is, they suck against Real, and Real is playing quite well. I’m watching for a statistical purpose only–I want to see how often Atletico loses the ball.

    1. Wasn’t expecting a different outcome, just a bit more resistance. Atletico handed Real free passes into their box. They are getting cut open by Sami “I run like a goof” Khedira and Lassana “I don’t know why I have the #10” Diarra.

      That’s comical.

    2. I remember that time the Atleti player played a through ball to Higuain to score.Good times.

  7. Messi played a scintillating match. The number of chances he created by dragging – not one or two – but almost the entire Getafe defensive focus all over the pitch was just amazing.

    Getafe often looked like five years olds just chasing the ball around.

    Messi completely destroyed their ability to maintain shape at the back. It was amazing.

    But unfortunately Barcelona was very wasteful or passive with the ball and their finishing once again was poor. In fact the finishing this match may have been worse than it has been in even prior recent matches when they struggled.

    David Villa. It’s difficult to know what to say. For a world class striker to be that poor and wasteful with the ball was remarkable.

    Tactically Pep set this match up to help Villa get back on form. He had Bojan shift right so villa could play on his favored left side. And Pep had Bojan moving centrally off the right to link up play with messi when he drops deep. Villa was largely staying wide where he likes to find space on the ball.

    And then Messi just runs the Getafe defense ragged. Not only did Getafe lose control of the ball this game as we knew they would – they lost control of space.

    And when a team that does not have the ball loses control of space it should get punished.

    Villa had so many opportunities this match. The defense was completely fragmented chasing around messi. And Villa didn’t take advantage of that by generating the kind of opportunities he should have through off the ball movement or dribbling.

    On top of that he squandered chance after chance when he was played through for very easy opportunities.

    Bojan scored but on the whole did not play particularly well. He too was wasteful with the ball. Just not to the extent Villa was.

    And that wastefulness in attack nearly caused them to drop points. Were it not for Adriano’s last second intervention the match easily could have ended 2-2. The cost of dropping 2 points would have been significant.

    Unfortunately, though points weren’t dropped, this was a match in which the opportunity cost was very high.

    As has been mentioned above – the lack of finishing on even easy chances is going to cost them Xavi in the match against Villareal.

    And that’s an extremely high cost to pay for poor finishing.

  8. At least El Kun is trying and dragging his team.Also Iker is certainly a SAINT TO EE .What A save from him to deny Atl twice!!

  9. Well, at least it’s end to end stuff. The best thing Atleti can do is get RM players on yellows… which is just sad. This a derby? Osasuna would do better 😉

  10. Schedule notice

    So we’re done for the month of March. When we start back in April, we face:

    Shaktar Donetsk-H
    Shaktar Donetsk-A (Ukraine)
    Evil Empire-A
    Evil Empire-Copa del Rey Final (Neutral ground)

    If we make it past Shaktar, we will be playing twice a week starting April 3rd until May 15th. No midweek breaks, as the Champions League, Copa del Rey, and league has us scheduled every midweek until then. That would be the penultimate match in La Liga.

  11. Also, if we can’t win at Villareal because Xavi couldn’t play, it will be unforgivable. That could even put us only three points away from EE before el Clasico… meaning they would have the hope of catching up to us at the Bernabeu. Call me overly-demanding if you’d like, but that is unacceptable.

    1. That all goes back to the match against Sevilla and how we didn’t kill the match in the 1st half. We would have a 7 point going into the Villarreal match.

    2. They cant officially catch us unless we go in 3 points up, and loose 5-0, or worse. So the stats say its a five pint lead, but in reality, it’s six.

  12. To be fair Atleti usually give it a go, its just they never capitalize on their chances and get punished with their “defending”.Its clearly a mental block

    1. Yup. The defending especially. Apparently, ATM has conceded a goal to Real Madrid in the first 15 minutes in the last 9 straight matches.

      And Ozil scores, poor keeping from ATM.

    1. Today I’m just bloody pissed. We should have bloody buried them. We aren’t going to win anything this year if we don’t take our chances. Our main strikers haven’t scored a goal in the league since Messi’s vs Valencia.

  13. nice team goal by real. didn’t think ozil’s strike was gonna get past de gea, though.

  14. When Villareal are in form their pressure defense up the pitch is formidable.

    That was very much the case in the first match against Barca played against the yellow submarine this season.

    They are however vulnerable at the back.

    So a major key in beating them is ball control and possession in build up in midfield.

    Xavi is exactly the kind of player you want to have against a team that plays the way Villareal does.

    It’s extremely unfortunate that he won’t be available.

    They should have had a much larger lead and that would have allowed Pep to take Xavi out of the game with 4 cards.

    But with a small lead Pep always leaves Xavi in the game because Xavi’s the key to Barca’s ability to defend by retaining possession.

    As an aside, it’s unfortunate that Xavi continues to pick up frivolous cards for such poor reasons many of which are for arguing with the ref. It costs the team his absence but Xavi just won’t stop arguing. This is in reference to cards he picked up earlier in the season but given that it’s a cumulative issue the earlier cards are as causative as the one he picked up today.

    1. They are vulnerable in the back, but don’t you think against Rossi and Nilmar, we will be just as vulnerable, if not more?

      They cause a fair bit of trouble to Puyol and Abidal last match. I don’t see how Pique and Milito/Busquets/Fontas will be able to deal with them.

      I have a feeling Valdes is going to have to be at his best.

  15. lol, Super Pathetico once again. Last win against Real in the season of 98/99.
    Why do the fans still visit the derby matches, the result is given before it even starts…

  16. So no Xavi, no Puyol, no Abidal and unfortunately Milito instead of Fontas against Villarreal after an international break -it’s almost guaranteed we will drop points 🙁

    1. Well April is championship month. Our physios supposedly gear up the team to be at maximum fitness around this time. After this international break, it’s 6 weeks that will determine our season. The problems in our front three, the issues with our back four, they all have to be worked out in the coming weeks, or we might come up empty come mid-May.

  17. And Xavi does it again? why does he continue to get these stupid yellow cards is beyond me and now he’s suspended for what is one of the most difficult away trips on our calendar..Me Mad

  18. The only good thing i see with Absence of Xavi is that i think the team will be more focused. We always seem to be more focused when someone important is missing…

  19. Guardiola: “It’s true we have some scoring problems. We can just try to continue to create all those chances, the click will come.”

    Guardiola: “Xavi suspended? Third time this referee gives Xavi a yellow for protesting. No problem, he can rest.”

    Guardiola: “Before we scored 4 or 5 goals in such games, now we don’t. It’ll come back at the end of the season.”

    Guardiola: “For the next game, we hope to have Pedro and Max back, maybe Puyi too.”

  20. I don’t know whether to watch the Barça match again today. The performance kind of annoyed me.

    Should I?

    1. Unfortunately, happy is not an emotion I felt after the match. I would be happy if it was against… say, Villarreal. But against Getafe, 2-1 leaves me feeling unsatisfied.

      So, I shouldn’t watch the match again? Alright.

    2. Trust me, I understand all that has gone on this week, but I don’t think that explains why Villa decides to shoot into the keepers arms or why he decides to play Messi a lazy ball in the box.

      We can’t keep making excuses for this team. Sooner or later, we will get found out if we carry on like this.

  21. Happy to read so many others were bothered by our poor finishing today. Too often I don’t read the comments or offer my own views here because I feel I’m the only one criticizing some games and I don’t want to be yelled at. (Seriously…the gushing of praise and excuses given for a bad game on Barca’s behalf can be eye rolling!)
    Not to pour it on more, but we’re all correct. We should have easily won that game. Barca played like it was in the bag, like they were going to score every 5 minutes and didn’t play with any hunger. They were like a fighter who won’t put his damn opponent down and then almost gets knocked out himself.
    And I am so sick of seeing Villa NOT score easy goals…nevermind his horrible passing. Someone should put together a reaal of his shooting it directly at the keeper on breakways…it’d be about 5 minutes long.
    Bojan is sickeningly selfish. I can’t watch him play. He plays for himself only and wants only to shoot once he gets the ball. He never thinks about a pass back, or making a tricky, unexpected pas through like Messi, Pedro, Xavi and all other Barca players do. All of his passes are passes 101, and he can’t even execute them. I don’t think Messi likes playing with Bojan because of this. Bojan is a player who simply cannot be expected to “return the favor” to you. Even Villa does it, but never Bojan. He only thinks about shooting and scoring and thinks that this will make us like him. But it won’t. Time and time again he loses the ball, flubs a shot, makes a bad pass, or easily goes down in the box – he should have been given the yellow for diving, not Villa – and I know he’s only 20…but he’s played 125 games for Barca and he’s still a liability. Bottom line….ask Messi if he likes playing with Bojan. How many time did Messi pass it to Bojan…and how many times did Bojan pass it to Messi? Absurd…Bojan does not know his place and I would have started Affellay. Bojan’s goal was lucky…nothing more.

    Get it together Barca…and Messi…stop walking. Get back in postition so you can be ready for a quick turnaround!!

    1. Just different ways of looking at it. I was shouting at him for trying to curl the ball across to Villa when he could have gone himself. I actually think we don’t take enough shots at goal.

      Couldn’t disagree more on Messi either but, hey, that’s what the comments are for, right?

    2. I’m sorry but I disagree almost entirely with this post. Maybe the players were sloppy but I don’t think they played like it was in the bag. We generated a ton of chances in the second half.

      With respect to Bojan, first you say he doesn’t pass and then you say all of his passes are passes 101 which he can’t even execute. Which one is it?

      Then you go on to speculate that Messi doesn’t like playing with Bojan? And you know this how…?

      And to tell Messi stop walking, the week after he hurt his leg AND in a match where he played incredibly…wow…just wow.

  22. 3 points, great..
    but it was painful to watch..
    just painful..

    and I don’t see how we can win against Villareal?
    At their stadium, without Xavi for sure, and with the FIFA virus in our squad…

    you guys remember when we stole the pole position from EE?
    right, El Clasico at CN…
    and there’s a huge chance they’ll steal the pole position from us in El Clasico at SB…

    why am I so negative?
    I don’t know, poor finishing + Puyi-Abidal absentee is frustating me…

  23. What is the definitive list of international call-ups from our squad, and what matches are being played?

    You know, if someone has that info handy…

  24. I thought I was bad when I watch games but some of you must be basket cases in these close games 🙂 Just be glad you’re not a Man U fan. They don’t even dominate games, they survive huge scares and score in the last few minutes. We’re not like that – we completely dominate games and sometimes but not often we put ourselves under pressure by silly defensive errors.

    That was again the case tonight. We could have had more but two goals at home is reasonable and a top team shouldn’t lose from there against a side which has virtually no offensive intent. The problem is that the defence is shaky positionally and has been since Puyol got injured. Abidal covered a lot of this uncertainty with pace but Alves, Milito and Adriano are not top defenders ( Milito maybe was once to be fair).

    The Xavi situation is, imo , just down to him. He needs to learn to shut up or not kick the ball away ( not sure which it was). He has played a lot since recovering from his injury and there is no guarantee he’d have been taken off. I wasn’t expecting it anyway. As Euler correclty said, Getafe pushed up and pressed a lot better as the game went on and we needed him. However, in the greater scheme of things he’s due some slack for the sheer consistency of his performances. It’s a worry for Villareal but Puyol and Pedro will probably be back and Busi will be back in the midfield so we should still handle them.

    Villa is a small concern for me although probably not as much as for some of you. Having looked again at some of his chances I’m more impressed by his movement than I was before and less impressed with the actual strikes. It’s always a worry when your striker doesn’t seem to carry any luck – on a couple of occasions a half scuff and it was in – but you do get the feeling he’s becoming anxious. I do also wish occasionally we would take advantage of some of his early runs. I know it’s not our style but he does take up good early positions.

    On the plus side another goal from Bojan can’t hurt and Messi is back. We’re getting closer . . .

    I remember way back at the start of the season Ballague said on Revista that our setup was aimed at peaking twice – in November and April. Hard to believe but it’s beginning to look like it might be right. You can’t go through a season without dips in form. If this is it, it isn’t bad. To put it into perspective, I was sitting after 87 minutes happy that we had coasted to another victory and not seeing any way back for them. Okay, it didn’t go so well after that . . . . 🙂

    If we’re getting upset at a win what’ll we be like if RM win one of the many games against us?

    1. Graham and Guillem have mentioned the peaking plenty of times. I’m sure they’re right, but I’m not convinced we’ll be finishing better anytime soon.

  25. Btw, just rewatched the goal a few times and I’m thinking Milito is getting a raw deal on it. It was probably at least as much Pique’s fault.

    1. But look at Milito’s initial header. He should’ve dealt with that comfortably, but instead he struggles to make contact and Getafe retains possession.

    2. Agreed. Just didn’t want it all to go down to him.

      He actually struggled to get to the header so a glancing one rather than putting it into the air would have been better. However, we had our whole defence back when that ball came over so it shouldn’t have been a problem – I reckon Puyol instead of Pique and that goal doesn’t happen. Not sure what Pique thought he was marking.

      Now that I think of it , the ball shouldn’t have come across the first time. Someone, think it was Affellay, made no attempt to close the man down.

      Mind you, it was nicely taken. Could VV have at least dived for it?

    3. Don’t know, but VV has a tendency to make it seem like he has no chance on certain shots when I think he could at least stick out his hand.

    4. Yeah, that was very poor. I wasn’t convinced of Milito during the whole match, I think he has lost the necessary skills to play as a defender at such a big club like ours.
      It scares me to think of Milito playing against Villarreal, Rossi and/or Nilmar will out-run, out-dribble him in every single ocation. Since Xavi is suspended, Busquets will play in midfield. Fontas is obviously the last choice defender, so let’s hope Puyol will be back. I don’t want to go into el Clasico with only 3 (or 2…) points advantage.

    5. At this point, I’m hoping we go into el Clasico with at least a 3 point lead. If we manage to go there with a 5 point lead, I think we win the league.

    1. Still needs the ball to do it last time I looked – in case you’re thinking of the Clasico 🙂

  26. 14 days till our next game…. Maxwell, Pedro, and most importantly Puyol, please be 100% by then.

  27. So I didn’t see the game (just the goals on youtube), but I’m relieved that we won. Given all the focus on Abidal (rightly), the Champion’s League draw and the International break this was a very dangerous game where the team’s focus could have been off. To take three points in these circumstances is great.

    Hopefully by Villareal we’ll have some of our injured players back. If Xavi wasn’t suspended I would have expected Pep to use Busi as a centerback, but now I think he’ll be needed in midfield. Let’s hope Puyol will be ready in time.

  28. You know that feeling that Barca only wanted three points when they could’ve done better to sack the game home… It left me bitter tastes. Xavi’s card blew it. Now I’m eager to see Pedro more than ever because our little guy seldom fails expectations and always does a good job, if not always outstanding. Praying for Puyi’s recovery – it’s been on for a long time now – and hopefully we can restore our unbeatable status next month. Fingers crossed.

  29. Jeez, that was awful finishing. At least the players are fully aware of the problem, and will work on fixing it. It’s similar to the beginning of the season; we are playing well, but the finishing is off, and the defense is giving away a few cheap chances. I expect the defense to become more stable when Puyol is back, and the forwards’ problem is just form. Barcelona are creating as many chances as ever, but they just aren’t going in. Bojan gaining confidence is a big boost for the team though, and I think it is just a matter of time until the balls start flying into the net again and we start getting manitas. Villa looks tired, but I think the international break will help him a little. If he manages to break the record, he might get that kick he needs.

    Barcelona are not playing badly, it’s just the finishing. Against Villareal, I assume Pep will play:

    Adriano-Pique-*crosses fingers* Puyol-Maxwell

    Nilmar and Rossi will cause a lot of trouble, but I expect Adriano and Maxwell to be able to handle Cani and Cazorla. Busquets might have to drop deep with Puyol and Pique to make a 3 v 2 situation against Rossi and Nilmar when Barca have the ball. Villareal play very narrow wingers (I think?), so they almost never help their fullbacks out. Adriano and Maxwell attacking will really stretch Villareal, but they will have to play narrow when defending, in order to stop Cani and Cazorla. Pedro will have to track back as always, to help stop Capdevila. I don’t think the situation is too bad though. We are going to miss Xavi and Alves of course, but as long as our finishing is okay, and we don’t make too many mistakes at the back, we should win. With Xavi out, Pep will probably play more defensively, which might be a blessing in disguise. I know people are worried, but Barca aren’t playing bad at all, it’s just the finishing. However, it’s an away match at Villareal after an international break, without Alves and Xavi (which automatically takes a huge chunk away from our game. It’s Alves who always makes those runs into the box on the defender’s blind side, and it’s Xavi who always plays the ball over the top of the defense to him), and our defense will be missing Abidal and probably Puyol. It’s going to be extremely tough, but I think Barca still have a good chance of winning. I’m not having optimistic blind faith, I just think our chances of dominating and winning aren’t going to be bad. We will definitely get a lot of scoring chances.

    1. I thought this WAS his fifth yellow?! Well, if he isn’t missing, that’s a huge boost. :p

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