Do It The Barça Way: Barça-Getafe

This is going to be a flame-broiled game. Someone will have to do it their own way and grill up a scrumptious match. With lettuce and tomato. But no pickles. Heaven help you if there are pickles. Hmm. I suppose if I kept going, I could come up with a few more of those, but no, enough of the nonsense. On to the real thing. When you write about Getafe, there’s only one person to write about and that’s their danger man, Roberto Soldado. He’s a fantas—Valencia? Oh really? Huh. Oh, well, okay, we can always talk about their midfield lynchpin, Pedro Leon who—really? Madrid?

Well then.

This is getting more and more reminiscent of my first Getafe preview. I don’t think I’ve seen a single Getafe match since then (or at least I don’t remember one), which would mean I’ve seen a grand total of 1 Getafe match all year. I know so little about them I just had to look up that their roster to name a single player. I’d forgotten about Víctor Sánchez along with Derek Boateng, Dani Parejo, Miku, Colunga, Gavilán, Albín, Arizmendi, Casquero, etc. They’re decent players, some of them are even good players, but somehow so forgettable in Getafe this year, which sits 11th, in middle table obscurity, 8 points from Europe and—how about this—8 points from the drop.

They haven’t won in a bit, though, having gone 0-4-2 since a February 5 win against Depor and they haven’t won away since defeating Almería 2-3 on December 19. Barça, of course, is top of the table and looking to put a hurtin’ one someone both to reassure themselves of their abilities after a couple of “subpar” matches that resulted in 1-0 and 1-1 scorelines and to give Abidal something to bust some stitches about as he recovers in the hospital. If I had just gone through any sort of surgery, I’d probably avoid watching Barça because I would still jump up and shout and swing my arms. And that wouldn’t be good.

Last time we played Getafe, we got a virtuoso show from Messi, which I hope we see again as I feel like he’s been in a bit of weird rut (more on that later), but we also got a nice little shimmy-shim-sham from Xavi that would be nice to see once more. Or like 3 or 4 times cause it’s fun to see that little pirouette. Those midfielders may be the size of garden gnomes, but damn do they dance purty.

Getafe will feel like FCB is as ripe for the picking as it will be for a while given the injuries (Pedro, Maxwell, Puyol, and Abidal), but Adriano’s recent form and Fontas’ inclusion should help out defensively while and this is totally serious, Bojan can cover up front fairly well. It might be a good idea to draft in Thiago to cover the middle if Iniesta is pushed up to the front slot instead of our little Serbian-Catalan blunderbuss, but I do believe Bojan can handle it despite Getafe’s generally aggressive and tough style of defending.

Regardless, we need a huge day from our match winners and if David Villa feels like reappearing, I am fully in support of that. He should feel free to grab, oh, let’s just throw out a number…3, yeah, 3 goals. Let’s go with that.

Official Prediction: 2-0. 3 goals by Villa, 4 by Messi, 1 by Bojan. Except with more profligacy than you can imagine, so you do the math.

PS If you’re a March Madness watcher, perhaps you can appreciate how terrible my bracket is going. I am in last place in my pool and have yet to call an upset correctly. This is the worst I’ve ever done and I’m unhappy about it.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


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