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A true champion
Our wonderfully mercurial LB and CB Eric Abidal has a tumor on his liver, according to the official Barcelona Catalan Twitter feed. He will have surgery this Friday. We know nothing more and the team is respecting Abidal’s privacy, as he requested, meaning we will not hear much more concrete information from the club unless the player allows.

Eric’s contributions to the club, which have been immense as starting LB and a fill-in when needed at CB, make him a special figure for us fans, but as a human being firstly, we hope the player recovers quickly. Please leave your good thoughts, karma, prayers, whatever you do that you feel sends good vibes out for a human and a wonderful FCB player. Also, please do not make rogue speculations about the nature of the tumor in the comments. Let’s just all hope he gets better.

We love you Eric, get better soon. Here is some of the player’s heart, from the Sevilla game.

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  1. I come down from out of the mountains and this is the news I get?
    All I can do is hope they found it early, it is benign, and the surgery is successful.

  2. Definitely not the kind of news anyone wants to wake up to. Many good thoughts for Abidal and I hope he gets well soon.

  3. I just want to clear something up here: having a tumor doesn’t necessarily mean you have cancer. A tumor is a lesion formed by uncontrolled growth of cells. Cancer is a disease characterized by uncontrolled cell growth as well as several other factors including invasiveness and the possibility of metastasis (and the cells’ ability to survive even when being free of a grounding medium and… And…). Basically, not all tumors are cancer.

    I don’t mean to come off as patronizing but the differences are actually profound both cellularly and clinically. This particular issue also happens to be a pet peeve of mine, so I apologize for taking it out on you.

    To speculate without knowing anything about his particular condition would be silly. However I think it’s fair to say that the fact it is being described as a tumor and no as cancer at this time is a good thing

  4. The Abidal news made me quite sad. Had to sleep for a few hours to stop thinking about it. Hope he gets better soon.

    Feel kind of shitty posting this here, but for those who can’t access Revista:



    / De La Liga – 15-03-11.avi


    Credit to Pakman at

    1. If Im not mistaken, the last time I downloaded revista, it was in two parts. The Clasico one. I could be wrong..

  5. Shocked to hear the news of the tumor. Glad to hear the reports that it is operable and that the prognosis is him recovering in 4-6 weeks. As for a sporting side of this, I hope Pique steps up now and becomes a leader when the team needs him instead of keeping on being distracted.

    1. Yeah Ryan I joined his FB page as well and left a comment on his most recent post.

    1. Before clicking the link let me try guessing what it is from your reaction. Is this the video of the ‘players warming up’ before the Milan-Bari game with slow-dancing and playing frisbee and stuff?

    2. Okay I just watched it and that was not the ‘amused what the heck’ I thought you had written but ‘UHHH WHAT THE F*** UHH?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

      What on EARTH was that.

  6. abidal is a champ, he probably already has plans to rainbow flick this tumor over his head then pass it into a trash can…cuz hes THE king.

    also for once in my life i want Madrid to win tomorrow…solely because of Bassam’s get well wishes on the real offside. He is a class act…and his classiness deserves a reward.

  7. If I may say, as an aside, that I must express some hesitant joy at having just seen in person Real Salt Lake (the so-called “Barcelona” of the MLS) just win 2×0 the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League SEMIFINAL over Deportivo Saprissa πŸ™‚

    1. Exciting. On a sort of related note I’m considering diving 5.5 hours each way to see USA – ARG in New Jersey on March 26. Anyone else thinking of going.

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  9. Reading this news on yesterday was kind of a rude shock but as someone above said i didnt want to believe it was abidal cos of the obvious lie they wrote. Its sad things like this has to happen but we all have to stand by his side. I hope a get well soon banner is displayed this weekend before the getafe match.
    All the solidarity messages on twitter makes me all the more afraid. Ferdinand was even calling it cancer. GET WELL SOON MR ABIDAL. We love you.

  10. I dont know if anyone has seen this on barcastuff “According
    to the doctor, the
    operation of Abidal
    would be a routine
    operation and he could
    be back in 4 to 6 weeks”
    #animsabidal [cope]

    Gaaaaaawd whom do we turn to milito busi or bartra/fontas. Hope captain caveman comes outta hiding asap

  11. this the times were we all put our differences a side and remember that we are all humans from different places and different cultures

    this is one of the biggest shocks i heard last night,King Abidal of all people, i wish him all the best,and to get well soon

    no one deserve this,no matter what,life can be tough,but a guy like him, a true professional, and pure class,well hopefully breeze out of this storm,and be back hopefully soon.
    get well Abidal, my heart and thoughts with you and your family

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    once again, it really is beautiful to see all supports and prayers from players all around the world, posted by @barcastuff…
    you are such an amazing player and person, Eric Bilal Abidal!


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  13. @BumperGraham Graham Hunter
    The club update on Eric Abidal is that the Barnaclinic have reorganised operation schedules & excising the tumor from his liver is now Thurs

  14. SO I woke up today and read that King Abi will be operated on Thursday..a day earlier than they had originally planned. Not jump to any conclusions but idk if to take this as good news or bad news..

    I only hope its good news….whats encouraging is that sport ran an article today of past football players who recovered from tumors and continued their careers.

  15. I’m a doctor, but I’m not an expert in the matter. There are plenty of causes of liver masses, ranging from the benign to the serious tumors with poor prognosis. Players get complete physical exams yearly, and if the mass was not seen before he start of the season, if this was a malignant type of tumor it was caught relatively eArly in the course of the disease. However, I doubt that it is that, given that most patients with serious cases would have constiutional symptoms like weight loss, fatigue, poor appetite and the like. Abi has been on the best form of his career, and the symptoms I mentioned are not evident, at least from what we fans can see. So hopefully whatever he has, it is not as serious as our worst expextaions.

    Anims Abi!

  16. very sad news indeed. abidal has commanded the most respect from me the past 2 years and i wish him all the best for his surgery. i am confident it will be nothing. but can anyone please tell me how long he will be out. because with the size of our squad and the importance of king abi’s performances this season, i am sure we can kiss our title aspirations goodbye if he is out for more than a month.

  17. He’s a great player, however, he is also a great person. Hope everything goes alright.

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