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The post in its original form (less detailed) was ready to go on Thursday/Friday morning. The lines of communication between staff were not as clear so it end up being pushed back for Monday. Then it had to be trimmed down, I know right, and edited. As it happened, female staff members expressed readiness to post so, a real gentleman that I am, I have decided to step aside for a moment.

While I can understand why some of you feel it to be “late to the party”, my calculation was that it will make up for a better analysis now that things had cooled off rather than conclusions drawn in the heat of the moment.


What I had attempted to do here is to

1. Prepare the reasoning for the future: The team is entering that time of the season. Stakes are high. The more “we” win the longer the list of individuals lining up to take a shot at The Club is going to be. Make no mistake about it.

“We” are scheduled to meet Madrid at the Bernabeu to “decide” the Champion and in Copa del Rey Final. To the usual repertoire of villarato and a supposedly favorable scheduling, like that time the team had travelled to Osasuna, they had already added the illegal substance use. Expect that to escalate and fans to get more courageous in their accusations.

The same goes for the upcoming CL draw and the bracket we are going to be placed in. They will look for excuses and try to diminish our success.

Arsenal had been taken here just as an example to illustrate why is it not very smart for staff and fans of other clubs, egged on by the media, to be running their mouths so much. It should, I hope, encourage few people to think first before posting nonsense or picking a fight with someone way out of their league.

2. (more important) To introduce common sense when evaluating EPL. I have never said the league sucks. What I said is that everybody will be better off if EPL supporters start focusing on important facts and adjust the level of noise accordingly. The quality of EPL doesn’t warrant amount of credit it receives.

3. Clarify club’s stature: It seemed to me there was some confusion about it in the past few weeks. I just wanted to make sure all of us fans understand who is who in today’s football.


The problem with publishing stuff online is that readers can assign the tone they wish. I accepted this and do allow it. What I can do is make sure the post doesn’t contain foul language, name calling or false accusations. Some suggested I start using the smiley face, lol, jk etc.

Like the case is often in life some people will always see what they want to see.

If I am to stop every time and explain things (ex. that Cesc is undoubtedly a high quality player just that Xavi and Iniesta are better), the post would easily double in size.

There is not a single reason for me to feel bitter or angry about Arsenal. They leave me with nothing to be jealous about. On the contrary. When I conducted my pre-game analaysis, the odds were overvelmingly in Barca’s favor. My heart didn’t beat much faster than during a regular La Liga match. I had placed the bet and collected the proceedings.

The “Child please” post is not trying to stick it to Arsenal. Barcelona won in a superior manner. Other than being a little bit more harsh responding to some of the arguments made by Arsenal fans, the ones that took time and effort to register and post their opinion three weeks ago, the rest is simply stating the obvious. I prefectly understand that not all Arsenal fans share the same view.


This is an opinion. The idea is to inspire discussion and have other side chime in with reasonable points and view on things. Together we arrive at the conclusion. The positive development is that we got more quality feedback from the other side this time around.

We had learned there are EPL fans residing in England who find the amount of hype to be too great and the reader JohnnyWins aknowledging: “To risk the wrath of other Arsenal fans we are not a big club. We are trying to become one and if the book balance and we have a little luck we may become one yet.” A welcome approach.


You are welcome. That picture is what I had based the whole post around 🙂

@Extreme barca fan

I simply got bored with the old one. It has no special meaning neither is an inside joke.


Not really familiar with Mr. Balague. Seems like a resonable fellow.


Thank you for your contribution.

Not at one point have I heard from Wenger or players that they had been mentally unprepared, displayed inferior ball handling skills or throurghly outplayed. All I had heard from them is how “great” the referee was over and over again. I trust you that there are some fans with more reason in them. You’ll forgive me for paying more attention to players, coaches and professional journalists.

Not to nitpick, but the line reads: “two extraordinary events AND a penalty shootout”.

@ooga aga, mega_tajh

Thanks for the support and the displayed reasoning.




    1. Sucks for you! My old Barça B team won the league 3 times in a row. I gave them players like Babacar, Götze, Sanogo, Eriksen. They were unstoppable.

  1. Tom I for one enjoyed reading yesterday’s article as I was stuck in class bored out of my mind. It also totally took my mind of the Abidal situation and brightened my day up from just reading up on tumors and past athletes who recovered from it( the results where quite good actually)

    The points you made where spot on as now I can finally re-direct my friends to your article each time an La Liga vs EPL argument comes up or say an Arsenal vs Barca comparison discussion(something they would never let go)

  2. In the last post people were discussing the possibility of seeing us field a team made up completely of Barcelona youth products – I think that while this is possible it might not be such a good idea.

    We all know that our current successes are based on the club’s devotion to a specific football culture and a specific style of playing that is instituted even at the youngest age groups. This is also why we’ve seen Busquets, Pedro, and in a slightly different manner Pique transition so well into the first team.

    While having many youth players is a testament to the culture the club has cultivated, there is something to be said about players who haven’t been brought up in the system. To pick a recent example, Thierry Henry was incredibly dangerous out on the left wing in the ’08-’09 season. He wasn’t dangerous because he had completely integrated into the system, but because he was able to play within the system – and also break out of the system when necessary.

    I think it is essential for the team to have players who are able to break out of the system when needed – to think outside the box if you will. A system, even a perfected system, can be figured out and if it is figured out then it can be stopped. When teams are playing our system to a standstill we can see the utility of players who can play outside the system – they can provide the extra spark to break down those stalwart defenses.

    Even though we can dream of fielding a team completely from La Masia in the future (and not even that distant of a future), I still think it will be essential to bring in players who haven’t grown up with the system as they provide new ideas – without new ideas coming in people tend to become stagnant, and we wouldn’t want that.

    1. I’ve always thought of our team building philosophy as a healthy and optimal compromise between the galactismo-driven craziness of Perez at EE and the cantera-exclusive extremism of Athletic Club.

      It’s not always true, as Barca has made poor decisions over the years, but I do believe it’s what we should strive for.

    2. Agreed. We may not have always made the best calls, but we do our best to encourage the academy while bringing in talent while needed, and that balance is one of the things I admire most about our club.

      The last thing I’d want to see is us veering too far in one direction or the other (ala EE or Athletic Bilbao/Arsene Wenger.)

    3. agreed. i’d like to think that ibra thing was a one off signing by a drunken laporta who tried to provide pep with one last marquee signing before the king of catalunya bounced. can’t really blame joan for how players were appraised in that transfer market. he didn’t really help, though.

    4. Agree fully. You can even see, in the coming years, a team comprised fully of Masia products. (Though we still can’t seem to produce a striker that’s worth a damn.) But not only is there the common philosophy that can be defeated, but let’s not forget that the principal reason that the philosophy works is that it is being implemented by extraordinary players. To a man, our starting XI is world class, from front to back. I think that if we played ANY system other than hoof-it-up, that group of players would be successful.

      I think that in all of the talk about Guardiola, and Masia, and The Barca Way, that point is wholly lost. We have a once in a lifetime scorer, God’s own midfielder/attacking mid, a 22-year-old DM who starts for his national team, pretty much the acknowledged best left back in the world, and on and on.

      The danger that I see is in placing too much credence in the system, and not enough in the fact that we have 11 world beaters on the pitch. The evidence is in what happens to the system when any of the key instigators (Xavi, Messi, Iniesta) is absent.

    5. I didn’t mean in the sense of fielding exclusively Masia products as a policy, but the idea that, already having so much of the team from the academy, it’s possible that we might get two or three youth products good enough to make the first team, and how that would see us have a fully Masia side.

      Not following choosing Masia products as an exclusive philosophy at the expense of quality, just that circumstances could make us see a side with eleven top-class academy-graduate starters.

      For example if Bartra and Muniesa do make the step up to the first side and do play well enough to not justify an expensive and brilliant signing (as in, if they are good enough for a significant upgrade to be expensive) then we could see a team entirely comprised of youth.

      If things stand the way they are, Puyol Pique Valdes Busquets Xavi Iniesta Messi Pedro are pretty much set a starters and not gonna be replaced. Cesc who looks likely to come eventually (and will bring new style and ideas as well) also would be one of the best in the world.

      If circumstances are such that our youth ends up producing even just a couple of fantastic full-backs (Bartra impressed me a lot against Atletico, and Muniesa? Montoya?) and a wing-forward (Bojan? Deulofeu?) then we’d have eleven fantastic players starting for us, all from the academy. Not all Masia in the squad, we’ll still have the likes of Afellay.

      On a sidenote, I really wish we had gotten Hernandez. He’s content to sit on the bench, and is pure class. Fantastic finisher.

  3. Hey, does everyone realize that if the 4-6 week prognosis holds on the short side, Abidal could be back for the Copa final? Or if we make it, the Champions League final? My mind boggles at that. We know more tomorrow, and we will post up as soon as news comes down the pike. I can’t imagine that the club won’t let everyone know about the success of the surgery, and a prognosis.

    So stay tuned.

    1. And I don’t believe that the context of this comment is correct, from a story:

      Everyone at Barcelona is supporting the 31-year-old but there are concerns over his long-term future at Camp Nou, with the club’s vice-president Bartomeu now disclosing to RAC1 radio that the the club “will analyse [Abidal’s future] from this Thursday.”

    2. Pfft. Kxevin, I heard that in a totally different context, with the vice-president saying that the club was meeting with Abidal’s agent to discuss Abidal’s contract, true, but the way it was phrased gave me the impression that it was about extending Abidal’s contract, as they’ve been talking about (with very little drama) for months now.

      Pending his diagnosis and recovery from the surgery tomorrow, I cannot possibly believe that the club would be so stupid as to let him go, particularly given his versatility–a fantastic left-back who can be brought in as a CB? Come ON. Not to start the debate about Arsenal up again, but frankly, if they had a LB/CB of Abidal’s quality, they’d probably be top of the EPL table right now.

      But I’m really hoping that that prognosis (only 4-6 weeks out) turns out to be accurate, even if it’s surprising to me as well. But I’ve heard much the same from other people with experience in these matters. Modern medicine is truly a strange beast sometimes.

    3. That was my exact thought when I heard the potential recovery period. What a return it would be if he came back in time for the Copa final. That would be epic.

      Though personally, I doubt that he’ll make it back that fast. But one can hope.

  4. While it’s true that most people in here do not have anything against Arsenal… I do think that there’s bitterness towards Arsenal from Barca’s fans. Specially because they won’t let Cesc Fabregas go to Barcelona. In a sense I understand it: Cesc Fabregas is a great player, but really… while he’s from Barca youth and whatnot… we aren’t entitled to have him at Barcelona. People act like if he was stolen or something…

    1. to be fair, this whole drama and nonsense saga weren’t gonna happen if not because of Cesc Fabregas himself…

      IF Cesc said : “it’s true that I graduated from La Masia, but I don’t have any intention to go back to Barcelona. I’m Arsenal captain, I owe a lot to this club and I want to spent the rest of my career here”

      it’s gonna be a different story…

    2. I didn’t reall want to talk about this again.
      But Wenger/Arsenal convinced Cesc’s dad to put up his residency status and address in London.

      Are you down for tonight at 9pm?

      Text or Call me before 7pm.

  5. You guys should post a warning or something in an old post when there is a new one being posted. That will stop people from posting on the same (old) post. Like me, I keep on refreshing the page without realising that there is a new one up.
    All you gotta do is post a comment saying that there is a new one up.

    Cheers mods. Love you guys.

  6. Btw, is Ryan still in Japan?
    It was Ryan right who moved to Japan from US.

    @Miguel or Josep.
    Who was it that saw Kxev in real life?
    I thought you and Kxev met up to watch a match at a pub.

    1. I moved back to the States in August, but I still have lots of friends and the gf over there. They all live in the south though, so they’re safe. Tough times further north, man – the US is offering to fly Americans out of the country! They expect to be reimbursed later, but still, quite a different Japan I lived in just a few months ago.

    2. @barca96
      i haven’t had the pleasure. i live in los angeles. kxevin lives in chicago. i think josep stalks him on the subway, though. 😉

      good to hear your nearest & dearest are safe. scary stuff.

  7. 😀 Just got my ‘Messi Boots’ sent over from the UK.

    Adidas F50 TRX FG’s in Chameleon Purple & Green 😛

    I’m basically gonna be Messi now 😀

    1. Why did you buy it from UK?
      They’re more expensive than the online stuffs from US.
      Where are you located at?

  8. @Outerspace

    I’m leaving office now.
    I will be hitting the road at 8 PM. I leave an hour before the game cause Im staying 35mins drive away. Freakin far!
    So if you wanna come, give me a buzz before 7 PM so that I can leave earlier then we can chit chat first or I can pick you up from somewhere we you are familiar with.

    It’s a hard court today. Sundays is played on astro turf. So any sport shoe will do. I used to play with white Bata school shoes 😆
    I gave you the map already last Sunday. And the name of the place.
    Soccer XL if Im not mistaken.

    My no.
    012-6444 018
    016-240 4005

    Looking forward to see you.

  9. don’t xavi & iniesta look like messi’s secret service in that picture?

    “Dani Alves has reached a deal with sportswear supplier Adidas. The 4-year contract will be signed shortly. [md]”-barcastuff

  10. Tom. I was fascinated by your last post and now the response here. I thought I was alone when I saw something really wrong about how Wenger and the Arsenal players were trying to make it look like only the ref’s decision made the loss. Your last post really vent out all my disgust and I agree with most of what you said. Love the tone as well. cheers.

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