Sevilla – Barcelona Liveblog v4.0

Despite the time-warping black hole that is Daylight Savings Time, the liveblog will start on time!

Barcelona Lineup: Valdes Alves Pique Abidal Adriano Xavi Busquets Iniesta Pedro Messi Villa

Bench: Pinto Milito Maxwell Mascherano Keita Afellay Bojan

No surprises there. Come locked and loaded, because I have a feeling the boys will.


  1. 1-1 FT

    Not the end of the world.

    Busquets doesn’t blame the ref, says we just have to look forward and that a 5 point lead is still good.

    1. One of the Barca directors (Rui?) cheerfully replies to questions about our goal which was disallowed:

      “Well whenever we don’t get the three points, we are not a club that complains about the refs or the way things fell for us. Now it’s just important to look forward to our next matches.”

      Sevilla president:

      “I think this was a great match for people that love football. Our performance might have even merited a win. Still Barcelona is coming off a big performance against Arsenal on Tuesday, and still they remain the greatest team in the world right now; they are a pleasure to watch.”

  2. somebody hold me & tell me i’m pretty. i can’t believe we drew & pep didn’t make that last sub. cheers.

  3. Well 1 point gained, 2nd Half Cost us but I’m not to disappointed. 5 Points is still a good cushion. The only thing that has me down is that we didn’t start our mini away tournament rightly.

    Good to note that EE also has to visit all these tough away games we’re going through now.

    p.s- I wonder why Pep was all smiles after the game.

  4. So how did Barca celebrate Pep’s 1000th day?
    -2 shots that hit the bar
    -1 disallowed goal
    -1 penalty not given

    For the good part, I enjoyed watching Iniesta, but the rest…meh.

  5. What I want for the rest of March:

    David Villa in decent form;
    Pedro to be ok;
    Messi to keep doing what he is doing but with more scoring;
    David Villa in decent form; and
    to have Puyol back.

    1. Is “but with more scoring” not asking a bit much given that he’s setting records for numbers of goals scored for the second season in a row?

    2. If he wasn’t getting chances, fine, but he is getting passes and making runs with the ball. If he is passing that off more often, fine but he takes on the keeper so he should be scoring.

      I know he is already in the stratosphere but he is there because he is an amazing player.

  6. The officiating was so hypocritical.Facilitating kicking us out the game by not giving fouls or yellows, but when we get a little physical in the box ourselves blow the whistle and call the play dead?? Good job sir.

    Our defending was diabolical it must be said however so ill take a point grudgingly.

  7. F****. No the EE will smell blood and we have only ourselves to blame for. Hope Pedro and Messi are alright. What is it with refs these days? Villarato my arse.

  8. Mourinho’s tactic works. Great!

    At least, Messi is not injured and I think Pedro will maybe miss the match against Getafe, but he should be back after the international break.

  9. Seems the match against Arsenal did coast a lot of energy and Sevilla had the week off, but nevertheless we should not have wasted the points like that. Maybe now Messi can stay at home or does at least not have to play both friendlies for the full time. He is not some circus attraction the Afa can use to make money, for heavens sake.

    1. According to barcastuff, he asked to be subbed out as a precaution (something to do with the lower abdomen).

  10. Funny thing is that with little to no rest our team tends to grind out wins against teams like Sevilla. With a full 5 days the team look disjointed (well in the 2nd half mostly).

    Well a point earned is what I feel, so heres hoping the week can get better with EE getting knocked out of UCL by Lyon.

    1. I kind of hope they stay in it. Competing on multiple fronts will be as tricky for them as it is for us, right?

  11. I’m not sure if I should be happy we took a point, frustrated that we didn’t get three, or thankful we didn’t get zero.

    I’m happy with the draw. It was always going to be hard to take maximum points in the league at this point in the season. With so many consecutive difficult fixtures, and many of them being away from home, dropped points here and there were almost inevitable.

    That Iniesta shot at the end deserved to be a goal though. Keeper was rooted to the ground. We needed more of that earlier.

  12. Coming into this match I was very concerned about the team being fatigued given the difficulty of their schedule over the past two weeks.

    I can only assume that fatigue was the cause behind David Villa playing such a shockingly poor match in such a big spot. And Pedro get injured almost immediately to start the game.

    This is the kind of match Barca is always going to have to play and win. This happens all the time – teams just decide to foul rather than defend.

    And as the match heated and became more intense Villa just faded away more and more. He made almost no impact on this match at all.

    In the second half it was as if Barca were playing with only 1.5 strikers at times – especially just after the start of the second half.

    Villa was absent. Not only didn’t he work for the ball his defending was poor – he didn’t press consistently or with pressure.

    Messi gave as much effort as he could but his knee was clearly still bothering him.

    So it was pretty much Bojan and half of messi.

    And that was a major reason why barca’s backline was getting tore open the second half. The front line just wasn’t defending with pressure outside of Bojan. Messi just couldn’t. And Villa didn’t.

    Pedro gets hurt. Messi gets hurt. And Villa doesn’t step up at all.

    The lack of depth on this squad is startling. It is inexcusable to run out of options because you only have 4 strikers and Afellay, who Pep doesn’t seem to fully trust yet and doesn’t have a lot of experience up front.

    They had almost no options left at striker to turn to in order to change the dynamics of the match despite how the front line struggled.

    1. Villa pissed me off. His work rate was a 0 today. Stood like a statue between defenders.

      Don’t think he deserves to start against Getafe. Sorry.

  13. Abidal’s lying down header to get the ball away from Negredo was amazing.

    I thought Pique had a rough night, especially once they brought Perotti: he just couldn’t match him for pace. Iniesta was superb, Villa not so much.

    I didn’t see the first half but I thought Bojan looked pretty active. Some good, some bad but he really fought for the ball, probably should have had a penalty, and his cross/shot deserved better. He seems to be gaining some confidence anyway which can’t be bad news.

    From a spectacle point of view it was a great game which either side could have won. Shame about cutting the lead by two points, but a five point lead is still pretty good for this stage of the season. It will put a lot more pressure on the team away to Villareal though.

    1. Yeah, but we might have a fit Pedro/Messi/Puyol then and hopefully Pep will have a word with Pique, that he will not tolerate performances like that any longer.

    2. The entire team was tired, but Pique had rest, he had no reason to be slacking vs Perotti, yes he’s quicker, but launching to the ball is just unnecessary.

  14. At least our players and Pep show their class by not commenting on the ref. Take a lesson, Mou.

    With regards to strikers maybe we should try with Nolito / Soriano as the transfer window is closed,

  15. No need to panic:
    We have away games againt Villareal, Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, Levante and Malaga coming up in the coming fixtures. But then Real Madrid have to visit Atletico Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, Valencia, Sevilla and Villareal in the same period.

    Moreover being at 5 points clear against Madrid is better than seven points. We have to only make sure that we keep that lead intact after the Villareal game.

    If we are clear by seven points then Mr.Mourinho will play a defensive set up and will try to choke us. With a lead of five points the fans will not let him do that. He will be demanded to take the match to us and beat us. That will be like playing right into our hands.

    We had a pretty bad second half because Pique and Busquets couldn’t deal with physical presence of Kanoute.

  16. Messis bad knee indirectly cost us this game coz he was cleary struggling in the 2nd half and it was his giveaway in midfield that led to the equalizer.
    Despite the goal, bojan was poor for me and villa needs a break

  17. What was I preaching before the match? Oh yeah, that we finish our chances.

    For all our dominating in the 1st half, what was the score? Oh, 0-1. Great.

    Can’t believe we dropped points in this one. We should’ve killed it off in the first half. Our defending in the 2nd half was shameful. Honestly, if there’s an open man in the box and Abidal is already on the line, why in the world does Pique not mark Navas? I don’t understand what goes through the man’s brain sometimes. I seriously don’t.

    I’m pissed.

    On top of that, offensively, you have us essentially playing down a man because Villa felt it appropriate not to show up today. Where was the hassling of the defenders? Where were the runs? I didn’t see ’em.

    Yes, our lead is at 5 points. That’s great. But, there was no reason we shouldn’t have got out of there with a 7 point lead today. None whatsoever.

    If we don’t start finishing our chances and killing off games, it will cost us. Espcially in big matches like the one coming up against CL, the two Clasicos, and our CL quarterfinal.

    You can say I’m being negative or whatever, but the truth will forever and always remain the truth.

  18. The circumstances win this game for Barça, Sevilla played well, but also dirty and Lasa not only forgave them from getting reds, he disallowed our goal, from that point we knew we had to play hard and win without counting on ref tactics. We didn’t, Bojan falls down all the time, his fall in the area would not get called, it just seemed like another knock on a fragile player. Villa was a ghost, Messi was injured and should’ve been off, Guardiola keeping Messi on just hurt us, Keita should’ve been in earlier and allowed Iniesta to push up, he still didn’t look at tired as everyone else.
    I know Luke will disagree but that situation in which Busquet found himself in that disallowed goal shouldn’t have been. First he was shoving the defender before he was already in the eye of the lineref. When the wall was ready, why was he still touching the player? No it wasn’t a foul, but it looked like it, or he was called for all the shoving prior to the kick.
    Still 5 points away. We’re okay. and Hopefully Messi is too.

  19. Fatigue and an associated lack of depth were major reasons why the team lost to Arsenal at the Emirates.

    The same factors came into play today.

    Villa was just awful. Pep clearly saw that. But at 1-0 he keeps getting caught in between decisions with Villa. Keep him on hoping he can poach a goal or get him out to enhance the defense?

    The problem of course is that they only have 4 strikers one of whom is 20 and been terrible for most of the season.

    Once Pedro goes down Pep really has his hands tied with what he can do to change the match.

    At that point all the can really do is substitute Villa off and put in player who is a natural midfielder (Keita or Villa).

    As I said before – there is no way Barca can effectively defend if they do not have multiple forwards pressing high up the pitch effectively.

    It’s just not going to work. No way.

    Kanoute made a big difference in the match. But just as big was Messi’s injury – because that really damaged his work rate and ability to defend.

    Just think back to the first half when Messi gave the ball away and then ran back and essentially played left back and repossessed the ball in the barca defensive half.

    After the injury he couldn’t do that.

    If 2 our of the 3 Barca forwards aren’t going to defend the team is going to lose it’s solidity at the back. It’s just the way the system is set up. And that’s particularly the case with Pique’s limited pace at the back.

    Not having a viable striker to turn to was a critical factor in this match.

    1. Euler, what would you see as the solution to the problem though? (I mean in the long-run, not in the next few weeks). Would you advocate for promotion of someone for the B team, or looking for a forward from elsewhere? And if it’s a forward from elsewhere, would you prefer someone younger who can develop with the squad, or someone older who would be content to spend time on the bench?

    2. If you’re asking about the longer run – they are going to need to buy a striker this summer, IMO.

      And i don’t think the team should buy anymore big money strikers who are 28-29. It takes at least a season for them to get integrated into the system as it is.

      If it’s a squad type player as a striker that’s fine. But spending a lot of money on strikers in their late 20’s isn’t optimal for how this team plays.

      But if they are going to spend a lot then they should be trying to get players who are 26 or under at the striker position.

      I personally don’t think they can entirely count on Bojan yet. He should be the 5th striker next season IMO.

      I would bring in a player who can play in the center and also on the right.

    3. Do you have somebody particular in mind? I heared rumours about Nilmar or Pato, surely too expensive as back-up options, aren’t they?

    4. It’s still too early to really pin that down. That said, if there were any chance Barca could buy Fernando Llorente I would do everything possible to do so.

      I’d worry about how to align the team after. For me, he’s the player they should target this summer though there’s been talk about him having a pre-deal with Real Madrid.

      That may or may not be the case. But Barca seems to have 40-45M at least to spend this summer. I would spend that on Llorente were he available.

    5. I’m still not totally convinced we should bring in anyone.
      I mean , I think pep did the right choice proceeding with this one ; he just got unlucky that his rotation players meant to rest his first team evaporated from the get go , jeffren is a permanent resident of the treatment table and bojan’s form was shocking until today.
      So normal rotation was never applied , but not due to bad planing imo.
      What would you do with that striker , that has to be good enough to fit in the barcelona squad ,yet will watch most games from the bench , if not from the stands.
      Whats happening with mascherano is outstanding enough , hard to think of our people in charge of transfers capable of replicating this ideal situation(which could change anytime but whatever).
      I wont ring the alarm bell after ALL our players(not just the forwards) came off a very important and tiring second leg qualification game , and drew against a very motivated sevilla who played well.
      We could have won the game afterall , even after all these things mentioned.
      We should have ended it in the first half , but tireness came along and we paid that.

    6. Woa, yes, Villa was pretty bad. However, you can’t just blame him for this. Not to mention that you seem to imply that Villa is the cause of all Barca’s “bads”.

      Is the Ibrahimovic story all over again, blame everything on a single player… even when Barca’s season is still going well.

    7. Nowhere did I only blame him. As I said earlier, Messi’s injury was also a major factor.

      As I said, Villa was likely exhausted and did not play well in turn.

      My primary point was more regarding the teams depth.

      They literally did not have a striker to sub him off for so he stayed on to try to score the second goal.

      That said – the front line was a real issue today both in terms of scoring and defending.

      They played this match with 1.5 functioning strikers the second half.

    8. Yes, true. However, when you say “let’s no longer buy 28-29 year old strikers”… seems to imply that that was the bad idea and the cause for the “lack of physical fitness” for this match… when, I think, it’s quite clear that the CL games against Arsenal played a big factor. Messi and Pedro are young and they had physical problems as well.

      Bringing Llorente would be a good choice. However, I do think that he’s gonna need time to adapt as well. Not to mention that Barca’s efforts are towards Cesc Fabregas.

  20. Agree on all points.
    And seriously speaking is this like piques poorest season with us given his high standards?
    He was a tower of consistency in his 1st 2 seasons and whats happened to his long range passing accuracy?
    He was raking 40-50 yard balls to villa at the WC with ease.

    Really whats eating his concentration?

    1. definitely his poorest season…

      IF Adriano is able to keep his great performance against Arsenal,

      I’ll go with Adriano-Puyol-Abidal-Alves as our four backline…

  21. This, Espanyol and Valencia were always likely to be our most difficult away matches, apart from the EE, from the start of the season. Given that we have to drop points sometime we’re not doing so bad.

    Coming off a very difficult CL match I don’t think we’ll look back on this and see it as a turning point in the season. I thought we actually played quite well, especially first half. The one thing we needed to avoid was giving away an early goal in the second half to give them hope and we didn’t manage that . . .. so we suffered a bit but when you consider the game as a whole we had some pretty bad luck. I’m happy we keep the good luck for important times later in the season.

    1. if Bilbao, Sevilla, Villareal, and Valencia can give EE a hard fight like they did against us,
      we can hope they will lose points..

      those are really great and strong teams….

    2. Dunno about that Jim. Visits to the Calderon scare me more than the Sanchez Pizjuan. But yeah we generally find Espanyol’s ground whichever it is at the time, Mestalla, and the Calderon hardest.

      From the remaining games the visit to the Madrigal worries me. I want to keep the point gap between us and EE at least 4 points by the time of the Clasico so that, as confident as I am of victory, the dynamic of the game won’t be one where ‘lose and they overtake us’.

    3. Oh and yeah San Mames is also a hard ground for us generally. Osasuna away at the Navarro too.

  22. had a good goal disallowed, hit the bar twice, one off the line, and been spared two penalties…
    but I prefer to pretend it didnt happen, Guardiola and our players teach us that….

    still grateful, I prefer to lose 2 points than to lose Messi…

    it’s 5 points gap, and remember EE still have Bilbao away, Valencia away, Sevilla away, and Villareal away…
    and also El Clasico, of course…

    but somehow “The Treble Horror” story in 2002 is haunting me…
    losing everything in the last days…

  23. Simply put, we couldn’t beat the ref today. I know it’s not in fashion to point fingers, Pep won’t publicly blame the referee and the players have their marching orders to toe the line, but it was what it was. The first goal is disallowed due to who knows what? Unheard of. Bojan clearly gets fouled in the box. A penalty not called.
    It was pretty much decided by that point. What was way beyond the pale was the referee allowing, perhaps even encouraging the consistent physical challenges of the Sevilla players without showing any reds.
    Yes, some of our players did not play well (Pique, Villa, Adriano, Bojan … even Alves was quiet) but we couldn’t string 3 passes together without being fouled off the ball. The second half was not a soccer game, it was a mugging and the referee ran away with 2 points. If I was cynical spectator, I would guess that we will be seeing this referee in 4 weeks at the Clasico.

    1. We hit two times the woodwork and overall had several good chances to have ended it in the first half. We didnt . We , not the referee.
      Sevilla also had some decent shouts against us in the refereeing department..

    2. c’mon, we don’t wanna be Arsenal… we’re Barça…

      yes, the referee made mistakes…

      but had we finished the chances, we get 3 points…
      otherwise, had Sevilla finished their chances, we lost 3 points…

    3. In my opinion, you can’t discard the officiating in this game. When the ref allows players to make continual career ending fouls, without showing red cards and making sure that everyone knows that that type of fouls will not be allowed, you can’t expect our players to play the same type of game they would have it they knew they are being protected. Maybe Villa and others aren’t as involved because they don’t want to get seriously hurt?
      I understand that Pep & Co. don’t want to complain and I understand that, but I think here, on our board, we can speak the truth.

    4. My first post, long time reader. justsayin is my spouse and better (much better) half. Interesting to note that she repeatedly never blames a ref, calls me paranoid and biased when I think there is something fishy going on about once a month or so, and today for the first time since May this year, she thought the ref was outright against us and allowing harsh, obvious fouls that were meant to hurt our players. She’s about the least complaining about this stuff I know – if she said something, whoa! something was up. We’re no bArse-nal, this isn’t whining, put aside the should be penalties and disallowed goal aspects. That is on us for not finishing our chances. The allowing an environment to build where players can be put out for the season, is just inexcusable whomever is on the receiving end, us or someone else. Mistakes are mistakes, and you move on. Climate is controllable – the ref literally holds the cards on that.

    1. you mean we haven’t lost 3 trophies in 2 weeks like Arsenal,

      or we are not whining and complaining about the ref like Arsenal? :-/

  24. Momma said there’d be days like this…

    One positive absolutely magical moment in the game:
    Abidal’s on-the-ground heading the ball away with no regard for his own personal safety!

    1. “we shouldn’t talk about that… they (referees) did the best they can”

      Wenger, take a note!

  25. and the clash against Villareal will be right after FIFA International matches…

    oh, crap! FIFA virus alarm…

  26. One other point I’ll make on Villa’s performance today. Once Pedro got hurt Villa was shifted to the right and Bojan played on the left.

    So Villa played most of the match right to center rather than his preferred left to center.

    Why would Pep move his second best goal scorer off his preferred position?

    Because Bojan has been so inconsistent this season and Pep wanted to put Bojan into his stronger side.

    In turn he had to move Villa to his weaker side.

    And that all gets back to the fact that the team doesn’t have a striker on the bench who naturally feels comfortable playing center or the right.

  27. People, let’s not make a drama about this tie. Sure, there were poor performances… Villa the most noted… he was a statue. Although, I’d say that there were others that weren’t good either…

    I think it’s obvious that this is the result of the Arsenal match. Yes, we totally owned Arsenal (they can blame the referee all they want, the truth is that they were totally outplayed)… but that costs lots of energy. Arsenal is a good team and to have them have 0 shots at goal takes a lot of energy… the logical result is players that need rest. And that’s what we saw.

    We have a 5 point lead over Madrid. Is still a very good advantage…

    1. no doubt that Sevilla is a tough team, they’re not Almeria or Osasuna…

      I think what happens to Arsenal is terrifying me…
      losing 3 trophies in 2 weeks, that can happen to any team…

      you can see the effect of fatigue…
      we still live in 3 competitions, not to mention FIFA international matches…

      that’s why I’m worry this kind of result will happen again…

    2. I would not be that bothered if other teams would actually put some effort into their games against the EE. Take Pathetico: even before the first ball is kicked we know how that will end, the same goes for Sevilla, Valencia and Villareal, they just roll over. Only Bilbao and the other small teams put up a fight. But forget about their away games against the supposed big games, they will win them all. I can not understand how Sevilla and Villareal played so well against us but did nothing when they played against eh EE. Just pathetic

    3. Pathetico, yes…
      but I’m not gonna say that about Valencia, Sevilla, and Villareal…

      remember they gave EE hell of a match in Santiago Bernabeu this season…
      how can you say the didn’t try and rolled over?

      EE only able to win 1-0 against Sevilla,
      2-0 against Valencia (those 2 goals after Albelda sent off)…

      with Villareal it’s 4-2, but Villareal tried their best…

    4. Pathetico are just hilarious. But Sevilla, Valencia and Villareal take the game to Madrid. As BarcaGirl_Indo mentioned, Villareal gave them a hell of a game in the Bernabeu and bossed them in the first half, and Valencia only lost with ten men after Albelda was sent off for what again? And Sevilla did beat EE last year to give us an advantage in the title race in the first half of last season too, remember?

      You’re sounding like those EE fans that accuse teams of doing the same with us. Madrid is just an exceptionally resilient side, have been since at least 2006/07 under Capello when I first started following La Liga regularly. In La Liga and to the other 18 teams at least, can’t say the same for their performances in the UCL or against Barca recently. But they are masters of taking three points even from games they were crap in.

    5. yes, I believe Sevilla, Valencia and Villareal will give EE a crazy fight in their own home…
      they did it at Santiago Bernabeu, so why would they want to roll over against Madrid in their own home?

      besides, in the end of the season, *almost* every team has something to fight for…
      whether it’s UCL tickets, EL tickets, or avoiding relegation zone… 🙂

    6. Hope you are right, but Valencia and Sevilla played both cowardly and conservative. I think Valencia could have taken a point if they have started more attacking minded and Emery would have started with two strikers same goes for Manazano.

    1. LOL… 😀

      Shakira in Spain, he played bad…
      Shakira away from Spain, he still played bad…

      he even seems to forget the basic things about defending…

      what are we supposed to do get our 2008-2010 Piquenbauer back? 🙁

  28. Hmm. I’m torn at whether I should be angry we dropped 2 pts (post hits + disallowed goal) or glad we didn’t get 0.

    I think I’ll take the latter–grudgingly. On the whole, I’m actually quite proud of our team. Feb-March is our worst spell of the season and yet we’re still creating chances and should technically win all our matches. When we finally start putting these chances away… 😀

    Still, doesn’t make it any less annoying to see though.

    Villa had a poor game–agreed–but I also think the team has to take some of the blame. There were many times when Villa was making a run and the team ignored him. One major thing I noticed was Sevilla was leaving big gaps in their defense. Villa was constantly running into those spaces but no-one provided the pass, preferring to go wide to Alves or pass back. That being said, it doesn’t excuse his statue impression.

    I hope P!!’s alright. And Messi of course. His injury was a real detriment to us and I also think it was a factor in this loss draw–maybe now people will notice just how much work he does on the defensive end (tracking back in the first half was awesome) and pressing.

    Andres has a great game as well and I thought we were going to get another Iniestazo. I was so sad when he hit the post 🙁 That’s not part of the script… I want my money back

    Bojangles scored! Yay! 😀 He still falls down a little too easily, but this was his best match by far (still not saying much though). He was technically the only forward pressing Sevilla, with the Villa non-appearance and an injured Messi.

    All in all, I’ll take the draw. No need for crazy reactionary statement or damning analysis—matches like these happen and Sevilla turned this into an alley fight, as RayRay likes to say.

    I <3 Abi for that Puyol-esque header on the ground.

  29. Abidal has been responsible for possibly my favourite ever piece of a football match. He headbutted the ground to clear the ball.
    The result could be blamed on a number of factors. Our lack of penetration in the first half – very little shots on goal for 70%+ possession
    Our lack of movement up front – all of our best runs were from Dani
    The referee was just about the last thing that I would blame cos he was bad for both teams.
    I watched the whole match but I didn’t catch David Villa’s sending off. I think it must have happened very early in the first half because I didn’t see him for most of the morning.

    It is a bad situation that Bojan was our best forward. He put in a lot of effort and I was happy for him to get the goal. On the title run in last season he scored a lot of important goals – without which we may not have won the league. I don’t expect him to start many matches but it is essential that we get more productivity from our bench. Currently, every substitution weakens us significantly except for Masch or Keita.

  30. Get rid of Bojan. I’m done with him. He needs to go. He almost didn’t score the open net goal because he didn’t one time it as fast as a rocket into the net. Instead he pushes it ahead of him – WHY??? – and almost has it taken away from him by the defender.
    Anyone worth their salt would have slammed it home with one touch.

    Pep should have put in Affellay and he should have used Mascherano to counter their physicality.

    Pique was horrible. How do you not know that there might be an open man behind you when you’re in the box. He’s a ball watcher and isn’t the player I thought he was.

    Xavi and Iniesta tried real hard.

    Adriano can’t shoot to save his life.

    Alves had an off game. Villa did nothing. Messi was discouraged and obviously hurting somewhat in the second half.

    Regarding the Arsenal game…Valdes comes out on the corner to get the ball and Busquets doesn’t score. Valdes is a chicken – sh%t keeper who never comes out…and this time it almost cost us. Mark my words though…Valdes rarely comes out to get the ball and that’s why Casillas is the Spanish Keeper.

    1. And that’s why we are struggling against relegation?
      Would you spare any of our players or just sell them all and start fresh?
      Firstly, if Bojan had shot first time and missed as I have seen betters strikers than him do then castigate him. He scored and held off Caceres very well to stop him clearing it.
      Pique is going through a rough patch of form but has been an incredibly player for us despite his age. If you are a long time Barca fan you’ll remember how shaky and sometimes downright useless Puyol was early in his career.
      Adriano’s final pass was shocking tonight but he is playing well and is getting to grips with our system. Pep really likes Maxwell and is still seeing fit to play Adriano instead.

      Finally, and most importantly, Valdes is statistically the best keeper in Spain for the most part of a decade. He has saved our asses so many times that I couldn’t count and has easily the hardest job in our first team because when we give up chances they are nearly always 1-on-1 because we commit so many players high up the pitch.

      Have faith in our players – they make up the best team on the planet

  31. Feeling much better about the match than I did earlier. The way Sevilla was playing we were lucky to come out with a point and all of our players still walking. I am amazed someone didn’t get sent off.

    Iniesta was absolutely brilliant. MOTM for me, although Abidal “El Delfin” might have a claim for his special move:

    No worries, guys, we still have a 5-point lead, and the rest of our season is easier than the rest of RM’s.

    1. you know what I cherish the most?
      the fact that Messi is okay…

      can’t tell how terrified I was to see him rolling on the ground and screaming in pain…
      looked like a really bad injury…

      can you imagine we must do the rest of our season without Messi? Ugh…

  32. Barcastuff:

    Alves: “Why does no player complain about the referee? That’s our attitude. Right or wrong, you can’t change their decisions.”

    Guardiola: “How did the players react in the dressing-room? Nothing special, they’re taking a shower. There was warm water.”

    Best. Team. Ever.

    😀 😀 😀

    1. I think my favourite part is the “There was warm water” comment. Does that mean there is no warm water at the Camp Nou? Do the players eagerly await every away-game because it finally means they can have a hot shower after the match? Oh, Pep. 🙂

  33. Guys guys,
    From what I saw Villa was constantly making runs but never received any ball. And about pressuring? I saw him twice chasing a defender to our own box.

  34. Alves : “My ankle got hit, tomorrow there will be be new test, let’s hope it’s nothing bad”

    that explains why he was pretty quiet last night…

    1. I think it was when he was making the run into the box. No foul given but replys did show that he was touched.

  35. It was really nice to see sMasch staying back to comfort Messi after Messi got injured.

    1. Masch is also often there to retaliate with some tough challenges of his own when he sees Messi get attacked. 😀

  36. I got a bit frustrated at times when Villa made the effort to run in the penalty area waiting for the simple cross, and noone could make that cross, mostly they just took a woeful shot, other times they were crosses that were not good enough from a team like ours.

    edgy game, despite the loss, surprisingly it wasn’t as painful as I thought. The reaction from the team was outstanding to the point where eventhough we didn’t win, we played very very good especially our ambition to fight back as much as possible to get that winning goal, and tbh we were inches away from winning that game, numerous times, its NOT like we curled up and died.

    despite the bad luck and the bad calls, after the game the players expressed a good vibe, rather then stewing in the pit of frustration, our players showed us that they are focused.

    I think this team has improved ten fold from last season. Not just from the stats or the performances, but also mentally. Remember last season how the players just expressed fatigue and frustration. I think now this team has grown beyond the point where nothing can destabilize us, we know we are in the home stretch now, and we take things as they go, fight for everything, let nothing change us.

    1. Agreed, can_we_go. On Villa and on the fight back. We’ll convert these chances eventually like the first half of the season. For now, the hunger we show satisfies me.

      Also I dunno if you’ve posted here before and I’ve missed it, but welcome!

    2. I’ve posted a while back on a different nickname/account, but they were the days without the registrations and the spam codes. But I’m a long time reader, ever since the banquillo started if I can remember.

      I don’t really have the need to post because every poster here usually covers a lot on the team and club which is handy for visitors. Cheers to this blog space. Its amazing.

  37. Can Euler or someone please look at how they defended Alves and tell me? They did a HELL of a job! I believe it was simply one man marking, but wow I haven’t seen Alves so shut off in a while! Ya I know our goal came from his assist, but still

    Just my 2cents about subs… Masch should have came on instead of Keita and Afellay instead of Bojan.. Masch wouldve helped to stabilize the midfield with his physical presemce and Afellay just seems so much more confident and strong on the ball than Bojan.. He tries too hard and during critical moments he’s too concerned about getting a free kick (well trying to anyway) instead of taking a chance.

    Personally I don’t think Messi challenge looked bad..he landed perfectly on his upper body not to but put his joints in danger I thought he was trying to get a penalty at first but was surprised he stayed on the ground for so long.. Well I hope he’s fine

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