Who else is drinking the Mascherano Koo-laid?

After this moment, I will be forever groveling at his feet. Maybe.

As for this goal (courtesy of FCB Hero allas), I get chills every time I see it. We didn’t need to celebrate. No, we were ready to get knee deep in that Arsenal arse. Pun is crap, but the goal is all that matters anyway.

*wipes off drool*

And finally, my MOTM:

And yes, I can finally embed now. All hell will break loose. With this Dani gif, Goo found and jordi has kept alive. Re-sign this man NOW. Kthnx.


I promise this will be the VERY last time I embed so much at once, because of our bandwidth, but I’m very curious and I don’t want to make another post just for this… So:

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By Kari

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  1. While Masch arrived for me as a potential Barca starter after this game, with a healthy Pique & Puyol, our season’s MVP Abidal, Busi playing where he belongs, and a double Brazilian flank with Adriano…will it be tough to fit him in except for specific tactical match-ups?

    1. Well, I don’t think Mascherano will be a starter for us as long as all the other players are fit.
      But he’s always a perfect option to fill in for Busquets, or to tighten the midfield.
      Best thing about Mascherano is that, even after his very good performances lately, he still said in an interview that it would be stupid to see himself as a starter, when there are players like Xaviniesta and Busi to compete with (“I know my place in the team. When you have Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta, I would be an idiot and ashamed asking to be a starter.”). He’s very humble, and still quite satisfied I guess.
      He’s defending the team on and off the pitch, I definitely want him to stay for some more years with us!

  2. Iniesta posed this on his facebook:

    Andres Iniesta: I am doing english class, so I have decided to practise
    with you. And now I will write in Catalan too. I hope to do a press
    conf in catalan in the future. Please think that I am learning… be
    patient πŸ™‚

    I told him he should tell Messi to do the same and to never trust to take help Pique.

  3. I have a series of questions. I know some of you already mentioned this but here I go.

    If the second yellow would have been Van Persie’s first, (so just a Yellow) would anyone have complained?
    Would anyone think it was wrong of the Referee?
    If not, then why is it a big deal that he was given a second?
    Should a referee have the responsibility of deciding when not to give a second yellow or a red because it will change the game? Is that his responsibility or is his responsibility to apply the letter of the law regardless of the consequences.

    Were the referee from the WC 2010 final to have given DeJong a red for the flying kick to Xabi’s chest, would anyone be justified to opine that he should not have done it because u=it changed the game?

  4. Kxevin, I believe the space here is getting more message board like since everyone is hellah busy right now. Like for me Mid-Terms and exams are coming up (which I assume quite allot of people here are in College) and everyone is now getting their tax returns back so its all vacation time!!!!! lol…

    I for one am trying to visit Barca and see them live at least once before the season ends so question….Is it easier to get home or away game tickets??

    1. if this doesn’t bring luke out from the rock he’s sleeping under, i don’t know what will.

  5. Congrats to Villarreal and their late 3-2 comeback against Leverkusen!!!! Hope to see them go much further!!!

  6. Hello everybody!

    First I’d like to start with the fact that its my first post in this site. I’ve been following this current blog since december 2010 and since then I’ve read all the reviews, articles and so on…so it means every single row (and also most of the comments). I’ve been football fan since wolrd cup 94 (I was 7 then and the matches were shown in our national TV exactly at the time of my favourite cartoons – so I had to watch football instead of cartoons). I remember my first favourite player was Roberto Baggio because it happend that I saw a lot of games where Italy played. And during that tournament I became a football fan. Due to my first experiences and emoitons I favoured Italian clubs next couple of years. Favourite team was Juventus. Please dont ban me for that :).

    Them times went on and I started to understand the game more and more. For me watching football is true joy..especially beautiful football. So during these years I’ve also favoured the teams which play beautiful football – not the ones who always won. I have to admit that I started to favour Barcelona because of Ronaldinho and since then I’ve been a total Barcelona fan. This year I’ve seen I think 80-90 percent of their games. Their game is just huge pleasure to watch. For me its like watching a new Academy Award best picture winner twice a week (or sometimes once – depends on the schedule). people who dont watch football often may think its the same from game to game but for me its not. I love Barca..I really do. Im pretty sure I’d have smashed my laptop if those Gooners (read covards) had beaten us after such a tremendous performance we had on tuesday.

    Sorry for my post being offtopic but its a place to start I guess. I also had a lot of thougth and opinions of the game but pretty much everything is said by you guys.

    And I also want to thank the guys who run this blog and everybody who post their comments here. You have a really nice atmosthere here.

    1. What a nice first post πŸ™‚ Welcome, kappa000! I have no qualms about you supporting Juve–my sister was an Old Lady fan–and if you support them now, well, you’ve got my respect. πŸ˜€

    2. Welcome.

      You’re really honest πŸ˜†
      Which cartoon did you miss out on due to the World Cup?
      Just curious πŸ˜†

  7. Mascherano is a G. Just watched his full press conference. He’s really intelligent and speaks with a lot conviction. Especially when talking about how people always say we are favored by referees.

    1. right? i wouldn’t have admitted it was a joke bid & would have sued. πŸ˜‰ i don’t see how they can penalize him for that.

    2. i know. on what grounds? Is there some law that penalizes any team making an offer for Messi? That would be nice πŸ™‚

    1. Have you ever played an Eredivisie manager?
      I had one in 1997 or 1998. 2D game πŸ˜†
      I chose Ajax obviously.
      Do you remember the Portuguese guy called Dani?

  8. Nice comment by a guy called “aaaaaaaaaaaa” on http://www.espnstar.com/football/champions-league/news/detail/item593449/Enraged-Wenger-calls-UEFA-arrogant/

    “I can’t believe how this foolish Arsenal team has foolish coach, foolish fan and foolish players still exist in d football world. They are the loosers team and always their coach extracts excuses out of nothing.
    But, that foolish man didn’t say one time that they were lucky when two penalties were not given to barca in first leg(On messi and pedro), one messi goal was disallowed. in d second leg too one penalty was not given in d first half. One defender should have got red card twice.
    Above all, RVP should have been red carded in d first instance when he intentionally elbowed in d face of Dani Alves. He was lucky not 2 be red carded that time. Come on u losers Arsenal, prepare a chart of lame excuses before u face the next game.
    I was surprised that Wenger had not said that FIFA should check the boots of all Barca players as he and his players believe that every single barcelona player have magnet installed into their boots, that’s why Arsenal players couldn’t touch the ball and likewise couldn’t post a shot on target. But if arsenal face Barca next year this will definitely be their excuse.”

    πŸ˜† install magnet in their boots πŸ˜†

  9. Man, that last move in the Messi vid, starting at 8:22, I can’t stop watching it. How the hell can anyone call that ‘useless passing’?

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