BFB Upgrade: A New Look, Same Content

Welcome to the new look of Barcelona Football Blog. You’ll immediately notice several new things, of course, but there are some things I would like to point out in addition to the visual differences (background image, sidebar).

First, I’d like to point out that this new look is the work of our IT man, Tarun, who is a juggernaut behind the scenes. He’s the hidden gem behind the Messi-like qualities of our mercurial poster, Kevin, and our deep-lying midfield maestro, Hector. I suppose that makes me the Hleb of the group. Shit.

Several people expressed a desire to be able to reply directly to comments, so that their responses would be threaded instead of dropped at the very bottom of the page. This has been incorporated into our new look and we believe it will be helpful in guiding discussions through several different topics at once.

Barcelona Football Blog Redesign

The sidebar, of course, has a slightly different look, with more pronounced emphasis on Facebook and Twitter, which will be blowing up your mobile cellular communication devices (isn’t that what the kids are calling them these days?) if you so choose to stay connected with BFB day and night. If you aren’t friends with us on Facebook and you do have a Facebook account, join the crew; also, follow us on Twitter, where all our new posts are linked and the lineup for each match is posted as soon as it’s seen.

Another piece of the sidebar that is brand spankin’ new is the Poll of the Day. This is where you get to voice your opinion via a click. You’ll see site-management questions occasionally (such as the first one), jokes about Natalie Portman, and questions regarding the upcoming games.

Please let us know what you think of the new look in the comments section (besides voting in the poll, of course). If you find anything wrong with the site, please let us know with an email (form here). A few of you have emailed us and we appreciate the feedback and hope that we can incorporate more of your innovative and directional ideas in the future. You, the readers, are what make this blog function (that and lots of caffeine), so we want to keep you happy. With the return of the league comes the return of full-on BFB coverage of all things FCB.

Visca el Barça!

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. I Found us a good article from The Guardian:


    “Since he took over as national manager [Diego Maradona] has tried 62 players on the pitch, and given continuity to almost none.”


  2. Hey, great layout. One suggestion though. Is it possible for the posts from the members of the writing team to be in a different colour? That way you’d know for sure when the real Isaiah is posting.

  3. Oh and since these articles generate a lot of activity, maybe the notification check box could be “Notify me when someone replies to my comment” instead?

  4. We’re working on some stuff so that you all know when it’s us. When we’re posting from the logged-in state as Admins, it isn’t sufficiently distinctive. Stand by, and apologies for any nonsense. I guess that it comes with being popular, right?

  5. YES, excellent. I wouldn’t dare filling in that “notify me when new comments are added,” and I say that to all of us, or Isaiah, Kevin, Hector, and Tarun will have every carrier from AOL to Yahoo all over their asses.

    Love the Facebok feature, too.

    And Isaiah, I’d say you’re the Pique of the group. I’m actually not quite sure what Kevin is. Henry?

  6. I’m a little late in adding my two cents here, but thank you so much for making the comments thread. It’s a rare to find something in the age of web 2,3,4.0 that encourages linear thought or conversation. Also, while I’m here, thanks for the great work and info.

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