BFB Upgrade: A New Look, Same Content

Welcome to the new look of Barcelona Football Blog. You’ll immediately notice several new things, of course, but there are some things I would like to point out in addition to the visual differences (background image, sidebar).

First, I’d like to point out that this new look is the work of our IT man, Tarun, who is a juggernaut behind the scenes. He’s the hidden gem behind the Messi-like qualities of our mercurial poster, Kevin, and our deep-lying midfield maestro, Hector. I suppose that makes me the Hleb of the group. Shit.

Several people expressed a desire to be able to reply directly to comments, so that their responses would be threaded instead of dropped at the very bottom of the page. This has been incorporated into our new look and we believe it will be helpful in guiding discussions through several different topics at once.

Barcelona Football Blog Redesign

The sidebar, of course, has a slightly different look, with more pronounced emphasis on Facebook and Twitter, which will be blowing up your mobile cellular communication devices (isn’t that what the kids are calling them these days?) if you so choose to stay connected with BFB day and night. If you aren’t friends with us on Facebook and you do have a Facebook account, join the crew; also, follow us on Twitter, where all our new posts are linked and the lineup for each match is posted as soon as it’s seen.

Another piece of the sidebar that is brand spankin’ new is the Poll of the Day. This is where you get to voice your opinion via a click. You’ll see site-management questions occasionally (such as the first one), jokes about Natalie Portman, and questions regarding the upcoming games.

Please let us know what you think of the new look in the comments section (besides voting in the poll, of course). If you find anything wrong with the site, please let us know with an email (form here). A few of you have emailed us and we appreciate the feedback and hope that we can incorporate more of your innovative and directional ideas in the future. You, the readers, are what make this blog function (that and lots of caffeine), so we want to keep you happy. With the return of the league comes the return of full-on BFB coverage of all things FCB.

Visca el Barça!

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. He’s a 36yr old centre back who plays in Argentina I believe, with no international experience… exactly what you need to get yourself back into the match

  2. /who is Rolando Schiavi and why is he getting his 1st cap at 36, IN A CRUCIAL QUALIFIER ,down to 10 men no less. ?

  3. The fat lady has sung for Paraguay. Argentina’s fat lady continues to feast on their luck; one can only hope she moves onto Maradona…

    1. Seriously. When Mexico hired the blow-hard Hugo Sanchez, I knew it was a bad idea. When Argentina hired Maradona, I knew it was an even worse idea.

      Who do you all think would be a good replacement?

    2. Bianchi would be the consensus best choice IMO but he hates what Grondona has done to the AFA. Angel Kappa would be interesting as hell but risky. Bilardo has disappointed me. He’s supposed to be the “Technical Director” of this mess.

      What do you guys think? Pep for Argentina NT head coach?

      πŸ™‚ I kid, I kid…

    3. I’ve got a lot of ideas πŸ˜€ But my two favourites are

      1.Johan Cruyff, that would be sensational – but it’s also the most unrealistic.
      2.Roberto Mancini is another great coach who is available at the moment.

    4. he’d wear that tie with the leaves in a whirlwind…can you even smoke by the pitch anymore? i miss that fucker.

    5. agree. you can dissect the game and figure out what went wrong but nothing will change unless he goes

    6. Quite honestly that would take too long πŸ˜€ and sometimes my Argentina fanboy-ness takes a hold of me. I have to remember that this is a Barca blog first and foremost. I do have another article that’ll be up early tomorrow morning.

    7. I’m with you Hector, I think it’s really upsetting. Driving me f’n crazy actually. I hope they fire him NOW.

  4. i only got to catch the last 15 minutes of the argentina game…and it my stream died right before stoppage time. still pretty easy to see maradona needs to get hit over the head w/a sack of pennies.

    onto a team i have no expectations of. mexico!!!! wooo!!!!!

  5. I will renounce my faith if the AFA does not finally sack Maradona after this yet another out of the question performance!

    Argentina will have to win both matches if they want to secure 5th place. I don’t even think about 4th anymore…

    PS: At least, Messi didn’t get injured. And I think he didn’t use all his batteries today, maybe saving something for the next week with Barca. Well done, Messi. I’m serious, even if he tried his runs as he did against Brazil, it would have been meaningless.
    Now I can’t wait for Saturday, I wanna see Barca play again. Some real football!

    1. I lost it a while ago. Julio Grondona has been president of the AFA since 1979 and is still remembered as one of the dictatorship’s cronies. He is a flat out corrupt gangster and I hate his guts. That’s why Bianchi won’t go near the job. Cappa would be interesting. Hell, Pochettino over at Espanyol can probably do a better job than Maradona.

  6. If Argentina lose the next game they’d still have a chance at the play offs, right? If Uruguay and Colombia both also lose, it would come down to the final game vs Uruguay..

  7. Argentina has scored only 2 goals (1 vs. Bolivia, 1 vs. Brazil) in their 6 World Cup Qualifiers this year. I wonder why………..

    1. Ahh crap. Yea they WON 2 of those. The first 4-0 in March? and the second 1-0. Ehh Maradonna sucks anyway. I think he has to be fired. I mean Palermo and Schiavi??? WTF? That’s not including Veron, Heinze, dude from Velez Sarsfield(sp?) oh AND the 4-4-2. A new coach would dramatically improve this team WITHOUT A SINGLE TRAINING SESSION. A simple (Huge) change in selection and formation would work wonders. A new coach they require. ASAP! or my name is Robinho

  8. ALTHOUGH…gotta wonder about Dumbenech if Mardadona and his all stars beat him 2-0 πŸ™‚ . What do you think, Kevin πŸ˜€ .

  9. sun’s been setting on maradona…even if you had puppy dog eyes for him before there’s no overlooking these results. :^(

  10. Wow, we could see a World Cup without:
    Argentina, France, Portugal, Germany or Russia, Czech Republic and Turkey!

    Maybe Ivory Coast will have a serious chance next year πŸ™‚

    1. watching the highlights.. was that nilmar w/the first goal? he was a great buy for villarreal this summer. don’t know that they should’ve gotten rid of mati fernandez though

  11. this one works for me…got to see their 2nd goal

  12. is there a way to turn off email notifications? i checked the box to test it out but i can’t find an option to undo it

    1. that guy should be lugging around an oxygen tank & being manhandled by nurses in a convalescent home.

  13. Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaah! Pretty gorgeous, eh? I know. I’m biased. All props due to the indefatigable Tarun, our Web whiz par excellence. πŸ˜€

    Now, for a rant:

    I am trying to think of things that I dislike more than Nicolas Anelka.

    1. A proctology exam with red-hot barbed wire. (Maybe)
    2. Getting cock-punched by the reigning UFC champion. (Um, no.)
    3. A dinner soiree with Mr. Massive Head Wound (Not even close.)
    4. The EE (Okay, you got me.)

    He killed Les Bleus today. Between being offsides almost all the time, losing the ball in his feet, opting (once again) to shoot instead of passing to a wide-open Gourcuff with no keeper in the frame, he’s just a big, giant bowl of wretchedness.

    Henry was all man today. Don’t know how many of you saw the match, but he was magnificent, fully deserving of wearing the captain’s armband. But, typically of Dumbenech, he takes off the one offensive player working his ass off in favor of Ribery’s worthless self. I started fast-forwarding, knowing that they weren’t going to score.

    Quelle surprise.

    Oh, and if they docked Eduardo two games for his dive, I can’t wait to see what befalls that Serbian attacker, who must have tripped over a blade of tall grass, since Lloris didn’t actually touch him. That ref should be ashamed of himself, for letting the match degenerate into a rugby scrum, and for allowing the Serbian players to opt for the drop-and-roll school of time-wasting.

    Once again, France had the match on someone’s boot. The only problem was that in both cases, it was Anelka. Last match, he ignores not one, but TWO open men in favor of a shot that didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of going in. This time, he does it again, opting for a shot from a crazy angle, instead of just tapping it to Gourcuff. Damn his mediocrity-laced soul to hell.

    1. france game twas a while ago & i’m sure you were watching it a lot more attentively than i was on my crappy stream that’d black out every time something awesome was happening…..but wasn’t it anelka’s shot that the goal keeper fumbled resulting in henry’s goal? and lloris’ red car was warranted. i didn’t think so @ first but on the third replay you can definitely see lloris nicking his leg…that the serbian sold it is another issue.

    2. I would be shocked to find Anelka on anyone’s list of things they like. Well, except for maybe by mistake or a travelling salesman who can relate to his work ethic.

  14. Is anyone else continuously checking all the football sites for breaking news of Maradona’s discharge as coach of the Argentine NT??

    Class tomorrow is going to suck hard.

    This, of course, is on the assumption that he will get fired. 😐

    1. i hope he retires. afa put themselves in this shit sandwitch. you can’t fire god. i’m thinking the afa approaches him & asks him to capitulate gracefully.

  15. Guys this new design looks fantastic!! *Nice job, Tarun!* You must have worked really hard on this and it is definitely appreciated.

    Also- yay for Mexico AND the US! They beat T/T 1-0. The WCQ table is looking pretty good right now. Aguirre has done a great job to clean up the hot mess that was left after Sven.

    Costa Rica-12
    El Salvador-8

  16. Hmmm. I was going to moderate my own comment to activate the link, but I can’t log in to my own blog. Everybody can laugh at me now! πŸ˜€

    1. Alves is a better attacker than Kaka, Robinho, or anyone on Dunga’s 3-man-defensive-midfielder-line.

      I would personally go with:

      ———Julio Cesar——-
      –Felipe Melo-(Elano)——-

      the people in Parentheses I could replace easily, but they just came to mind, most of them with someone who can easilly replace them.

      (Juan) OR Alex or Naldo or Luisao or Henrique πŸ™‚
      (Elano) OR Anderson or Ramires
      (Adriano) OR Pato or Luis Fabiano or Baptista

    2. You left Kaka out of stating XI?

      you mist be
      a) an dumb
      b) an anti-madrid biased Cule
      c) been drinking too much today

      (i’m guily on all counts πŸ˜‰ )

      (well… 2/3)

  17. Okay, for some reason the page wasn’t loading right while at work. Now I can see it – I think it gets a Yaya stomp of approval! πŸ˜€

  18. Xavi and Pique played the full 90? that’s just wrong… Perhaps I’m over analysing the situation..

    1. Del Bosque is a former EE Coach
    2. We have 7 games in 22 days (perhaps it slipped Del Bosque’s mind)
    3. Spain has almost qualified, the reserves could have been given a run out.
    4. Xabi Alonso was reserved and didn’t play at all. Sergio Ramos was fit too but didn’t get any minutes at all.

    1. Don’t think Ramos was in the squad. He is just finally recovered after an achilles problem, I think.

  19. My fatherland Armenia beat Belgium today! lolz. what an upset. Love the new site dudes, great improvement. R-R-R_Russia is killin’ it Gus Hiddink style!

    1. The Potato ended up coaching for Russia? Good for him.

      Armenia winning means my neighbors will probably be celebrating tonight. One of these days I need to learn some Armenian in order to join in the festivities.

  20. Tarun and the rest,

    Great job with the new design! Now I have even more reasons to spend my day checking this site.

    1. Yeah for sure Soto, The log messages of my timesheet at work are littered with “scanning posts of” comments πŸ™‚

  21. Hi Isaiah, Kevin, Hector and Tarun. I don’t usually post a lot but I’m an avid reader. First things first, I like the new updates cause it makes a lot of things more convenient. The only thing I have against it is the design and this is a product of I guess my OC-ness. Maybe You can move the pictures on the side so we can see a face rather than the body of Messi? I don’t know maybe it’s just me but it really bothers me. But of course, I’m not your only reader so maybe other people feel the same? Nonetheless, this is the best blog evaaah.

  22. I like the new definitely has the electric rush that messi provides on the pitch.Issaih can i get Tarun’s email addresss?something i wanna ask him – the tech stuff.or can he perhaps respond to my email address?thanx.keep rocking guys.

  23. Any body watched Uruguay vs Colombia yesterday? Luis Suarez scored an AWESOME goal & that little trick he did during the set-up for 3rd goal was too good…

  24. Somebody hijacking isaiah’s name to discredit hector or what???? We love hector posts, lets keep Hector get rid Achilles or some other dude who fought ancient mythical battles, like Conan the Barbarian or George Bush (pick either one of them).

  25. No not hector.hector’s pieces are very insightful. You can tell he puts a lot of thought and effort creating them.they provide with such extensive view of our even teaching my group of 10 year olds tactics based on this review.HECTOR HECTOR HECTOR HECTOR HECTOR HECTOR!!and that doesnt sound like Isaaih, no reason or philosophy..

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