BFB Upgrade: A New Look, Same Content

Welcome to the new look of Barcelona Football Blog. You’ll immediately notice several new things, of course, but there are some things I would like to point out in addition to the visual differences (background image, sidebar).

First, I’d like to point out that this new look is the work of our IT man, Tarun, who is a juggernaut behind the scenes. He’s the hidden gem behind the Messi-like qualities of our mercurial poster, Kevin, and our deep-lying midfield maestro, Hector. I suppose that makes me the Hleb of the group. Shit.

Several people expressed a desire to be able to reply directly to comments, so that their responses would be threaded instead of dropped at the very bottom of the page. This has been incorporated into our new look and we believe it will be helpful in guiding discussions through several different topics at once.

Barcelona Football Blog Redesign

The sidebar, of course, has a slightly different look, with more pronounced emphasis on Facebook and Twitter, which will be blowing up your mobile cellular communication devices (isn’t that what the kids are calling them these days?) if you so choose to stay connected with BFB day and night. If you aren’t friends with us on Facebook and you do have a Facebook account, join the crew; also, follow us on Twitter, where all our new posts are linked and the lineup for each match is posted as soon as it’s seen.

Another piece of the sidebar that is brand spankin’ new is the Poll of the Day. This is where you get to voice your opinion via a click. You’ll see site-management questions occasionally (such as the first one), jokes about Natalie Portman, and questions regarding the upcoming games.

Please let us know what you think of the new look in the comments section (besides voting in the poll, of course). If you find anything wrong with the site, please let us know with an email (form here). A few of you have emailed us and we appreciate the feedback and hope that we can incorporate more of your innovative and directional ideas in the future. You, the readers, are what make this blog function (that and lots of caffeine), so we want to keep you happy. With the return of the league comes the return of full-on BFB coverage of all things FCB.

Visca el Barรงa!

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. although i had gotten used to the guy with the weird but enthusiastic expressions up on top, seeing messi more would definetily make my day brighter, thanks for all the hard work ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. on another note… who the hell picks the Argentina team these days?
    Surely Maradona isn’t this stupid? Is he?
    It’s like he allows himself to name 4 world class players and the rest have to play in the domestic league.
    Why are they not playing a 4-3-3?
    They don’t really have any box-to-box central midfielders but a 4-4-2 needs them.
    They don’t really have forwards built for a two man frontline either and their wingers are those of a 3-man frontline. Frustrating.

    Lavezzi, Zarate, Lisandro Lopez & Higuain can’t get a game but Veron is starting.
    Come on, say it with me: four three three

  3. nice updates. I like the replacement for the imodium commercial – ‘The Flea’ stimulates the eyes better.

  4. My god..Argentina REALLY doesn’t want to qualify for the WC!! They are getting pummeled by Paraguay.. it is a miracle that they aren’t losing 2 or even 3-0.

    Messi is the one I feel really bad for. Man…it must suck.

    As a Mexican fan that knows it’s not possible to win the WC without the most amazing luck in the world, it sucks. But to know that your team has every capability to win the WC and not be able to fulfill that due to a shitty coach…that’s just downright cruel.

  5. //
    try this for paraguay argentina

    paraguay just scored :S fack

  6. tip: maybe we should use a logo that will make us more recognizable? kinda similar to how TheOffside has the logo with the silhouettes playing football, and how TheSpoiler uses orange font with the ball and dagger. a basic serif font might get us lost in the shuffle!

  7. BTW Paraguay IS actually a really good team. Just saying. If they make it to the WC don’t be surprised if they surprise quite a few folks. Caba~as is sweet. He looks so fat but is fast as hell.

  8. Hey, Ramzi (if you’re out there)! Remember when we bitched about Bielsa? Well, if this is what we get then I want him the hell back. Nothing is worse than this.

  9. Midfield trio of: Lucho, Mascherano & Cambiasso with Gago, Maxi & Datolo as cover.
    Forward trio of: Messi, Aguero & Milito with Zarate, Higuain & Lisandro as cover.
    What would be wrong with that?

    1. or Masherano and Cambiasso behind Aguero, Messi and Maxi with Higuain or Milito up front in a 4-2-3-1. really, with that much talent these lineups fashion themselves; it’s actually pretty amazing that Maradona has managed to get it wrong every single time.

  10. ARG= huge disappointment.

    Does anybody remember WHY the previous coach was fired? Weren’t ARG ranked #1 in the world and Olympic gold medalists?

  11. jnelson- Because they were losing close, drawing games they should win, and having trouble scoring.

    If only they knew *cracks up in laughter so as not to cry*

  12. ๐Ÿ™ It almost made me cry to watch Argentina “play” in the first half.
    When looking at the line-up and the substitutes, I thought immediately “this is going to be a horrible match”. And it seems I was right.

    Maradona even turns Mascherano from a world class defensive mid (maybe the world’s best when playing at Liverpool) to a under class player who lacks confidence – as the rest of the team. It’s really a shame and Messi doesn’t deserve this. He should seriously think of retiring as long as there is no new coach AND new players like Higuain, Lisandro Lopez, Riquelme, Lucho Gonzales …

  13. Personally, I’d like a 4-2-3-1. Cambiasso and Gago as holding mids, Messi as the playmaker and Higuain and Tevez (forward/wingers with an actual work rate)flanking Messi and Milito up top.

    BTW hasn’t it been like 3 years since Walter Samuel was last not injured? Shit. I though so. That means you’ve got a couple of months until he gets injured again. Use him while you got him. Is he really worse than Gabi effing Heinze?

  14. Bow down to genius!!! Paraguay dominated the midfield and our valiant field general takes out a midfielder and adds another forward. Brilliant!!!

    1. Brilliant! I see him getting toasted by those dudes from the old Mike’s Hard Lemonade commercials haha. Brilliant! I’m just waiting for him to sub himself in. And THEN Aguero Jr.

  15. At least Dunga gets results for Brazil’s terrible performances… Maradona gets nothing, only embarassment

  16. So, if they lose today, what chances do they have of qualifying? While I don’t really like Riquelme, whats up with not calling up all those other players that Helge mentioned? Why is Higuain not rated by Maradona?

    And I like the idea of a logo contest. It must be Yaya Magnificent.

  17. You get a midfielder sent off, immediately you think ‘I better bring on a big slow striker like Martin Palermo’.
    Aguero off for Palermo
    Will he drop Messi back to midfield or what?

  18. Maradona can’t even get these exceptionally great players to click..never mind bringing in younger and fresher talent.

    And he has a hard on for players who play locally.

  19. I think I’ll send Maradona a copy of Football Manager 10 when it comes out in October. Maybe his team might play better on that

  20. Martin Palermo once missed three penalties in one game for Argentina… and he gets to play ahead of Milito, Lisandro, Higuain and Mauro Zarate?

  21. Nah. Messi is also lost in space. Everybody is. Goddamn it to hell! The only thing that can make this worth it is if Maradona is fired after this.

    1. Yeah, still feel sorry for him. Especially with that terrible haircut.

      And yeah, the only positive that can come from this is getting rid of Maradona. If he stays it would be total madness.

  22. I GOT IT
    Maradona is confused between his fantasy football world cup qualifiers team and his real team.
    He believes that he has spent his budget on Masch, Messi, Aguero and Zanetti so he had to pick lots of shit players so he won’t go over budget.

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