The BritPress is a little screwy, aka “Twisted quotes add morbo!” (EDIT)

So. As everyone and their mamas know by now, there’s a little bit of a football match between us and Arsenal tomorrow, a match that on the morbo scale, compares to El Clasic about like a bit of flatulence compares to an atom bomb.

Which doesn’t stop folks from trying to create morbo. Guardiola gave a pre-match press conference today, and in its aftermath, I could probably walk to Barcelona from Chicago on the piled outrage, as the Guardian has chosen to take Guardiola’s comments, and twist them just a bit.

Now, not only are we the evil, smooth-talking gits trying to seduce Cesc Fabregas with our Spanish talk, but our coach has dissed Jack Wilshere, the bright, shining example of youth goodness in British footy (they invented the game, don’t ‘cha know).

Here’s an excerpt from The Guardian story:

Pep Guardiola has dismissed the threat of Jack Wilshere by claiming that Barcelona’s reserve team is full of players like the 19-year-old and that the midfielder is a first-team regular only because Arsène Wenger is not under pressure to win titles.

Guardiola was asked about the quality of Wilshere and the Barcelona coach said: “Wilshere is a top player. He is an excellent player, not just Arsenal, but also for the national team. [But] he is lucky because we have many players in the second team like him but he plays because there is no pressure at his club to win titles.”

Here’s the excerpt from the “championship pressure” quote, from Henry Winter at The Telegraph:

“He’s lucky as Arsenal have time. There is not the pressure to win titles as quickly as possible.”

Now, you could almost read the pressure quote as a knock against the pressure at Barca, rather than the lack thereof at Arsenal.

Here is an excerpt from the same press conference story, from ESPN SoccerNet:

“Wilshere is a top player. He has been a big surprise. I did not know him at the beginning of the season,” he said. “He is an excellent player, not just Arsenal, but also for the national team. We have many players like him in our second team. It is very good news for football to have players like him.”

So on the one hand, Guardiola is saying “Hell, players like Jackie Boy are a dime a dozen. I trip over them at La Masia all the time. So? He isn’t good enough to make our reserves!”

On the other hand, Guardiola is saying that Wilshere is a hell of a talent, fully worthy of Barca, in that he sees his kind of talent in our second team.

For the record, the footy press isn’t above this kind of stuff. I thought that The Guardian was, however. It is, to me, a rather blatant attempt to depict us and our coach as arrogant and dismissive of Arsenal and one of its starters. If you are there to report a story, do so, without additives. There is perspective, and there is bias. Journalists often believe that the two are the same.

But this case is also what happens in the world of translation, and translated comments. Who’s right and who’s wrong? It depends on the reporter, right? But ESPN Soccernet has no vested interest in any “us against them” nonsense.

Judge the rest as you will, and discuss away.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


    1. Guardiola was effectively saying that Barcelona do not need to hurry emerging players, allowing them to complete their education in the B team before graduating to join the A-listers in battling Real Madrid for La Liga.


  1. It is games like this that separate good teams from great teams, that set the tone for an entire season. We aren’t playing well but we’re still winning; Arsenal is always Arsenal. Come what may let’s take it to the gunners and die go down swinging if we have to.

  2. ” a match that on the morbo scale, compares to El Clasic about like a bit of flatulence compares to an atom bomb” You’re in rare form tonight, Kxevin, between this, the Arsene impersonation, Pep pulling something out of… I like it. It’s better than the hand wringing, nail biting, lip quivering that I’ve contemplated (dangit, how’d this team get to be so important to me???)

    Before Cesc, Arsene, and the rest of Goonerland complain too much about Pep’s comments it should be remembered that Cesc, for all his quality, would not start for us.

    Maybe we should all change our gravatars to Helb so that the inevitable trolls all get Hlebbed…or not.

    1. I’m surprised we haven’t been inundated with trolls already, frankly. Yay for registration! 😀

    2. Went lurking offsides, Ade and Ramzi are already dealing with very rude trolls 🙂

    3. Just finished reading the lower comments on the offside, that’s priceless. I’ve never read such ridiculously stupid comments before.
      The trolls must be surfing 24/7 and flame all posts that include Barcelona and Arsenal and Cesc^^

    4. As a life-long Gunner and season-ticket holder, I can assure you that nothing would make me happier than seeing every Barca fan change their avatar to a picture of Alex Hleb.

      How much did you pay for him again? 😛

  3. In response to Kari’s comment toward the end of the last post (which is oddly fitting given this post!):

    To be honest, Kari, what is really aggravating about Arsenal fans (and by that I mean most of the Arsenal fans I’ve known) is that they are hypocrites. Massive hypocrites.

    They cry to the heavens about how the media doesn’t give them their fair share, how the English press twists the words of Wenger around, how they’re being persecuted by the English media who think them “too soft” for the game… How if you really want to get the truth about their team you have to question the sources, look at the facts and come to your own conclusions. Trust nothing that the English media writes about us.

    Then they turn around and greedily devour any scrap of information that will feed the image of a greedy, effeminate, arrogant, and bankrupt FC Barcelona that their media has spun for them. They’ll gladly take those player interviews at face value, accept their media’s twisting of our player’s interview, and generally whine and moan about us while they regurgitate the old lines.

    They are hypocrites.

    1. son hipocrites in Catalan( different accents over each o)

      Whoever thought up Google translate is a genious!
      On day someone has to teach me how to do accents of the keyboard!

    2. then they can teach me to type in English—
      One day , and on the keyboard, UGH!

    3. ¡Son hipócritas!

      Heh. You gotta screech it out like in the telenovelas.

      But seriously, what do we expect? It’s getting popular to hate Barça. It’s no suprise to see reports like the one in the Guardian twisting around what Pep says.

      I don’t hate Arsenal or anything, but I’m pretty confident that Pep has a plan and that we’ll pass to the next round.

      Also – you gotta give Pep loads of credit for doing his job while suffering from a slipped disc. It is a truly painful experience, I was out one whole summer with a slipped disc.

    4. Herniated disc…been there, done that, laid on ER floor because I could neither sit nor stand (heck, I couldn’t even lie down without being in agony), epidural cortisone, PT…Pep is made of sterner stuff than I!

    5. It was ‘smooth, almost seductive Spanish’ accent though. I memorized the phrase it was too good. You guys be prepared to see me use it a lot on the CL Liveblog.

    6. I’m gonna be late for LB :(. I have mom duties. Save me a manita, Blitz, I don’t drink beer!

    7. Right? I’ve said a while ago that Cules vs Gooners means the real winner is the BritPress, but right now, I’ve just stop caring.

      Haters gonna hate.

    8. Who is it in the picture? The screen is too small for me to make it out from the thumbnail.

    9. Then they turn around and greedily devour any scrap of information that will feed the image of a greedy, effeminate, arrogant, and bankrupt FC Barcelona that their media has spun for them. They’ll gladly take those player interviews at face value, accept their media’s twisting of our player’s interview, and generally whine and moan about us while they regurgitate the old lines.

      Exactly. This is 200% true.

      And this is why I don’t like Arsenal at all.

    10. I’m sorry but I’d have to respectfully disagree that this is 200% true (or even 100%).

      Perhaps someone could provide me with a link to any ‘whining and moaning’ perpetrated by anyone connected with AFC?

      Unless of course you are actually talking about the random trolling of internet blowhards who have probably never stepped foot inside Ashburton Grove let alone Highbury. In which case I’m not actually very interested.

    11. Well at least you had the courtesy not to tarr EVERY Arsenal fan with the same brush, thanks for that much.

      Most real Arsenal fans (you know, the ones you find inside The Grove and places like Brisbane Rd when we play away to teams like the mighty Leyton Orient in the cup) have been thoroughly bored of the whole business for ages.

      That said, I can’t blame some people for getting aggravated when virtually every interview with a Barca player contains the words Cesc Fabregas (well probably just Cesc but you know what I mean). It’s quite possible that they are being misquoted, likely even, but the fact still remains that they are talking about him. Seemingly constantly.

      Add to that incidents such as forcing him into a Barca shirt at what was supposedly a celebration of Spain’s World Cup victory… can you really continue to argue that they are being totally misrepresented in the press?

      I read an interview with Xavi recently where he seemed quite sheepish (contrite even) about his own involvement in the whole saga. I’m sure it was just the media misquoting him though 😉

  4. Alright so what’s everyone going to do if we win tomorrow? And what if we lose? I need some suggestions.

    1. Win = celebrate like crazy and partake in some serious schadenfreude BritPress-style, best kind there is! 🙂

      Lose = crushing depression, endless pessimism, and the world will implode (until the next game or EE beat-down)

      Tis the life of a cule, Nav.

    2. Heh. I’m a n00b to Barca btu I’ve been following the Argentine national team during most world cups going back to 94 — I’m familiar with a life of heart ache. </3

      Though it's nowhere near the love I have for my beloved Barca. I was crushed after the Arsenal defeat. Absolutely crushed. But back then we had a chance to come back in the home tie. So what's beyond 'absolutely crushed'? Hopefully we won't have to find out.

    3. You’re not a n00b*, Nav! You’re a newb**. There’s a difference 😉

      *They are the useless trolls that offer no intelligent comments to the discussion.

      **Newb = short for newbie.

    4. I haven’t really ever felt any feeling as bad as what I would feel if we lost tomorrow. The only really huge, massive losses during the time I became a watch-all-games fan of Barcelona were:

      Being knocked out by Inter, where I felt more calm and resigned to it in a weird way than crushed, shocked or miserable.

      The 4-1 loss to Madrid in their home, which was just humiliating. But Barcelona were absolutely abysmal back then and while the scoreline may have been a lot to take, it wasn’t much of a surprise.

      The 2-1 loss to Atletico last season, because it was the one blot on what was so so close to being an unbeaten season. The one match on this list that I did expect to win or atleast not lose, and thus a shock. Probably the one I was most devastated by. If I could go back in time and add one goal to any of our fixtures last season I’d probably add it to that match to make it 2-2, giving us 100 points and an invincible season.

      And the defeat to United in the semi-final of 2008. That stung the most, cos we had bossed United in the first leg which I did see. But I wasn’t able to watch the second leg for some reason, forgot what, so I only saw the score in the morning and felt really pissed off, going to class in a rather nasty mood especially at the United fan in my class. But it also faded, cos it wasn’t unexpected either- United were a fantastic side that season while Barcelona were in shambles. In hindsight, I am so grateful that we didn’t win that tie, cos if we had made the final that year it would have papered over the cracks, and we never would have had this Pep team and the hexuple year and the 6-2 and the 2-0 CL final and the 5-0 and all that followed.

      That loss to United taught me something- every loss will eventually pay off in joy sometime down the line (the 4-1 at the Bernabeu gave us the 6-2 in 2008/09, the 3-1 to Inter gave us the 5-0 manita, the miserable 2008 gave us the unbelievable 2009-now, and so on).

      Getting back to point though, being knocked out by Arsenal would be so much more devastating than either of the above though. Because unlike the Madrid and United losses it wouldn’t have been while we were in shambles, unlike Inter at the Nou Camp getting knocked out here would not be expected, it carries so much in terms of pride, the smugness that would ensue if we were knocked out in terms of how so many people would demean and belittle all the amazing things this side achieved would be depressing, as would be the fact that we are so massively superior this season and have such an amazing chance to add another CL trophy to our cabinet if we go through since most of the other contenders (United, Chelsea, Inter, Bayern) all look rather weak. I don’t know how I’ll cope if we do get knocked out now. Hopefully I won’t have to find out.

    5. Imma eatin’ paella if we win. I make great paella! I think I’ll make some sangria too, moc sangria for the underagers.

      If we lose, I’m serving paella to the rest of the family, I won’t feel like eating 🙁 Maybe I’ll give up watching any English soccer for Lent. I’ll wallow in self pity for good measure.

    6. I’m either going to shop to celebrate the win, or shop to cheer myself up.

    7. Depends on the style of the win.

      The game will be at around 3am Malaysia time which is where I am now, got here a couple days ago and my mom and sisters don’t have the sports channels so I’ll have to try and get it before tonight, come to think of it, I better go hurry…

      If it’s a narrow, high-tension win like 1-0 or even 3-1 (which isn’t exactly narrow in itself but would be very high tension cos if Arsenal score once and make it 3-2 we’d be out) then I’d just be relieved and sleep.

      If it’s a major beatdown, I’ll log into Facebook and proceed to troll the Arsenal-supporting friends of mine, as well as celebrate very loudly and in capital letters (probably completely and permanently turning off the girl I’ve gone out with a couple times recently in the process when she sees my retarded caveman-style celebration status-spam on her newsfeed, but ah whatever). Then I’ll stay awake celebrating, mostly by a series of gleeful and retarded comments on BFB.

      A match that finishes at like 5am isn’t the most conducive time for any real celebration, really.

      If we get knocked out, I will ban myself from every other football website except BFB for a few days atleast, the way I did after the first leg, to not hear the smugness. Then be miserable. And sleep eventually when I can. Then be more miserable. And more and more miserable. Then post miserable, emo, moping, gloomy statuses on Facebook (again, possibly completely and permanently turning off aforementioned girl when she sees her newsfeed). Then going to sleep.

      To sum up, whichever way the result goes, by the next morning I would have:
      a) over-reacted massively in a way fitting the result
      b) driven away the girl
      c) slept

    8. This is brilliant. I’ll be turning my GF off no matter what I do, over reacting massively to the result, but I won’t get much sleep as I have too much work to do.

    9. do i really wanna be at the pub tomorrow around a bunch of drunken arsenal fans if we lose? i’ll be crying uncontrollably & blowing snot bubbles.

  5. I haven’t been able to sleep or eat well for the past two days.
    I’m really stressed out.

    That Arsene Wenger is such a dirty rat.
    Cesc, Wilshere, RVP were all supposedly injured.

    Thanks for finding the perfect sentence for it.

  6. Even if the quote is twisted , completely fabrigated or just out of context , barcelona definitely does not entice 16 year olds with lavish offers , including a solid first appearance bonus and guarantees them first team football the following year. In short we dont rush our youngsters. And yes it’s got a lot to do with each squad and it’s goals for the season.
    On a sidenote ,I hope arsenal crash and burn. And I hope our beloved team goes berserk on them tomorrow. Calling for a manita. A clean sheet one too.

    1. But a 19 or 20 year old would rather play or be in the 1st team. No?

      Xavi & Villa are so laid back. Still in training attire while Pique is all dressed up. Messi is another one. Always dressed up in Adidas.
      Ive seen him only once and that was in a D & G or something at a Gala.

    2. ‘Barcelona definitely does not entice 16 year olds with lavish offers.’

      But you do entice children as young as 8 or 9 from across the globe to move to Spain in order that your academy can be full of the best and the brightest… just saying.

      ‘On a sidenote ,I hope arsenal crash and burn.’

      Consider the sentiment well and truly returned 😉

  7. Xavi (or Pique) shouting “Oooooh, Oooooh!” to Cesc at the press room. Wenger has seen a ghost.


  8. I read Pep’s comment early in the morning (its morning here in Asia) and i thought nothing of it. Im an Arsenal fan, but i am not English, and i’ve always thought the English over-rate themselves too much. Compare to the Spanish team where Cesc can hardly get a game, to the English team so desperate they have to fast track Jack Wilshere, and anyone who watches football, will know the difference.

    What got me riled up was your article.

    “a match that on the morbo scale, compares to El Clasic about like a bit of flatulence compares to an atom bomb.”

    If this is not arrogance, dismissing your opponent as insignificant fatulence, tell me what is.

    1. Kxevin was talking about the hype surrounding the match. Morbo = hype.* He was comparing the hype around this match against the hype during El Classico.

      *Not an exact translation, but you get the idea.

    2. You took it with a pinch of salt but 99% of the Arsenal fans would rather take the Guardian quote.
      They just love to hate.

    3. You totally misread that line.
      Its not describing the opponent’s qualities as subpar , its about the passion and the emotions that get involved in an el clasico game in comparison to this one.

    4. You need to understand that for Barca, morbo and the Real Madrid rivalry is, well it is something that I, a US Barca fan can’t begin to define. I’m not quite sure a Catalan cule could define it well, but he/she may be able to describe it better. Morbo roughly tranlated is sickness I believe. What Kvevin was saying is that the ill feelings Barca fans may have towards Arsenal is insignificant compared to that which we feel towards Real Madrid.

    5. Phil Ball does it very nicely in his book. Which, actually, is titled Morbo. (And has the amazingly fitting cover picture of Figo in a white shirt lining up to take a corner with the suckling pig’s head in the floor by him, maybe the most defining moment of the word). You can read the first couple chapters or so, which contain a lot about the Barcelona-Madrid rivalry and the history of it from the inception of both teams and cultural attitudes around the clubs and the cities, down to the 50s and up to now. A must-read, really. Don’t actually have the book itself, but the part Google Books lets you read (legally) is great information in itself.

      As for Keeming: As the others mentioned above, Morbo is basically the amount of hatred and ill-feeling between the two sides. There is far more Morbo between Arsenal and Tottenham than Arsenal and Barcelona, for an English example.

    6. Inter-Juventus, United-Liverpool, Spurs-Arsenal, Madrid-Barcelona, Roma-Lazio, those are games filled with Morbo, so to speak. Rivalries where it’s not just about your team doing well, but about the other team doing badly.

    7. Caveat: it’s Milan-Juventus. Inter were always just pretenders (only rose to the top after Calciopoli to my knowledge).

    8. Yeah but since Calciopoli those two sides hate each other’s guts though. The amount of damage it did to Juventus and how Juve fans feel that Inter and Moratti was behind it and accuse Inter very loudly of making up Calciopoli and how Moratti also had dinner with referees but remained unpunished and Inter get away with it cos their sponsor (I think Telecom Italia? Or was it Sky Italia? Dunno) is also sponsor of the league or something and so on.

      That said, I don’t know enough about Italian football to specifically say any match has that much hate between the sides except for Lazio-Roma, so I might be off.

    9. No offense meant, keeming. “Morbo” is something more than a rivalry. It’s even something more than hate. It’s an extra feeling that is attendant to a match betweeen two bitter rivals. It’s much more than a derby, and rare is the match that has morbo in a quantity that matches that of us vs the Evil Empire.

      We like, and respect Arsenal. Most Barca fans (and I’m sure players, as well) have Arsenal as their second team, for good reason. The relationship is such that there just can’t be any morbo between the two sides, no matter what journalists try to do.

      I guess the best way to describe morbo is the looks I got as I strutted around Madrid, wearing my soci pin on my chest. The looks of outright hatred summed it up better than anything else, I reckon.

  9. he is not dismissing arsenal as flatulence but comparing the rivalry (morbo – hatred) between Madrid and Barça on one side and Arsenal and Barça on the other.

    As for what Pep did or didn’t say how can we know without having seen the original pep conference completely. Maybe both the Guardian and Soccernet are right.

    1. Someone on the Soccernet comments was correcting them translating Pep’s actual Spanish comments as ‘there are players of his style in our reserve team’ or something of the sort that was rather harmless.

    2. You know what, someone can fault Pep for lack of diplomacy but the statements are true no matter how you take them. Wilshere is good, but he would still be on our B team. Cesc is very, very good, but he would be on our bench. Thiago would be promoted before Wilshere. It’s easy to call us conceited but the truth is the truth whether it hurts or not. Arsenal’s my other team because the are the closest thing to Barca in the EPL. But they are not Barca quality. IMO the only way we don’t go through is if they play their hearts out and we have an off day like they did against Birmingham. There, I said it!
      Pep may have had a diplomacy problem, but not a truth problem.
      I better quit now because the stress is making me _itchy.

      rant over, and it was not directed at you spaced

    3. No problem, I totally agree. Even with Cesc a few years back, I was like “Woah, how did they miss this player!”, but when i saw how Xavi and Iniesta play, i understood.

    4. I downloaded his full press conference. You can tell he wanted to praise Jack and it wasn’t in a dismissive tone at all.

      Henry Winter, English journalist who was there, tried to point that out, to no avail.

      In short, no the Guardian was not right.

  10. actually i translated morbo as hatred but maybe that is just my interpretation of the word…Is poipoi or any of the other Spain based readers around to offer us a good explanation of morbo?

  11. “Now, not only are we the evil, smooth-talking gits trying to seduce Cesc Fabregas with our Spanish talk,”

    I see what you are saying, however, there’s no denying that Barcelona badly wants Cesc in the team. Not that is a bad thing (most Barca fans do want him playing for Barcelona)… but it’s true that Barcelona won’t stop trying to get him…

    1. Not the best venue for the most Barca fans want Cesc back thing. The impression I get from the BFB gang is that most of us don’t want Cesc back for quite a while. He’s overpriced at this point in his contract, a person of his talent is wasted on the bench (and make no mistake about it, he would sit more than he’d like on the bench), and he may interfere with the promotion of some of our prospects.

    2. I wouldn’t agree with the idea that he is overpriced currently, although I think it can be argued that you can’t afford him ;).

      While I agree up to a point that he wouldn’t walk straight into your midfield considering the system that you play. I do believe (and it is only my opinion) that if you signed him he would warrant a change to the system in order to accommodate him alongside your current midfielders. He is simply that good.

      Of course this is only idle speculation as he is not for sale 😛

  12. I suggest we adopt a similar policy to the gooners.Every time an Arsenal player says he’d like to play for Barca one day(Looking at Cesc,Nasri,Diaby etc..), we scream and holler about their *obvious* media campaign to destabilize our club.Yep, the mature, level-headed Arsenal approach is obviously the best way of dealing with this.Fake quotes you say? I cant hear you because be hands are steadfastly stuck in my ears whilst i repeat the same thing ad naseum.Lets not stop at transfer speculation though.I heard Nasri say we crumble under pressure.Pitch forks out!

    1. Ah, I see, because stating your admiration for a club and your wish to someday experience playing for them is truly an awful thing to do. Sounds like you already have the ‘mature and level-headed’ thing down to a tee.

  13. ah, thanks guys for taking the time to explain Morbo. Guess i over-reacted this time. 😛

    Basically, i think i am like most in here, cant seemed do a thing until the match, and in the mean time, reading whatever news that pop up.

    Im just wishing for a good game. My faith in the Arsenal squad am deeply exhausted since the Carling Cup final cock-up. With VP and Cesc fit, we have a chance.

    If Almunia starts, I will go back to sleep.

    1. Thanks for being a gracious visitor. As such, you are not a troll but a friend and are welcome here, Arsenal fan or no.

      I feel your exhaustion, everyone here knows I’m a gooner too. It’s just that I’m much more of a cule than a gooner 🙂

    2. anyone knows what language is Cesc’s press conference yesterday?
      English, Catalan, or Spanish?

      soccermomof4? keeming? do you know? 🙂

    3. I’m sure he was asked questions in all 3, though the conference being in Barcelona meant the majority were in Catalan, then Spanish, then English.

  14. “Barça is superior to Arsenal, the normal thing would be that they qualify.”

    Typical arrogant Barcelona with their continental smugness, foppish aloofness, and holier than though hypocrisy!!!!

    Francesc Fabergas Sr. – he just will not stop whispering that insufferable yet irresistably, seductive spanish.


    1. Oh he said that himself? Whoa..
      That will stir stuff up..

      But c’mon, he is a bigger Cule than all of us.
      There is nothing wrong with him thinking like that.
      Saying it to the public is another thing but then again, he is a Cule. He has every right to say it just like any father of an Arsenal player saying the same thing.

    2. I guess he didn’t expect something as… frivolous, as sarcasm coming from Euler hahaha.

    3. Cesc is a soci, so does his father, his granpa, his uncle, and his cousins…

      I’m not even a soci, so they are a bigger cule than me… 😛

    4. Clearly we arrogantly and classlessly paid him off to tap up Cesc, Euler. Also, diving pansies Ovrebo sprinklers.

    5. 😆 at tapping out his own son.

      Apologies Euler. I didn’t get the sarcasm at 1st.

  15. Guardian twisted it a bit, twists it yet a bit more:

    How ‘news’ spreads when its about quotes by footballers is like its a game of Chinese whispers or something where you mishear and repeat and mishear and repeat again and end up with a completely garbled version of the original message- not like its actual news where you could just look up the damned actual source of it and verify. Ridiculous.

    1. And every comment I ever submit correcting their article and calling them out for bad journalism they refuse to publish.

    2. It’s just blatant twisting to suit an agenda. I am so so pissed off right now

    3. I deleted from my bookmarks and refuse to let them get a single cent of ad revenue from my views from here on

  16. true. i believe he was just comparing the playing styles of wilshere and our canteranos
    it’s just the insecurity of arsenal fans that they view this as a sign of disrespect rather than a compliment
    if guardiola had said this of scholes(whom people compare wilshere to) or some other player, he would have taken this as a sign of respect that the next generation of barcelona players look up to him
    not the arsenal fans though

  17. We have lost the the faith!!! SO PATHETIC,INIESTA SAYS THIS IS LIKE A FINAL…4 GODZ SAKE THIS IS FC BARCELONA we are talking about,alwayz the best during pressure cooker situation… I REMAIN A CULE TILL A HEN STARTS BARKING!! or a DOG starts ROARING!

  18. News at 10: Football media in over-sensationalising mis-quote scandal shocker.

    Anyone surprised?

    Yes the British footy media can act like a bunch of (expletives deleted) I guess sensationalism sells papers in England… of course the Catalan media are whiter than white no?

    Gotta say I love all the ‘Arsenal fans are all (insert random insult here)’ comments. Generalisations FTW.

    Quite frankly I couldn’t give a proverbial about what Guardiola thinks or has to say about our players. Please note, that’s not an insult levelled his way or an attempt to demean the man, his opinions simply are not very important to me. That said, all those who fail to see why someone might be insulted by an opposing coach comparing one of your starters to his own reserve team players are taking a fairly myopic view IMHO.

    Obviously Jack is in his first season of regular 1st team football for Arsenal and his reputation pales in comparison to Barca’s vaunted midfield. You may well say that it is a simple fact that he would not get anywhere near the first XI at the Nou Camp. Of course I could well say that in a congested midfield at The Grove, packed with footballing luminaries such as Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets and Cesc, Jack was the best player on the pitch and an easy choice for MotM.

    I do find funny the people who accept that Arsenal can afford to play young players because there is no pressure on the coach or the team to win. Some might describe such opinions as condescending and more than a little ignorant. Don’t worry I won’t hold it against you ;).

    While most footballing clichés are about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike, there is one British truism that says ‘if you’re good enough, you’re old enough,’ which in JW19’s case, I believe is more than a little pertinent.

    Your mileage, as ever, may vary.

    1. Thank you for being a polite troll. Polite discussion and debate is always welcome. Not every statement needs a rebuttal, though. We’re mostly blowing off steam until the game 🙂

    2. Thank you for calling me a troll 🙂

      I’m sorry if I posited any unnecessary rebuttals, I was merely commenting on the blog post and some of the general themes in the comments section. If it helps you can assume my tongue was pretty firmly in cheek the whole time.

      I hope it didn’t come across that I had taken offence, lol, believe me when I tell you nothing could be further from the truth! In fact I’ve had far worse from 80yr old grand-mothers when wearing red and white on Tottenham High Rd.

    3. Probably should have said visitor. Get the Tottenham thing. Arsenal is my 2nd team.

      You just gotta realize that we’re as tense as you and allow us to blow off steam,grunt a little, fluff some feathers, and comiserate until game time. After all, this is a Barca blog. I expect that on a gooner blog much the same is happening.

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