The Good, the Bad and the Meh: Barcelona vs Zaragoza LiveBlog + other stuff

Look who’s back, back again, doing something she really shouldn’t be: It’s Kari in all my sinus infection filled glory here to give you a half arsed LiveBlog and some other stuff.

Martians have infected me with a strange virus that is both painful and irritating, but taking precidence over everything, including my whining about my illness, is this poll I have created.

Actually: here is the liveblog with the starting XI. Read the blurb below after:

Starting XI: Valdes – Alves Pique Milito Maxwell – Xavi Mascherano Keita – Pedro Messi Bojan

Barcelona-Zaragoza LiveBlog

For the last two weeks I’ve been trying different videos sites (dailymotion, veoh etc.), but all of them instantly block my videos due to copyright. The last throw of the dice came a couple of days ago in the form of this Freemake thing-y I found when I just about to give up. It’s about 20x faster than what I was previously using and less time consuming (I have to use YouTube again, but they have a “direct upload to Youtube” feature). Problem is, the videos are divided in parts and sometimes one part is “caught” by their copyright scanner thing and basically becomes useless. This “Freemake” business, however, makes it pretty easy to re-upload .

Long story short, I’m fighting a war, where my videos are constantly copyrighted by Canal + (who, I’ve decided, are right bastards. They block videos that aren’t even theirs. Can’t you just let people go about their illegal ways when it doesn’t involve you?) but have found a way to bypass it using this “Freemake” thing, albeit very slowly. Normally I’d just preserve and be lucky my criminal ways have no real repercussions but this sinus infection I have has made me about a million times more irritable, so this whole situation is just a piss-off.

So, vote here:

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. I have had a sinus infection before and it knocked me out for 5 days, so you have all my sympathy, Kari! Major props for running a liveblog while you are suffering.

    Bojan starts! Are you excited? 😀

  2. Welcome back from Mars, Kari! Sorry about the sinus infection. Can’t be at LB today because when games are on ESPN3 we plug my laptop into the TV to view the game.

    I think the lineup looks good. Messi doesn’t get a rest but other important players do. We knew he wouldn’t be rested anyway as he doesn’t know how, Pep doesn’t insist upon it, and he loves to score against Zaragosa. Hope he doesn’t play all 90!

    The bench? Ryan said it best on the last thread, “Hey look, we got impact subs!”

  3. Quick question. Why can I see a new article from SoMa on Pulse on my Zoom but when I come to the official site I don’t see a thing?

    1. My understanding is that she published a draft on accident and almost immediately retracted it. I have no idea why you can see it on Pulse.

    2. On the bright side, that means that eventually we will be treated to some SoMa brilliance!

  4. lineup: Valdés, Alves, Piqué, Milito, Maxwell, Mascherano, Xavi, Keita, Pedro, Messi and Bojan.

  5. Nice win! Keita scores, Bojan gets some minutes, 10 point lead…Only shame is Messi didn’t come off the field.

    I edited this post because most of the information wasn’t really necessary. The poll is the only real important piece of information.

    Let’s hope Racing hold a Thong Boy less EE to some kind of draw.

  6. 3 points won, league lead still intact, nothing more to be said about this game. Seems that the Pepster was not the only one suffering.

  7. I thought we played very well for the most part. Would have been happier with more goals, of course, but Zaragoza played very defensively and it hard to get through that.

    Best game Bojan has played in ages.

  8. Good game, inspired goal keeping from their keeper, great goal Kieta, great assist Messi.

    Messi was too unselfish today 😀

    Now what on earth are we gonna do about the back line on Tuesday? Busi in midfield shoud be non-negotiable….maybe.

  9. Good to have you back Kari.

    If Messi got injured just now on the last attack, I wouldve booked the 1st ticket to Barcelona to confront Pep. What the hell was he thinking? We have the most important match of the season on Tuesday and yet he lets Messi play the full 90mins.

    And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that one-two’s wont work against 9 men standing in the box. Use the space on the right( Alves) and left( nobody Maxwell).

    It really shouldnt have been so nervy if they just play more direct.

  10. Bojan wasn’t as bad as he has been. Yes, this is a case of damning by faint praise.

    It’s just sad the cellar is so low that I can be happy when Bojan plays a game like this.


    1. “i will like to see white girl bleaching…” 😉

      am i the only one who caught that gem from olufestus in the valencia liveblog?

      great goal, atleti.

    2. I don’t get it. But I’m guessing it wouldn’t be a good idea to explain it to me? So don’t.

  12. Sid is the commentator on GolTV (and I’m sure other stations) for the Atleti-Villarreal match. Nice.

  13. Okay, having watched that let the guessing the lineup for Arsenal begin . . .

    LB is the interesting one for me. Did Milito do enough to warrant partnering Puyol ( who will certainly play imo) ? Or will Abidal move into CB. If so will the nod go to Adriano or Maxwell at LB ?

    Certainties for me are Busi, Xavi, Iniesta in midfield and MVP up front. FWIW, I’d play Alves, Puyol, Abidal, Maxwell. Adriano would be better offensively but I don’t think we need both wings attacking to score against Arsenal and Maxwell is the better defender. The absolute necessity is for us to stop them scoring and the way we do that is by hounding them in midfield and not giving them ( especially Fabregas) time to pick passes.

    1. There’s no way Milito will play.

      It’s Puyo-Abidal and if Puyol isn’t fit, it’s Busi-Abidal.

  14. I almost fell asleep in the second half. Important victory which will be forgotten in favour of better and more energetic performances.

  15. Vilanova: “The feeling we have is that all players will be ready for the game on Tuesday.”

  16. There is more possibility of CELINE DION doing a moon-walk than maxwell playing on tuesday

    1. Dunno about that. He’ll probably get the nod. And if we need to be more attacking, Adriano will come in as a sub.

  17. Kari is back!!!! I was wondering where you have dissapeared, and hope you get better. I wouldn’t bother on uploading games because they are being blocked really fast, and if you keep uploading them, they shut down your youtube channel. We have 4 youtube channels lol.

    Btw, we are missing 8 players for tomorrows game, including CR7, Kaka, Lass, Khedira, Arbeloa, Gago and Garay (+Higuain). So there is a big chance we drop points. Lets hope it doesn’t happen (I’m sure im the only one here wishing that).

    1. Maybe Granero will finally get some time, or Canales?!? Anyway good luck *like she really means that*.

    2. Eh? But Di Maria is still in the squad, no? Then it’s probably going to be 0:2 (a penalty and a free kick, all won by “Angel”).

      –As for YouTube, they can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man; I fight for the people! Laws are meant to be broken 😉

      I’ve already got the first half down (minus one part they keep catching. Grrr!) and I’m beginning the second half. Eat it, YT!

      If I get closed down, meh. I’ll just start up a new account…maybe. I think YT hope people will just say “Fudge this, I give up.”, and they were close until I found this “Freemake” video converter thing.

    3. Well, EE draw against Almeria and lost against Osasuna, so there’s small chance to drop points…

      But I’m pessimistic, I think your team we’ll win, Bassam… (and I hope not.. so yes, you are praying alone here, LOL)

    4. We love you Bassam, but yes you are alone in your wishing. *offers virtual cookie*

    5. yummm cookie!

      Well on a positive note, 3 of the Castilla players were called up, with Morata and Alex being one of my favorites. I hope to see one of them play since they have been doing wonders for Castilla lately (8 games unbeaten). With that said, I am readying a “special” knife for Mourinho if he doesn’t play any of them. Castilla have a big game this weekend and it would just be uber lame if he calls them up just to sit there.

      And our struggle has not been in games against the lower teams in La Liga, but rather in away games (you guys know what im talking about). The extra hostile surrounding that is created in away games by a spacial big mouth has been hitting the players hard.

      Formation will probably be:



      Di Maria–Ozil—Benzema


      Canales (if he doesn’t start in place of Granero) will come on as a substitute.

      Congrats on the win today, and best of luck on Tuesday (And i mean this, kick some EPL ass!)

  18. Breaking news from CRAP.COM(GOAL.COM)jack wilshere suffer muscle injury against sunderland,doubtful+song,rvp.theo walcot

    1. I watched that match- Wilshere definitely had a knock to the knee, and Wenger said in the post-match interview that he was going to miss training tomorrow to have it assessed, while Walcott is definitely out for the Champions League match and Fabregas may or may not be fit.

  19. Bleh. Canal Plus blocked that part in the first half again. Guess you guys will have to do without seeing Arsenal and Messi’s (first) goal…

    1. /eyeroll

      The bulk of the action is in the first half anyway. I’m just going to post whatever I have tomorrow.

  20. You know what? If anyone wants to see what I’ve got uploaded, I’ll just leave it below. Some other day I’ll re-upload the missing pieces and post them all in a full blown post, but for now, I’ll just leave this game in the comments. There were some errors during the uploading so everything is all messed up and some parts are shorter than they are supposed to be.

    Sorry for getting some of your hopes up peeps, but I’m just exhausted.

    Barcelona vs Arsenal: Quarterfinal Second Leg; April 6, 2010


    First Half:

    Part 1:
    Part 2: MISSING
    Part 3:
    Part 4:

    Second Half

    Part 1:
    Parts 2 and 3 are missing
    Part 4: Error during uploading, so Messi’s goal is cut. Last moments of the game:

    Post Game:
    + Wenger Post Game interview:

  21. I just read your post about Mourinho’s complaining and Chendo, Bassam. And the comments.

    Make your own RMFB or something!

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