Here at last: Mallorca-Barca Liveblog

Join me for a hastily thrown together LiveBlog. Sorry for the delay–I had a life to attend to—but that’s taken a backseat for the game!


By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. Extreme Barca Fan is always ahead of everyone in the LiveBlog but this cracked me up:

    Extreme barca fan: goallllllllllllllllllll nooooooooooooo

    Hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. No Xavi,No Puyol,No Alves,No Valdes……..No problem.


    Always comes through for us, nice game from Keita and Adriano as well.

    Abidal my MOTM as at times it seem to me he was playing both CB and LB, always saving Maxwell’s bacon.

    1. Fair point, except that Pep keeps playing Maxwell so I know I have an ally in the camp ๐Ÿ™‚

      Seriously, always happy to debate his performance as long as someone gives me some examples. Such as, on 90mins Abidal under no pressure runs the ball into the opponent and loses it then 30 seconds later as a ball comes into the box he passes it to the attacker in front of him. This is our MOTM ? Does anyone even notice all the stuff that goes on around Abidal? A part in both Arsenal goals and the bad pass to Busi that led to the penalty ?

      Again, when was the last time Maxwell looked like costing a goal? Details not waffle please. Damn, didn’t mean to get cranky again especially not after a good performance from the team, including Abidal. . You know how to press my buttons Kari ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. What can I say, Jim? I am a master ๐Ÿ˜‰

      In all honestly, it’s good someone defends Maxwell, because it’s easy to lay all the blame on his feet when there is a defensive mishap (guilty). I don’t think Maxwell playing badly/well means Abidal has to play well/bad. In a ideal world, they’d both play well and that’s what happened today.

    3. Helloooo maxwell less often get things things wrong only because he doesnt get into the game. Compare that with abidal that was at the end of a lot of the opponents attack even more so than pique this gives him a higher percentage of lost balls

    4. Give me some examples as to why Maxwell is so great? You don’t have to be too savvy about soccer to see that Maxwell isn’t someone that has ever stood out as having played a great game. He’s barely looks motivated or excited to be on the field with the best team in the world. He must be some laid back dude. As many have already pointed out, if he gets the ball, he’ll pass the ball backwards 9 out of 10 times. If anything, he is one lucky guy because some one in our midfield seems to always be unable to play for some reason or other and Maxwell gets a start. He also never gets hurt because he barely gets involved. Meh.

    5. Really? Who would you name MOTM?? I would even go as far to say Abidal has been our best player this season. No matter Messi scored 42 goals so far, I believe Abidal has been so consistent playing both CB and LB when called upon.

      This match his simple composure and always timely movements was enough to distraught Mallorca in the 1st half.

    6. See above and please furnish me with examples in the match of when Maxwell put us into as much trouble as those.

      Not sure anybody stood out for me although there were good performances from Pique, Abidal, Maxwell, Iniesta, Keita, Villa and Messi I thought.

      Not so sure about Pinto ( too many punches for me ), Adriano who doesn’t value possession enough and Affellay who I’m still unsure about although it’s far too early to judge him.

    7. The question is more, what can you remember Maxwell doing? He is less than creative or skilled to take the ball and aggressively push it forward. He is a complete known factor and many teams exploit his side of the field because of it. Maxwell offers very little. So far, I’ve given you a few examples of his weaknesses and can’t really think of anything that stands out. All I can say is he less than adequately covers his man and then offers less than expected on offense.

    8. I wouldn’t say Abidal has been our best player this season, but I definitely think he has been the most consistent in giving excellent performances at both CB and LB positions.

  3. Goodbye, Hlebruary! Straightforward win in a stadium that caused us plenty of problems in the past, and without 4 key players!

    —I think this was Adriano’s best performance in the colors. Solid game.

    –Peeento continues to be reliable. With him, Abidal and a semi-resurgent Pique, we look good. But I can’t wait for Puyi to be back!

    –Villa surpasses Ibra’s total goal tally ๐Ÿ˜€

    –Pedro!! needed that goal, but I think he’s injured. He got pretty roughed up during the game and was talking to Cugat (team doctor) on the bench

    –Messi may not be at his mercurial best, but he’s certainly trying hard and I think he was our best offensive player by some distance today. Was always trying to force the issue.

    –Valencia game will be tough. We’ve always had tough games at the Mestalla.

    1. BTW Vj, If having Hleb is our squad for the whole season is equivalent to getting Hlebbed for the whole then how did we manage 08-09 treble?

    2. Silly boy. We Hlebbed them! How else do you explain a 93rd min. goal from Iniesta of all peeps and Granpa Sylvinho putting in the match of his life while being a Granpa?

    3. ^^
      Yes apparently in India, people call you a boy even if you’re pursuing a Masters degree. ‘You address boys as Master don’t you’ the oft-spoken PJ..

    4. Haploid and Diploid thing is confusing. Does the number of chromosomes split into equal haves after the telophase?

    5. Briefly:

      In mitosis, # of chromosomes are stay the same (46). The daughter cells are diploid (2n = 46 chromosomes) and exactly the same as the “parent”

      After meiosis (II), the final product is a haploid (n = 23 chromosomes). The gonads are not the same as the parents–genetic variation.

    6. Note that those chromosome numbers are specific to humans.

      Are you both (EK and Kari) majoring in biology/medicine?

    7. But don’t they split into 4 different cells? If so do all4 have 23 chromosomes? Rather, shouldn’t they have 11.5 chromosomes each?

      This is why I took Applications of Maths/Physics and not Bio/Chem.

    8. In meiosis I there is no replication of DNA, so the 43 chromosomes get separated into two 23 chromosome cells.

      Meiosis II is more like mitosis. For meiosis II, you get the replication of those 23 chromosome cells (as in mitosis), so there is no “loss of chromosome number”. Two 23 chromosome cells come out of each of the previously created 23 chromosome cells. So in total you have four cells with 23.

    9. Yes, each of the four have 23 chromosomes. Or just read what Jose said.

      @Jose, I’m just an all around genius so I dabble here and there ๐Ÿ˜€ (Neuroscience…)

    10. OK, that makes sense thanks Jose and Kari.

      So basically after Meiosis I, thr original cell is split into 2 Diploid cells with 46 chromosomes each. After Meiosis II they seperate into 2 haploid cells meaning all cells have 23 chromosomes!

      @Jose Can’t you see her overflowing all round talent? Best Football Blog’s mod/writer, LB specialist and on top of that she’s into neuroscience !

    11. 1) Not quite.

      So basically after Meiosis I, the original cell is split into 2 Diploid cells with 23 chromosomes each. Their chromosomes are replicated, transiently producing 46 chromosomes in each cell, but each cell now has a different set of chromosomes because of the original cell division in meiosis I. Meiosis II is pretty much just these two cells undergoing mitosis, without subsequent replication. So now they each have 23 chromosomes.

    12. Another neuroscientist, Kari ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a bioengineering background but my research is in neuroscience. To think, I was recently at the uOttawa doing a training program ๐Ÿ˜›

    13. my smart brother went into bioengineering. he wound up w/a masters in business & computer science, ha!

    14. Just got to read your vilarato royal whites post this afternoon. Was an hilarious and wonderful writeup. Looking forward to learning what happens next.

  4. Really gusty performance I thought. Better by Pique, iniesta performed valiantly and Keita was much better creatively than I thought he’d be. That’s what we needed with key players out.

    Remember this is a pretty hot defensive side at home.

    1. Yup.

      And for me Keita was MOTM. Pep said, “Keita was the only one who recovered balls in the first 30 min, he kept us in the game. He has a different profile.”

      I agree with that wholeheartedly. Second half everyone played better, but I thought Keita was the hardest worker and the most consistent throughout the match.

    2. Jnice is back! We missed you. Yes, I thought Keita was awesome, and I have to admit I was hesitant about him staring.

    1. Which IIT are you in again? My grandfather was a professor in Delhi’s IIT and my father studied there as well.

  5. Thank goodness Hlebruary is over. The first part of the game was a little hairy. I thought Adriano looked so much better. Loved to see 3M given some decent time. On to Valencia with Alves and hopefully Xavi.

  6. โฏNice game must say i was apprehensive before the start.
    The goals:
    1-0 the move that led to that looked like a new plan hatched during training
    2-0 welltimed run from villa. goal almost looked comical
    3-0 after the rocket went in, i started wondering who could ve invented it.
    4-0 oh iniesta bumbled it but still 3M!!!
    No cards in this game. Lets welcome march with open armsโฎ

  7. Efficiency: Barcelona scored 3 goals from 4 shots on target #fcblive [via @carles_domenech]

    Via barcastuff

  8. Solid gutsy match without our maestro.

    I really enjoyed watching the Iniesta/Messi connection. Obviously there will never be another Xavi and another Iniesta for that matter, but I can easily see Iniesta fitting nicely into the Xavi role after watching matches like this. Hopefully, Thiago can fit into the Iniesta role with time. Deadly trio for years and years to come.

    I thought everyone put in a solid performance except Adriano. I can’t narrow it down to a MOTM so I’ll borrow hockey’s way of doing things. Three Stars of the Match: Messiniesta & Abidal

    1. I respectfully disagree. Iniesta was good in this match but nowhere near his usual brilliant self. Putting him in the Xavi role stifles his creative play. It makes him play too deep and he can’t drift to the left and create space the way he likes to.

    2. Only on the first viewing, so can’t really comment in depth, but Adriano looked very good today. Iniesta looked average, and totally muffed that perfect Afellay pass that put him in on goal.

  9. Maxwell doesnt put us in trouble cos he doesnt participate as well as abidal.
    I agree that no one stood out in this match though i should add that adriano’s performance was kind of a revelation for me

    1. If you’re a defender you don’t want to “participate”. you’re looking for a quiet night. Maxwell will have had nearly as many touches as Abidal and he didn’t make any of the sort of errors mentioned above. However, if nobody is prepared to furnish any concrete examples we can discuss then let’s leave it to the fantasy world where Maxwell gives away needless corners, gets roasted by Walcott (was he playing last game against Arsenal – oh wait he got taken off) and is frail defensively

    2. I was going to say that there was no way maxwell had anything near as many touches as abidal today but i feel there really is no point to this

    3. I know that you are fond of defending Maxwell against needlesss aggression. As you know, I am a big fan of fairness. But he did get roasted against Walcott, then put on his big boy pants and held his own very nicely. The Walcott sub was tactical (and effective, as it turned out).

      I don’t think that anyone is dissing Maxwell, but I think that balance is required. He was giving away needless corners early in the season, but nipped that tendency in the bud with the same calmness on the ball that all Barca defenders display.

    4. He was giving away corners (apparently) at the beginning of last season, Kxevin, not this. That is how long this claim has been around. I have all three Arsenal games on tape and I’m happy to look at any instances where someone says he was roasted but I didn’t see them ( unless you count the goal in the 1st Emirates game and that was a goal any Barcelona FB would lose because of their high position on the field ( and the sudden loss of possession in the midfield).

      And I’m sorry but people on this blog are dissing him with careless comments about his defensive capabilities although you’re right – it isn’t everyone. . I’m happy to discuss them but so far nobody has pointed out any examples where he has even come close to costing us a goal. I find myself pushed into pointing out Abidal’s weaknesses in detail despite the fact that i think he has had a good season just to try to elicit some concrete examples of this frailty that everyone is seeing but I’m not.

      forget everything I’ve said. Last minute and its 0-0 !!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    5. He almost costed us a goal against Racing first game of the season with that penalty he gave up, although it was outside the box and the dude dove.

      I just don’t like when he gets the ball, looks clueless, then passes it back to the middle. He does that almost every time he touches it.

      He might not cost us goals directly, but the way he gets bullied off the ball or gives loose passes at times when he comes under a bit of pressure annoys me. I don’t see the technical skills people were talking about when we signed him.

      Abidal can pass better, has better feints, and is better at getting forward.

      I want another left back.

    6. I can only throw up my hands. When Puyol returns and our back line is whole, Abidal will return to left back, and Maxwell to the bench. I think that speaks more eloquently about his position than anything else.

    1. Just replying to Jnice as it won’t let me above. First of all, nice to see you back ๐Ÿ™‚

      I think I’ll leave the discussion at this. If the last time he even remotely cost us anything was the first game of the season I’ll settle for that. I’m assuming you saw the errors I referred to that Abidal has made in the last three games alone. The bit where I would agree, and have throughout, is that Maxwell is far too passive and we need to get more from him offensively. He does pass back too often but then I think the whole team is a little too cautious at times. I would also love a younger LB that combines Maxwell’s defense with someone like Bale’s pace and aggression for the longer term.

    2. W O W! He totally owned that goal. I was just starting to wonder what the hell was wrong with Pedro because I can’t understand why he hasn’t been more involved in the last two games. He’s been red hot. Is he not getting passes? Is he not making himself available? Is he hurt? And then he suddenly gets a pass and makes himself quite the goal.

    1. He commented on the last post, saying he was having difficulty accessing internet and was around less because of it.

  10. Wow. Di Maria, you effing diver!!!

    I’m actually a huge fan of Argentina, and I do even like Higuain despite playing for Real Madrid, but this damned actor Di Maria is really pissing me off. Sorry, I just had to say this so drastically. He epitomizes the last thing that I want to see on a football pitch. He’s even worse than CR.

  11. oh my god! how did beczema miss that?

    i took a little nap & i woke up to a 0-0 scoreline. i can’t believe it.

  12. From barcastuff ‘Guardiola asked messi if he wanted to be subbed, messi said no’ hmmmmmm no comments here

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