Caption This! New world, vol. 1


While we’re all waiting for greatness from The Knowledge, here’s something to pass the time. Found it on Twitter, and posted a link before, but it really deserves to be its own Caption This! (Yes it’s Titi, from way back in the day.)

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. Priceless. this picture is too good to need any caption. I think it was also posted on the arsenal offside a while ago.

  2. responding to someone’s question in the previous thread:

    the way i understand it the game against Getafe on Saturday WILL be shown on ESPN2 in Hi-Def at 11AM EST. Spanish television rights are still a bit screwy, but i’m 95% sure that’s going to be the case.

  3. Back then, Iniesta’s sister was practicing to be a hairstylist.

    Today, she is practicing to be a hairstylist.

  4. Take a moment from the mirth and celebrate 3 years of our club supporting UNICEF, to the tune of not only a donation of the most expensive real estate in the cosmos to the cause, but also a donation of at least 1.5m per annum to HIV and Aids-related causes.

    Kinda makes the heart swell a bit, doesn’t it?

    Also, Keita and The Yaya returned today, and took part in training. Yay!

  5. Off-Topic
    Can some body tell how much is Jonathan Soriano bought for?
    I can’t see the point why a 23year old(to be 24 by this month ending) is bought to be played for Barca B! More so because he’s been included in the Champions League squad for the group stage!! Is he a talent to look forward to this year? Will he be given more chances than Oriol or Rochina?
    I don’t think Pep would add some name just for the sake of it if he doesn’t see a talent in the player, but it’s PEP… You never know πŸ˜‰

  6. ….oo-la-la dual tapes!! I’m gonna take this bebe home and dub all my Plastic Bertrand tapes. Sacre-blue! What a signing bonus!! Can it get any better than this??

  7. When asked the alleged Real Madrid’s interest in him, this is what Cesc had to say : “Two or three years ago, there was something. [Real] Madrid and its fans have always been very good to me and for that I will be forever grateful.”
    Even Sergio Aguero, who’s played for Athletico Madrid only for 2 years, said he’d never move to Real Madrid because that would be like betraying the Athletico fans.
    Now, here’s a Catalan, who’s born and brought up in Barcelona, had his roots of football in La Masia and he’s grateful to Madrid for some interest shown by them! Even Figo seems like Jesus when compared to this son of a bitch. If Laporta does buy him back then that would be the dumbest of steps by him by far! Because we already have Iniesta, the ideal player to fill in Xavi’s shoes, who though NOT Catalan is loyal to the club that has given him every thing. Better buy an attacking mid-fielder than [Fabregas], who will never ever be able to make us forget Xavi, after the maestro retires… PLEASE Laporta NO!

  8. Whoa..!! why the hostility towards Cesc Boat Forever? He’s Catalan, he knows better, he was probably in his most formative years as a kids when figo moved, he knows how his people reacted to stuff like this.

    He’s probably just being nice πŸ™‚

  9. So i have to ask what the deal is with Robinho. I am still in barcelona as i am every couple of months to see friends and see a match or two(i’m from southern california) and my friends and the people i have run into seem a bit agitated over the link to Robinho, and i would have to agree. He complained his whole way through Madrid, and has done the same at city and i feel that Barca would never put up with a player with an attitude like his, though his talents are undeniable, does anyone really think the Barca board would seriously consider taking him?!?!?

  10. So i have to ask what the deal is with Robinho. I am still in barcelona as i am every couple of months to see friends and see a match or two(i’m from southern california) and my friends and the people i have run into seem a bit agitated over the link to Robinho, and i would have to agree. He complained his whole way through Madrid, and has done the same at city and i feel that Barca would never put up with a player with an attitude like his, though his talents are undeniable, does anyone really think the Barca board or even PEP would seriously consider taking him?!?!?

    O_O 😯
    Whoa..I only understood after I read all the comments…but seriously I can’t think of any caption ….

  12. Some news:

    -Keita has said that maradona should go and sell newspapers.
    -And Hleb is warning Chiggrstenckyswhatever that he must learn Catalan quickly in order be a sucess at Barcelona.

  13. For the record: Fabregas is an excellent midfielder who, if the club saw fit to sign, I would be all in favor of. If a player decides to leave to further his future and get playing time, that is his prerogative. In terms of being loyal or not, a player’s prinicipal loyalty is to himself.

    Iniesta, were we to offer him a contract that he didn’t believe met his standard, would be (through his agent) broaching the topic of leaving in a Catalan minute. Players are loyal, but only to a certain extent. As I said above, their prinicipal loyalty is to themselves.

    Does this mean that Iniesta loves the club any more or less than Fabregas? No. Emphatically not. Fabregas would be a fool to disdain the best club in the world, and the club that made it possible for him to become a global superstar. If he returned to that club, he would bleed for the colors.

    But that bleeding is, to a certain extent, bought and paid for. Ask yourself, why hasn’t Puyol re-signed for a pile of rocks, his own Penya and a pair of overalls? Because he knows his value, and what he wants with his career. And people are dismissing the words of his agent, saying that he doesn’t speak for Puyol with his rumblings about signings and playing time. He speaks for Puyol. Very clearly, just as The Yaya’s agent did, etc, etc. It’s up to the club to listen.

    This is a business, first and foremost. Players with a limited shelf life have to forge a future as best they can, while they have the time. Right now, Fabregas’ future is with Arsenal. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see his future with us, which would be pretty much the same as the future that drove him away.

    But that could change. And if it does, and the club saw fit to sign him, hooray for us, I say. We would move a greater distance away from every other midfield on the planet.

    Pique went to Manchester United, then returned. Is he “disloyal?” Should we not have considered re-signing him? Absolutely not.

    –On an administrative note, mind the tone of your debate, Boat Forever. Your post has been edited with this in mind. This space has standards, and those standards are fairly but rigorously applied. We all swear a bit, but please ensure that your posts don’t sound like sailors on shore leave. There are women, youngsters and others here. Thanks.

  14. Ethan, none of us get the Robinho thing. Maybe he would change when he arrived. Maybe Guardiola thinks that he can change him. But all that I see is a dressing room toxin who doesn’t understand the value of hard work. If he did, he’d be the best winger in the world right now, instead of a question mark.

    It doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. I’d take Willian over him in about two seconds, for half the price, a brighter future within our system, and none of the aggravation.

  15. Jonathan Soriano was signed on a free transfer. He’s a talent who has yet to reach full potential. He’s still young, at 23, and our nabbing him is considered a coup on the part of Luis Enrique, down in the “B” ranks.

    He’s a product of the Espanyol cantera, and spent some time on loan to other sides. The jury is still out on him, but the price is right. Hard to argue with free.

  16. LOL look at the category this post is filled in….its written under the earlier posts list.


  17. Kxevin, I agree. Willian would be a much better decision and would also fit with our clubs notion of always paying a right price for a player, well besides the Ibra deal, which to be honest had to happen. But it really is unfortunate that little Robinho has yet to grow up, but if Pep would feel he could make that change instead of having him become a toxin in the dressing room, well then “IN PEP WE TRUST”

  18. And another thing, This Whole Fabregas debate that has unfolded is pretty silly, the Catalan people would love to bring him back, and i am positive he would bleed for our colors. AS he is CATALAN, and one has to understand what that means and what it would mean for one to play for their “countries” club. I have no doubt we would have the most undeniable Midfield on the planet, not that i dont already believe with the YAYA, Xavi and Iniesta we already do even with the EE having ronaldo, kaka, and a list of players to choose from for that third spot. VISCA BARCA!!! VISCA CATALUNYA!!!

  19. “a dressing room toxin who doesn’t understand the value of hard work”… about Robinho. I couldn’t agree more Kevin.

    The exhaustive coverage of the EPL in India has allowed me to watch a lot of it just for the love of the game. I’ve seen Robinho play in so many away games and his performances are unacceptably and utterly listless! It’s criminal considering his talent.

    I’d love it if David Silva moved. Love him as a player to bits!

  20. This must be the Henry traveling across universes to kill all other Henrys so that he can be…THE ONE. We should watch out!

    God that was terrible.

  21. @Kxevin
    Last time a player came as a free agent from our bitterest rivals, it turned out to be Luis Enrique πŸ˜› May be he sees himself in that guy πŸ™‚

    I’m really sorry about my words in Fab post, I wanted to post that I’m immediately but had some work. I couldn’t control myself when I saw that quote of him. AND this is no the first time he said similar words. I think he’s a glory-hunter unlike Pique. Pique forced his return from Europe & English Champions when the club was like in its worst phase, winning nothing for 2 years, vote of no confidence, a rookie for a manager, best players shipped out! And he came for only 5million!! I agree with the fact that Pique was not getting much play-time there at ManUtd., but Fergie considered him a huge talent and was about to give him more chances because Ferdianand is no longer at his best… As I see it, Pique’s case is totally different. Fab even said that the board considered Pique is more important to them than him, so he had to leave! I mean what was that!? He whined that he didn’t get to start for national team yesterday! What is he some Riquelme of Spain now!? Every body knew what happened when him & Xavi started in Confed. Cup, they don’t gel much; the connection is totally not there

  22. caption:

    “who said milly vanilly were soft? damn! these guys are the bomb!!” (all with a slight french accent)

  23. Haha, what a great picture! I didn’t even recognize him at first glance πŸ˜€

    For me, the winner is Ahsan, no doubt about that!

  24. Ahsan is so the winner. hahahaha. btw, that picture is my new desktop background.

    poi poi came in second, imo. mostly because i totally loved Milli Vanilli. πŸ™

  25. helge, that is not who you think it is… that’s iniesta before the de-pigmentation and the alopecia πŸ˜‰

  26. I agree with SC. Ahsan wins, unless somebody comes in with something exceptional. That cracks me up.

    –All true, Boat Forever, and no worries about the tone. Just a gentle reminder. πŸ˜€

    I think the biggest reason that Fabregas won’t be coming any time soon is that he’s facing the Spain National Team problem, right on the Camp Nou pitch. He isn’t better than our two starting mids, so he’d be seeing time in Copa, or Champions League early group stages.

    But I still think that at 22, he has plenty of time to become the next Xavi, or Iniesta, or just Fabregas. He was a loss when he went, I think. Imagine having him to call upon now, in this stretch of 7 matches in 22 days.

    He and Pique had different situations, but both left in search of greener pastures. Pique didn’t quite find them at Manchester United, but Fabregas did find his at Arsenal. It happens.

    I just think that it’s a player’s right to do whatever he has to in seeking the situation that will work for him. Fabregas wasn’t going to be playing for us. So he went to Arsenal and became a star. Nothing wrong with that. It’s a problem that we’re going to have in the future, with Assulin, Thiago and Dos Santos all coming to full maturity at about the same time.

  27. I thought that was some guy from BoneyM!!! I then looked at the picture for a little bit longer … it sure is Henry!!!

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