The Perfect Pick-Me-Up to Drown Out Your Sorrows: A BFB Manita Drink

Taken by our very own blitzen!

Reader blitzen has created a BFB Barca Manita drink! If you don’t drink like moi, there is a non-alcoholic version as well. Revel in her awesomeness! She takes over after the jump.

If you are like me, the Barcelona-Arsenal game left you feeling, well, distraught. If you are like me, you might be craving a good, stiff drink right now. Well, I have just the cure for you! Why don’t you make yourself a manita? It’s the soon-to-be worldwide sensation that will make you think of happier days!

You will need:

Pomegranate juice
Blue Curaçao
RED Mascherano (sic) cherries

In a mixing glass, combine grenadine and pomegranate juice in a 2:1 ratio.
Pour into a clean dry cocktail glass and let settle. In another mixing glass  combine tequila and curaçao in a 2:1 ratio.
Take a tablespoon and position it at an angle bottom-side-up in the  cocktail glass with the tip of the spoon touching the side of the glass just above the grenadine layer. Slowly and gently pour the tequila-curaçao  mixture over the back of the spoon, getting as wide a distribution of liquid as possible. It should layer beautifully. If not, drink it anyway and start again.

On a long skewer, alternate pineapple wedges and cherries. Since this is a manita, 5 is a good number. 😀

For a non-alcoholic version you could substitute any blue-coloured pop (soda).

Put on the last El Clasico and lie back and think of Barcelona. 😀

(credit to soccermomof4 (idea/design) and me, blitzen (design/quality control)

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By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. I love this! Underaged here though, so the non-acoholic version for me 🙂

    In other news, barcastuff just tweeted that Villa is receiving special treament for a minor ankle injury, and that he should be back in training tomorrow.

    Could this be why Pep took him off early for Keita? If so, it was probably wise to have him come off. Still think he should have put Mascherano in instead though.

  2. One Thing that I’ve noticed. After the defeat, Some of my friends (Gunners,EEers) were teasing about the loss. Yet, They were certain that we’ll advance 😀

    If They trust our team that much, We should too.

  3. wow! but where do we get that awesome smiley face skewer?

    someone should get started on a flaming drink called the “remuntada!” 😉

  4. Bojan: “But you have to continue to go out and do things, and allow people to approach you. I try to be the Bojan I was before.”

    Noooooo. Can’t he be a better Bojan ?

  5. LOL, I was imagining the drink to be more of a super classly darkish sexy looking rather than one with a sun-smiley face hahahah 😀

    I like the colors of course, blue and red ala Barca 😉

    1. It should only be white when you scroll down below the image. We decided to keep it from distorting by having it stay at the top.

    2. I got a new monitor at work, which is great, but it is really really wide, and now the graphic on this page is squished over to the left. How do I fix that? The main BFB part is still centred.

  6. Hey y’all, Just wanted to post that the garnish is the most important part as it is meant to resemble a senyera (Catalan flag).

    1. Well, me, obviously. I wouldn’t post a recipe I hadn’t personally approved. It tastes good, if a little sweet. You wouldn’t want to drink a lot of them.

    1. BTW have fun with this. My version was basically a Cosmo(sub tequila for vodka) with the garnish. Mine wasn’t layered (Blitzen—can’t believe it works!!! love how you used Mascherano cherries instead of maraschino cerries :-D.)

      Have fun with the recipe- the only non-negotiable is the garnish!

  7. BTW, guys, the mom in me is loving that y’all take seriously not drinking under age (or religious/personal reasons)!

    1. I’m 23 and used to get a lot of flack for not drinking or smoking. I never have. people here are still baffled beyond belief, but most of my friends know and we make jokes about it all the time.

  8. allas14 had a 2 minute video about our passing game against Arsenal that was really amazing but he took it down. I already downloaded it but I wanted to share it with others. Anyone knows why ?

    1. maybe he’s been receiving bad comment on it and his page and other vids?

      i’d have loved to see it, pity i didn’t 🙁
      btw you can also try keepvid fol dload 😀

  9. WooHoo! Manitas all round!

    I should have mentioned that the red and yellow garnish is for the senyera. That was soccermomof4’s original idea.

    For the non-drinkers, grenadine is just pomegranate syrup and contains no alcohol, so you can still use it. You can buy it in most large grocery stores.

    The drink is a little sweet, which is why I mixed plain pomegranate juice in with the grenadine. I tried a 1;1 ratio, but that lowered the density too much.

    I am planning to experiment with a less-sweet version that would have pure curacao on the bottom and tequila/pomegranate juice on top. No grenadine. Not sure the density of the curacao will be high enough, but I’ll let you know.

    Someone with twitter should send this pic to barcastuff! 😀 Just be sure to credit soccermomof4 (idea/design) and me, blitzen (design/quality control).

    Thanks, Kari, for posting this for me!

  10. this made my morning, if you never had an opinion on Wilshere, now just think hes an adorable little lad.

    cesc4official to

    @jack_wilshere can’t believe i had to go to get Messi’s shirt for u. U were so scared. You were MOTM so next time please ask urself!

    1. Aww that’s cute…
      I thought they are only allowed to exchange shirts with one person.

      But how did he get MOtM award? BUsi played better.
      Just because WIlshere was in the winning team doesn’t they have to ignore any outstanding player from the losing team.


  11. wow..just wow

    Although the puritan in me is not so fond of cocktails (me being a whisky man myself)..I am suitably enchanted by the visual representation to give this a shot(as it were)

    Danke schön blitzen 🙂

  12. According to Barcastuff, we are interested in Jan Vertonghen. Now that interests me more than v.d. Wiel rumors. According to my scouts(friends :p ) Vertonghen would be good for us just like Vermaelen. But the latter got away so we are left with the former. Vertonghen is matured. V.d.Wiel still needs some time.

    1. I think it was vicsoc8 who was all about Jan, he’ll be pleased. he’s really good and extremely versatile. he does what we keep saying masch/biscuits should do and can play CB/DM so this rumor makes a ton of sense for Pep’s brand of play.

    2. I’ve been hearing good things about Jan Vertonghen for a couple of seasons now. I too wouldn’t mind seeing him in blaugrana.

      But a left-footed, young, central defender who can also play at DM? Don’t we already have one of those in Fontas?

      Since we’re on the topic of transfer rumors, I wouldn’t mind if the club looked at either Subotic or Mat Hummels of Borussia Dortmund either. They are both young, quite excellent on the ball, and are responsible for Dortmund’s impressive defensive record (13 goals conceded in Bundesliga). Unfortunately with all the hype that team is receiving this season, rightfully so, it might be expensive to pry any of those players away from Germany.

    3. I am a huge Hummels fan and bought him in FIFA 10 (yes I still play FIFA 10) about a year and a half ago..he’s brilliant that kid

    4. while I’ve known about both for a while I hate Subotic (as an American..), but Hummels is a good shout. heres something you probably didn’t know.

      Hummels release clause is 10.8m AMERICANZ DOLLAZ.

    5. You’re right, I woke up this morning and saw that we were associated with Vertonghen and practically jumped out of my seat!

      He is a versatile player who is mainly a CB but can also play DM and possibly even LB if necessary. He is also pretty good on the ball.

      I think he would make a good addition, and if you think about it he won’t truly block any of our promising young players. Add him in and we have Pique, Puyol, Milito, Abidal, and Vertonghen at CB. I imagine that Milito will leave this summer, and with Abidal and Puyol aging there will be plenty of time for both Vertonghen and Fontas/Bartra/Muniesa/Gomez to get playing time over the next couple of years.

      My only concern is his pace. He’s not slow, but he’s certainly no Abidal.

  13. A better option would be to get a left back (unless Adriano steps up) to replace Abidal when he is on CB duty.

    I think it is extremely difficult to find a central defender good enough for Barça who does not mind to be on the bench whenever our first choices are fit. Vertonghen might be good enough, but I haven’t seen enough of Ajax’ games to judge (to be honest I have hardly seen any).

    Don’t forget that Puyol played right back for quite some seasons before he was ready to become lord and master of our defensive line.

    Piqué had the perfect training – groomed at La Masía and hardened in the EPL – even though he didn’t play all that many games, I imagine that having to train daily against a front line of Thong Boy – Rooney – Tevez has helped him to become the player he is today.

    1. And with Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra being one of the best defenses of recent years, and Quieroz renowned as a defense trainer. That United team was really really good. Malaga will probably try buy Milito and maybe Maxwell from us if they stay up lol. I wouldn’t mind if they or Zaragoza also take Lil Bo Peep on loan for a season of playing time.

    2. I agree. Abidal has proven that he is just as good at CB as he is at LB, maybe even better? He isnt getting any younger so putting him in the middle will spare his legs a bit. We can then go get a young, hungry, attacking LB like maybe Coentrao. Alves, Pique, Abidal/Puyol, Coentrao. Not too shabby.

    3. I love the offensive potential that a Coentrao/Alves combination would bring to the table, but what I ultimately like about Abidal at LB is his contribution to the defensive stability of our center-back pairing. When Pique, Puyol, and Abidal are marshaling our back line, I’m less inclined to have a heart attack when the opposing team breaks on the counter.

      Who knows though, maybe the pure, unadulterated, offensive force that would be CoentrAlves would simply negate any need to play defense period.

  14. Haven’t seen much of Coentrao.

    Hilal you live in London, right, so I guess you see a lot of EPL? Is Bale as good as the hype would have us believe? Doesn’t his contract expire in 2011? He can play as a winger also, right? How is he defensively, does he leave us with an Alves sized hole on the left flank? Mmmm…

    1. hey you’ve been going on in the last thread about the pedrito penalty that wasn’t called, do you have a link to the video? I don’t remember any such incident.

    2. Well, I wasn’t going on about it, lol, but I did mention it.

      First of all, let me admit that it was debatable – imo it should have been a penalty, but it would have been a harsh one.

      Do you remember when in the 2nd half Pedro received a long pass, let it bounce into the box and then fell? The Arsenal defender actually shoved him down, wrapping his left arm and hand around Pedrito

      Looking for the link right now, it was on the EMD website….yup, here you go, at 1min45 of the….. arrrrgh video removed due to copyright! sorry…

    3. The only thing I remember about the play isn’t the shove, but the Pedro handball.

      I remember Pedro slowing down, and then him handballing. Was he shoved? Don’t remember that much..

    4. Really another mystery as to why it wasn’t called. Im sure the 4th offical, the linesman saw that.
      Another one was the Arshavin hand-ball. BUt this was a lighter offence as it was an accident and it wouldn’t effect anything cause Alves was behind him.

      You know, Im pretty sure in Alves’ first season here he would’ve gone down after the challenge from the GK in the dying minutes but he stayed up and tried to get the ball. He could’ve definitely milked a penalty out of it. Kudos to him for stopping his antics.

    5. mmm i did not see the handball, but the shove was very clear (in replay). Anyway, it doesn’t change anything about the game – what happened, happened. I do think we are due for some luck, though, bc in the CL this is the one thing which has abandoned us so far.

    6. No way in living daylights is that a penalty. That another bad play from Pedro who should have held off his defender and waited for a player to arrive. Instead he fell down way to easily. No way that’s a penalty.

    7. yeah it would have been a soft penalty – then again you are allowed to push somebody off of the ball with your shoulders, not with your arm and hand. anyway, it is not important.

    8. He’s rather impressive. He’s a LB but they’ve been using him as a winger. There’s that versatility that we like.

    9. I do live in London and I do watch a lot of EPL and Bale IMO is nowhere near as good as the hype surrounding him. HE is fast and can cross, thats about it. I have seen him play a lot and he has dissapointed me more often than impressing me. He needs space to thrive, something he would get very little of at Barca, the way most opponents play against us. He is perfect for a counter attacking team and he is very direct.

      He is young though so could certainly improve, but not worth even half of what he would cost. Coentrao would be better and cheaper. Things like first touch and ability on the ball make him a better choice over Bale. Bale is probably quicker though.

  15. From Bojan’s latest interview:

    “there’s a special person for me and that’s Andres Iniesta, I can get things off my chest with him at any time.”

    Awwww, Bobo! I am really not the motherly type, but this makes me want to give him a big hug.

  16. Hey Blitz,
    Just had an idea for the sweetness problem. Go heavy on the blau and light on the grana. Do you think it could be done over ice?

    1. Oh, and no it definitely cannot be done over ice. The ice would break the surface tension and everything would seep.

  17. We all know that Puyol-Pique is the first CB pairing.
    And secondly, Abidal-Puyol.Pique.
    Would you guys rather promote FOntas or buy Vertonghen and use him as a 4th CB?

    My choice would be to groom Fontas.
    What’s yours and state the reasons..

    1. I think Fontas has more pace, if we think about a future without Puyi and King Eric, then pace is surely an issue as Pique is surely not the fastest. So I would prefer Fontas

    2. I honestly don’t think buying a new central defender and promoting Fontas are mutually exclusive. If you look our long term situation at center back age becomes a huge factor. Puyol is 32, and while he is probably still the best center back on the team, I have to wonder how long that will last. How many more years can he start every game he is healthy for? Another year? yes. But how about another 2 years? Another 3 years? I hope he can emulate Maldini at the end of his career, but it’s not something I expect.

      Abidal is 31 but looks to have some years left in his legs. The question here is should he be converted to a full time center back? He’s the best left back we have, so if he is converted a new left back would be needed.

      Milito is probably out next summer.

      So Pique is the only young defender in the first team. If Fontas is promoted and a young center back is brought in they would probably see limited time next year. This would be an adaptation time anyway, so it isn’t a total loss. As time goes on they would see more minutes as Puyol and Abidal are able to play less minutes.

      It’s going to be tough to transition to a defense without Puyol, and I’d rather the transition started slowly early on so it isn’t so abrupt.

      On another note, I think we’ll see the purchase of either a center back or a left back this summer. I think the decision will be made largely based on who is available and at what price. Interestingly it’s Abidal who gives the club this flexibility, as he can play effectively at left back or center back.

    3. I will repeat myself, but I prefer to get a left back and promote Fontas which will give him 2/3 seasons to integrate in the team. If we can get Vertonghen at a good price we could consider it, but it would still leave us with a problem at left back were Abidal to get injured.

      Also I don’t see the advantage of Vertonghen being able to play at DM. The holding midfield position is possibly the hardest one – look at the trouble sMasch is having to gains Pep’s trust and know that Vertonghen is no Mascherano. Besides with Busi and Javier we got this position well covered.

      No way will Puyol keep playing as long as Maldini has, our style of football make that impossible. Milan’s defense played a lot deeper, with a lot less pressing – as good as Maldini is, had he played for Barça he would have ended up a regular 3rd degree burn victim five seasons ago already.

    4. “I honestly don’t think buying a new central defender and promoting Fontas are mutually exclusive.”

      It shouldn’t be but there are some variables (besides price and availability):

      – budget available
      – other needs and their degree of priority (potential injuries)
      – order/timeline other transfer(s) get materialized
      – Pep’s insistence on ‘short’ roster

      I personally would put premium on familiarity with the system, league and/or language, passing ability, height and pace (in that particular order).

  18. hilal, thnx for your reply.

    I have not seen Coentrao play. Maxwell was a very decent 2nd choice left back last year, but he has been quite disappointing this season.
    His apparently diminished attacking skills no longer make up for his defensive frailty.

    Also makes you wonder why we bought Adriano, if it is just to sit on the bench. I strongly dislike when we take players from other Liga teams and then don’t play them. It weakens the Liga as a whole without making us better.

    1. Still waiting to hear about where the defensive frailty has shown itself. . . . .

      Agreed on the offensive side.

    2. His offensive weaknesses are the reason that I’ve been disappointed in him. We need fullbacks with some pace and a decent offensive skill set, since they are our main source of width.

  19. Hahaha, the manita drink looks great! I don’t know how it tastes, but I’ll keep the recipe for the next time my friends come home to watch a match.

    Thaks for the idea, the quality control (important!) ant the posting. I love this blog!

    (but blitzen, the sun has got the Spanish flag all over! :P)

    1. Yeees, the senyera I know well, it’s ‘fruity’ and down the skewer, isn’t it?

      But every sunbeam displays a Spanish flag! (ok, ok, let’s say they are pieces of a big senyera 🙂 )

    2. Well I could have used the yellow star(fish) decal. It has 5 points. But I liked the stripes.

      If there is no crest, it’s not a Spanish flag. So there.

  20. Very clever of you Blitzen. Ideally mine would be of the non-alcoholic variety with a heaping scoop of whey protein powder included and as for the garnishment a fine procurement of thinly sliced ‘pata negra’ jamon serrano. Que rico!

  21. Blitzen, you are a genius and after a long work trip this week, I can raise a glass to you, to the team, to faithful fans who needed to vent and then to the future.

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