CL Liveblog: Arsenal-Barça

It’s on now, folks. Kari is here with an exeception liveblog that come straight from the depths of her cule heart. Fill up yer cups and enjoy the spectacle. There are no prisoners today and no time for thinking about the words that come out of your mouth: The Emirates is about to get hijacked, y’all!

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Worst player on our team: PEDRO. Offensively AWE-FU-LL! Lost ball after ball after ball after ball. He should have been subbed off instead of Villa.

    Sigh, I need to avoid internet for a while. Tomorrow everyone’s gonna annoy me, yay!

  2. Why do we always switch off after taking the lead? Happened THRICE now in KOs, four times if you count FCK..

    Aargh!! Still shocked!! You could’ve seen it coming!!!

  3. Positives first: we have the away goal, the next leg is in March (aka not Hlebruary), and we have Puyol back.

    Now that’s over…ugh, what a match. We’re lucky to escape with a 1-2 loss. People have said it, but the team was just off today. Idk what it was, but our passing was just sub-par. Idk if it was motivation, exhaustion, whatever, but we were just off.

    Maxwell cannot start the next leg. Period. I’d rather have Fontas or SMasch at CB to allow King Eric to be at LB.

    Totally did not agree with Pep’s substitutions. Maybe I missed an injury, but why did he yank Villa off so early? I would have rather seen Villa stay in until the 75-80 min mark, and then bring Keita in (if necessary). Why give up on the hunt for a second goal so early?

  4. Wow. Somehow the second half this time managed to disgust me even more than last year’s. What a poor showing; what’s up with everyone packing up at halftime? We just quit playing. I was a little confused at why we started lobbing deep passes the entire second half. BTW Maxwell AND Alves were atrocious. First half: there breaks were caused by a Maxwell back pass directly to Walcot, a weak Alves back pass, another weak Alves back pass, and P! squaring the ball in the box to no one. Second half: ……. P! kept getting out-muscled and out-hustled(!?) every time Alves laid a pass to him. Keita failed to control the game. I saw Villa’s substitution as an abandoning of our principle and the final confirmation that we were done with our interest in this game. Meanwhile, Arsenal pours on the attackers, making their defense ripe for the picking. This just makes me sick. I have no doubt we can win the second leg, and easily, but this was embarrassing. I knew we would blow our first CL win, but didn’t count on us shutting down so early. Bring on another Remuntada that should never have had to be.

  5. Also, what was up with the subs? Adriano and Keita for Villa and Iniesta? Why not Mascherano for Pedro?

  6. We’ve seen this team underperform against lower opposition before, but in the CL round of 16? I don’t think I’m alone in saying I didn’t expect this kind of effort. There were some standout performances, but others had some of their worst games of the season too. Shades of Inter @ San Siro.

    This loss feels so bad, one might almost forget that there’s still a 2nd leg to be played! Hope we can build off this loss and come through in several weeks time.

  7. Where was Busi in the second half? I’m a little confused as to why he did all his defending on Alves’ wing and left the center of the field completely clear the entire half.

    1. hopefully not capellinni as well. sticks to the fork more suitably after typical overcooking by non-Italians.

  8. Reminded me of last year against Stuttgart. We were also very awful in this game and turned it around in the 2nd leg. But I do not knwo what to do: should we rest Messi on saturday and risk loosing points? Argh, I am so angry that they did throw away our lead like that, it is not believable.

  9. Pep’s substitutions didn’t make sense. We needed someone in the midfield (Mascherano), and Pedro should’ve gone out.

    1. We needed P! for the hustling and pressuring.
      P! can last longer although Villa wasn’t tired at all.
      If Pep took Villa off for sMasch I wouldn’t mind but not for Keita.

  10. I could list a whole bunch of excuses, but in the end it shouldn’t have mattered. The result was fine, the performance wasn’t.

    Let’s get ’em in Barcelona!

  11. I said this last year too after the draw at the EMirates.
    Our mental strength is not as strong as Madrid’s.
    Notice how Madrid always find a way to come back while we always lose the lead…

    Anyways, if we put 5 in the return leg, all this will be worth it.
    But please Pep, next time play sMasch in England!

  12. Congrats to Arsenal. They played us better than anybody has this season.

    few points

    1a. Messi’s goal – does anybody know why it was disallowed? Foul? Handball? Bad breath?

    1b. I understand once in a while we have the ref against us, but this could be the 2nd year in a row that ref’s make crucial errors against us in CL. Last year at the Emirates they gave Fabregas a very debatable penalty (it was he who kicked Puyol, not the other way round), followed by an Milito’s offside goal. Today Messi had a goal disallowed, Pedro was manhandled off of the ball in the penalty area (debatable, I know) and whoever headed the ball in Alves’ path handled it (pretty much impossible to see from the ref’s angle, I know)

    2. Be that as it may, we have ourselves to blame. Messi and Pedro missing golden opportunities in the first half. Letting Arsenal dictate the game in the 2nd half.

    3. Credit to Arsenal, they played extremely well.

    4a. Xavi would have been king today.

    4b. Abidal also, although he might be partly at fault for the 2nd goal, being that he was the closest to Arshavin. Might need to see it again before I judge, though.

    5. Say about Villa what you want, but for all his missed chances this season he always scores in the big matches or the ones against former teams where we absolutely need a goal and nobody seems to make anything happen.

    6. Pep outfoxed. Although I understood the reasoning behind it, I did not agree with bringing on Keita for Villa (thought Keita was poor, btw). WTF at bringing on Adriano for Iniesta.

    7. RvP. What a goal.

    8. What a game. We need to step up in Camp Nou.

    1. 1b. bad breath?:lol: . It was Arshavin. It was such a clear handball. They should put a referee on both sides of the goal post.

      5. Villa is a big game player! Somebody suggested it before as well.

      6. sMasch!!!!

      7. It was VV’s fault.

      8. We will definitely win big in Camp Nou

    2. Arguing about the ref’s decisions against us will only enrage teams in the opposition, counting non-Gooners. What was done is done, but whether or not we should have been given a penalty/extra allowed goal, the credit still goes to Arsenal, and I salute them for the win.

      For the rest of it I agree with all your points. If I were Pep I’d have gambled Villa for the remainder of the game, because he shines when the rest of the team usually don’t.

      The second was line Xavi vs Arsenal. Seeing Barca like that when I’m not yet too used to February kinda sucks, but that’s life, Barcelona loses.

  13. Terrible terrible second half. Messi worst player on the pitch and by some good distance too. He was visibly tired and only a tired Messi can miss chances like those two. Abidal, Busquets, and Xavi our best players. I didn’t understand the subs at all. Why not take Iniesta out earlier to put some muscles in midfield? Why even keep Messi when it was clearly not his day?
    I fear tie may well be over. Guardiola has never won a knockout series after losing the first game. It’s disappointing but let’s do justice to Arsenal who threw themselves at us for the entirety of the second half.

    1. Um, no way Messi was the worst player. He played well in the first half, only missed the good chance at the start. Otherwise, he made good passes was OK generally.

      Pedro on the other hand was just terrible both halves. Lost ball after ball after ball. So many times we would find space towards Alves only for Pedro to lose the ball. He wasn’t even tight with the ball. What was with that easy “fall” in Arsenal’s area?! He should have kept the ball and waited for someone to come. I could go on…

    2. Don’t tell me that Messi was worse than Maxwell or P!
      Messi was not just good in the 1st half, he was good in the beginning of the 2nd half too.

    3. At least Maxwell, though poor, looked interested. Messi just stopped moving. Ok I get it he was tired, but he should then be man enough to tell to his coach that he needs a break. Is that so hard? If in 3 weeks we play the same way we will go out, and that’s the end of it.

  14. Pep (on TV) saying we played better than last year (???)
    And Maxwell afirming that we had a very good game, controlling until min. 80.

    1. The team didn’t actually play like shit just certain players i.e Messi.

      Those internationals really burned us out I assume but seriously I saw the drop coming when we played against Athelico Madrid just i brushed it off as slow pace win….I can’t wait for the team to get a full weeks rest to recover/

  15. why is barcastuff stuck on this for me?:
    “Barcelona have won all 17 league and CL matches in which Messi, Villa and Pedro have all three started this season”

    where’s pep’s esplanation for all this?

  16. two hand balls in the box by arsenal. still, we played like shit….and part of that is because arsenal played very well. i still would put money on us going through.

    1. just want to mention again the two hand balls in the box. by arsenal. in their box. fuddgggggeeeeeee

    2. We didbn’t play like shit.
      It’s like Pep instructed them to take it easy after he took Villa off.

    3. I do not agree. We were shit because we did not put effort into it not because of Arsenal: not running, not defending and missig chances has nothing to do with Arsenal it was all our complecency / tiredness. Arsenal were not really that good. We did loose this.

  17. I was hoping Affelay was coming on for Villa when I saw the substitution but when I saw Keita it was obvious that the team was tired and need more legs in midfield the only problem was that we started to pass the ball around disinterested for anymore goals while Arsenal knew there was still a game to play for.

    It kinda felt like Inter away all over again….Hope Arsenal come out to play like they did 2day in the 2nd leg.

    1. Wow now looking at our fixture list we have one hell of tough away La Liga games coming up..Away to both Mallorca and Valencia back to back but at least maybe we can rest a few versus Zaragoza before the Arsenal game..

    2. It did feel to me as well just like the Inter game. We take the lead and still we allow Arsenal to counterattack us. Seriously. Shouldn’t that be the reverse? Bizarre game, mainly to the fact that we in the first half and a couple of times in the second half missed chances to make it 0-2, and duly Arsenal took advantage of it. I have a bad feeling about this.

  18. Terrible game as a whole. Messi forgave on 3 occasions Iniesta was totally absent and the entire back line on the second goal lost concentration. And Valdes got beat to the first post. Great game by Arsenal they were consistent and worked very hard, credit to them.

    All that said a 2-1 loss away in a 2 leggegd affair is not too bad. We have to put this to rest at home with sheer footballing force.

  19. Pep: You bring off Villa for a midfielder, and we start losing the battle of midfield. unacceptable.
    VV: Unexcusable mistake! that was the worst big of goaltending ever.
    Maxwell: Honestly, nothing I can say. you are bad.
    Abidal: we miss you at LB.
    Pique: Lackidaisical all the time, and lacking. just falling asleep out there.
    Alves: You had a great game, per usual.
    Xavi: Amazing
    Iniesta: What happened? You were ghostly.
    Messi: the worst match I’ve seen you play professionally. you need to slot home your shots, and you lost the ball in the box leading to the second goal.
    Villa: Well played, lucky you scored you shot straight into the keeper.
    Pedro: ugh.

    Now the one huge thing was Wilshere. I like him, always have. was uncertain he’d perform. he was amazing.. but I don’t know how he’ll react in the second leg in such a hostile environment. Song I don’t know how he stayed on the pitch. Walcott was subdued. they scored a typical counter attacking goal like their one this weekend vs. Wolves.

    anything else?

    1. Pique was immense at the back. You guys need to stop criticizing Pique.
      He hardly made any mistakes. I really don’t get it.
      What does the guy gotta do to get some credits here.
      Pique and Alves often don’t get recognized here.

      Btw, Villa wasn’t lucky. If you looked at the replay, you could see where he was aiming.

    2. Pique wasn’t great today, barca96. I mean just compare him with himself lets say 2 years ago. He was great vs Drogba.

    3. Pique was just standing around for the whole RVP goal. Then was standing around in front of VV on the second goal. what was he trying to accomplish besides shielding VV and making it impossible to see?

    4. Fair enough with the shielding bit, but VV really should have had his near post covered. It’s the same thing that happened in the Espanyol – EE game.

    5. Villa lucky? Slotted it between his legs, just like he has done on countless other occasions. Great finish.

      Messi was a goal away from having a good match (meaning that were it not for the ref, he would have had a good match). Not great, but not bad either.

    6. Haters gon’ hate…

      Messi had a match similar to some matches in the WC.
      Like you said Lev, just a goal away to be good.

    7. haters? yes we’re cleary Messi haters here. Messi wasn’t Messi today. even if he scored he’d have had a bad match, like a few weeks back he was bad and slotted home two.

      don’t criticize my knowledge of the game, he wasn’t very good. a lot of this was due in part to tiredness.

    8. Agree. Villa is a master at slotting the ball between a keeper’s legs. He did it to Casillas in the Clasico and countless other times in his career.

  20. Well played to both teams, a good advert for football.
    Arsenal just about deserved it based on the second half performance, maybe the best of the season. RVP and Djourou were outstanding imo.
    But Barca played some fantastic football also in the first half.
    Messi looked strangely tired to me (?).

    It will be close in the second leg, but you are still the slight favourites.
    Best of luck to both sides at the Camp Nou. Who dares Wins.

    1. “Messi looked strangely tired to me (?)”

      Yeah, it was odd. Then again, he is playing way more minutes than he needs to, and it’s starting to show.

  21. Luckily, we should get three midweek breaks leading up to the return leg.

    The players need to get rest. NAO.

  22. Also – last thing we should do is blame the refs. We lost it on our own. No need to invite the refs to partake in that.

    1. WE can certainly blame the refs for disallowing Messi’s goal. It was onside as the replay showed.

    2. That’s fair. But, you can’t blame the ref for the team completely sleeping through the second half. Unfortunately, refs are humans, and they make mistakes. I’m not excusing the mistake, nor am I negating its importance. However, that disallowed goal shouldn’t have prevented us from scoring more.

      Every team faces adversity. Great ones overcome it.

  23. did arshavin get a yellow card for lifting his shirt like messi did? not to be sour grapes,,,,i think its a valid question. i dont think he should, but i dont think messi should have either.

    1. They are, its a yellow for shirt removal I believe. Same with in England.

      Last year in the qualifiers Vukcevic was booked for taking his shirt off…his second yellow.

      And two years ago Iniesta in the semifinals.. 🙂

  24. In a game like this you see how valuable Puyi is, never ever would he have allowed that everybody switched off like that, he would have screamed, pushed everybody, going forward,… Puyi please come back!!!!

  25. All credit to Arsenal for that 2nd half performance. Still, can’t hide my disappointment in the collective team effort. Which was almost nonexistent for half the match?

    We should have put this tie to bed with two goals in the first half. But alas, complacency gets the best of this team again in the CL (of all places and times).

    2nd leg should be an ABSOLUTE CRACKER, however. Whatever the outcome. Can’t wait already.

    Also, was anybody else having trouble with streams for today’s match? I had to switch at least three times because the connection would just stop and the stream would freeze.

    1. Lots of Veetle links in particular were being shut down due to copyright infringement or whatever.

    2. We were still dominant in the first half of the 2nd half.
      It was just the last 20 mins or so. Oh so similar to last season.

      Madrid would’ve definitely found a way of clawing back. Just saying..
      THat is one thing we always lacked, mental strength and complacency that leads to throwing leads away.

  26. This is two years straight Max has been on walkabout while we get countered (humped) on the break.Inter away.Now @ the Emirates.Also Why does he give away the ball so much? In addition, it would be nice if we had a back up CB that would threaten Gerard’s place, I honestly feel hes getting complacent.Im gonna stop short of cussing shakira, but come on man, get your head screwed back on.

    1. Mmmm a lot of people saying Piqué had a bad game, but I didn’t think he did. Could be mistaken, don’t know if I could stand watching it again. I do agree that we need a back up CB to a) keep Piqué sharp and b) not have to rely on Maxwell whenever Abidal plays at CB – although that is what we got Adriano for. Mmm.

    2. I dont think he had a bad game, but he falls asleep a tad too much now, though that could arguably be down to not having puyi in his ear the last few games.

  27. Totaly worn out as a team, especially Messi and Iniesta.
    And what the hell does a player like Maxwell in the best team of the world?

  28. All credit to Arsenal for their come back. An ok match for me, not great as both the teams were not exactly playing great.

    I have to say this rarely but i think Pep missed it tonight. Our second half was as bad as i have seen and his substitutions were not on the money at all. On other hand, Arsenal always believed in themselves and gave a good account.

    Overall, the tie is finely balanced. Sadly this was opportunity missed.

  29. BTW, Taking off Villa meant Djourou and Kolxyzpfft could just step right up into midfield overloading it.Villa for ibi, masch for any one of Andres or MAx would have done wonders mo.I feel like shit.

  30. I do not agree that Arsenal were that good, we did bring them back into this much with our lucklustre performance and that is what really makes me angry.

    It is okay for me if we loose because the other team was better but I get so f*** up when we just give a lead away without any need.

    1. I agree with you, yes…
      I give a credit to Arsenal for played their hearts out entire game…
      unlike us, slept in the last 20 minutes or so…

      but a lost like this is just leave a bad taste in my mouth…

      Barça weren’t outclassed whatsoever, we played bad…
      we could definitely win, definitely, if we just played well for the whole 90 minutes and finish those chances,

      that’s what frustrates me…

  31. Good game today….by Arsenal.

    VV—there’s that near post that must be guarded
    Pique—can we bring up Fontas and play him until Pique realizes that he makes millions to play this game, not to ooooh moc moc w/ Shakira
    Maxwell — we feared this, but we hoped
    the good guys= Xavi, Alves, Busi, Abidal, Villa wasn’t awful

  32. Depressing week for me.. just depressing… nothing right going since last Saturday..every two days i have something new to bear with.. i hope it ends with this loss… by the way.. Kari I wasn’t able to post comments on the live blog.. none of my comments were published…

    Now there is only one way to go.. and that’s up…

    1. Sorry, my internet died and streams were turning off like us in the second half.

      My apologies and that goes for everyone else I missed. Sorry.

  33. Whatever dudes.

    I’m off re-watch Barca 5-0 EE in a dark room with ice cream. And reminisce about the good times. #ClassicCuleOverreaction

  34. Xavi: It’s like a deja-vu, but worse because we come back with an (undeserved) defeat. We have been superior but haven’t been able to close the match like we should have done.

    Pep (answering a reporter asking about Maxwell): Maxwell’s had an impecable match, he never got burned.

    1. Reverse psychology at its best.

      I think it’s necessary for the team to stick together in public (with everyone going crazy because we lost), but privately, I bet they’ve gotten a good talking to. Especially Maxwell.

    2. I have the feeling that Pep’s face said it all. His half smile was only in his lips, his eyes were sad.

    3. Yeah, definitely agree with you. No way the team can think it deserved to win. Arsenal simply wanted it more.

      And Max…smh. Does it say something that I was having heart attacks from the get-go that coincided with Maxwell receiving the ball?

  35. I dont mind losing but God if we’re gonna lose can we at least look poor like we have not a chance? I hate when we’re smooth sailing then self destruct.It hurts much more.Anyway, we just need to win by two goals @ home but our “defending” worries me.Id seriously play :

    Abidal-Puyol-Fontas-Alves than suffer Maxwell’s shit giveaways again.Again.And again.

    1. I agree. The “self destruction” accurately describes the match. The result was more of our own failure than their success. I’m not trying to not give Arsenal credit but they really were at their best during the first 15 mins.

    2. Come on, man. That just makes us look like sore losers. Yeah, sure, we shot ourselves in the foot. However, they took advantage of it. Full credit to them.

    3. “self-destruction”… yes, this is exactly the words I’m looking for…

      but again, credit to Arsenal…

  36. It is really strange: on the one hand I can hardly remember a game where we were really that bad (maybe against Hercules) but nevertheless we took the lead and had chances to finish it off, so what make of that? I mean we were really, really bad but could have won this game.

  37. Cesc: We felt better than last year. This time we didn’t have so many injuries, and we are a year older. 23, 24, 25, 26, the best age.

    Van Persie: I don’t know how I scored. I’ll have to watch it again!

    (please take all this with a pinch of salt; they mitght not be the exact words!)

  38. Maxwell wasn’t that bad as people are saying here. Both the goals came after Walcott was subbed off. He did fine in the first half but like everyone he switched off during the second one.

    1. Yeah, I think so too, I was a collective sleep, apart from Xavi and Busquets. I think at least in defence Maxwell was not too bad. It was the whole team that lost this game.

  39. If you ask my opinion, the ones who let down were Iniesta and Pedro.

    Iniesta? Hallo? Were you on the pitch?

    Pedro, I’ve already said enough. His worst match in a while.

  40. And Pep has to put his food down with regards to Messis playing time: why does he have to play in a friendly fo 90 minutes, why in the copa?

  41. New poster but regular reader – had to register just to say Dani Alves is useless. Both Arsenal goals came down our right when he was AWOL & I almost smashed my TV in when Arshavin scored. I will have nightmares about Alves gently trotting back whilst Arshavin burns past him & then simply turning around & walking away when the ball went in.

    Sign your contract or leave. Now.

    1. Whoa dude. Alves was excellent offensively. A lot flowed through him, but his attacking partner – Pedro let him down way too many times.

    2. I wonder if playing Alves and Maxwell on the flanks was such a good idea? Of course hindsight is 20/20, but when we have three natural CBs in the back-line in some combination of Pique, Puyol, Abidal or Millito, there just seems to be a lot more defensive stability all around.

      Was Millito ready to play this match however? Or could Masch have effectively occupied a spot in the middle to move Abidal over back to LB in place of Maxwell? We can only speculate.

      I guess ultimately, regardless of whoever is in defense, when the tiki-taka isn’t in full effect we’re going to be in danger of conceding.

      On a brighter personal note, maybe this loss is a good excuse to avoid footy websites for the next couple of days and concentrate on my thesis instead.

    3. if you look at the average position charts alves was farther up the pithc thah ANYONE except maybe one other player. face it, he’s not a true defender, the assumption is that he will be pushed forward and cant get back to defend every time. that is just they way we play and the way he is instructed to do so by Pep. alves was great today, very active.

  42. OK, I’m going to be positive (just to stop being depressed): It’s not the end of the world, it’s just one match lost, the team was all Barça at the end of the 1st half, it just need to be all Barça the whole 90 minutes, easy!


    1. If we win 1-0, we’re through.Any score with us wining by 2 goals puts us through.2-1 sends it to extra time and any score where arsenal scores more than 1 and lose by only one goal puts them through.

    2. No, we have to score or else we’re out.


      1-0 and we’re through

      2-1 and we go to extra time and penalties

      3-2 or 4-3 and we’re out.

      Any draw or loss and we’re out

      Any win by more than one goal for us and we’re through

  43. Nights like these are one of the reasons no one on earth should take this sport for granted. The two teams that play beautiful football like no other did not dissapoint tonight.

    We started off well but its not how you start its how you finish. Barca were not bad tonight at all. I understand the frustraion in a lot of you ’cause well, Barca played well and should of won. Walcott should of passed to Nasri on that break in the first half and as i saw chances being blown, i though it would be “one of those nights” for us. Who would of though that a 19 year old Wilshere would be man of the match for Arsenal? I sure as heck didnt think that would happen. The fighting spirit we showed and the never give up attitude is always important in any team and im happy we showed that tonight, it is the main reason we won.

    Barca got tired, you saw it in the players. I dont think you guys should blame any of your players ’cause when fatigue hits, it really is hard to continue. Barcelona players are amazing but are also human, never forget that. We finally had a full Arsenal squad bar Sagna due to suspension, going up againts the best in the world so that helped us a lot. Van persie is very important to us when he is fit, with him in the starting 11 we play totally different, you put Nikki or Chamakh instead of Van persie and we dont play as good.

    Arsenal were not amazing but we did good and i think now after this win, we have that belief in us that its not mission impossible when we play Barca and that if we give it our all the full 90 minutes, we can beat the best in the world. I appreciate you guys giving us credit for the win, it means a lot to us Arsenal fans beating a team thats in there golden generation at the moment.

    Remember that there is a second leg at Nou Camp so dont lose faith in your team. I know that we have a full squad now and we have a lot of confidence, but that is going to make it a better game for us fans. I hope we win in the second leg, nothing is promised at the moment, if we lose at least we can say we went out to the best team in the world.

    1. thanks for the classy comment. it’s only half time and the second half is in our stadium, so it still an uphill battle for arsenal…we barca fans wish that the world could have seen us at our best…we were far from it,,,,part of that has to do with arsenal….part of it is just ….well, you are boudn to have some off days. really we were lacking a lot of polish today.

    2. Classy response. Thanks for that Chris. Full credit to you and your team. You guys showed a lot of heart and determination out there tonight.

    3. Good words. Wilshere was a revelation – knew he was good, but to control play in that manner as he did against Barcelona at 19 is very impressive to say the least.

  44. excuse me, but I have to let it out… I feel like my chest is gonna blow…

    I’m sooo PISSED OFF… great 1st half turns into NIGHTMARE in the 2nd half, again…

    I guess Barça players and Pep were packing and go home at the half time, eh??

    I love you, Pep… but I literally wants to scream histerically to you…


    my good GOD, what the hell happen in the last minutes of 2nd half??
    where is Smasch? I want Smasch!!

    and please, do not mention “his” name a.k.a TOWANEM again for at least 3 weeks from now…

    *breathe in* *breathe out*

    sorry, I’m saving my rational and calm comments for later…. smh… *facepalming*

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