CL Liveblog: Arsenal-Barça

It’s on now, folks. Kari is here with an exeception liveblog that come straight from the depths of her cule heart. Fill up yer cups and enjoy the spectacle. There are no prisoners today and no time for thinking about the words that come out of your mouth: The Emirates is about to get hijacked, y’all!

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


    1. no ye olde pube for me. friend couldn’t get day off from work. how you didn’t request this day off the second the draft was announced is beyond me.

  1. From Barcastuff:

    Barcelona line-up (non-official): Valdes – Alves Pique Abidal Maxwell – Xavi Busquets Iniesta – Pedro Messi Villa #fcblive [cat radio]

    The non-official and official almost always are the same..

  2. i don’t know if i’m liveblogging today. i didn’t during el clasico. i feel like this game needs my full love & attention.

  3. From barcastuff:
    Barcelona line-up (official): Valdes – Alves Pique Abidal Maxwell – Xavi Busquets Iniesta – Pedro Messi Villa #fcblive [cat radio]

    1. I’ll be there at 2:30 with my bad typing skills made worse by trying to watch the awesomeness that unfolds before me!

    2. Reply for you from last thread—

      “No one here is panicking, we are just booting about different tactics ideas.”

      Kxevin wanted to leave off Alves for Adriano and mei said, albeit jokingly( one can hope), to play CT. If that’s not panicking…

    1. Wenger ought to have his head examined.Can’t he remember what happened the last time he played people before they were fully fit?

    2. Tomorrow, when I allow myself to become an Arsenal fan again, I’m gonna be pretty ticked off by this recklessness!

  4. lol yeah i could never liveblog during a big game. Maybe in a next love God will bless me with an extra pair of eyes underneath my chin so I can watch the match and the comments at the same time!

  5. No one has talked about the threat Alves has.

    He’s going to be coupled with an apparently fit Nasri. Nasri is an amazing player, but Alves is the key to this match on both ends.

    1. it’s an eklavya joke.

      this is a bojan joke from today’s lll:
      “Barça arrived in London on Tuesday evening, turning down the chance to trot around the Emirates pitch. Instead the Dream Boys headed to Loftus Road for a Wednesday morning stretch and to give Bojan a taste of the Football League – where he may be farmed out unless the wee nipper starts scoring some goals sharpish.”

    2. OMG SoMo4 you don’t know the peanuts joke?! 😀
      You’re in for a treat. NO ONE SAY ANYTHING!

    1. The second goal was preordained. The ball was being passed around feet in front of him and Messi was just watching it. That can’t happen.

  6. I’m so sad right now. Honestly, I don’t know what to do with myself. Messi and co let me down today. Big time. Squandering chances like we were playing against some bottom side. Of course it was going to come back to bite us. The manner in which we concede was so disappointing as well. It’s unbelievable.

    I probably won’t be on here for the next couple of weeks. I won’t be able to deal with the comments I will read and all the rest of it. Take care folks.

    1. We got an away goal?

      Puyol might be back for the return leg?

      100,000 screaming cules is going to welcome them at the Camp Nou?

  7. Barca almost completely disappeared in the second half. Before the first Arsenal goal I was already seeing it coming. Full credit to the Gooners — but I still have faith that Barcelona can do better next round. We might not have Pique then, but hopefully Puyol will be back.

    So, brb, gonna finish crying first.

  8. We look lucklustre and tired, and you know it is february. Apart from Abidal, Busquets and Xavi everybody looked absolutely uninterested, in particular Messi in the 2nd half. Even Iniesta was absolutely off colour today.

  9. Next time Pep wants to play Messi in meaningless matches for 90 minutes because the fans “deserve” it he should remember that image of messi standing there looking exhausted as Arsenal starts the break for goal two.

    Very disappointing second half. Very unclear why Iniesta was so absent from this match.

    Messi – just had one of those games. He looked exhausted in the second half.

    Maxwell – he was utterly awful. He contributed almost nothing offensively and was out of position and caught out for pace again and again and again this match. He was abyssmal.

    1. 100% agree; Messi looked so tired I justed wanted to grab him and put him into bed too sleep 48 hours.

  10. 2 things that I feel played a major part in us losing the battle in the 2nd half;
    1-sMasch. WHy didn’t Pep play sMasch? Why???
    2-P! ineffectiveness

    1. That was for the 2nd half.
      FOr the whole match, the award would definitely go to Maxwell.
      One of the few things that I don’t like about Pep is that he is stubborn.
      -He doesn’t really learn from his mistakes; Rotation(sMasch), Maxwell.
      -Rest MESSSI!!!!!!!

  11. Remuntada at Nou Camp! God I cannot go on any football websites except this for the next few days, cannot bear the English smugness. Hope Chelsea atleast lose. And I want us to go medieval on them at home. 4-0 Bayern and Stuttgart, 5-2 Lyon, 4-1 Arsenal. Even Inter 1-0 with their unbelievable defense. A pissed off Barca is nasty. Also credit to Arsemal they played a fantastic game.

  12. Congrats to Arsenal. They played their hearts out. Deserved win.

    Quick notes:

    Barca: That second half was inexcusable. What gave you the idea that you could pass the game out with a 0-1 lead? Was it the away goal? PLAY the whole game. Looks like you haven’t seen the first leg from last year.

    Maxwell: Not good enough, Pep. Sorry, but he’s not. Play him against the teams that sit back/ lower league teams, not in any big games. I want Adriano for the second leg—can’t be much worse.

    Pique; Blessing in disguise that he’s out of the second leg? Me thinks so. With Puyi back and Abidal, I’d take that CB pairing any day of the week after this performance.

    Messi: Poor game by his standards. He was poor last time too. I’m expecting 4 goals from him.

    Xavi: Incredible, incredible game. Just a shame the rest of the team wasn’t on the same wavelenght

    Villa: Thanks for the goal. I don’t think you should have been subbed, but Pep wanted to defend a 0-1 lead. When has that ever worked, Pep? 😛

    Sportsnet: I still hate you. Very, very much. But maybe you guys not broadcasting this match was a blessing in disguise? I still wanted to watch it though, so f**** you.

    In the end, let’s put this into perspective. It’s February, our worst month. The team is collectively tired this month, it’s like how we were so poor in October. The idea is for the team to peak in April (Like we peaked in November). We’ve been poor away in the CL anyway.

    I’m not worried. We’ve got our away goal and I’m sure we’ll put them away in the Camp Nou. I’m just a little peeved at the whole performance.

    And as always BFBers, we stand by our team.

    Visca Barca!

  13. And I can not understand what happened in the 2nd half. We were so comfortable in the first half and then sleepwalking in the 2nd half. I can for the sake not understand what has happened there. I just hope Pep will give them the hairdryer treatment, that was an absolute shambles

  14. Bad performance. Good result.

    Regardless of the fact that the players stayed in Barcelona and sent their shadows to London, this loss is all on Pep. Not sure if my comments were published on the live blog later (Kari forgot to approve me on time:) ) It was sooooo obvious that we needed Mascherano in the second half instead of Villa to strengthen the fragile midfield especially on Alves flank. They ran over our defenders on counters.

    But it is still all in our hands, if the players want to qualify, they will. If they performed as today, then Arsenal deserve to go through, their players showed they need it more.

  15. I’d play FF over Maxwell in the 2nd Leg. Heck, I’d start Bojan over him..

    Gawd I hope Puyol comes back in time..

    Alves – Milito/Masch/Busi – Abidal – Puyol for me..

  16. Guuuuuuuuys.
    Stop it. It’s February. We all KNOW what our form is like in February. We’ve got an away goal. We need to score once at home to progress.
    It’s true that we squandered chance after chance, but you can’t say that Arsenal didn’t either. Things like these happen in games, keep the faith.
    Visca Barca.

    1. I agree.

      But here’s a thought to give you nightmares. They ship two goals on us at the Camp Nou, we have to score four.

  17. We were a demolishing machine before the Christmas break. What happened to it? It hasn’t been the same after the break, we lost fluidity. I hope it’s just the February effect.

    We better wake up before the return match; Arsenal as sure as hell are going to score here.

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