Match From The Past: Arsenal vs Barca (March 30, 2010) aka You all love Kari!

Arsenal Week Begins! VISCA BARCA!

What better way to get (more) pumped for Wednesday’s match than to watch the first leg from last year all over again?

Feel free to share the links with your friends/loved ones. Make sure you tell them to register to BFB so they can tell me how much they love and adore me in the comments (that includes the neutrals/Arsenal fans reading this post who are probably scouting the enemy. If you are Gooners, then let me just say: WE SPANKED YOU FOR 60 MINUTES! YOUR BOYS TOOK ONE HELL OF A BEATING FOR AN HOUR! MAGGIE THATCHER, CAN YOU HEAR ME?! …And then we stopped playing. Yep. You can tell I watched this match again recently…)

Hopefully you’re going to watch this in a place where you won’t bother anyone. Why? So you won’t destroy anyone after the 90 mintues. Yes, I said “destroy”, because you’re about to go on a 90 minute roller-coaster, experiencing unmitigated joy and then intense anger (with a heavy dose of bitterness, unless you’re a Gooner then the feeling is reversed).

This match is in English (ITV to be exact).  This will also be the last videos you watch from me on YouTube because I have cursed them and have decided to take my shady and illegal ways to Dailymotion. If it works out like it’s supposed to, Barcenal (Barca + Arsenal) Part 2 will be there. Fingers crossed before the second leg in March.

Also, this is a good chance to see how your “tactical eye” has improved. Do you notice our problems while watching? Or notice how so-and-so is better/worse? Player ratings have been hotly contested the last few reviews. You can all now pause and rewind this match, ala Kxevin. If you had to do the review, what would give each player? Don’t cheat and look at Kxevin’s review, that’s his view.  If he’s really a biased writer, now is your chance to show what a “real” objective review looks like…

Without futher ado:


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:


Part 1:

(From here on in, our implosion begins. I put a disclaimer here so you know. WARNING: All parts after this are potentially, totally enraging and may put unsuspecting cules in a fit of rage. Over dramatic? Hogwash. Wait till you see the “defending”)

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

In the end, this was just the first leg. Both teams are different now (for the better) and it gives no indication of what will happen on Wednesday. Here’s to a great football match and may the best team, that’s Barca natch, win! 😀

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. What a game that was. Alas this year Arsenal are in a better position than last, and for us it is February wherein we generally either rack up the fewest wins or play the worst.

  2. kari you are awesome i will never say a bad thing about ottawa again for as long as I live tonight!

    1. You need to promise her that you won’t say anything bad about Cuddly as long as you live.

  3. I have had this on my computer for a while everyone should sign up for fbtz and have this round on their hard drives for a while.

    I think we were more impressive in the Bayern first leg the year prior. when Messi drew a penalty but was booked for diving hah!

  4. Can hardly wait for tomorrow. I hope euler or zonal marking would post a tactical preview. Any links for articles?

    1. ZM is doing CL previews, so I would just continue to check back there from time to time. Don’t know if Euler has anything planned though.

  5. Just watched FCBarcelona The inside Story again from 2003-2004 season. Such a great documentary. Wish bbc did another one, more recent. Anyways, crazy to watch the relationship with Rossel and Laporta go from amazing, to awful in a matter of a season.

    1. Yes I love that docu its surely brilliant.

      Anyone else extremely impressed with the official for the match vs. sporting? He took nothing from no one, besides the Valdes FK which I found questionable he was brilliant for both sides!

      also Jose Angel sure is looking like a really good player. botia as well.

  6. Great work, Karinha. Naturally, I have like 3 different versions of the match and have seen it like 10x, but it’s always nice to have YouTube links.

  7. Nicola Rizzoli, an Italian is the match referee. So will be the rest of the officials. Busquets has to cut down on his falling down on easiest of challenges, as he is not going to get any call from the referee. Also if he lose the ball, then we will be screwed on the counter

    1. This is the reason why our pet name for Busquets is “Buckets”, because like a bucket, if you kick him, he falls over. ;.)

  8. Yes, you rock (you may want to work on that modesty thing though, Dear)!

    You did not; however, participate in the Barca Girls Valentine’s day activity. You failed to answer the question: If you weren’t a respectable, knowledgeable, true Barca fan, who in FCB(past or present) would you go all “fangirl” over?

    1. I did answer: Messi. Claro.

      I wrote a 3000+ word love letter a couple of days ago (It was called How I became A Barca Fan). I don’t know why some people don’t think Messi’s attractive–he is. Very much so. Okay, he’s not “hot”, but since when has that mattered in the grand scheme of things? I prefer cute over hot anyway.

      Personality (laid-back, down-to-earth, humble, etc.) + Cuteness = Instant crush. Add Mutant Football Powers and you have a fangirl.

      Distant Runners up: Xavi, Iniesta, Bojan, Pep, David Silva

    2. Fair enough. But I like explicit rather than implicit answers.
      Thanks for the Barcenal—It will be bookmarked!

      Distant runners up ——David Silva???? Huh?????

    3. Pre-Man Citeh (aka while he was still at Valencia) I wanted him to come here. I still think he’ll come. Eventually. Don’t tell me I’m delusional because we all know it’ll happen. Someday.

    4. Messi isn’t exactly “hot”, but when he gets a certain twinkle in his eye, or that serious “I’m gonna score now” look, or when he is bulling his way through four defenders….yeah, he’s got it.

      Xavi is more my type, though. Runners up: Pep, Valdes, Puyi, Iniesta.

    5. I hope he gets that “I’m Messi and I’m ’bout ready to open up a can of it on you” serious look on his face for Wednesday!

    6. New to BFB nics:
      EE= That team who shall not be named= Evil Empire
      TB= CR9= Thong Boy
      CT= Cuddly Toy= Bojan
      P!!= Pedro Do not forget the “!!”
      FF= Final Fantasy= Jeffren, something to do with a past hair style- ask a mod
      Xaviniesta= self explanatory

    7. I’m 21… so basically I still have that “teenage dream” hormone… LOL…

      so yes, I declare myself as Mr. Waka Waka Oooooohhh Moc Moc fangirl…

      but I can assure you that I am a respectable, knowledgeable, true Barca fan… 😀

      Runner Ups :
      Xavi, Messi, and Pep (Xavi and Messi are not ‘hot’, but Pep, yes he is hot)

  9. mmmm back on topic (lol) the ITV commentator just said, and I’m paraphrasing “Wenger and Guardiola they cannot both win and neither are good losers”….

    1. I honestly know of no manager who acts with more class after a loss than Pep
    2. At the moment this was said, Pep had not yet lost anything in his career as a manager!

    1. Or how about “Arsenal have actually dealt with Messi rather well!” There’s a jinx if there ever was one.

  10. So apparently, part of the reason for the Abidal improvements is the extra workouts that he does, 3x weekly (sez Sport) with a trainer that he hired. Attention is also paid to flexibility, hence injury prevention.

  11. I’ve downloaded the 1st half and watched it again…

    Somehow I prevent myself to watch the 2nd half…
    its just annoying as it can be… *sigh*

    and I know I must say this…
    I love you, Kari! 😀

  12. Could someone tell me if I’m doing something wrong with YouTube… I have really crappy internet at my apartments and I have to let anything buffer that’s over 240p (And I’m not watching these links in that bad of quality).

    The first 10 minute link worked fine as far letting it load in the window then full screening to watch it once it was buffered. So I got all excited and opened the rest of the 1st half links while I went to study on campus.

    So.. I come back and they start re-buffering as soon as I try to full screen them 🙁

    Is there a trick to get around the re-buffering thing or is this just how YouTube works with certain videos?

    1. 2 things you an do about it :

      1st: go to your youtube click on your
      name_tab -> account -> playback setup->video playback quality.
      check the first option that says ” got a slow connection , never play a higher quality video.”.
      This way you can set the quality while viewing in the minimized player and it will stay that way in case you go fullscreen.
      Leave the other options unchecked

      2nd first go full screen without altering your youtube account’s settings ,for each video you wanna watch in that mode, and then set the quality manually everytime.

      Since you got a slow connection i would opt for the first choice.

      Oh and thanks kari for ruining another night for me here 😛

  13. have you guys read an article in Guardian by Richard Williams?

    How Do You Like Your Sour Grapes, Señor Xavi Hernandez?

    I knew his statements will cause reactions like this…

    1. I really dont know what kind of statements youre talking about , if xavi’s latest interview is under the microscope here.
      However , the scope of this article is not being objective.
      Its being served this way for a reason , and the day it was published has a lot to do with it.

    2. statement like “Inter won the treble, but no one talks about them”

      that, for some people is arrogant and disrespectful…
      but we know Xavi has a point there, he’s not being arrogant there, he just spoke the truth…

      and just to make myself clear,
      what I meant by ‘reactions’ is ‘stupid and ignorant reactions’ like Williams did…

      I agree with you Jnice, what a waste of space!

  14. This was English football, and it made me think back to that much discussed interview Xavi Hernández of Barcelona gave in these pages last Friday, when he spoke with barely hidden contempt for anything other than the rarified approach to football nurtured in the academy at La Masia.

    Contempt???? If anything, Xavi was excessively admiring of English football. He praised Rooney, Scholes, Gerrard. I was surprised he was so complementary.

    1. Well, the guy who wrote that piece is not exactly known for good commentery, is he.

      I felt that the Xavi interview was awesome. He was speaking about himself without disrespecting others.

      I say that the whiskey’s from Islay are the ones for me but that does not mean that i have problems with others choosing other malts.

    2. Graham Hunter on twitter to barcastuff about dude’s article:

      el escritor de ese articulo es idiota y buscador de publicidad. Que NADIE lo lea


  15. Match last year was quite fantastic to watch.

    Btw our away record in CL is quite interesting. We do not have that many wins, do we. Not many losses either. Tomorrow should be next interesting test.


    Sid Lower on three matches that could teach Arsenal something about how to beat us.

    Re: the Inter tie

    Much is made of José Mourinho’s ultra-defensive approach to the semi-final second leg against Barcelona last year but Inter did actually lose that game and, but for a poor decision from the referee in the final minute, would have lost the tie. A far better performance came in the first leg at San Siro – the first time Guardiola’s side had been beaten by more than one goal. Mourinho’s team combined tight defending with physical pressure, quick counterattacking and an awareness, above all, of the space behind both Barcelona full-backs. They were helped though by Barcelona’s marathon coach trip to Milan.

  17. Revolutions are so AWESOME !!

    If you’ve never been in one, Try It.

    I loved the moment of silence in the Gijon-Barca match.

  18. The biggest thing I noticed was we had no real left-side. Sure, there was Maxwell and Keita “attacking”, but we had no real threat there. Ibra and Messi occupied the same space and Pedro!! was just running around like a headless chicken.

    Now, we have Iniesta fit and ready, a matured P!!, and have acquired Villa.

    We’ve improved. A LOT.

    1. Watching the second leg… I had even forgot that we started Milito and MARQUEZ as our centerback pairing. We might have both Puyol and Pique for the return leg.

  19. Thanks a bunch for the links, Kari. Can’t wait for Wednesday. would popcorn be a good accompaniment, do you think?

    On a side note, I found a book on Barca hidden amongst the MU books and other EPL teams while browsing through a bookstore today. I grabbed it, ran to the cashier to pay and now it’s sitting by my bedside table still in its plastic shrinkwrap cover. 😀 The title? ‘Barca: A People’s Passion’ by Jimmy Burns. Has anyone else ever read it before? Are there any other interesting books about Barca out there?

    1. Thanks, Kxevin. A recommendation from you is good enough for me. 😀 It’s been a long time since I had a decent read.

    2. it’s a good one if you want to learn about the club’s history up until the early ‘Oughties. there are a number of other books out there, some of them have been put out by the club for recent seasons (i’d ask Kxevin about this) and you might have to find those online, but Burns’ tome is considered the definitive English-language account of the club’s formation.

    3. History? Oh, boy. I used to fall asleep during history class. 😛 Maybe this book won’t do the same.

      But in a place where anything Barca is as rare as a purple polka-dotted aardvark, I’ll take what I can get. Even if it IS a history book.

  20. golden barcastuff :
    Arsenal fans plan to sing tomorrow at the stadium the tune “Hands off Cesc Fabregas” to make clear Cesc is not for sale.
    note: sounds like a rip-off of a tune that was quite popular in barcelona in the summer of 2003


  21. Zonal Marking has a very good pre-match analysis,, if someone could please post a link. I would, but I am pecking away via device.

    Also, no Puyol. We’ll see about the return leg. And Nasri could be back for them. My hope is that we will have extra fire after the Gijon mess. We’re going to need it.

    As with Gijon, Arsenal have a lot to play for:

    –They want to show that they are no longer our whipping boys.
    –Championship aspirations, in that their beating us would legitimize their ambiton. Chelsea and United couldn’t.
    –Fabregas. They will be dying to show their captain that he made the right decision by staying.

    I just hope we don’t bring a pillow to a knife fight again. They are much improved from last year.

    1. I think the draw with Gijon may work in our favour going into this match.
      After the Hercules incident earlier in the season, we rolled into our first Champions League group stage match with a point to prove, as Panathinaikos probably recall.
      Whether this means we will win tomorrow or not is unknown though. I’m nervous, in the most extreme sense of the word, but if we play the way that we can then we should be fine.

    2. “I just hope we don’t bring a pillow to a knife fight again. They are much improved from last year.”

      Bring an RPG to the knife fight! Really, Messi doesn’t usually have two bad games in a row. Both teams will have a less than optimal defense(missing Puyi and Vermallean). We have the better midfield/ and forwards (on paper). We just need to play up to our potential.

  22. Kari, my computer has been subjected to a ridiculous amount of physical and verbal abuse thanks to your videos.

    1. This is kind of funny and proves how hard you have to grope for a weakness in our statistical output.

      1. Possession may not guarantee a win, but it just booked 16 of 17 in La Liga.
      2. So the plan is to let us have the ball, but not to rely on counter attacking?
      3. Don’t forget to stop us on set pieces as well.
      4. One way to win is to just shut down Messi, Villa and Pedro. Check.
      5. It is a good idea to score early.

  23. This blog has clearly been affected by Girl Power. We are discussion valentines/cute, instead of bad-ass/sMash. Ha ha… Good to have that change of pace in the reading of the blogs here.
    Anyway, I look forward to one bad-ass match.

  24. I m not very worried about Arsenal. Its not as if their coach has one of those moustaches-forged-in-mount-doom.

  25. I m not very worried about Arsenal. Its not as if their coach has one of those forged-in-mount-doom moustaches.

  26. Sorry for the double post. Next time you upgrade the site, could you PLEEEZE add an option to delete comments?

  27. We really are the best team in the world, look at how many articles there are about how to beat Barca.. It feels good to be a culé!

  28. I think Arsenal could say a LOT in the opening leg.

    If they get Bayern’d, and a 4-0 or similar scoreline will they quit and chase the EPL? If they got knocked out before any English team certainly it helps their domestic chances.
    If they stick in it, they have a lot to prove. and if they knock us off they become an immediate favorite to win.

  29. Jimmy Burns’ book is awesome! I somehow managed to lose it after moving for the umpteenth time 🙁

    will keep my thoughts on tmw’s game for when the preview’s up. Kinda nervous, bc Arsenal will be at full strength and have nothing to lose. Then again, we usually bring our A-game the game after a C-game!

  30. @Diego congratulations! I have often wished during the last couple of weeks that I could be in Al-Qahira with your people, it must have been amazing! I hope now your generals won’t betray you.

    1. Thanks Lev for your kind wishes. The Atmosphere was amazing and we had many foreigners participating in the protests.

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