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Join me for the David Villa mope-fest as we take on Sporting Hee-Hon! (Sorry it looks like this guys, I haven’t figured out how to put that grey box thing on the post…)

Sporting-Barca Liveblog

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By Kari

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    1. Oh it wasn’t not understanding your hate of the writer, just not understanding your hate of the particular piece.

      Also, clever way of trying to deflect attention from you still not choosing from all the suitors SoMa04 mentioned hahahahaha

    2. The article is a disgusting piece of horse manure, no offence to horses.

      The author is jealous jerk who is disregarding history and disrespecting the lives and dedication of thousands of people, millions if one includes the fans.

  1. Got that game’s ’bout ready to start feeling in the pit of my stomach that only an early goal can cure. Hat trick for Messi, manita time……please………gonna pray some more………

  2. Well, at least we broke Madrid’s record. Could have very well been a loss if not for that Villa lob.

  3. Kinda think I lost a few years of my life after watching the Sporting-Barça game..specially after P! hit the post.. Hay La Liga!

  4. Just to cheer everyone up. We were seven points ahead of the game + Arsenal are gonna get some major smack-down on Wednesday.

    1. Even if RM win tomorrow, we will still be 5 points clear. That’s not bad.

      I hate international breaks. Especially for stupid friendlies.

    2. Let’s hope for a miracle and Espanyol getting a result. They should be motivated to not lie down considering they have a shot at a CL spot right? Right. But of course Espanyol/Pathetico vs EE games never work that way.

    3. If the pericos play EE the way they came at us in our 5-1 win, they could even sneak a win.

      And then i woke up.

  5. What a match. Really exciting.

    All credit to Gijon. They played their hearts out and though they defended very well, they were pressuring our back line and attacking till the last minutes. Superb performance!

    As for us, well we simply met very determined side. I think we had few weak points but overall, we still played quite good. It was just that the other side matched us. Pique had a bad moment for the goal but recovered quite well. Afellay, sad to say, was average. He tried but it was clear that he is not there and today was a tough match. Messi was not involved too much in first half and it showed. In second hand, as we got him involved more, things improved. Was not too impressed with Milito or Maxwell. Villa scored the goal well but overall, Gijon defended in numbers and quite well in last third.

  6. Not worried. And I’m not going to cry a river either. 1-1 is a good result after Int. break.

    We can use this result and all the hooblah it brings as motivation (not that we need it) against Arsenal.

    They are so f*cked. Rested Abidal and Busi, P!!, Angry Messi… And no Maxwell to burn (that’s why both him and Milito played. One of them is going to sit out and since Max played the 90, I’m assuming it’ll be him)

    Line-up for Arsenal:

    Alves – Pique – Milito – Abidal
    Xavi – Busi – Iniesta
    Pedro!!- Villa – Messi

    Back line is what is the biggest question mark, but seeing as Arsenal aren’t gonna get the ball, I don’t see the problem 😀

    They haven’t faced a fit Andres or Abidal, and add Villa, matured Busi and Pedro!, along with a better Messi and…

    They are f*cked.

    1. I like your confidence.

      I usually would take a more cautious tone though. Arsenal are no pushovers and we cannot expect our team to be at near to peak every time and if we are not, they could punish us.

      I am guessing that the EPL lovers will overlook this result and also recent set backs by real madrid or villareal to still go on claiming how la liga is two team league.

    2. And if we smash Arsenal it’ll be cos we get to rest all our players cos all the other teams are so weak while Arsenal are tired from playing at high standard against tough opposition every week.

      Ah, so predictable, EPL fans.

    3. Normally I’d be all for humility and all that (we don’t know what will happen after all. Anything can), but this team deserves my confidence. I’ve never been more sure about winning games as I have been during this Pep era. Arsenal are good at their best, but still aren’t at our level.

      I don’t mean it as a knock against Arsena—okay, I do. I want to crush them, but you’ll see what I mean when the first leg from last year again. They’ve improved leaps and bounds from that time, but that’s not what I’m getting at–we’ve improved a staggering amount.

      I’m excited for the match. Really, really excited.

    4. You could also say:
      A completely in-shape Robin van Persie against the probably worst Piqué ever and Milito as CB —> we are screwed!

      Seriosuly, I don’t think the Arsenal match will be anything close to a pushover. They even managed a 2-2 draw last season, although we were completely dominant in the first half (or at least 30 min).
      I’ve never seen our defence as vulnerable as today, Theo Walcott would probably have made 3 or more goals / assists today.
      I’ve been watching Arsenal today – Walcott, Wilshere, Fabregas and van Persie played some serious stuff that can surely threaten our qualification to the next round IF we do not improve vastly on almost all areas of the pitch.

      There’ll also be the disadvantage of playing a VERY tough and energy-costing game over 90 min, whereas Arsenal pretty much walked around for the last 30 min against Wolves without getting into trouble.

      For me, this setback couldn’t have come at a worse time than this.

    5. But this wasn’t our normal defense; it was our rotation one. Milito or Maxwell would normally never have started, had Puyol been fit and Abidal played. We rested our best ball winning midfield (Busi), our best defender (Abidal) as well as our best presser (Pedro!!) for a half. I don’t think this match is an indication of our level–more like the exception.

      I get what you’re saying, Arsenal are much better than they were last year, with a fit Van Persie, but I’m saying we’re even better. You say van Persie and I say Iniesta 😉

    6. But you even mentioned Milito as a starter in your line-up for Arsenal…

      I would be far less concerned if we had Puyol fit, and consequently Abidal on the wing against Walcott. Without Puyol, it will suck either way: Milito in the center of defense (next to the out-of-shape, unconcentrated Mr. ‘moc moc! waka waka! ooooooooh!’ Piqué) or no Abidal on the left.

      Talking about Piqué, I’m pretty sure he’s having such a bad season because he is not focused on football, too much twitter and Shakira! He got nutmegged by Barral, and almost gifted Gijon a second with that absoultely horrific back pass.

    7. True. I did include Milito in my hypothetical back-line–I was thinking Puyol out was some kind of mind game from Pep, but it seems like that isn’t that case–but I don’t think our back line is the biggest issue. IMO, if we control the midfield, Arsenal’s biggest threat will be the flanks, with Walcott. If we have Abidal there, no problem.

      Central defense is an issue, but if we have Busi there as extra cover for Milito and Abidal for Pique (Abi’s been bailing everyone out anyway), I don’t see it as a huge problem. It’ll be van Persie and Arshavin against Alves, Busi, Milito and Pique and I like our chances there.

      (I’m also counting on us having possession and Arsenal being reduced to a handful of chances).

      Pique has been pretty bad lately (that back pass OMG WTF) but tends to step up his game when we have a big match ahead. He’ll have something to prove when his BFF Cesc Fabregas is on the pitch as well.

      Oh, and Messi will definately have a great match vs Arsenal. He usually doesm’t have two crappy ones in a row 😉

  7. Interesting problem in the CBs now though. We started off clueless positionally and that’s the first team in a while which has been able to exploit Dani’s absence so well. At times in the first 20 mins they were queuing up to run into that space. I’ve a feeling Milito may just have played himself out of a game. That’s a couple of games where he has looked pretty shaky imo. Please get well soon, Puyol. The defence needs a leader and Pique, Milito, Abidal or Maxwell ain’t it. (I’m excusing Dani from the list as he is never in defence long enough to qualify!)

  8. Will Pique’s tweets be more subdued now?

    Instead of ‘Ooooooohhhhh!!! Moc moc!!!’ being more like ‘Oooh. Moc moc.’?

    Yeah I’m thinking I’m gonna go to his twitter and check.

  9. Well we cant win em all. Credit to Gijon, they played their hearts out. This always happens after the international break, it so frustrating! Oh well, 5 points aint so bad. I say 5 because Espanyol always crumble vs the EE, even when they are in good form and I expect nothing less tomorrow.

    On to Arsenal. I went to the game today, a friend of mine has season tickets at the Emirates. Great seats actually. VP is on form and we will have to be very carefull of Walcott on the counter attack, but their defense is shaky. I am confident that we can win.

    1. Oh, you were at the game? What do you think of the Arsenal GK? I’ve been trying to get a good look at him, but he didn’t really have much to do today, did he? I don’t think Wolves had a single shot on target.

  10. Kind of sad for Sporting that they couldn’t afford to keep Villa, and he was the reason the only got one point instead of three. I know it isn’t going to happen anytime soon and it won’t magically fix everything, but I would still like to see La Liga move towards more equitable sharing of TV revenues.

    Sporting are my second favourite team, and if we had to drop points to anybody I’d rather it be them than Madrid. I hope they are still in La Liga next year. Credit to them for playing their hearts out in a fantastic, exciting (and noisy) game.

  11. Newcomer here… Hi 😀

    About Sporting/Barca… I’d say if Pedro played in the first half he might have influenced the game… I mean, his work rate is just unbelievable. I remember watching a replay of the Barca/Valencia match when we were down 1-0 by half-time, and his absence is the first thing I noticed. O:

    Well. What a game. Draws happen. Still got faith.


    1. Welcome!

      Yup, still got faith in this team.

      Hopefully we can put in a master performance over at Pizza Hut Park like we did last year… but this year may the scoreline reflect it 😀

    2. Heya, Ian!

      Draw do happen. Sign of champions that we salvaged a draw instead of a loss 😛

      I think this match was necessary. Rotation had to happen and we have a points cushion. Us and EE are going to continue to drop points. Besides, it’ll go back to 8 points when we beat them at the Bernabeu.

    3. Totally trusting on that. Suddenly couldn’t wait for the next game again. When this game finished I felt really gutted. But I won’t say that comeback finish by Villa didn’t WOW me, a draw was seeming so hard to get! Better than a loss, even just for the sake of our players not being savaged by the media LOL.

    4. Hello Ian. If you’ve been a lurker you probably already know the rules but in case you’re completely new here goes.

      1. Never make fun of Bojan.
      2. Make sure you call Kevin biased after every review.
      3. No profanity, especially such disgusting words as ‘synonym-for-actual capital-city-of-Spain’. Appropriate alternatives are available. In this case, ‘EE’ would suffice.
      4. NEVER make fun of Bojan, now that Kari is an admin.
      5. Outerspacedout is always right.
      6. Enjoy schadenfreude and sincerely.

    5. EE= they who shall not be named
      P!!= Pedro, don’t forget the “!!”
      CT= Cuddly Toy= Bojan
      FF= Jeffren (something to do with hair product and Final fantasy?)
      3M= Ibi= Affellay
      did I forget anything?

      BTW y’all Barca Girls version 5.0 will appear down below

    6. sorry, my iphone was lagging thur. grr.
      defo know all those terms now! been a lurker for awhile. thanks for reminding me these 😀

  12. Oh and it’s definitely 5 points. Those pericos will probably lay down the red carpet and lie on their backs for 90 minutes.

    I’ll never support them. Not even for a day. If it were up to me, I’d find a way so both EE and them could lose. If they do something, great, but I ain’t holding my breath.

    It’s Hlebuary*, folks. The month of point dropping and the Hlebbing of our form…

    *says the great blitzen. Such an apt description.

    1. Is both of them losing not kind of like Enrique’s both us and Gijon winning? Although I suppose then they still get a point…I would happily settle for that, though.

    2. I could even imagine Espanyol to score own-goals on purpose to help out their friends from Madrid to de-throne us! 😀

      Nah, serisouly, there’s absolutely no way of Espanyol putting up a fight against Real, I can easily imagine a 4-0 or so for the EE.

    3. I think an Espanyol win would bum both them and Madrid out the most in terms of total bummed levels of the opposition. Espanyol will be like ‘we just gave the hated Barcelona an extra point lead’ and be bummed. Real will be like ‘oh, fugg this’.

  13. Do not know what to make of that result. On the one hand our winning steak had to end at one point and I was always sure that it would be against a smaller team because we are never commited 100% in this games, I am never afraid against the big teams but always shaky against the smaller ones. On the other hand I am so angry that we are throwing away our lead like that, now EE will smell blood and we are risking to loose the title.

    1. It was a game after the international break, Pep has only won 2 such games.

      And we’re still 5 points ahead of EE, not to mention we rested some players for the match against Arsenal. No need to worry just yet about losing the title!

  14. I am surprised Pep underestimated Gijon despite his press statements. I was stunned to see Milito, smasch, and 3M all on the field to start. With that, the result is not surprising, especially after an international break. Is there any doubt to how important that first goal is? We lacked intensity and accuracy, and were pretty much lame in the first half. Extremely disappointing to hear robbie mustoe go on and on about how impressive Gijon played and how EPL-like it was. It was disgraceful. How can anyone applaud constantly bombing the ball to the opposing team’s back line?

    1. *eye roll*

      The British right now are like a wounded animal. They can’t justify their hoof-it-up-the-pitch/route one football anymore because fancy tika-taka football wins games, is effective AND great to watch. One sign of weakness from us makes them feel happy and gives their lives meaning again…

  15. Perrrrfect, I pity those sorry gunners. IMO, we need a complacency reality check before every champions league tie from now on.
    Here’s to a MANITA at the Emirates!

    1. I’m not going to go so far as a Manita, but we should definitely be on our game come Wednesday. Arsenal were playing better than us today in terms of passing and one touch movement. They could’ve easily won by 4/5 goals..

      On the other hand we had a sanity check and usually, we come into our own after such games, but be sure, we’re not gonna see the first 20 minutes of last year’s away leg this time..

  16. Alves: “Afellay is still adapting. Despite the half-time result he didn’t do bad. It’s not easy to replace Pedro.”


    1. True. I’ll have to watch the half again and focus on Ibi, but to replace a dude who has that much energy isn’t easy.

  17. Meh, I am really down. Can somebody please cheer me up and I acutally like Gijon (have been there in the summer during my trip through Spain, lovely folk these guys from Asturia), but we can not afford to loose any points, not even to Preciado and his lovely moustache.

    1. Ohh get over yourself.
      It’s only the third time we drop points this season.
      Imagine what it would be like if you were a fan of one of the mortal teams out there.

    2. I know, but how did Sid Lowe say: because the liga is so tight draws are the new defeats.

    3. If Madrid wins, we are gonna be 5 points ahead. Still a good advantage, but makes things more interesting.

      I agree, though… why be dissapointed? We are doing even better than last season.

    4. That’s exactly the point: We’ve dropped points only twice before!
      This makes a draw feel like a shattering loss 🙁

  18. One last thing: This back line was also way, way too slow. We have Alves, our only fast defender, playing high up the pitch as usual, leaving Milito, Pique and Maxwell behind with no Abidal to bail them out. My grandma could outrun those three.

  19. Well….life sucks then you die!

    As I say- we are unstopable at full stregnth, we don’t miss a beat with 10 of our starting 11, we can play with 9 of our starting 11 if Messi is one of the 9. Other than that, it’s a crap shoot.

    That being said, second half was so much better. If anybody needed to be the hero, Villa did (OK , CT needed it more but today was not a day for miracles) so I’m glad he got the goal (nice shot too).

    Tried to socialize with y’all during HT but the LB wasn’t showing anything I typed??????

  20. It’ll be interesting to see Kxevin’s review. I don’t know what to make of this game. It was chaotic and unorganized, credit to Gijon for pressing us. Don’t think anyone had a particularly good game, we seemed off – no doubt the international break had something to do with that. MoTM might have to go to Pep for resting our key players for Arsenal on Wednesday and then making intelligent substitutions during the game.

    1. I really really want to know what he said in Bojan’s ear. It didn’t look that friendly. My take? “Now YOU get out there and do that!”

  21. lineup for Arsenal PLEASE:
    Alves, Pique, Abidal, Adriano (I know, I know, but pace because of Walcott)
    BUSI, Xaviniesta
    P!!, Messi, Villa

    1. Adriano at LB is better than Adriano at RB and Maxwell can’t beat his speed. I’m uncomfortable with Maxwell v. Walcott but we need King Eric at CB in case the ball gets past Busi and goes to Van Persie. I can’t emphasize the importance of Busi as DM in the next game enough (and last year I wouldn’t have said that but now I’m a believer).

  22. Barca Girls version 5.0
    Humphrey Bogart
    me (soccermomof4, AKA SoMa4, AKA somomo, AKA any and all combos of so+mo+4)

    1. Not negative, just the truth. I said it before the match. I didn’t understand calls for 3-0 and the like.

    2. I’m always nervous, but like I said before, this match was off the back of internationals, Sporting had been playing well at home, plus they are playing to stay up and playing for Preciado to keep his job. They held us to 1-0 last time, lost to Madrid late. Their fans create a good atmosphere. Players might’ve been thinking of the Arsenal match midweek. All the ingredients were there.

      I’m not mad or anything, but we just didn’t look up for it most of the 1st half and it cost us the 2 points. 5 points is not a bad lead to have, but we are going to have problems if we show up to future matches like we did in that 1st half.

    3. Well, I actually just wanted to know if you’ve ever had this feeling before the previous 16 matches.
      Cuz’ I’ve had some concerns about winning matches several times during that period 🙂

      I’m just the kind of person that Jim desribes – worrying before almost every match. So it doesn’t say very much, as I’m kind a expecting the worst. For instance, I feared Atletico might pull out a heroic performance against us, in particular because they were so poor prior to that match.
      But if you’ve been optimistic for all other matches, you would be our new Paul the Octopus. So how do you feel about Wednesday?

      And yeah, I agree to all the ‘ingredients’, that’s why I was also expecting to drop points and even bet 5 € on it. Got me 20 € at least ^^

    4. To be fair, Jnice, you do tend to say that the current game worries you before it starts 🙂 Can I go the other way, however, and admit that even despite the International break, I didn’t see this coming as I just couldn’t see us losing a goal. How wrong can you be ? We could’ve lost more.

    5. Yeah lol like I said I’m always nervous, but I still think we will win most of our matches, but this one just didn’t feel right if you put together all of what I said above.

      I just hope we show up at the Emirates with the same intensity we had last year, because I didn’t see it today.

  23. Thanks for all the nice links to cheer me up. But after I have calmed down this female cule can say that nothing works better to lift the mood than same episodes of Sex and the City together with a Gin Tonic and same Salt&Vinegar chips.

  24. well to cheer me up in my mailbox was my new Iniesta away jersey for this year. I’m gonna just put it on and take a looooooong nap till Wednesday.

  25. anybody just see aranda’s goal vs sevilla at the last minute to win the game? wow! really punished the goalkeeper for that one.

  26. lol, Sevilla lost 3-2 after coming back from 2-0 down. But they were playing against 10 Santandistas(?) for 50min. Racing scored the winner in the 92nd minute.
    I guess their fans must really feel hard done by!

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