Barcelona – At. Madrid Liveblog

Never fear, the liveblog is here!


  1. I’m just going to leave this here.

    via barcastuff:

    Barcelona line-up (official): Valdes – Alves Pique Abidal Maxwell – Xavi Busquets Iniesta – Pedro Messi Villa

    Barcelona bench: Pinto, Adriano, Milito, Mascherano, Keita, Afellay, Bojan

    Not confirmed on the official website yet.

  2. Barcelona line-up (official):

    Alves Pique Abidal Maxwell
    Xavi Busquets Iniesta
    Pedro Messi Villa

    bench: Pinto, Adriano, Milito, Mascherano, Keita, Afellay, Bojan. Thiago watches the game from the stands ๐Ÿ™

    via barcastuff

    1. And I’m still the fastest draw in the East!

      Looks like it’s going to be you and me chatting with each other tonight… where is everyone?

  3. It appears that our friends Pathetico will be playing with Forlan on the bench and Aguero leading a 4-5-1.

    Merida gets the start for them though.

    1. Looks like the Atleti faithful have fallen out of love with Forlan. They booed him last week and he has responded in kind. LOL.

    2. Yup, Forlan’s days in Madrid appear to be numbered. They should have tried to cash in on him after the World Cup.

      Speaking of that, if Forlan could play at 3/4’s of his World Cup form for another year or two, I wouldn’t mind him sitting on our bench and making sub appearances a la Larsson (if he was cheap).

      But that’s a lot of “if’s”

    3. Conceding defeat already, Quique? This is fishy… It looks like he’s going for the “parked bus” tactic, but Pathetico don’t know how to park a bus–actually, I don’t they could even if they tried.

    4. Shouldnt parking the bus be as simple as driving it onto d feed and swicthing off ignution? Lol

    5. You’d think that but as we’ve seen today, this is Pathetico we’re talking about. They defy all logic and reason.

    1. Let us know what has been happening with you, OK? I have been glued to the Al Jazeera English coverage all week.

  4. Looks like Quique is going to play Filipe Luis (a left back) on the left side of the midfield – a tactic several teams have been using against us in an attempt to stifle Dani Alves.

  5. Nervous about the game today with all the other giants around Europe falling. Make me feel better BFB

  6. This is the matchday of upsets.

    Newcastle-Arsenal 4-4
    Wolves-Man Utd: 2-1
    Cologne-Bayern: 3-2
    Villareal-Levante*: 0-1
    Almeria-Espanyol: 3-2 (Yesh, Almeria!)
    Cagliari-Juventus*: 0-1

    *Still currently on-going

  7. Messssssssssssssssssiiiiiiii!!

    My monologue must have inspired him ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My favourite part of the match had to be when he took the ball off Aguero and owned Filipe in the next play. He’s just on a different planet. Period.

    1. Yeah, this team is so boring. Win, win, hat trick, win, record, trophy. Why do I bother? ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Nah, I could see him giving Abi the MOTM, but Messi is a defo 10. He’s the MOTM for me hands down. And that’s all that really matters.

    2. I bet Messi 9 and MOTM, Abidal 9 Villa 6 Alves 8 Iniesta 8 Xavi 7 and Bojan 2. But I agree with Kari it doesn’t matter, these guys are in a parallel universe. I haven’t seen a hotly contested game since Copenhagan ? 6-7 weeks ago.



    P.S. MVP (Messi, Villa and Pedro) have now scored more goals than EE…

  9. Barcelona is the 1st team in the history of the Liga to win 16 consecutive league games [barcastuff]

    Enjoy this team, people. Witness history!

    1. Sanchez Flores (coach Atletico): “He’s the
      number one and there’s a reason for that. His best action
      was a defensive action.”
      via barca stuff

  10. For me Messi was MOTM but he was a 8 at best. His 10 is really at stratospheric level:).

    Good and solid match though not too spectacular from us. Abidal was awesome.

    1. Yeah, but I also judge opposition strength as well. Pathetico may be Pathetico, but they are no Zaragoza, or EE (as we’ve seen today. Conceded two goals less ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

      He wasn’t at his best, and I guess 10 is a stretch (I’d give an 8.5 on first viewing), but definitely the most influential offensively. Abi takes the defensive title. Pique’s off the line goal save was awesome as well. Possible return to form?

    2. I kind of agree about Pique. His last two or three outings have been much better compared to previous ones.

      Also great to see Abi own the centra back spot. Nobody knows how long Puyi will be off and we need the greyhound.

    3. I’m more worried about Maxwell, to be honest. He’s been shaky at best and Adriano was meant to replace Alves, but ends up at LB most of the time (mostly due to Puyi’s injury, me thinks).

      Maxwell strikes me as a player who needs reps, and with him not getting any younger, the pace issue will end up being fatal at some point. Abi can’t cover for him all the time…

    4. i’d think that maxwell will last for the season. i would not be surprised to see us shell out one or two defenders in summer.

      i am not sure if you watched mascherano in liverpool. he makes a mean right back. i saw him play there for a few times and he was excellent every time as right back. so we have few emergency options.

  11. yes. i agree with everybody that messi’s run to disposes and own Filipe was a definite highlight of the match. example 12 why leo is more of a “complete” footballer than TB will ever be.

    can’t wait for the inevitable 20-second youtube highlight of that play to surface on the internets somewhere. could watch it 10 more times.

    1. He actually dispossesses (did this word always have so many “s”-es?) Kun Aguero and owns Filipe. Taking it off Aguero, on a counter-attack no less, makes it even better ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. excuse the omission of ‘aguero’ and butchering of the word ‘dispossesses.’ thx kari ๐Ÿ˜‰

      i’m away of what’s up, i’m just lazy about proofreading. and usually not completely sober post-game.

  12. So superior at every position, just not even fair.
    Alves and Iniesta were fabulous in the first half when it was still a game.
    Another great game by Villa.
    Messi just havin a day at the play ground.
    Abidal is the new Ya ya at center back.
    Sigh, now its another week until there is some possible drama

  13. Messi just seem to make defenders topumble intoeach other. –the first goal.
    Am eagerly awaiting argentina vs portugal

    1. I thought Alves had as much to do with it as the second defender cut across to cover his run

    2. I’m not awaiting that match at all. What if Pepe, Carvalho and Co. have been told by Mou to tackle Messi until he’s injured…
      That’s exaggerated, but stil I pray on each international friendlies playday for ALL our players to return healthy, everything else is irrelevant!

    3. Why is it that we fans are nervous when our stars go for intls. I am ussually, but not this time cos most of the matches would be played in europe

  14. Favorite moment was Messi getting yellowed after hitting the post on a free kick.

  15. Popped in for a moment to share the history with you all. I find it extremely fitting that on the day this Barca kills off an EE record, Messi gets a hat trick. MotM= Messi

    My favorite moment of the game was not any of the goals, it was when Messi owned Aguero AS A DEFENDER!

    Fav. Ray Ray moment: Centipedes go to sleep at night dreaming that they had two legs just like him(Messi)

    Peace, y’all

    1. Oh, and because of yesterday’s gender confusion issues (screen names being ambiguous) and as a public service announcement, here is the list of us Barca Girls that I have compiled:
      soccermom, Kari, Blitzen, Merge, Linda, Corrine, justsayin, Barcapanda, and me (hope I haven’t forgotten anyone)
      Barca Girls Rule!

    2. YES! I knew it started with an H and the person had a Xavi avatar, but I just had a total brain-fart. I was thisclose to checking past articles and looking for the name.

      Sorry about that, Humphrey!

    3. do we have enough girls for a bfb swimsuit calendar? ;^)

      all profits would go to unicef, of course. i kid i kid.

      girl power!

    4. Miguel, if I was in one of those calendars, nobody would want to buy it!

      Ok, ok, perhaps I’d buy one to collaborate with a good cause…

    5. I never would have thought blitzen was a lady. Thumbs up to u ladies for keepin this space knowledgeable.

    6. I’m not sure how to take that…

      I may be female, but I’m definitely no lady. ๐Ÿ˜›

    7. I’m a girl too… add me there… ๐Ÿ™

      that’s why I add “Girl” in my name… ๐Ÿ™


  16. Commentary at radio RAC1:

    The present of Barรงa is destroying the past of Real Madrid (hard one!)

    Pep at the post-match presser: Waving won 16 in a row is fantastic. Now at the Molinon we can go for the record of Mancini’s Inter (17 in a row)

    Still hungry, Pep? Always searching for a new challenge!

    1. I think so. Mancini was Inter’s manager from 2004 to 2008 (thanks, Google). The 17 wins record goes back to 2006-2007 season (thanks again, Google).

      It seems Pep had done his homework ๐Ÿ™‚

      Also, Pep: If we play like this in the Copa final, Madrid is going to win it, don’t have any doubt.


    2. If we play like this in the Copa final, Madrid is going to win it, donโ€™t have any doubt.

      Mind games, Pep-style ๐Ÿ˜›

      Thanks for the translations, merge! We don’t get RAC1 here and just rely on @barcastuff on Twitter to news from Barcelona.

    3. A pleasure!

      Listening to RAC1 post-match is the best thing to do while walking back home from Camp Nou (YESSSS!!!)

    4. You went to the game? Lucky!! ๐Ÿ˜€ *goes and cries in a corner*

      If you take any pictures, I’d post them if you’d like. Actually if you ever want to contribute anything in general (e.g. give a point of view from Barcelona), just let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

      merge is a girl, Helge. We went over this in the last thread where have you been? . ๐Ÿ™‚

    5. (I hope it goes after Helge’s comment)

      Very very lucky girl. In fact, I was invited at the last minute. Enjoyed above all the hunting pack Barรงa are when defending. And that Messi run to avoid a counter… unbelievable!

    6. Haha, you girls are so much faster than me typing!

      Thank you for your proposal, Kari; no pictures this time, but I’ll be in touch if something special happens in Barna city (e.g. trophy celebration or similar)

    1. I missed it during the match, so I’m hoping that he gets named MOTM on totalbarca so allas does a compilation of all his touches and…bingo!

  17. You guys know it is Cristiano Ronaldo’s b-day 2-day?

    Happy Birthday Thong Boy! (Messi te regalรณ 3 golazos!)

  18. So the next record in our back, but seems like Pep would not let any complaincy creep in regarding some of his comments after the game. Seems that Leo got his Mojo back full flow and that the rest during midweek was doing him good.

    With exaption from Barca this was surely the most crazy Football saturday I ever enjoyed with Newcastle coming back from the dead, Everton who hardly scored at all this season to put 5 behind Blackpool, Manchesters unbeaten run to be brought to a halt buy Wolves !!! and Bayern Munich to lead 0:2 at halftime against Cologne just to go down at the end 3:2.

    1. Of all of those, the ones that surprised me the most, apart from Arsenal’s result, were Villareal losing to LEVANTE at home and Almeria beating those Pericos.

      You know you’re a La Liga fan when…

  19. Alves: “I will fight with all I have to be able to stay here. I’m happy here and my objective is to continue.”

    via barcastuff

    1. who do you call “truly pathetic” and “such a lame ass team”?

      aren’t Barรงa won 3-0 against one of the toughest team in La Liga? o_O

    2. So both Merge and poipoi were AT the game. Merge liked it and poipoi did not? I’m jealous of both but I’m choosing Merge’s assesment. You both are allowed a privilege that most of us an ocean away only dream about.

  20. Pep Guardiola said, there was a moment in the game last night,
    if that happen in the Cup final, we’ll lose against Madrid…

    I think he meant that in our early second half,
    Barรงa lost their rythm…

    that was an important and crucial save by Pique’s head… ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. OK, Barca Girls version 3.0
    Humphrey Bogart
    me (soccermomof4 AKA SoMa4, AKA just about any combination of somomo4)
    hope I didn’t forget anyone this time!
    Barca Girls Rule!

    No, Miguel, there WON’T be a calendar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. for those of you who watch Borussia Dortmund:

    what have been a couple of their best matches this season to date besides the Bayern game?

    loving these guys and Palermo this year when there’s no Barca

    1. Hallo beeeef,

      actually I am from Germany and in March I will go with my dad to see Dortmund against Mainz and their famous “yellow wall”. Good games for example were their first game this year against Leverkusen (1:3), the first game against Mainz, game against Wolfsburg last week and the first Derby against Schalke (last year in first round)

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