Impromptu News of the Day: ATDHE is no more [Updated link]

Time to find a new streaming site

It’s finally happened–the Feds have gotten a whiff of and it is no more.

Many here and across the football world have relied on this great streaming website for your football fix. It was your go to place that never failed to bring you a decent stream for you to watch your team.

But alas, it is no more.

So what do you guys do now? Well, iraqgoals is still alive, as is myp2p, but if you want advice, and my advice is always good, you’d get yourself some Veetle. Yeah, you’ll be behind sometimes, but who cares? The present is overrated anyway and the future scares people. Go with the safe route, you know you want to.

[Update x2 ] Or, apparently, you could just go to this website: You can all thank Nav and geeve for saving your lives; your Cule ones, anyway. Yay, Nav! Yay, geeve!

By the way, Kxevin was the one who wanted this development posted, conveniently leaving out there was a replacement site. Was this some kind of conspiracy against the newbie? Was I stealing too many of his hits? Was he mad that most of you went to my LiveBlog and not his? Who knows the answer. Support #TeamKari people! 😛 (Or don’t. I’d probably lose to Kxevin anyway…)

In other news, Xavi just keeps on endearing himself to Gooners (that’s what Arsenal fans call themselves if you are unaware. Comes from Gunners–Arsenal’s nickname). He told Eurosport, and this is paraphrased, that it is Fabregas’ ultimate dream to join us. His full quote:

“His greatest desire is to return to the club. He would adapt very easily because he grew up here. His ultimate dream is to return to Barca, but then Arsenal and Barcelona have to agree. He is raised here, and has the DNA of Barcelona, but it is not up to us.”” **

Yup, key words being: Arsenal and Barcelona have to agree, which, if I can give some Cules (and Gooners) some false hope, may not happen. At least, not this summer. If you missed what happened yesterday, I hope that rock you were under was comfortable. 😀 Torres signed for Chelsea for a British record fee of 50 million pounds. Andy Carroll replaced him, signing for 35 million pounds from Newcastle (Suarez also joins for 22 million pounds), but what does this have to do with us?

Well, the UK market is majorly inflated right now. Remember all those numbers are in POUNDS not Euros. If we convert David Villa’s price (that’s 40 million Euros) into pounds, he costs less than Andy Caroll. Andy Caroll. Just a show of hands, who the heck knows who Carroll is and what he offers? (If you do, good on ya. You may watch too much EPL though. Wait, I know who he is. Snap, I just insulted myself)

Now, if Andy Caroll, a promising player at most, is worth more than a World Cup winning striker (that was essential at that) and Torres, despite his poor form, WC, and multitude of injuries, can break the British transfer record, Arsenal must be thinking: well, how much is Cesc Fabregas worth now? Much more than what he was worth 2 days ago, that’s for sure. Last time we offered 35 million tops. Arsenal wanted something in the range of 40, but we said, “nuh-uh, man”. That 40 million is just going to go up, way up. Add  RoSELL’s prudency with regards to finance and we have an interesting summer ahead.

It’ll be the ultimate debate: does RoSELL’s hard-on for Fabregas outweigh his prudency program or does he stick to what he’s been preaching?

Well, considering he has a background in politics—oh wait that’s Laporta. Well, considering he’s a businessman, he knows how to get what he wants, and justify breaking a promise if he needs to, or the fact that he’s just a jerk, I think we’ll still go after Fabregas in the summer.

But things just got a little more interesting.

Fell free to discuss in the comments below. Actually, no need. Go read Linda’s cracker of an article. It’s that good.

[Another, more important, update] And I can’t believe I forgot this. In the You just got served file goes this, as reported by SoMa, who gets it from

During Osasuna-Madrid, CRonaldo gets ticked at Pandiani and sneers, ‘And how much do you make?’ to which Pandiani comes back, ‘I don’t know, but I win as many titles as you lately’.

****A bunch of Xavi video interviews can be found here:

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    1. And there goes Nav, defying my journalist skills by nonchalantly posting another link and rendering my post useless. #Justanotherdaywhenyou’reKari

    2. LOL, sorry Kari 🙂 Just saw the same topic on Reddit and a whole bunch of people were posting alternative URLs and IPs so I thought I’d post the first one here (since we’re not allowed more than one URL/post). If people want I can post the reddit link with all the other URLs.

      Your post is mostly about how inflated the UK transfer market is anyway. 🙂

    3. You’ve done more than enough to get it, Nav
      You’ve saved millions of Barca fans around the world from a day of hair pulling, screaming, and general frustration.

      And yes, it’s millions, because we obviously get that many on a Wednesday Copa del Rey match. Almeria-Barca; it’s such a big game we don’t have a preview up yet because it’s still needs to be edited—so it can live up to hype it brings.

      But seriously, thanks a bunch, Nav. LB would have been difficult for a lot of people because they all rely on adthe. You’re a true Cule hero, so much so you can put it beside your name.

    4. Hahaha, well, it’s the least I can do to repay the fine folks of BFB for providing such excellent content.

  1. exactly! 😀

    that’s what my Arsenal friend said actually…

    if Andy Carroll worth 35 million pounds, (35!!!),
    then how much Fabregas worth??

    LOL, I dont think we’ll get him this summer unless we splash 80 million pounds, coz Prem players price is just…..meeehhh…

    well, they are indeed the greatest players in the world, cause they’re able to play in the cold night Britannia…something that Messi impossible to handle… 😀

  2. kari i like your posts!

    i watch all games on TV so mwehhh, but when it rains really hard and reception fails i go to

    1. Aww, thanks, Lev! That seriously just made my day. Compliments are always nice for the ego self-esteem, especially for someone new to the blog.

      I got myself GolTV Canada this season and it rocks my blaugrana socks. The only games I have to stream are CDR ones (and CL sometimes). Myp2p is my back up, just because it gives you so many links to try at once.

  3. haha, when i saw the headline and the first several sentences, i was pretty bummed for 20 seconds before I saw the [Update].

    I use Veetle mostly as well anyways; the ESPNDeportes channel is my go-to stream for Barca games. high quality and looks good in full screen.

  4. So here’s the thing about ADTHE and the attendant complexities: Whatever analogs won’t be long for this world, either. A cabal of entertainment providers, led mostly by the UFC crowd, is applying pressure in the contention that the site, though simply a host, is not a licensed rebroadcaster.

    We’ve already seen people playing whack-a-mole with feeds during matches. That will get worse, until the analogs are also shut down. More to come later.

  5. The problem with the transfer market is , that its roof is determined briefly and can be directly affected by a single transfer.

    There were 3 major reasons why this madness happened :

    -The incoming financial fair play rule , that will take this year in consideration but is not yet in effect.
    Aka Spend your funds now , because in the future you may not be allowed to do so.
    It can also be viewed as , spend your money even if youre about to flush it down the toilet.

    -Several clubs decided to make big bids on players , and this sounded alarm on everybody.
    Meaning Chelsea bids for Torres .
    After that everybody knows that Chelsea is paying a big kind of dough, that will be available for reinvestement by the recepient club in return. Tottenham bids for Caroll (25m) and gets rejected.
    Liverpool bids for Caroll after the torres deal imminent(transfer request).
    If Newcastle was a club managed by serious people , this offer should have been turned down.
    Not because Caroll is worth the money ,but he is their most reliable player this season , his value wont go down by the summer and newcastle is fighting to stay up. So Newcastle is left with 35 million , no time to get anyone to replace their best player and is still fighting against relegation.
    More serious clubs , like atletico(thats sounds bizarre), atletic and villareal rejected instantly the offers that would pose a threat to their sporting project.

    -All these overpriced transfers happened because , major clubs decided that the deadline was the best time to get the players that they were lacking and should get anyway.
    Chelsea needed a defender.
    They waited until the deadline and got luiz for 25 million.At least hes not cup tied(chyg anyone?).Or is he?
    Tottenham needed a striker.They decided to call every club in la liga plus newcastle in the last 48 hours before the deadline.They got crap since after the move for aguero was made , newcastle must have been telling them “Show me the money. You know what im talking about”.
    Suarez deal for instance , was not negotiated near the deadline and demanded a decent fee.

    1. I am still amazed how they paid almost twice as much for Caroll than for Suarez. Also surprised at the fee that Benfica received for Luis.

      Ajax should have negotiated better, since imo Suarez is worth more than either one.

      We are talking about parity but our main competition in Europe comes from a league where a non CL-club can put down 24 million pounds for Darren Bent.

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