Víctor Sánchez Transfers to Xerez

VicSanDribbleIn a move destined to change the outcome of the history of the world, our little VicSan is moving to Xerez on free. He should be unveiled by the club on Monday. The details are that at the end of the year, FCB has the option to recall him from Xerez for free, so it’s more like a glorified loan. I’ve personally never been a huge VicSan fan, but his work rate is certainly commendable and I do think that he has large potential. It’s just that at FCB he is surrounded by talent that has already progressed beyond what he can offer. I think this is a wonderful option for him in that he can get a full season under his belt at a club where he’ll probably be a day-in, day-out starter. That will accelerate his growth and make him a much more valuable commodity for FCB.

What I don’t understand is this is being billed as a transfer rather than as a loan, but the clause that allows us to bring him back for free has to be enacted even if all we do is sell him for a couple tapas and some Estrella in the summer of 2010. Otherwise we’ve lost him for free when we could have gotten something for him now.

Really, it’s too bad he hasn’t panned out enough to stick around, but I agree, essentially, with the idea of getting him more playing time so that he matures (and think about it, at Xerez he’ll learn what not having the ball is like).  He played in 14 senior games with us, 8 of which were in La Liga, 3 Copa games, and 3 CL games (1 Liga and 1 Copa match were in the 2007-2008 season); he didn’t score, but he was routinely deployed in defensive positions. Last year I thought he would pan out as a wingback sub, but his lack of pace kept him from securing any sort of spot there. He’s only 21 and will have a good career, if not a particularly remarkable one; I hope that he does very well at Xerez and returns to fight for a spot at Barça, but I highly doubt that we’ll ever see him in blaugrana during a competitive match again.

Happy trails, VicSan!

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. All true, Eduard. Which doesn’t ameliorate my dislike for him in any way. A little more humility, more hard work and skills development could see him reach the next level. Then he might still be at Bayern, instead of with the Galaxy.

    We all want to see U.S. players succeed at the highest levels. Donovan has the most potential, but being big fish in a shallow pond isn’t going to make him realize that potential.

  2. And for those who didn’t have their DVRs set, or want to preserve it for posterity, at 2:30 p.m. today CT, GolTV is showing the second Clasico from last season, the 6-2 walloping.

    p.s. request. CP, I’ve forgotten now….what country are you in? My US cablenet doesn’t have anywhere near the variety to satisfy me, and they don’t offer anything cool to augment the FSC/GolTV offerings. Might be time to switch.

  3. And what, just because there won’t be any TV, does Isaiah think he is absolved from putting a preview?

    An outrage.

  4. What???? There will be no tv coverage of the supercup is this a conflict between tv rights like with last season’s vallaldild gale. SHIT I really wanna watch the game. This is crazy.

  5. Not sure what it is, Achraf. But instead we’re getting some low-end Coppa Italia stuff. Yay!

  6. Yeah I’m from India. I used to watch Ligue 1 on and off earlier but I don’t think I have the time for it anymore. Still following 3-4 leagues, not too bad IMO 😛
    Bundesliga has overtaken Liga for me personally. Last season was simply amazing.

    @VJ: INTERNET! 😛

    BTW Kevin, I think either you missed my point entirely (I blame my long winded post too!) or perhaps you took it too lightly.
    We are facing a problem of too many [B]exceptional[/B] talents that may slip out of our hands. The kids I’m talking about are in all likelyhood going to exceed the likes of Mata and Navas wherever they may end up.

    The worst case scenario one may say is being experienced by GDS though that being completely his and his agents fault. But I really doubt that within, say 6-7 years he wouldn’t be playing a major part for a team that can consistently challenge for Europa League atleast. (atleast here properly implying the minimum)

    That is easily the quality that would meet our reserve requirement. If he turns good then there are few limits to his career as the natural talent is more than abundant in him.

    And if nothing special is done I very much expect departures of special players to get much more frequent. It will surely be something we will regret tremendously sooner rather than later.

  7. I caught your point, CP. I just don’t think that there IS much that can be done. We are moving our canteranos through the system like hotcakes. Every one with talent can look at Pedro!, Busquets, Krkic and (soon) Jeffren, and think they have a shot, if they’re good enough.

    That doesn’t even include the likes of Johnny Two-Time, Muniesa and Fontas, who will also see first-team time this season, or Botia (who will be back) and Assulin. If that isn’t enough of a success matrix to keep the young and talented in the fold, I don’t know what is.

    You will always have the Fabregas situations, where a player looks at his future, and sees guys who are better than he is, who aren’t going anywhere. And those players, special as they are, will leave. You can have too much talent to hold on to, and we do right now. Heck, if Keirrison develops in the way I think that he can, Krkic is going to be bumming at some point.

    GDS was a special case. He didn’t want to wait, and thought that he would become another Fabregas, rather than another GDS. Tough break. I think that if he was patient and worked within the system, he’d be where Pedro! is right now. I don’t think that’s our fault. He just got greedy.

  8. You gotta love the http://WWW.. CP, where in India are you?

    Wow Arsenal 3 goals up! Didn’t expect that..

    As for the young’uns debate.. there will always be Fabregas’s as we can field only 11 players 😉 and they have to be pretty good or else they might get a lot of stick from the press and guess whom? us.. So we can’t keep all the cantera.. IMO what matters is we give enough chances to them so that they can show their stuff in the red and blue.. As a result we have 7 out of 11 canteranos starting in a CL final AND playing the opponents off the pitch..

  9. Wow, great!

    Fabregas just runs over half the pitch and scores his second goal to make it 5-0. Then, he runs to the sideline and holds up a jersey of Jarque. What a token gesture!

    Still, we shouldn’t buy him (yet).

  10. you see that? fabregas just scored arsenal’s fifth, his second, after a great run and long distance strike.

    he ran over to the bench and grabbed a specially-prepared arsenal jersey with Jarque #21 printed on it, held it up and showed it to the crowd, and kissed it…


  11. btw i think you are missing the meaning of “token gesture.” it was actually a very classy, kind gesture.

    ‘token’ means a sort of lip-service-y, inconsequential, maybe even patronizing in a way…

  12. Well ballbeav, then I must have remembered something wrong from my english lessons in school. I certainly didn’t mean it in a patronizing way. Thanks for the hint.

  13. and fabregas gets taken off early to rest up for the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE game. we are not getting him, and thats a good thing for many reasons.
    hope we can now focus on other players, like HERNANES!

  14. Fabregas got two out of five that Arsenal scored and we are expecting him to sit out Tuesday’s CL match so that we can have a clear shot at signing him.
    Simple: Fabregas plays and he stays.
    Fabregas does not play and he is on his way to us

  15. the more goals a team scores in a game the easier they are to score. I always look at the first and second goal. After that, the game is broken. There will always be less space when the teams are deadlocked.

  16. When will we expect the first preview of the site. I am impatiently waiting for this site’s preview inaugaration Isaiah.

    And also what do you think about the suggestion that we shoud do something similar to the one in pep’s blog. Like have a contest over who could guess Guardiola’s lineup I mean it would be fun and we already know ur losing Isaiah lol you never get them right in ur previews. So maybe we could like have a league table and give points for correct lineups and see who can read pep’s mind.

  17. I’d love if we signed Javi Martinez from Athletic.
    He is a genuine box to box midfielder, has pace, power, heading ability and gets goals.
    He spent his early career as a defensive midfielder and so I’m sure he could fill in there, or at least offer plenty of defensive support to the main DM.
    He’s young and I’m sure that we could get him for less than €15million. We have a long history with Basque players like Bakero, Txiki & Zubi. It should be a great investment

  18. I think Bilbao is requesting 20 million for Javi Martinez, so I think that rules him out. Would be a nice signing, though.

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